Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 865: Thinking of a Family

After finishing the battle with the youth, Tina handed over all the fainted youths to the chief of the mile.

"This is what it looks like. Things to avoid at the time of the battle with the rest in the first place. You should remind him to run away."

"I don't care. You'll be punished for this."

Manager Ri will thank Tina as she picks up 30 young people. In the first place, she's right. I just have to say, what are you doing here?

"The strongest of the strongest. It was the seat that gave way to Kite, but as it stands, the rest is top notch in the world. It's no use trying, or even at this level in the first place. We know we have enemies."

Tina continues. The dragons are powerful, but they are often a little proud. Well, that would be good, but that can make things worse. A good example of this is the Death Warlord. With the dragons, they will try to flirt as if they were playing. It doesn't mean we have to storm the whole place.

"It's the Death Warlords who can circle their wits and elaborate their moves and manage to fight them. If you have to survive, tell him you don't think you can push it through with force."


Well, this is what Lieutenant Li wanted to say this time. Even the dragons have enemies like playing. Being proud takes your life. They need to come back alive. Not because of the outside world, but because they are the children in themselves.

"Be wary of being put in the hands of your enemies too much later. You've seen what happens."

"Yeah... well, excuse me"

Now you'll be relieved, and the inner manager strokes his chest down and leaves. There's nothing wrong with this breaking the young people. I don't expect most of them from the former.

To this extent, it does not stop against the Death Warlord. If you can live with it, fine. If broken here, great pride and pride will be greatly undermined, but dignity will not be taken away, and it is much better than dying.

"This is not how it works."

Turn that back, Tina turns her back, too. Now it is good to assume that the request from the Director of the Ri has been accomplished. As such, we decided to leave the rest to the people inside to return to Kate's private residence.

That night. Kate had some thoughts and was visiting Meizuki's place. Well, it's not unusual, but it's unusual when it comes to being on the roof just the two of us. No, because it's about Kite, there are a lot of things like that. Ignore the voices that point to Kite's personality and sexuality.

"What kind of thing?

"Hmm... I guess I was a little shocked"

Makoto reminds me of a new friend (Kanan) who is not here right now. After all, I guess I'm shocked to be informed that my father is alive. Not surprising, and inevitable.

"Hmm... you want to go?


To Kate's words, the charm hangs on his shoulder and nods. In the end, Meizumi takes good care of whether Tina and I are similar to each other's best friends. Your sister's skin, I guess. It is good to take care of Yuri, who is not your sister's skin. Friends, I guess.

"I don't know how it feels to be without my parents, but... I guess I've been thinking about it quite a bit."

"I knew, or... I'm worried about a lot of things..."

"You know what I mean?

"I spent half my life over here. I was ready to never see my parents again."

Kate talks like she remembers a distant memory somewhere. Kate had pushed through the unknown, but she knew from time to time that it was actually a few hours on Earth. but still, it must have felt complicated.

"You don't know what to look like. Especially if it's Canaan, you've got a lot of imagination ahead of you. In my case, it was bigger to see what kind of face..."

Kate looks into her own hands and remembers that time, 13 years. That's all the moons had changed him dramatically. So was the inside, and so was the outside.

The exterior can still be done by magic. but there was nothing I could do but to the inside. Bloody hands. A spirit that has been greatly eroded by common sense in different worlds by past self. I didn't have a face to match, I thought.

"Back, you push him."

"What do you mean?

"You've been away too long. I don't miss him or anything before. It takes courage. I'm scared. What will they say? I wonder what you think."

Because Kate had experienced a similar experience, she could understand only marginally how anxious it was to be reunited with her real father, whom she had never met.

"So, in your case, Tina pushed her back, and..."

"Oh. Wouldn't he go with me, huh? I kicked him in the back. Physically."

Kate laughed and nodded in response to Meizuke's words. It was in the middle of the night that Kate metastasized. So after I left, I continued to worry about it for roughly 5 hours.

It is necessary to think of the destination location for the spatial transfer. Then the only sure memory of the Earth that was left of him at this time was the memory of his home. That's why this problem was inevitable only.

That's about as much as I thought I'd leave the house once so no one would find out like this. Of course, I also thought about erasing my existence from memory by remembering it. Both, Tina told me to stop.

"Then you do it. Whatever happens, I'm gonna help you... so I'm gonna need you there."

"I know."

In response to a request from Kate, Meizi laughed and accepted. For her, Canaan is close enough now to be called her best friend. Tina, Yuri and I often go out together. For her and her family's sake, there was nothing like breaking a bone to this extent.

"... but. What about the father?


Kate sighed. Kuzha and Aura, who are busy coordinating with the nobles, are unable to do so, so I was investigating without going through the two of them, but the investigation was difficult to navigate.

Because no one could ask the Adventurer Union about their client, say kite to the boulder. The Union has a duty of confidentiality about its clients. Especially when it comes to asking for more than a false identity, Kite won't even tell me how.

This is the only thing that doesn't change whether it's Rank EX or Rank E. Branch directors can also look into requests issued at their own places, but when they are in Enefia, they will not be able to do so without Union Master Balflair or his assistant, Levy.

"Well... go out of your way to find your father, that's about it. You won't get killed."

"Then I guess it's good..."

Anxiety seeped slightly into Meizu's eyes. It was a gift for my best friend. Because that's how I remembered about my family, and, uh, she remembered about her own family.

