Kite, who disappeared from the main uniform ceremony, was immediately joining Yuri, the only one who could understand the circumstances.


"Seriously... I don't want to think. So I called you."

Yuri, who was told the story, was also greatly surprised. So far, apparently, the status quo is far from their assumptions.

"Can you help me a little?

"Yeah. If it's a place, I remember it too"

Both Kite and Yuri will be fully armed immediately. The place we were going to was dangerous enough for these two to be ready. Even so, these two people right now can easily tread as long as they are equipped. So when they kicked the demon for a while and kept going at full speed, they were reaching some forest entrance.

"... this... is..."


The two of them are stunned. In front of me, a slightly smaller hole could be made in the 200 meter range. And a little further away, "something", like a tomb mark, had been thrown away.

"No... it's gone..."

Yuri gets stunned. Naturally, too. Something like a forsaken grave mark is an authentic grave mark, not something. It was improvised and a tomb mark they made, so I was just a little disdressed.

And now, there was a stone room in the hole with a strange pattern, and some pretty old blood marks inside. There was supposed to be some kind of body buried here.

"Someone vandalized the grave...?

Kite can't hide her amazement and looks around. Because we have to investigate if there are any traces. In the meantime, they decide to investigate the hole-like flaws.

"... it doesn't seem that new... But it's not old... the last few months... yeah. At least not on a yearly basis."

"That said... you're obviously artificial..."


Their eyes were serious, and they were a little angry. As much as they can forgive grave vandalism, it is not tolerant. but so we surveyed the stone room for a while and kite threw the conclusion.

"... Shit, you can't, this. I have no idea."

"No, you don't understand! Do you know how important this is!?

"Wow. but there's nothing I can do, so I can't help it."

"That's not what I'm saying! Do you know what that means?

As always, Yuri rises sharply against Kite, who cares very little. This can't be helped, it's not a good story to have kite done. But Kite stayed the same.

"Shh. I don't have any. If we find Elias, we'll find him naturally. And vice versa. If you find this, you'll find that one too. The clown brought it to me because it's probably the same series of organizations."

"Well, well, well, well, well, well!

"Shh, excuse me..."

Kate apologizes to Yuri, who turned to her face. I was seriously angry.

"I don't care what you say. There's nothing there, is there?

"Ugh... uh... looking for kite herself as a catalyst... or something?

"You're definitely blocked, I can't believe the outside influences."

Apparently, Kate was taken at some lab. She flashes a picture of another dragon. The reason for using the capsule is to block outside influences. And the trouble is, this one looked like it was another lab.

The exterior was quite different and this one was more ombole. Fortunately, the importance of this is that this mysterious enemy or organization is unaware. Otherwise, we're supposed to give this one more importance than Elias.

"But what should I do? Otherwise you're fucked by a bee, aren't you?

"I know..."

Kate sighed. Now, why is Yuri in such a hurry so far that the dragon in this picture is what is called the Fallen Dragon spoken of in Kate's dragon exorcism.

In other words, it was the original owner of the core used by Kite today. Originally, the Dragons could live even if it was only one, but at the end of the fierce struggle with Kate, he was unable to move because most of his body had been lost, and even more so, he was to be buried here after transferring two cores to Kate.

That said, he's not completely dead. It feels like I'm sharing my life with Kate. So as long as Kate is alive, that flesh is alive. The only core that remains is worn out, so there's just no return to consciousness. The stone chamber was like its seal.

Well, here's one question. The Dragons have three cores. This is one of the biggest features of the Dragon Clan. Then the natural question remains. That's where the core that Kate didn't use went.

The answer is simple. It is still in the body. That's why the kites had to hide these bodies completely. When the relationship between this and Kate is known, it could be abused. Cores are connected to each other. From there, it could be adversely affected.

"You're in trouble... nothing. I'm not in trouble..."

"No, you're in trouble."

"I'm in trouble because I still have enough. I'd appreciate it if I didn't."

"Hmm... well, so is that..."

I don't have any problems with it. In other words, it's troublesome for Kate right now. Even though I struggle with just one core with too much output, walking can be a struggle if there is any more.

So no matter what I thought, I left it in a safe 'underworld forest', but I didn't think there was anyone here who could vandalize the tomb. I thought it would be better not to collect it poorly, but on the boulder, this was unexpected for the kites at the time.

"Hmm... in the meantime, Risha, report it."


Yuri and Kate sigh all together. In the meantime, I just have to talk to Risha and think of something to do. She also knows that Kate's last core is asleep here. I've talked to the doctor properly, but this time it would be a no-go range if the doctor didn't do something about it. So they decided to go back to Maxwell and go to Leesha.

