Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 834: Another Brave Man

That day. Kate knew she was coming. Rather than, as a feeling, I was feeling her breath.

"Oh, hey, kite... what's the matter with you, suddenly?

"... that?


Everyone, including Kite, is confused by abruptly flowing tears. It was Sola who noticed and pointed it out. Even Kite didn't realize there were tears.

"... oh, well..."

Kate understood one thing, what was going on. A reunion will be held today. Many 'ourselves', whose souls slept in the depths of their souls, rejoiced.

The person I loved when the existence of "kite" began, and then loved for a distracting time. The woman I still love. The person who gave everything about himself. The person to whom they gave everything. < < First Bride "The First Bride" > >. Authentic, first engaged fiancée.

The edge tied too strongly was such that her presence only approached her to go and see her, commanding her. This tear is for that matter. If you remember, go to her. Yes, I was ordering. That said, there's only one expression that Kite can float. It is a rare face.

"Ugh... that's bogus, this... earthbound welcome course. Sure..."

Kate wipes her tears and sees her own body. Worn out body. Myself now that the majority of my body is made of mana. I don't even have a heart. It doesn't have to be blasted, it's too bad. Bad in many ways.

"... yeah. In the meantime... let's get out of here."

It definitely gets bumpy. I'm not the one who can win by myself right now. As such, Kate began to think about walking away from the scene.

Jeanne, on the other hand, was stopped by Al and the others by a boulder before she left.

"Hey, wait a minute! Mizuki! Really stop!

"? What is it?

"No... I was totally embarrassed, but who?

Al's inquiry is supremely natural. Everyone was confused by the abrupt conversation, but they had no idea who Jeanne was in the first place and what the hell it was all about. You can't let them go.

"Oh... excuse me. Accidentally."

I accidentally apologize as Mizuki accidentally lit up because of the important memories of the glimpse and her mourning. I had no choice, but I did, I think I realized.

"Uh... the truth is, if you've never met me either,"

Um, what's that... "

Lil tilts his neck. Actually, I've never met him. It was like the conversation was connected.

"Well, I don't think this is the right way to put it... to the extent that you've met someone in < >... someone you've known in the past. No, still, I've never met him... but I've heard of him again, so..."

"" "Eh!

Surprise spreads throughout. It has been partly and academically elucidated about the past. And from time to time, people with connections in the past sometimes meet each other.

This in itself is academically proven. None of the heathens will live for thousands of years. Then that's where we got confirmation. So although there were surprises, there was no wonder if the two were the same Earthlings.

"Is there any evidence... that could be


Rui Shu is in trouble for Lil's inquiry. The question is whether there is evidence, but it is difficult to prove about the previous life. That said, Jeanne could have done it, even if it wasn't in Mizuki.

"Mr. Flameuser... are you sure you're one of Kate's men?

"Ah, ha..."

"Break the flame into me. So, you'll see."


Lil flaunts Jeanne's offer. I wondered why you knew that.

"Good, do it."


"... wait a minute"

When Lil asks Ellord for instructions, he also orders him to reflect a little and wait a little. As things stand, no one knows how to judge her. I was waiting for a response from Kate. And Kate understood everything, but she already had the answers.

"You named yourself Jeanne Dulk, didn't you?


'Then ask me. Do you have a necklace or what? So if you present a crimson necklace with seven dragons, give it back.'

"Yes, sir... Lord Jeanne. One thing I'd like to ask you."


"Do you have a necklace?

"Is this good?

Jeanne presents herself to Ellord's inquiry by removing one necklace from the inside of the garment. It's a crimson gemstone mounted necklace, as Kate has foreseen. The design is dragon. That's a good necklace with seven carved pieces.

Ellord looked like a national treasure of some famous country. And for some reason, Mizuki looked familiar with that necklace that I had never even seen.

"Is it a famous product"

"... it... is..."

"Now you're satisfied?

Mizuki's reaction was after her. She didn't realize if it was because of her. That said, he seemed surprised that Ellord had unfolded as Kate said.

"It looks like you have it"

"Again... what's your name?

In the distance Maxwell, Kate retrieves' it ', which should have disappeared far away. It was a necklace with blue jewels, carved with seven dragons.

That was everything but the jewels pale, just like Jeanne's necklace. This is the necklace that Kate from the past, once seen by Rui Shu from the past, had. Thus, Ellord, with the words of Kate, inquired further about the name of the necklace.

"What's your name?

"" Seven Dragons Neck Decoration ""

Did I mention "The Seven Dragons Neck Decoration"...

"Yes... Your Excellency's acquaintance, is it?

"I know you, or... well, I guess that's the place."

Kite laughs. There's no way I don't know. I was worried about whether to sit down on her or run away. In the end, they thought about facing it without running, but they were still worried about what to do.

"Good. Try shooting in. Sooner or later, it's just him and Lewis, the only guys I'll have to introduce to you guys. Hundreds of hearings are only at first sight. It's quicker to take a look... oh, do everything you can and you'll be fine. Or do it all you can. Someone who can do something about it. '

"Is it good?


