When the report came in from Aigis, Tina still only wondered,

"... demons..."

"... Huh?

Kite's bewildered face was on the monitor in front of the technical squad. Naturally. No one thinks there's a demon in the universe. I didn't even think of Kite, and with the exception of Tina, everyone couldn't hide their surprises.

"Again, or..."

You're not surprised, are you?

"Naturally. The rest concluded earlier that the universe is part of the world. The distortion of space can't just happen with the stars. If so, demons should also occur and live in the universe. For this reason, satellites are equipped with the technique of hiding from demons."

"Was that why..."

Orr, who just thought it was something against demons that lived in Enefia at high altitudes, admires its wise eyes, knowing the real reason for mounting magic that hides her figure from demons mounted by Tina.

So far, she's been speculating. After all, her intelligence was even in this "Crowned Troops (No Orders)" technical squad, but it was a misdigit. And it would have been fireflies if I had foreseen it. That's not a high-altitude antidote to demons.

"Firefly. It's time for work. Prepare for backup fire. I didn't know what would happen if they noticed me and went down to the stars."

Copy that, sir.

At Tina's direction, Firefly sets up a super huge sniper rifle. The footage links up with Kate and the others' magic conductors. If it were a battle, a few shots would be needed, but it should have allowed enough cover fire.

"Well... let's say it's a battle to show how much demons... and what humanity can do to cross the stars from now on."

"Is that the representative of mankind our general? You look great."

Facing hurried oars and technical squads, but still no anxiety. Whatever demon it is, it is Kite who is relative. Humanity's hope. The greatest weapon mankind has. Before that, there's no fine dust in the anxiety of losing no matter what kind of demon you're dealing with under any circumstances.

So, finally. The battle against the demons that make the universe their habitat, the first of both worlds, opened the curtain.

The first thing Kate and the others thought about when they found the demon was not to stimulate the target. If you can avoid combat, you better avoid it. That is the iron rule of the adventurer.

So the kites lurked their breath and dropped the Magic Machine system as much as they could, choosing to stop. What's more, I don't know if magic works. Considering the danger of irritating it cheaply, I decided to make it seem like a completely drifting material.

"... don't you notice..."

Kate drinks a saliva as she sees her opponent. The opponent's powers are unknown in any way. No information at all. Analogies to known demons are not possible. Even Kite wants to avoid engaging in situations. That said, apart from optimism that you want to avoid it and that you can avoid it. He had ordered Aigis immediately to confirm the available armaments.

"Master, the list of available weapons is over"

"Well... is it possible to fight?

"Jesus. You can... along with that, the measurement of the opponent's overview is over. Show on Monitor"

At the same time that Aigis finishes listing his weapons, he sends us data on demons that continue to swim in space without noticing us. But the data that he saw, Kite accidentally flaunted his face.

"Relative distance from the target... 100 km? The universe is so vast, there's nothing... heh? Total length... 300 meters... you're lying, dude..."

For a moment, Kate accidentally saw it twice, thinking it was a mistake in the digits. Not so long ago, they were huge. By comparison, it's quick to talk if you think about dealing with a large airship. Besides, Aigis offered a guess.

"Being gravity-free, we assume it's growing with the same logic as the Sea Demons."

"You've grown up unaffected by gravity, or... that makes sense."

Whether on Earth or in Enefia, even animals tend to become enormous in the less gravitationally affected oceans. The demons are with us. It's also classified as an organism. Then there was no wonder there were all those giants, except for the incredible fact that it was an airless place.

"Shape... potato worm (worm) type. I thought it was analogous to a flying plane, so the ejection hole... it looks like a thruster, changing direction... some large holes... this is what I call the main engine... recoil propulsion... with an outer shell... but it doesn't seem to rip enough..."

"Probably shouldn't be able to withstand the high heat of atmospheric penetration. Since it has not been confirmed in Enefia until now, I was wondering if it was a shooting star because it approached the star."

"... worst of all, use it as a shield to enter the atmosphere and burn, or..."

While checking the footage of the enemy, Kate will do everything she can to confirm it against her knowledge. Currently, the communication system has been cut off. It's unlikely that the transmitting radio wave will be noticed. I had to do all the guessing myself and Aigis together.

"Thank God it's just the worst tactic for now."

"But the question is can the output exceed, I think..."

"No, it's possible. You said that earlier, didn't you? Not confirmed in Enefia, he said. I thought it was stardust."


Aigis noticed what Kate said. If you're burning out of atmospheric penetration, that means you don't have enough output to shake off gravity. We live free of gravity, but we won't be able to manipulate gravity.

I could speculate that a detachable kite and a demon conductor would push it out enough. These are only speculations, so of course I won't be alarmed. Still, it's easier mentally to say that an offense might be possible than it seems impossible.

"The weapon... you have a great sword. That said, is this subtle if it seems like it could be used..."

