Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 849: Artificial Satellites and Installation

For now, after finishing his battle with demons that make mankind's first habitat in space, Kite was returning to a stationary orbit once again after a break.

"Well... where are we directly above?"

"Um... probably, but above Laeria, I thought... that's probably Union headquarters, so..."

"Shit... so the communication was interrupted."

Kate sighed. I thought there was no response from the way in, but apparently he was off the stationary track from the way in. It was the first space battle, and Aigis still couldn't follow it perfectly. He had applied for more thrusters to be added to the finished machine.

"Jesus... I'm sorry, Master. Just because I don't..."

"No, I don't think we should go down to the boulder."

"Jesus. I was wondering if it would be better to keep moving with the intercontinental ballistic guidelines"

Aigis manages to present a way back to Maxwell while utilizing the magic conductor's arithmetic capabilities. It will be supersonic, but the Magic Conductor is designed to be a capable fuselage.

"If you use the flying plane in full, you'll likely be able to return to the sky near Maxwell in a dozen minutes or so. Oh, saying full isn't full power, is it? It's difficult to maintain altitude for attitude control when you do it with the output of the master... or maybe it leaves the atmosphere."

"Aye... do you want to go home then"


Kate sees Aigis' return plan and follows it. Just take advantage of the planet's rotation and travel at super high speeds. A superhuman processing speed that firmly determines the surroundings is demanding, but there is nothing that can be done with magic either.

No, it's not because it's the kites. That's how they set fire to all the flights on the back and started moving again.

More than a dozen minutes after the start of the trip. The kites managed to return to communicable territory with Tina and the others while struggling to travel in a no-gravity space and super fast that they couldn't be several times.

"I was really... really scared!

Early on back, rarely did Kate cry by Tina. And it's a big cry. The abrupt interruption of communications has apparently caused her to imagine the worst of the worst.

Not in vain, but in vain and clever ways, I could imagine star rotation, etc., and thought that the kites had accidentally cut their inertia when attacking them and left them for planetary rotation. It seemed like a fact, so trying to rush it would be a place called genius.

We were all greatly surprised by the way she disturbed herself, who was also calmly dealing with the raid of the unknown demons. I immediately set up a rescue plan and returned when many things were swirling in my head, and all sorts of things broke down, making me cry now.

"Oh... if you do..."

and Kate was unintentionally bored by Tina crying in tears like that. Somehow she suddenly shows up as a weak woman. It was so abrupt and unpredictable that it was a critical hit.

"Ugh... guh... hiccup... I thought your lords put him down."

"Gu... bear with me, I... I'm at work now in the middle of the day... for now, someone collect him. I can't stand it. [M] Instruct me someday."

"Aye, General... hey, somebody go to the infirmary, Liesha... no, in this case, it's spirit, so you have to bring me to Meath."

Apparently, she decided to send Tina to the infirmary where she was unable to make a normal decision even if she recovered from the confusion, and Orr instructed Kite on her behalf.

Tina looked pretty bad to the point of inadvertently regressing her toddler with a recoil recovering from shock. He didn't want to leave in front of Kite, and he shook his head like a child, no, no. The idea that you are too smart is the same word as later.

By the way, Kate's mood was that she wanted to travel with a metastasis right now and kiss Tina with a thoughtful hug. Of course, then we go straight to bed. It was noon then, but I'll be fine as it is until tomorrow morning. That's what he said later. It seems to have gotten quite a bump.

"... good. Just work, work."

"Aisa... so, from here on out, it's my turn, so... in the meantime, get back to where you were just now."


Nothing can begin without returning to the earlier geostationary satellite installation point at the corner or at the corner. So Kate asks Aigis to confirm the coordinates, while moving back to her original location. And when I was fine-tuning in that place, naturally I was free, and the chatter started.

"I don't know why a smart guy thinks even after he falls out properly."

'Cause you're smart.'

"Now if you could fix the magic spaghetti program later, it would be better."

Orr sighed at Kite's response. A spaghetti program is a phrase used in PC programming. That said, the design of magic is somewhat similar to computer programming. So I guess that's how it translated here.

It was as if it were an entangled spaghetti that looked at too complicated a source code that could not be deciphered other than the person who wrote it. In Tina's case, the theory is well constructed, but only because it's too advanced and complicated.

"Give it up. The magic ceremony of a man of flying intelligence is the perfect solution centuries away."

'I know,' I'm telling you, 'cause... flying machine development... that's also the backbone technology is her single-pitch. So we didn't get involved, and we didn't have time to get involved... but that hurt. Let me tell you one thing about stupidity.

"Make it in a hurry for now, because it was."

Kate remembers the development of Enefia's first airship. There were fewer technical squads then than there are now. Once the key members were in place, they were still few.

