With the exception of Kate, Tina and some others, who were to suffer from alpine disease when they entered the house, they were wondering what to do within Sola's unfolded pseudo-junction.

"Uh... in the meantime, me and Maple, Meizi, I can handle..."

The cherry blossoms cut the rhetoric of the debate. The three of us are fine. The rationale is, of course, that they are good at witchcraft. Maple is more of a magician than he was, and cherry blossoms and charm are like magic warriors who also use witchcraft as an aid. So it was easy to operate the barometric pressure.

However, until earlier, the influence of Takayama disease did not turn that wisdom, and it was also significant that it was not a mental state in which witchcraft could be used. I was cautious about Alpine disease.

Well, actually, I can't tell anyone who finds out that this house isn't dealing with barometric pressure in order to alarm them. So I was really hooked into that trap.

"We're the problem, right?"

Then Mizuki opens her mouth. Yes, the next problem is not to use this magic as an aid. They can also use low-level witchcraft once, so they can never use witchcraft, but they can still handle witchcraft that suits this situation, or not. If so, you have to think of something.

"Then... except for Sola, I guess I have to think of something."

"No, think about Sola, too. I don't care because this is a high altitude, but if this was underwater or something, Sola would need to deal with it more than the cherry blossoms"

"Uh... is there an ocean or something?

"Don't think there's no sea to go around the world from now on. This is a world of swords and magic. There's a city in the sea. It's a city of mermaids. Well, do you know this, too? It's important to think about what to do if you do, not if you don't."

To Sora's surprise, Kate explains it again. Besides, I had no choice, and Sola tried to think, and I noticed.

"No, you can use a spell."

"What if the spell breaks?

"So you're going to buy a spare so you can't cut it. Spare time is a minimum of two days even on day trips. Get double ready. I didn't forget."

"What if I lost all my stuff?


Sora becomes indescribable in the line of the worst situations continued by Kate. If they told me to stand around like that wouldn't happen, my fist would fly from Kate, not a metaphor.

"... yeah. Now there's no such thing as a total loss of luggage. I thought I'd say something like that, but if you're not going to tell me, it's good."

"Well, we'll find out a little bit about your past... because I don't want to be on a boat with you."

"All Lost and Rarely, Including Food"

"Meaning Wakannai"

Sora laughs at Kate's joking words. but my eyes aren't laughing. Because this is true. There was no way it was funny.

Needless to say, Kite has encountered many occasions when she loses everything, including essentials such as food, which rarely happens. Still letting weapons and protective gear go because at that time he didn't just let go of the weapons, whether he was in bed or all over the city. He was driven by some kind of fear, and he couldn't let go of it, maybe he should say. And most adventurers meet like this once or twice. Because at that time, you usually die.

You can tell by looking at Canaan. It's like losing all the tools because it's like running away with your life. Normally I take all my time off at that point. And once you're lucky enough to escape, the second time you can't do it anymore. Being pushed into that situation despite being careful means that nothing can happen anymore. I'm with you even on the run.

If that was 300 years ago, it would be outrageous. And yet he is alive. In this case, I suppose we should say that we are simply more unlucky than fortunate in the midst of misfortune. Even though he is unscrupulous, he will survive for some reason.

No, I guess he survived because he's impotent in this case. So Kate took herself as an example to show her response.

"In the example of the ship, thanks to Yuri the first time, thanks to Dine the second time, you're used to it the third time"

"The first time I jumped in... in a stormy sea. I really thought I was going to die."

"No, I really appreciate it..."

I have quite a grudge. Kate expresses her gratitude to Yuri for her gaze. There is nothing else I can say about this. That said, it is also true that I had to. And that's where Kite noticed.

"... and wait. Where have you been?


"... moisturizing your skin more than ever... hot springs"


Yuri responds with a piece sign. This is a place that is also used to train people working in the Duke's house to cope with barometric pressure changes, but many are actually for healing. Inside, there is a hot spring with a fountain, where you may enter. Apparently Yuri was in first by herself. So is kite, but she likes baths too. but it couldn't have been. Normally enough to skip work and take a bath, she's not a skipper either.

"I've heard a lot about what's going on here."

"Well... I'll ask you later"


That's what Yuri was whining about when she stuck her cheeks together. Apparently, you were listening to me about this job. In this one, Kate's partner, she is treated as much as Kate. Even in this exclusive place, it opened my heart to her.

"Well, that's good. The first time, the big demon of the sea grabbed me and pulled me into the stormy sea. The second time he ate Operation Surprise and sank the whole ship. The third time I ran into a big fat ass again, it was a wretched wretched boat escape course in the sea I taught."

"" "... ah, haha..." "

Everyone pulls their cheeks close to a bitter laugh at the seeping Kate's words of some giving up. Mostly, they're all dead in one go. It was strange to live honestly.

