Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 858: Inside the Blue Dragon

From the battle against wolf-shaped demons, about 10 minutes. It was a dragon car that was inside the cave that Kate and Sola were discussing, but I could see the lights ahead.

"Oh, I see you."

I notice that Kite, who was sitting in your podium as well, saw the lights the most. That's how it follows, everyone peeks in the face. In the meantime, the dragon car proceeded step by step, finally, through the cave.


"Looks like a real hiding place."

'Cause it's a safe house.

To a maple grunt, Kite laughs. It is a long idle village in a slightly encrusted earth that stretched out in front of the same eyes that left the cave. Inside the dragons that are secluded in the mountains. It was a worthy sight to call a hiding place.

Apparently, the cave that Kate and the others advanced through was creeping through the mountain that was helping me hide my hideout, and it looked like I needed to go down a little bit.

That's why Kate manipulates your man and sends him down the carriage. Apparently, the way out of the cave was equipped, and the shake was considerably smaller than earlier.

It's only natural if you go down there, but the people inside will find you. And if we find him, inevitably, one of the soldiers who guards the inside will fly over here. That's why the dragon soldiers flew right in front of us together.

"Who... Dear Kite!?

The minute I tried to ask who it was, he realized it was Kite sitting in your seat. The soldiers immediately knelt on the spot. By the way, this response is done because it's kite, and it's not normal.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The chief called me here. I asked Alia to leave a message that I wanted to talk to you about..."

"Yes, I am."

Apparently, it was already told that the kites were coming. The soldiers didn't seem to have any questions.

"Right. If you don't mind, can you show me around? I'm sure it hasn't changed, just in case."

"Yes, sir..."

When a captain man nodded among the soldiers to Kate's words, his body glowed the next moment and took the figure of a dragon. Apparently he is not a dragon-like dragon traveling through the sky, but a dragon-like dragon of the earth dragon. Some dragons specialize in the ground, just as there are water dragons and tenryu. He was the one.

"This way. I'll show you... you return first and go tell the chief that Lord Kite is here."


When the other dragon soldiers, instructed by the captainship, accept the order, one of them takes the figure of a dragon and runs through the sky. Looks like he ran to the preacher one foot away. Then the captain's dragon stepped out.

"Good. So, do you want to go with this later... what's up?

"Wow... seriously, there's something in the dragon..."

When I saw them all on the dumb side of Po Po, and asked him, he looked surprised to say that Sho was somewhere emotional. Everyone here is a dragon. I guess I didn't even think that such a place really existed. I was a little half-hearted in such a fantasy world.

"Pfft... you bet. Now even in Mermaid Country... Oh, no, I have to go."

I laughed at Sho's words, Kite, but I remember Fu. I remember Alisa telling me to pick you up. After all, she is a princess too. Plus one of the earlier Death Warlords. I had to return to my country once, no matter how I was raised, and I was commanded to come and pick me up accordingly.

"Huh... it's going to be a hassle for the time being."

One kite secretly sighed. Other times, Melia and Melua were crying from their parents' house to meet Emperor Leonhardt in the Royal Capital and were on their way to the Imperial Capital, and they needed to rush around again. And, while we were doing so, we continued to progress, reaching the entrance inside and the thought point.

"Ah! It's Master Kite!

At the same time as they arrive inside, the people inside speak up. Apparently, those who didn't know about Kate were the young people born in the last 300 years, and even the youngsters - who just look amazing older - knew how.

"Ooh, it's been a while. Is the chief there?

"Yes, they'll be here soon"

"Well... is the dragon car good over there?

"Yeah, go ahead."

Kite points to the barely used carriage berth just off the entrance inside. Apparently, it's good to use there. The reason for the little use is that there are few transactions, so we can talk about it. However, even in the first place, dragons are kept and carriages are sometimes used in the village, so only maintenance appeared.

"I'm sorry, but please take care of me"

"Okay... but you're a rough dragon"

"Come and get William for a second. I'm sorry about the poor quality, but be patient with me."

"Ha. These guys are wild, too. I won't do anything in here."

"I guess."

Kite also laughs at the breeder's words. The dragons have a rough temper and are still dangerous to keep. but in that respect it's almost safe in here. The whole reef is among the dragons much stronger than the wild dragons that Kate has captured and the dragons that are raised here. The rare phenomenon of dragons becoming adults on the contrary could be observed here.

"Well... let's unload."


On instructions from Kite, we start unloading our bags together. Whatever you start, you can't start without unloading first. Even so, this time it's about changing clothes and adjusting weapons supplies. I didn't need much time.

"Come on... I guess this is it all"

Unload the fresh food for which Sola is the last luggage. There is no need to unload the preserved food because it will be sunny. So this was all I had at the end. By the way, this is Kite's private residence when it comes to where to stay. Apparently it's in here too.

"Good. Then that's it."

"Ooh. Well, I'll go first."

"Oh, this one drops the carriage system and then goes"


When Sola holds a crate with fresh food, she walks to Kite's private residence. By the way, there's no such thing as a large private mansion in this hiding place on a boulder, just a tiny house.

They also have accommodation, but it feels very strong to say that it is a simple accommodation. It's not even a capsule hotel on a boulder, but it has a simple bed and a simple kitchen as a space for sleeping. Baths do not have hot springs inside. There are no staff. It seems that they will clean up after about once on a rotating basis, but rarely people come, so there is no point in running an inn.