"... okay"

The Lord says, "Ellord will go on a little tour." I don't know what that means, but if so, until I obey.

"Lil. I don't mind. Your Excellency gave me permission. Do everything you can, let's not."

"... okay"

With permission from Ellord, Lil gently deploys < > to start hoarding flames in his palms. Jeanne got off Leia after that.

That's how she begins to pray, on her knees, as if to be Jeanne d 'Arc told in a story. but without expanding the barrier, I just pray. We don't have any magical connotations together.

"... I'll go"

"... go ahead, be my guest"

With Jeanne's permission, Lil releases the accumulated flame as a large sphere. It's not like there's some kind of magic, so it's not as powerful as it sounds when it comes to full force.

but in case you hit it straight, the clothes aren't as powerful as burning a little. That's an order from Kate. I did it with the corresponding output. If you're defenseless, it's a level you can kill. but such a blow sucked into her left hand ring in front of the same eye.




Here the reaction breaks up into two patterns. It is the voice of the Adventure Department, which praises Jeanne for showing her advanced artistry of attribute absorption, and the surprise voices of Ellord and other special forces who understand its true meaning. There's only one thing that's supposed to exist in this world. She had it.

"No way... it's..."

"" The Blessing Ring "... is it?

Lil asks the name. There is only one thing in this world, the brave kite. One of the symbols of that person. That's all I could see.

"What else do you say we have? That's the only ring I can put on my left pharmacopoeia."

"Eh! My lord! What the hell is this..."

'Ha ha... after all, huh? Oh, it's real. It's the same "Blessing Ring" I had... and he got it from me about the last lifetime, so I wouldn't let him go. In fact, the mental state of the guy at the time. Seriously, it sucked... yeah, seriously sucked... I got a well poked down in the middle of the night saying I smell meth... haha... I don't know why I got married, really...'

In response to Ellord's confusion, Kite, make it clear that the person is also authentic. There can be no such thing as a miracle. And that's how Ellord asks in confusion about Kite, who talks and has one distant eye.

"Ah, uh... my lord?

"Ever, bad, bad. For now, it's real. '

"But why would she do that?

"Why? It's not natural. Kite gave it to me. On the day I and he got married... far past. In distant countries. Since that day, this ring has been an engagement ring for me, a wedding ring... but it's one of them because there's no one in that country."

Jeanne replies to Ellord's confusion. That's not the story of this world. In this world, Kate is not married. Tina, at the request of that person and the Ixfoss, the wedding is postponed. It was a far past story that she got it. and Ellord further inquired about such Jeanne.

"But... isn't that what the Great Spirits give you in the first place?

"? That sounds crazy. This is Kate's stuff in the first place... oh, so they took everything once in a trial... I didn't know how much it was all... but hah... I knew I should have destroyed it... so I was taking it all away from you not only from my memory..."

I hear Jeanne had a point for something, alone. Let one recruit hatred toward something.

"He even took away the proof of our love."


To much hatred, everyone freezes. So much hate, now she was getting it back. but I also remembered the bait hanging in front of me and stopped. It's a waste of time.

"I don't know what you guys are asking, but this belongs to Kate in the first place. Daimyo, you've just been returned to Kite in this world."


"Yes... oh well. There was another possibility. I'm sorry. This one could be better... Kate left this. He's surprisingly disciplined there... so Kite's wrong in the first place. This is one of the treasures he once created for me. This is supposed to be made for me. So, I asked him to put the same thing on his finger and use it as an engagement ring."

The Ellords are all confused by the answer that Jeanne noticed and told them. I had no idea what it was about anymore. That being said, naturally. Jeanne only tells the truth, but she doesn't really know it because of past stories.

"And I'm saying... my lord?

"Uh... right. You mean... yes... you did get cancer crying and make a ring... so you ended up being framed after that and didn't use it as it was until the wedding... uh... no, that happened... '

If the perplexing Ellord asks Kite, on the contrary, it looks like Kite's good at what he said. Apparently, her words are correct. He himself had lost his memory in reincarnation, so he was making a complete mistake.

'No, I'm sorry. She's right. This was my thing in the first place... right? At the beginning of that trial, I deposited this at the hour... where my strength and memory were sealed...'

Kate makes several guesses to remind her of something. but also a while later, he shook his head. Now is not the time to say that.

'Huh... bring me in. It would be useless to talk outside any longer'

"Are you sure?

'I'm fine. If you make it clear that you're one of my men, you'll never do it. "

Ellord seemed to take into account the intimidation that Jeanne occasionally releases, etc., so Kite makes it clear that he is safe. Being Kate's subordinate means being Kate's protector. There is no way to attack against it. That was her.

"... okay. I'll take you."

"I asked... ha..."

Some disgusting kite orders me to go to Ellord. In the first place, Jeanne needs to be brought to herself. Now she's with the bomb. It is also of a class that can destroy the planetary scale. As such, Jeanne was taken aboard the airship and moved to Maxwell.