"Okay, so here's the question. Basically, what's the biggest problem?

"? What do you mean?

To Kite's inquiry, the moment tilts his neck. It's kind of refreshing to be told what's most troubling.

"It's the flow of this story, so in living at the poles, I guess. What's the trouble on top of that?

"It's not a living environment in the first place... isn't it?


Kite nods at the instant answer. Exactly. Whether it is a lava zone of 1000 degrees Celsius or a land of extreme cold of minus 40 degrees or a land of sky-high altitude of 100,000 meters, it is not an environment in which humans can live without any response in the first place.

"So you ask on top of that? If humans live there, do what?


Moments shake my neck. What to do to live on it. and cherry blossoms mouthed this.

"Changing the environment, is it?

"Exactly. Create a new environment. Terra Forming is the one. So, the point is with this."

"I think what I did in my case was I took a lot of air. Making thin membranes... about 3 meters in all directions, and then Kate fights while I manipulate the air..."

Yuri goes on to tell Kite how she did it. At that time, we were both still immature, and Yuri had done everything she could to maintain the membrane for Kite's breath afterwards, and even for Kite, she couldn't fight to avoid breaking the thin membrane of air. So let me just say that I didn't carry it so well.

"I thought the last one was gonna die."

"Ha ha. That's not it. I don't know what you mean when you say oxygen or something."

"So think about separating carbon dioxide successfully in the ocean. Carbon dioxide is heavy. Accumulate downstairs. Extract the air below and pull it out."

Kate laughs and talks about how to deal with it as a hands-on experience. At that time, Yuri had no knowledge of the air. So he almost choked to death with carbon dioxide. but they laughed once and scratched their heads.

"Well, either way, where I could deal with it... it doesn't make sense if they throw it out in the ocean plains."

"That's the problem."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There is no escape. So definitely just protect one thing. Just make sure you get where you're going. Especially on the ocean."

Kate was sighing. In the end, another leg - a monster like a squid - sank in the middle of the battle and was slammed to the shoreline.

So, the shock broke the wind membrane, and Yuri was desperate to stick to Kite, and the sea was still relatively better when it came to the desolate sea, so Kite, who had mastered swimming, managed to escape by taking refuge in a hole that was nearby by chance.

"Oh, that's a sloppy story. In the end, what scares me the most is nothing. but if a man's wisdom has surpassed it, it will be a place of peace where a man can live... so set him up. What should you do when it comes to"

"If so, what should be done..."

"What to do..."

Together it bothers my head. How can we prepare the environment? Including those who are magicians, we must not rely on magic to do it. No one knew that. So after about 10 minutes, it was time for Tina to disarm herself, so Kate decided to state her answer.

"It's a simple story. Replace him with space. If you can't get a living space, if you can't create a living space, you can have a living space. You just have to create a world where you can live."


"A subspecies of spatial transfer. Replacement magic... Mizuki, you remember?


It got hard when Mizuki said it. It reminds me of the Dragon Knight Race. After all, she never used it, but at that time, they were given a magic device as a safety device. It was that in the unlikely event of a drop, the space could be replaced and returned to its original location. That must be the object that applied the substitutional magic.

"I'm going to get you some air. Well, when it comes to fighting, it's more delicate than usual, so it still hurts to lose..."

"Still, in the worst case scenario, we can handle the time lapse. By the way, in this case, cover only around your mouth, because that's what fools do. There's water pressure, and even heat dies. So covering your whole body. You can't do this with the help of the Great Spirits like Kate."

Following Kite, Yuri gives the caveat. When it comes to lava zones, it is in Zara that the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. There are other diving diseases and sudden pressurization that can cause death. It was only natural that they would completely isolate their surroundings.

By the way, Yuri told me to die of water pressure, but I'll tell you just in case you don't die of water pressure as long as you deal with it. And when they told me that, they all realized. In the end, this is magic. The same goes for the maples who are magicians, but there's no way they can always expand.

"... wait. I wonder if it's too far from the point of view."

"Right. At first glance, we're away."

Half of Kite acknowledges Maple's words. But at first glance, it is. Essentially not apart. And so, Kate slapped her head with her index finger.

"We're going to bust in here. Always deployable magic. So, constant deployment in the back of the brain"

"Wow... are you serious"

"Seriously, what else do you have? I'll die if I don't. If you don't want to die, remember desperately."

Shoulder to shoulder as Kate shrugged at Sho's words. Otherwise you will die. I just have to do it. And the fact that this topic comes up here, Maple noticed one thing.

"So... there are steps in this mansion to be able to do that."

"That sort of thing"

"You can't do such a mean thing. I usually keep it on my bookshelf."

"Are you out?"

Apparently, Tina had no point in hiding because of the debate. She showed up. Lil and Al are with us on the side. That's how we were going to run for the investigation.