Well, more or less an hour later. The main uniform ceremony was still going on, but Kate was supposed to be examined by Riesha, who said this was a priority for the boulder.

"... Huh?

Listening to the circumstances, Riesha is confused. That would be confusing. Someone recovered the core hidden in the Underworld Forest. Even the kites were baffled, so no wonder she was baffled.

"We will check your body for any physical effects, so sleep there."

"Yes, sir."

He understands that Risha is pretty awkward at the moment on the boulder. Instruct Kite to lie down on the table with or without force.

Reesha puts her hand on Kate's heart and explores something. As Yuri said, we were trying to find another core location using Kite as a medium.

"... space... interruption... magic layline... eh. Slightly, I feel it."

"Look! Look, you said it!

"Yuri, shi"


What do you say, Yuri, who just strained her chest, but hurriedly blocks her mouth so that Kate points it out and doesn't get in Leesha's way. And, at about the same time, Meath came. I thought she would know more about it if she joined us, and Risha immediately called in.

"Well. Adjustments for stupid kids who are impotent, as usual, have been... directions?


"Narrow down the space here. Reesha follows Rayline."


The two begin to explore the third place from two cores, each with their hands on Kate's heart and eyes. Apparently, the mysterious opponent who recovered the third core doesn't grasp the importance of this last one, but therefore doesn't attach much importance, and the sealed state isn't very good.

It should be noted that, for once, it is properly sealed, but there seems to have been a degree of leakage that they would have felt. Maybe they just don't have enough technical skills, but that was something they don't even know now.

"... direction..."

"West, this is... Distance?"

"... it's far away. Quite... at least, it's out of the empire."

"I guess." Forest of the Underworld "is not an empire. There's no reason for this one to go unnoticed if the Imperial guy was retrieving it. Think of it as someone else's."

"Yeah... but... it's too far away, but at least the western sea hasn't crossed"

Riesha explores where it is through Kate's magical flow as she sweats like a ball. It is quite difficult to see far through the magic flow of others, but being a witch and her own exceptional propriety in the medical field, thanks to Meath's assistant, is managing to do well at the moment.

"Huh! Ahh!

but at a certain moment. Risha screams. I took my hand off Kate's heart so she could play it like that.


Kate rushes over to Reesha, who put her hand aside to be bounced. but against such a kite, Reesha showed her hand was okay,

"No, I'm sorry... I'm fine. Apparently, the researchers on the other side rushed to develop some kind of shield because of the slightly activated core of Kite. I got a backload."

Risha stands up drawn to the offered hand and talks about the sight she sees. Apparently, because the three cores were temporarily linked, researchers who felt an increase in magic felt some anomaly. Apparently, it is certain to say that it is also in some laboratory at the moment.

"Are you all right?

"Yes, no problem whatsoever"

"I cut the rayline here, so there's no way they've figured anything out about it. I thought you were dead in the first place."

Following Riesha, Meath explains the situation further. They're both doing it, so you can trust this opinion. The metaphors, "Let's do the Death Warlord," they're not supposed to notice their access. If it's not under its control, it's more natural to assume it's impossible. As such, Yuri asks Risha what is important.

"So, where is it?

"I'm sorry, the exact location... but it shouldn't have reached the center of the Ragna Federation. I thought it would be from that west to the eastern part of the Republic of Urca, even if it was far away. The exact location after that is on the boulder..."


"No, not just in Urca, but in addition to the desert areas above it, the demonic territories, the countries of the Republic North and South, about the west of the Luxerian nation, is likely to come in. At least not in the imperial neighborhood of the Patriarchate... in the eastern part of the Patriarchate."

"Big mess... but at least it makes sense,"

Ask Leisha about her prospects, and Kate thinks. The "Underworld Forest" was quite extensive, and that was a strip that spread to the heart of the continent. Specifically in and around the forested areas stretching from the south to the east and west of the Luxerian nation. So critical, the southwestern part of the Empire of Entesia is also in.

By the way, nobody does it because it's too dangerous for boulders to sneak in through here, no matter how many wars we're in. They're the only ones who can do it and say the kites are super. The demons here are a witchcrafted realm called Rank S on an average level. There's no way I can get in. He'll be dead the next day. Well, that's why the kites were caught off guard. Because it's not sane to split up here.

If it is suspicious, it is suspicious of the Luxerian state, but it is unlikely that countries and unfamiliar church countries will give such trump cards to other countries. If you think about selling favors to Kite and the Great Spirits, it's easy for other countries to fall back on the Empire. Besides, publicly, it would be a reason to attack the Church all at once. As much as I don't know that, neither will the Patriarchate be an idiot.