That's why we had to implement a division of labor where Tina would build a flying plane while incorporating Kate's opinion and Orr would specialize in each of her specialties, as she said, directing the hull at the factory.

Therefore, we were able to combine the best objects, so at that time, we were able to produce the best objects, but the technology used was a chig hug.

Of course, Tina's plane was assembled on the assumption that she was the only one to see it, and Ore's hull was made of wood rather than metal she was good at because of piercing work and work duration problems, and so on.

The hull was made of metal and equipped with a magic cannon, but only the flying plane went from the problem in the first place to Tina. I didn't have time to teach because I had a policy of going for a short-term showdown.

So, so we're all busy with the end of the war and then we don't have time to review around the plane, and it's not long before Kate's return to Earth. In the end, this happened before we gained versatility. For one thing, the 200-year technology stalemate was that Tina wasn't there, but it happened.

'Huh... well, that's good. Ah, speed reached. What's the impact of the battle ahead?


"No. Not observed"

"Well, I'm in for installation work."


As Orr had already mentioned, Tina had left a written procedure so that the work would turn even when she was gone. So the task of installing an artificial satellite just has to follow it. Therefore, Kite removed the artificial satellite from different spaces as soon as the prescribed velocity was reached in accordance with it.

"Angle... like this?

"Jesus. I'm fine for what I do manually. Fine-tuning will be done here, so put the controls here."


For now, when you point something like a sensor at the surface for observation, Aigis receives control from the kite for fine tuning. I guess he's good with the rough work, but it's better to leave the fine adjustments to her. Thus, she fine-tuned the angle to confirm that it was the prescribed speed and the prescribed distance.

"... now, it's okay"

"Good... start leaving"

"We're leaving... about a kilometer away," he said. If you fail and the parts fly, it's a hassle. '


Kite uses a flying plane to get far away from the artificial satellite he's installed. It's space in the first place, so you don't have to use a plane to get around a kilometer quickly. So the move ended immediately.

"Move complete. Relative Position Fixing"

"Good... Solar Panel Expansion"

"Jesus. Solar Panel Expansion"

Following Orr's instructions, Aigis opens a solar panel of artificial satellites. Then a familiar artificial satellite appeared on Earth as well. That said, this is also a demonic prop. Therefore, further confirmation work will continue.

"What about the surrounding magic absorption?

"... confirmed. Ultra-compact magic conductor, working perfectly. Output and operation, both stable... autobalancer, working properly... start attitude control according to the system of artificial satellites... confirm"

Eigis checks the fuselage status of the artificial satellite being sent, while maintaining a connection with the artificial satellite. And to make sure there was no problem there, now Orr took the comms.

"Good... then, comm starts... link confirmation. Hey, lab residue group. Artificial satellite installation complete. Confirm the link with the airship. How's the link with the lab?

"Kakuno. Nothing's wrong."

"Ouch. This is our work of art, so we won't have any trouble with it."

Confirm that communication is secured for the time being while reassuring that there are no problems with the mouth. This aircraft has a limited range of deliveries, but this is a demonstration experiment machine in the first place. I don't want that much performance.

"Good. General, Aigis. Come back... oh, are the antidemons up and running properly?

"Jesus. It's fully operational. The service life is 5 years. Start counting down"

"I won't be using it for five years. I plan to collect it in a year. We'll collect it as early as next spring."

The good thing about Enefia is that there is magic. This makes it easy for us to use magic even in difficult tasks on the planet.

Therefore, it was planned to retrieve this artificial satellite once a year later and check again the observation data in space, etc. By the way, we plan to install another artificial satellite in its place at that time. Of course, this is what Kite is supposed to do, too.

The idea was to investigate the recovered items and confirm the defects, etc. while trying to get the spare machine to work hard, and in a few more years, secure a communications network connecting the entire Empire of Entesia.

Ten years from now, if possible, they plan to build a communications satellite that will connect all of Enefia. In secret, of course. If I did something like this openly, it would be a hassle. Moving in the back in secret would be politics.

"Good... Confirm stable operation,. General, extra armor and the usual sword out, descend '


Kite deploys the additional armor of the Magic Conductor, and furthermore deploys every great sword forward. The Great Sword is diverting objects from the prototype magic machine, but the additional armor itself uses newly manufactured objects. In the end, it looks like we decided to hire this one as is because of the additional armor. Tina said that you are more romantic.

"We will begin the atmospheric entry process.

"Okay. Ice up"


With the unfolding of the magic barrier, Kate unfolds an ice membrane in front of her. Previously, it was unexpected, so it entered only the barrier, but this time it had also added the ability to stretch the ice membrane to the Great Sword because it had been assumed in the first place.

For once, it seems that it is possible to enter the atmosphere with just one or the other. As such, Kate decided to use the Magic Guide to return to Enefia again.