Kate finished her conversation with Tina, for a few days. Kate had the usual routine on the surface for now. And Jeanne, on the other hand, had finished everything and had been transferred at the hands of a clown. Of course, the response is superb.

If I get my hands on it, I'll pass it on to Kite at that point. Then the main enemy forces will attack this secret base at once. That's all I had to avoid.

"Then follow this demon and you can go to Lord Kite."

The clown gives the whole demon of use to Jeanne. Of course he won't go near Kite. So I created a demon just to guide me to Maxwell, where Kate lives, and I gave it to her.

"How to ride a ground vein..."

"You don't have to tell me. I know. I can cross the stars alone... oh, finally. I just want to thank you for waking me up."

Unlike when she was relative to Tina, Jeanne puts it out in a bluff. The enemy is the enemy. I'm not going to get used to it. Beyond being the enemy of Kate, all the clowns and those who cooperate with it are enemies. That's enough to understand. Afterwards, it's because I'm going to deal with myself after I wake up, and it's just a story that Kate will deal with.

"Oh. Sure, the city of Kite. You've got a kid who worked hard to inherit what Kate made."

Jeanne smiles. Basically, she recognizes her lover as her lover, but she also legitimately appreciates it at the same time. So even if we don't know who developed this city, only the ratings were high.

That's how, looking at Maxwell's city, Jeanne disappears. Metastases that also cross continents developed on Earth. He performed a metastasis using the ground vein. We knew that the Earth had been round for far more than Enefia.

Therefore, the magic of looking over the stars was also developed. This was also magic brought in more than Earth. Well, in Jeanne's case, I can transfer regardless of that.

Even more so in her case. Looking overlooking the world itself. Even crossing the stars alone was easy for her to awaken.

"... Phew."

Seeing Jeanne disappear, the clown severs the ground vein. I understand that I am the enemy. And authentically, she's one of the strongest in all history. Even the gods are one of the trumpets of a winless world.

If left alone, the next moment, the kites would come in to their place. Cutting off the pulse itself was a pretty big job, but given the other guy, it didn't hurt to do this much.

"The time left for her to disappear is roughly half a day... but she will return to Earth... so is it roughly three hours? Until then, it's powered by an emergency power supply."

The clown takes out the digital clock and activates the stopwatch, not the pocket watch. I was going to measure how much it would take to disappear. It's what we got on Earth. I treasured it because I could gauge time more accurately than the analog stuff here.

"Well... have a good night's sleep, Jeanne"

The clown greets him with humility as he seeps in some mockery. For Jeanne, this is just a bundle of dreams. No, if you're assuming there's a body of her on Earth, this is a daydream. It was an illusion between the bundles the other girlfriend sees.

Jeanne, who disappeared, but was traveling along the magic currents to Maxwell. but unfortunately it was not possible to travel directly to Maxwell.

The reason is simple. Because there was Tina's stretched bond. I could make a breakthrough forcefully, but that pisses me off by kite. I didn't like it, so I decided to show up a little further away.


but the place was pretty bad. It was near those who seemed to be practicing. It was an inevitable accident due to the nature of the metastasis. There is no way to avoid such accidents at the destination unless we can see the future or the distance.


A voice sounds to draw someone's attention. That said, there was no rush for Jeanne. Because to this extent, it has been repeated countless times without any loss of color for her to know all her past lives.

"< >"

A complex and strange pattern emerges that completely prevents the blow of the flying Tenryu. There's nothing wrong with a contract, but you don't have to tell someone about it.

"Are you okay!?

Apparently, he got lost in a place during an army exercise. A soldier from the army flew in great haste. How did you find out you were a soldier in the army, it's easy. Because it was all equipped and had some noble crest stamped on it in a prominent place.

"Yeah... hey. I'd like to ask you one thing."


In the meantime, he seems safe. The soldier who understood it decided to ask even after everything he wanted to say, because he was also a beautiful woman.

"Kite, does the name sound familiar?


Soldiers are surprised this time. You can't have never heard of it, even if they didn't say so.

"... what if... they came from Earth?

Then I can be convinced of all the sorcery that I have never seen before, and on the contrary, the clothes that are not designed by this one. This is McDawell territory. It is a land bordered by Japan. I didn't need time to get to this guess. And Jeanne admitted it. Broadly speaking, that makes no mistake.

"Right. I think it will be."

"I knew Rika... hey! Contact the main unit! Possibility of customers from Earth -!

Military soldiers were thinking about reprimanding me, but if it was an accident, I had no choice. On the contrary, you should rejoice that there were no injuries, and speak immediately to the soldiers waiting around you.

I thought it was an odd outfit. They immediately accepted that even if they were Earthlings, military airships approached, and even more so came those who were not troops who were jointly practicing.

"Customers from Earth... oh, if they do say European costumes, you do. It's better to be called the medieval clothes of the Earth than the Enefia clothes."