That's how Kite came out of the carriage door tight, where the head of this inside waited. Manager Li was apparently quite elderly among the Dragon clan, an elderly man with bent hips and deep wrinkles engraved. At least, he'll be alive for over a thousand years. According to what Kate heard, he was born in the middle of the Mars Empire.

"Dear Kite. Long time no see."

"Oh, it's been a long time... Lieutenant. Sorry for the rush, but can't we get the village superiors together soon?"

"Yes, sir... is this about an example?

"Well... things got a little worse, actually. There's a chance we won't have them assemble in the rest of the house."


The inner manager opens his eyes just a little bit. We must disperse the power of the Dragons, but we must exchange something. To say the least, things seemed to be getting worse.

"Then ask Alia and your parents too"

"Okay. Let's make arrangements. about the request, and in doing so."

"Okay. I'll see you later."

That's what Kate says, breaking up with the chief inside. Manager Li just came to say hello, and I guess he's still in the middle of some kind of work over there. He immediately left when he bowed his head. That's why Kite also travels to her own private residence. but kite understood the situation at the same time she came in. They all seemed spicy.

"Oh, no, I forgot."

"... Huh?

"I haven't manipulated barometric pressure here, in the junction or anything, so it's pretty hard."

"Say that quickly..."

The moment sighed. Apparently, I let them all in, and they stopped the curse because they thought. As a result, he kept moving and looked like he was one step ahead of Alpine disease.

Furthermore, there was a special scheme here, so that alpine disease could be dared to induce it. but I decided not to say that.

"Well, the truth is, I can't normally use it here."


"The duke's guy lets you in here with training at height... is that it? Oh, no. What about Al and Lil?

Kite understood the situation by falling down, but realized that Al and Lil were not there. I thought if they were here, they'd be noticed first.

"... no... Tina and Yuri took..."

"Huh... those guys..."

In Sola's words, Kate realizes that this was the intended object. As always, they were not gentle or sweet.

"Hey, Tiner"

"Nah, fool."

Apparently, Tina had seen this happen from the beginning. It's been a long time since I've been going in Sparta.

"I'm not free to teach you how to do it. but don't deal with it. Cut it all here and throw it away."

"Oh man..."

Kate flaunts her shoulders in front of her as she looks relaxed. If it's about witchcraft, I can't resist Tina. It would be the mountain of Sekiyama that would definitely be cursed for what Kate did from here on out.

"To control barometric pressure, it's the power of the wind. Sola, you keep it under control for the time being. With wind protection, we can operate somewhat."


Apparently, Sola has forgotten such a basic thing as well. Expand the wind protection a little hastily. Then the wind blows all at once, and then starts to bring in the wind. Then the barometric pressure went back to normal, and Sora slowly but it seemed easier. So Sora goes on to develop the magic that activates the metabolism.

"Oh... uh... it's a lot easier"

With the metabolism activated, it appears that oxygen rushed through the body quickly. Sora came back to normal while I looked at her. Besides, Kite is a little impressed.

"Heh, you, you remember"

"Oops. I heard it's pretty good just to activate the metabolism."

Sora regains her energy in a breath and responds to Kate's words as usual. He had started studying long ago to learn the magic of the recovery and healing system, but apparently he had really mastered it. and so silence flows between them for a while.

"No, don't just do it yourself. Do that to the whole room for once."

"Huh? Am I quitting?

"In this state? I'm forbidden by Tina, right?


After the silence, if Kate tells against Sola, who shows no movement whatsoever, Sola will get angry. Currently, the best way to put it is to say that corpses are cumulative. If so, someone has to do it.

"At least keep the barometric pressure down. After that, it's the Maples' job."

"Ooh... uh... < >"

Once again, Sola lets the force of wind protection unfold. That's how now we gather the wind in such a way that it covers the whole room, far more extensive than it covers itself. but that was a little too strong. Not so much as it affects the surroundings, but it was enough to notice that the wind was gathering if anyone was at all sensitive. That's why Kite goes in as an assistant.

"That's a little too much..."

Kite just keeps the wind pressure Sora brings in a little, I'll keep it down. Then, slowly, the cherry blossoms breathe softly. That's how it got to some point, when Maple rolled out the same magic that activated Sola's metabolism while struggling a little.

"< >... Ha..."


In the wake of the unfolding of maple magic, everyone returns rapidly. I will, but where it is complete, Tina once again only leaned over her voice.

"Not yet, no. If you think about how to do it for each one of us, it's a one-handed drop. You can't do this until you're in battle with Maple. Besides, can you deploy that until you're asleep?

"You mean... do it all once..."

Apparently, they're not going to finish training until everyone can protect themselves with each individual. By the way, I can easily see why Al and Lil are excluded.

They use flights to fly around the sky. Moreover, there are unusual things that must suddenly surge due to some circumstances during the battle.

Not to say that the boulder is as far as the stratosphere as Kite, but the altitude is assumed to be thousands of meters. If you're on a special mission, that's what I'm thinking about. I'm also thinking about a steep descent from thousands of meters on my own. Then I had to wear a technique that I could manage on my own. That ruins the opportunity to train around the corner if you're taught this. So I was secretly taking him.

"In other words, the ability to learn here is to say how you can handle entering an unknown environment. Learn that. That's why I can't go far enough to lift Sola's pseudo-bond."

"Whoa... wait! Am I all right?!?

"Your lord could have dealt with it. As for the personal part, that's fine... this time, it's fine. '

Tina sends word again to Sora's enquiry in a hurry. Thus, Sola, who was able to deal with it, began to deal with each of the raven, horn and cherry blossoms.