"Jesus. It is quite possible that it is a super hard shell. It is also unknown what is happening to the body fluids. If you can, I recommend avoiding it."

"... then what if it comes close"

Kate decides to use the weapon mounted on this Magic Machine as her main focus. Thus, solidify your readiness and observe your opponent.

"Well... we're ready for this one."

"... if you don't notice, so... eh! Enemy! I noticed this one! Fast approaching! Speed is rising! Confirm intimidation and behavior! Also, the magic has increased all at once! The pattern of reaction is no different from that of the Enefia demons! Looks like they've identified this one as their enemy!

I know you didn't see this one ready, but at about the same time, the enemy points something like a face at this one. For once, I could see a mouth with multiple eye-catching objects and something like a fang like a worm's verse foot, so it would be good with my face. It looked good and disgusting to the demons.

"Keep your inertia! Conduct battle on a stationary orbit! I guess interstellar navigation is not possible!?

"Jesus! Interstellar navigation on the machine is not recommended! The relative position will be followed here, but the magnitude of the impact of the battle is inevitable! Pay attention to that!

In response to the enemy noticing, Kate and Aigis turn on the entire system and prepare for battle. I don't have too much information on the enemy this time. I didn't like being mounted, so I was going to fight mainly long-range attacks using demon guns. They can be diverted from the prototype, so I brought them this time just in case.

"Twin Rifle Expression! Master! You can go!

"Hey! Firefly! I need backup!

"Copy that... don't answer the ray."


From the comms reconnected at the same time as the battle begins, a firefly voice and a line of snipers she shoots are displayed. Even kites on boulders. Coverage attacks from a few hundred kilometers down are quite difficult to spot just the signs.

It's also an unknown demon. I can't even afford to be doing such a craftsmanship. Thus, a few degrees are tested to correct the error between the footage of Kite's demon conductor and the firefly sniper.

"Powerful... sounds like enough"

I presume that kite would be a backup projectile to the ultra-high-powered laser-shaped demon bullet that passed beside itself. For now, it's gratifying to get backup from an unknown opponent. That's enough to get us out of this crisis.

As such, Kate herself put a rifle-shaped demon gun in both hands. It's not a pistol or a short gun. It's the other guy's armor. It doesn't have a streak of fire, but a single blow is powerful for that matter. You can also connect the two to make them even more powerful cannons. Of all the hands I can think of now, this was the best choice.

"Let's go."

Kate sets fire to the flying plane on her back and approaches her opponent from here. They also speculate that it burns out with an atmospheric penetration. If it doesn't burn out, this falls straight into Enefia.

No one can say that this falls to Enefia and creates unprecedented damage. There are countless reasons. There can be unknown bacteria, and there is the possibility of exercising unknown sorcery. There may also be unknown substances. I was thinking about not taking it as much as possible. And if you're thinking about it, of course, it's one thing to think about.

"Aigis. Thin and good, so do a space shut-off around the Magic Conductor. Simultaneously deploy the scourge field. I'm afraid of unknown bacteria, etc. Don't bring anything to Enefia."


"Kite, after the fight, burn it down with care. Orders obliteration at super high temperatures'


Kate accepts Tina's orders as she blows the plane. I understand that she and her demons are completely unknown creatures. But at the same time, I understand the horror of putting unknown organisms into unknown material cravings. That's why he ordered it to be wiped out by the end of its skin.

"... Shoot!

A short time after the conversation. Kite shoots a demon gun at a distance of about 5 kilometers. This is the universe. It is a demon gun that is also close to beam weapons, so it was thought that there would be little attenuation due to distance in space. Thus, the demon bullet went straight to the demon in a straight line and struck directly at its armor.

"... chip."

The clash of demon bullets caused only a flash of light to roll in, and after it cleared up, the demon burst in as if nothing had happened. For once, they had enough power to hold up momentum. but to that extent.

"Master. Recommended for full power use"

"Copy... Fireflies, cover. Try Charge Shot"

Copy that.

At Kite's direction, a backup projectile flies out of the firefly. Apparently, the enemy also realized this was an attack. Even so, apparently, the enemy is not equipped with organs to carry out long-range attacks. It was just coming straight to the line.

but apparently he realized that this only came in a straight line where a few firefly snipers hit him directly. I let him slip cleverly across and dodge using the magic ejection holes that were on the side.

"... master. Enemy, confirm lateral slip to side. I was wondering if the ultra-long range shooting from here would be meaningless any more. '

"Oh, I was seeing... for once, just keep waiting"

Copy that. We're moving on to standby action.

"Master. At the moment of the lateral slip, it looks like the motion of that large ejection hole stopped... perhaps"


Kate and Aigis found a way out of the enemy. The demon kept the movement to inertia alone at the moment of evasion. Apparently, it is not possible to use all the side ejection holes used for postural control and the large ejection holes used for movement at once. It's all that giant. Fuel consumption would be bad in the first place. Even with output commensurate with the giant, that seems to be the limit.