Mizuki, who was waiting on Leia, is asked by Ellord for his opinion and tells him to keep his eyes open. Jeanne's clothing is roughly mid-15th century. The clothes are like those worn by village daughters because of their qualities, but for some reason they are not energetic.

And there are occasional events on Earth that wear clothes from past times. They say some of the Earth's heathens are still wearing them. The likelihood of metastasis accidents among those categories was well considered. And in response to that word, Ellord offered.

"Hmm... if that's the case, I'm sorry, but can you come with me? If you find out that you are Japanese, and if you find out that there is Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, you can talk through it."

"... right. This is also a professor about the treatment of Tenryu. We're here to help."

Mizuki thinks a little and decides to take Ellord's offer. The Adventure Department is not yet able to procure Tenryu for the number of people on the boulder. But dragon riding skills aren't something you get overnight. Therefore, we occasionally borrowed military dragons like this one to conduct training in the form of joint exercises.

Of course, since it is a joint exercise, it also performs proper exercises. That's why the attack on Jeanne flew. Artillery shelling from above by Tenryu troops and assault by warriors from high altitudes shortly thereafter.

Since McDawell territory is still important to work with the Tenryu Squad if we look at Enefia as a whole, it was also gratifying for the military to be able to practice like this.

Of course, on another day, we plan to work with the Ground Dragon Squad - which is also led by someone different from Mizuki. It's just a story that Jeanne has transposed in the middle of working with the Tenryu unit by chance.

"Right. Thank you. Somebody get in touch with His Excellency."

"It's good to have Kite back."

"Absolutely... Lucius. I'll take care of your absence."


Ellord decides to take Al and leave him to Lucius to stay away, after the scene. Of course, the faces that make up the Tenryu Squad of the Mizuki Adventure Club are the same. That's how the Mizuki and the others are the Tianlong, and El Road and Al, plus a handful of sides, fly down to the ground.


Seeing Jeanne, the boys in the adventure department breathe unexpectedly. Not so long ago, she was beautiful. Even Rui Shu, who is said to be beautiful everyday, seemed to lose confidence unexpectedly. That said, a boy noticed one thing and came to an obvious dismay.

"Ah... ahhh... left hand pharmacopoeia"

"Yeah...? Uh..."

An unfortunate look appears on everyone's face as if they gave up or something. There was a ring in the left hand pharmacopoeia. Earthlings and rings on left hand pharmacopoeia. There's only one thing this means. Married, so.

Well, Jeanne's - looking - was roughly around 20 when she was old. No wonder you're married, he thought. Of course, at that age, there is a possibility of avoiding men. But they didn't know it was a boulder.

"What's wrong with you?

"left-handed pharmacopoeia"

One of the girls, who seems to have been listening to you, tells Rui Tree to look at Jeanne's left hand pharmacopoeia in a whisper. There must have been a difference between men and women.

That said, when I saw the ring, Mizuki didn't think it was, and I was stunned. I've seen it before, and it was more familiar than that. Besides, it doesn't look just like it. It was the exact same thing.

"... Huh? It's..."

"Oh, I knew it"

Jeanne smiles at Mizuki. It was beautiful but at the same time contained something horrible 'something'.

"You... you know Kite?


For a moment. I couldn't understand what had happened to anyone. Jeanne was floating in front of me when I realized it.

"Oh, you don't have to answer that. 'Cause you know what I mean. If we get close to this distance, no, but I can understand... how many times did you love me last night? Not once or twice, this intensity."


Surprise is a surprise, but Mizuki dyes her face bright red with another surprise. Kate is back. If so, then she is more than one of her lovers. Of course, such an act is a story.

They asked for it last night, of course. Or I asked from Rui Shu. She's a human being, no matter how noble she is. Things that decrease decrease, things that accumulate accumulate. There is no strange story anywhere where where I asked for it from her.

"Oh, it's good. Nothing... yeah. It's not good, but it's good. Kate knows the fear of being taken away. So if you don't want to be robbed, I'll be sure to protect you."

Jeanne speaks plainly so as to bring her nose closer to Rui Tree to ascertain the smell. Kite has begun to himself and has been deprived of many more than once. Too many were taken away. The fear will always annoy him. I was saying that.

"Hey... how many times? Five, six? But also the smell of other women... Ugh!

Jeanne's eyes open, as if she noticed something. And all at once I got more grumpy.

"... I knew that woman was there, too"

"Uh, um... you..."

Mizuki asks against Jeanne, who suddenly becomes grumpy. Something's at stake. That was what she felt.

"... Jeanne. Jeanne Dulk. Now, that's good. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this world."

"Jeanne d 'Arc?"

Mizuki stunnedly roots her eyebrows. I've never heard that name before. It's a more suspicious name. Besides, Jeanne made it clear.

"In person? Jeanne d 'Arc, who supposedly died in 1432... I'd say it's an inverter."