"... sister, how are you?"

"How are you? Dragon Horse is here. There are many handouts over here on Earth, and you two have my handouts. Those guys will be fine. By now, maybe even when I'm holding a baby."

Kite laughs at the words of charm. Her sister's belly, seen in a message from Earth that came a few months ago, was already quite large. Whoever saw it was pregnant, I could tell. Then, a few more months. No wonder it's time to be born, even if it's not as good as the difference in time elapsed from Earth.

"... a boy, a girl."

"Have fun when you get home, right? There."

Kite responds with pleasure to the words of a fun charm. They basically like children. I'm used to making noise because I had a lot of family. Again, it would be fun to see the baby.


"Yeah? Hmm."

Kite responds to Meizuke's kiss. I was surprised for a moment because it was unusual for her. So, after the lips left, Kate still inquired.

"It's rare, it's from you."

"Hmm... I knew I was a woman too, I don't know what to think"

"... no, you can't be a boulder"

Kite laughs bitterly at the fun laughing charm. I know what you're trying to say. I know, but you can't have anything that doesn't work. There's nothing Kate would refuse, but not here on the boulder.


"No, you don't know"


I guess I know. Even if I know, it's not about whether I'm emotionally convinced or not. So Charming turned the other way for fun and kissed Kate again this time from herself.



Suddenly, the charm pushes down Kite. Snuggling around like this would be the hallmark of charm. Overall, many girls involved with kite are classy ladies. There aren't many ways to snuggle like a normal couple like this.

"... Huh."

"... it feels weird to think that it's beautiful..."

After a short period of twitching, the two roll over and watch the starry sky full of fun.


"No, it's beautiful.

Meizi looks at the starry sky relaxing alone. That's how I started talking emotionally somewhere.

"In the first place... like who I am... yeah. I never thought I'd want to be with someone."

"I get it. I get it."

Kate also agrees to swallow, looking at the night sky the same way as Charming. He never wanted to be with anyone. It must be a shal for him to let me know that, and a kite for Charming.

"Um... or better yet, I feel like if I were you about three years ago, I wouldn't have wanted a lover or something, seriously. He said he didn't want kids or anything."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah..."

"'Cause your body thinks you can't help it."

"No, you can't."

It's a disgruntled charm if I only heard the words, but my face was laughing. This is a recurring conversation. I'm just enjoying this exchange. It doesn't make sense in that sense, but I guess it makes sense as a conversation between lovers.

"... three more years, huh?"


"Since I got back to Earth. Or since we met."

Kite remembers the past under the starry sky. That's why I remembered Meizuke three years ago. Previous years have passed like rage. I was surprised that the first metastasis was a summons, not an accident, but it must have been his fate too. And, that's how I remembered Kite, but then again Charming opened his mouth.

"... if you say so"


"Surprisingly, you like to rub people's hair."


I was told, and Kate noticed that she was still stroking the brown hair of her charm. If this were Tina, Cherry Blossom and other long-haired girls, they would have played with their fingers wrapped around them sometimes casually.

"Should I have long hair?


Somewhere shy, the charm asks. I still want to look like a man I fell in love with, you think. Yuri once said that these places were gradually cleaning them up.

So, imagining the charm that I tried to make my hair just a little longer, and compared to the charm that I have now, Kate laughed and gave an answer.

"No, you're good as it is. This one looks better... oh, could it be as quiet as Ayi - or something?

"Chi, no. Yo."

The charm only blushes a little for some tearing up kite inquiry. Yayi is about her sister. She is also a bulky character in her, but she was still a little more relaxed due to being her sister and so on, and she was strong in terms of kindness.

By the way, she looked like that because the starry sky was beautiful, and unfortunately she didn't have to be kite to see it round. So Kate assured me with a laugh.

"Don't worry about it. Interpretation, Mr. Yayi and you are different. It's good that you go for Ayi, but you can't be Ayi. Besides, I'm not good with you, I'm good with you."


"What's up?

"I thought Gigolo or... I was noble..."

Meizu blushes her cheeks even more. Fortunately, I'm sure Special Kite doesn't care. Such an embarrassing and unspeakable word in the face, and abrupt. There is no shame in it. In a way, I guess it's the strongest ability for him.

"Ugh... so you think I want kids or something..."

"Oh, whoa..."

Kite has trouble reacting to Pokopo's beating charm. It doesn't hurt, but I had trouble reacting. Because he was not like her, he could not return it as usual.

"Huh... if we don't hurry up, won't someone in there be able to stand it? They put a knife or something."

"Let it go, let it go, let it go"

Apparently, Meizu's pointing out was a star. Kite pointing her mouth. It was the last thing I wanted to be pointed out. And most of all, the scary thing is that its prime head is becoming Tina.

Apparently, one of Himea's earlier cases has considerably affected her insides. Because I understand deep down in my soul, I felt that time and the woman's part was pretty much hidden. Recently, I was able to see statements about wanting children from time to time.

"Ha... just watch out for Tina... there's nothing you can do about witchcraft when he runs off..."

"... oh, there was that hand..."

"Hey, wait! What did you just say?

"Oh, hey, what?

"You said something!? Hey, definitely not!? I'm not pretending!? If Tina can't do it now, it's a world crisis!?

Kate rushes into a halt to the charm that seems to have noticed something. As such, this day was as noisy as a fool, and I stayed tired, so I went back to my room and slept.