"... I see. Were you going to hold him back?"

To Kate's words, the three of them hang their necks. I thought that was the most likely possibility.

"I'm the Duke now. Even as a coalition, it's a Major General. So, the clown brought this photograph as a top secret dossier for the diocese in such a fold. Then, surely, both me and you doubt the involvement of the Patriarchate. Considering how the two countries have been, it makes too much sense. So, what do we do?

"Ah... peace negotiations or..."

Meath noticed. Yes. Peace negotiations are now under way in both countries. It's not yet a full-fledged conclusion, but the military would jump if the McDawell family here were to disagree or offer a slight postponement. So much so that the army now craves time.

In that case, the peace negotiations will be frustrated for a while. Surely there can be no peace negotiations with that. However slightly, it is a disturbance. To the extent that no one feels strange, it's still a major foothold disturbance.

"Well, it's not like I can still put my full confidence... shh. Do you not have a suspicious ghost? I knew it was a mess, that clown."

Kate honestly admires the clown. Either, I don't know. Is this an operation for agitation aimed at the disturbance of the footprint, or is it an operation that makes you suspect that the very thing that makes you suspect is creating a suspicious demon of the aim?

He can therefore also be assumed to have disguised himself as the wind he dared recall even though he knew where this organization was. I dare you to suspect the Patriarchate.

And it also explains Kite's discomfort that it is unlikely that the Church, which is a religious state, will do too much of a tricky thing about manipulating the dead. Because that's the right answer.

That said, it is also possible that this is all a mistake. Speaking of enemies, I honestly had no choice but to admire this move so brilliantly with just two pictures.

"So, what do you do? Do you want to spy on the Church and other countries?

To Yuri's inquiry, Kate thinks a little. Due to the circumstances surrounding his identity, only the members who are here must be cleared up. I can't rely on Tina, and the Empire and the Adventure Department are outside. So Kate summons up the knowledge given to her by Tina and thinks about the next hand.

"... Leesha. I want to hear one thing"


"Guess what the researchers were doing?

"... right. Presumably, he was invigorating the flesh. I'm assuming you're guessing that if there's only one core left, then physical activation is possible from there. Fortunately, the flesh over there is biologically, not completely dead. I was wondering if it was possible to mistakenly assume that resuscitation would succeed."

Reesha herself mobilizes her knowledge as a physician to make inferences from the slightest appearance. I felt the flesh regenerating slightly more than the state of the dragon's body when Kate taught me, he said later when asked in detail.


Kate assumes that this is the truth. He trusts Reesha's skill. And if it's about the flesh, the view is no better than that of the researchers. And then Kite smiled.

"Then you wait."

"Huh? Is that good?

"Oh, I don't mind. Wait a few months."

To Yuri's inquiry, Kate laughs. That's how he told the reason.

"Anyway, let's get the flesh back to normal and have it returned. I thought you wanted to do something about it. Then why don't you work for us at best? Besides, you won't find it instantly either way. You can't move when you're in another country."

"I see... no matter how you look at it, Elias handles it better. Then surely the guys who bumped this will use this one before they use Elias' body... like, it"

"Right? Then I'll use it as a clue, and then I'll infiltrate, raid and rob Elias' body on my own."

Yuri also smiles at Kate's words. That was such a nasty smile that it didn't look good on a fairy. Get the grave vandals to work exactly, and the kites will only get the results. That would be the best solution. It was originally obtained by vandalizing the tomb, and what we are doing is something that cannot be done publicly, no matter where the country.

If so, no one can complain where the kites robbed them. Make it public and you'll be sure to get blame from all over the world. You'll want to avoid that. There will be a few words to it, but the original owner is Kite. I just ask them to give it back.

And given the current situation, it's not hard to imagine that the other side would probably think that the activation of the core earlier is also an object associated with physical activation. Afterwards, we can deal with this one in anticipation that the influence on kite will increase in line with the other's activation, while just anticipating and robbing the match from there. Infiltration and assault alone are his specialties. At best, all I had to do was get the grave vandals to work hard.

"Reesha, Meath. Perhaps even so, given the forthcoming battle, there could also be a battle with the Lord of that dodgy bastard. Not if it doesn't affect you when you wake up. In that regard, can you do something about it?"


"Yes, sir."

At Kate's request, Riesha and Meath nodded. After all, Kate is a fighter. It's troublesome to use your powers poorly and be noticed the connection between the dragon's body and kite. Then I'll deal with it. That was all we talked about. As such, Kate decided to deal with the tomb vandals while returning to the main uniform ceremony.