Even while such observations continue, Kate makes a magical convergence. and apparently realized that kite's power to converge was dangerous. The demon accelerated again and rushed all the way over here at once.

"Aigis. Tow it in the low-powered Balkans"

"Jesus. Start shooting"

At the behest of Kate, Aigis sets up restraint with a Vulcan cannon mounted on the head of the Magic Conductor. Of course, there's no use in this stuff. but I wanted to see how the enemy moves.

"Enemy, confirm ignore"

"Roger... keep going"


Kate will aim straight at the enemy coming this way in a straight line.

"Two bullets available... now, one bullet you can hit... don't take it off..."

Kate focuses on her consciousness so that she doesn't miss out on how the enemy moves. As such, I pulled the trigger on the rifle in my left hand at a point where the distance was close enough to get here.

"Enemy! Avoid left! I'll give you a predictive path with inertia!


Aigis, who was reading Kate's intentions, predicts the enemy's route of travel, which dodged the first shot, and displays it on the monitor.

"... here!

The first shot was a shooting. Something to avoid. This demon probably cannot be avoided in a row. Yes, Kate had predicted.

Even if the demons have intelligence, they lack strategy. Demons are demons. Especially these simple forms of demons can only be destroyed. Sometimes like a dragon, it's not like a demon who can live with people. I don't have a show bill.

Therefore, lateral movement cannot be exercised continuously. Yes, it was a theoretical decision, but apparently this was the right thing to do. Kate's charged demon bullet just broke into the demon's mouth and thoughts, shooting through the soft crust from the inside. And that recoil slowed down the demon speed at once.

"Demons, slow down. Speed approx. 10 km/h"

"What about survival?

"... slightly bioreactive."

Aigis scrutinizes the monitor to make sure it is still slight but has movement. Leaving him alone was likely to kill him, but his opponent is unknown. It is not clear to what extent the regeneration capability is. Then there is one thing to do.

"Todome, let's do it. Aigis, connect the right arm circuit directly to me."

"Jesus. Right arm circuit open. It can flow more energy than a power reactor"

Following instructions from Kite, Aigis passes Kite's magic to the onboard recruit weapon from this time on. Thus, with a rainbow light with pale right arm, a high concentration of magic converges on the right hand.

"Burn down the perimeter. Range attack."

"Jesus..." Mode Impact ". Select an attack by ultra-high calories... junction deployable... all systems all-green. You can go."

"Aye... ugh"

Kate puts her feet down into the void and firmly onto the ground. It is still with us that we do not know what our enemies will do. Todome moments must come close. I can't be alarmed.


Kate raises her roar and concentrates her own magic on the right arm of the Magic Conductor. Now we're all set. Thus, Kate kicks into the void and approaches the unknown demon.


As Kite approaches to some extent, she sticks her right hand out like a palm bottom. This time, we wanted to cancel it with heat due to high thermal power, so we thought about locking it in the junction and sending supermassive heat directly inside.

This was a new weapon mounted from this time on board. The principle goes hand in hand with the "Queen Emelia" main cannon. Lock it in the junction, and burn it down with heat. This was the object that dropped it to a level that could be mounted on the Magic Conductor. It was a special weapon that could only be used about kite or tina because of the output problem. That's how a 500-meter radius junction unfolds, and Kate hits the right hand of the Magic Conductor.

"" Get rid of it. Yeah!

With the roar of Kate and Aigis - Aigis seems to have got his mood on - the magic conductor resonates and the sun shines as bright as it does inside the junction. Thus, after the light had gone out, everything had disappeared. There is no piece of meat left.

"... end of measurement. Confirm that the internal temperature rises to 100,000 degrees Celsius. The time is approximately 10 seconds. Survival is presumably impossible. Connect, disarm... Master, are you okay?

"Hey, don't get tired"

To Aigis' inquiry, Kate sighed. 100,000 degrees Celsius. Heat well above the surface temperature of the sun. The central temperature of the sun - about 15 million degrees - will not extend far to boulders, but there will still be no organisms that can survive with this. Traces of that unknown demon could have been completely erased, it would be good to think.

"What about the bacterial lineage?

"Currently observing... no response. At least no micro-organisms have been identified. It is presumed to have disappeared without leaving a single piece of the cell. I can't even see the curse. And, according to the observation of the observation machine, there is no enemy shadow at 1,000 kilometers around."

"Phew... mission complete, right"

To a report from Aigis, Kate sighed this time. Fighting someone who still knows nothing seems nervous even for him. There was sweat seeping through my forehead. Thus, the encounter with the unknown, the first of the Earth-Enefia mankind, came down the curtain.