"An inverter?

"Well, in brief, the existence that reversed the nature of the person, I suppose... in my case, my hatred of humanity before me was put on the table,"


Mizuki looks up to the sky. If she was really Jeanne Dulk, it seemed like a hopeless story. but this was a mistake I don't know the truth but it was a late mistake. That's why Jeanne laughed.

"Haha! Don't look like that. Nothing. I don't hate humanity to the point of being betrayed in Compiegne... that's what I know as much as a mountain. It's nothing unusual, is it? I can't believe the guy who's doing the right thing is ignored. What I hate is everything in this world. Humanity and the whole world. I'm familiar with that."

Everyone understood that the word was true. So much magic emanating from her was somehow disastrous. How much outrage will we have against humanity so far? It was so intense and intense hatred.

"Oh, but don't worry? You will not kill. [M] Kite grieves."

"... I've been called Mr. Kite's name many times just now... what the hell does that have to do with you?

"Oh, what... you don't remember"

Jeanne, who floated her disappointment against Rui Tree somewhere, looked down sadly. I realized that it was someone who understood the corner at all, but I didn't understand it, but it was a mistake.

"The reason I liked Kite... I forgot"

"Oh! There's no way that's happening!

He couldn't even shut up about Mizuki for this one word on the boulder. Unexpectedly, I absurd my voice. but this seems to have had a bit of a discourse. Jeanne put in an immediate correction.

"Oh, I'm sorry. That's not what I meant. You have a reason to like Kite now... yeah. I'd like to see it soon, too, kite right now... what kind of person are you... cool? Oh, as usual... hey, it's still the same now?

While talking about Kate before, Jeanne asks as if she had never met a girl she can be in love with. I don't know what that means. It seemed that way to Mizuki.

"But it's not. What you forgot is why our souls love him... and Kite's past. His sin that he decided to accept. Too big for him to smash himself..."

What the hell is that... "

Mizuki is surprised. Jeanne's face was sad, and that was the look she gave herself if she thought she was one of them. But the answer never came back.

"... no. I can't teach. You take it back. Tell a story with Kite. I don't know. You know, Kite. the story."

Something in Jeanne's words comes to Mizuki's chest. Don't forget. I'm about to sue you for that. Yourself screaming for the obvious.

Kite is sweet. And he's scratch-prone. He's such a danger that we stop and become trees. Yes, I discussed it with the cherry blossoms. That's something else.

"You... I... know...?

I scream out loud, I sue. I know her pain. I know her mourning. I know why I hate mankind, why I hate mankind. Yes, I'll sue you. And for a moment. I saw a world that wasn't here.

"... are you okay?

"... yeah."

"To go, no?

"... yeah."

"There's no one around, and... ha... these kids are the cause of this anomaly... hey! You don't have to kill this! Oh!? You don't like it! I'll take care of you!

Oh, this is it. Meet another kite. Meet "Mizuki (I)", who was a toddler, and another "kite". An encounter I hoped I didn't want to forget. Me and his starting day.

One end of the days I spent thinking of him that he had a thinker and I couldn't tell him I liked him, but I still like him. Mizuki caught a glimpse of it.

"Ugh... ah..."

Tears broke out. It's not a mourning, it's a tear of joy. And deep in my heart I understood. I know her. I've never met him. I heard. From the no-one else 'kite' that person.


My past I could only see for a moment. Somewhere on the far side of me. Important memories that I wished I didn't want to lose even if I died metaphorically. That's what I remembered. I can remember.

"... you had some thoughts to share."

"Oh well..."

Jeanne nods jealously at the words of Mizuki. It contained slight jealousy there. but I guess so. I had unspeakable jealousy with myself.

Deep down, there was another scream. She is the 'enemy'. Be careful, he said. That's also the most powerful enemy. He said he was the one to play Tina and say he was a strong enemy. And so Mizuki smiled.

"... < >."


"For a little while, you don't mind if I take a good look at you, do you?

To Mizuki's inquiry, Jeanne's face, which had been somewhere with hatred and such emotions, was distorted with jealousy.

"Eh... a little one good?

"What is it?

"Come on! You suck! Say that to me!? You, his sister or something!?

"That's the best compliment ever."

Mizuki smiles all the time at Jeanne's words full of jealousy. This is a race. Get out of the way. If Mizuki would have said that in Jeanne's position, and Jeanne would have said that in Rui's position. That said, apart from this.

"I'll show you. Go under Mr. Kite. Please take a ride."


I don't have a choice to keep her from seeing Kate. No matter how much you love your enemies, she's the only one you have to let see. Long time ago. Far past, not now. I've been loving Kite ever since. And I love Kate, too. That's what she figured out now.

I feel so sorry I won't let you see me. So, leaving the bewildered servant alone, Mizuki tried to turn Leia toward Maxwell.