Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 871: To the Land of the Mermaids

Kite was ready to head to the Mermaids' country, sidelined by the crew of the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders), which began to gather gradually.

"Underwater war gear, or... don't hate it..."

Kite makes preparations with a disgusting face. It's a sinking ship where the Death Warlords may be involved in the boulder. I don't like it with kite. At worst, you have to think about ice pickling and not being able to move.

"Huh... I don't know why it's on my feathers that this one gets hit by a real local fight after thinking about a local fight..."

"Swimsuit Swimsuit -"

"Hey, wait. Why are we even going to you?"

Kite waits for Yuri to sneak her own swimsuit into her preparation. It should be noted that Tsubaki is supposed to prepare for this at all times, but this time Kate was doing it herself because the battle was the main focus. Caring for tools used in combat on boulders is outside Tsubaki's jurisdiction. She has a point, too.

"Huh? Leave a message this time?

"You, the attributes you're good at are wind and thunder, right? Besides, in the underwater war, now... what's your help?

"O man... this treatment against the benefactor of life... terrible..."

Yuri makes a shino and poses as a crier. It's a natural story, but there's no wind in the water at all. Her witchcraft of wind attributes, as a circumstance, is deactivated. Of course, flames are also deactivated. And the lightning attribute diffuses and misfires at the allies. I can't use this one either. Well, it was only going to be mostly supportive magic.

"No, I'm not taking you where I made that... or I'm going to Floating Continent with one of the things about Canaan, so if you want to go that way, go do your school work."


Yuri got annoyed at Kate's point. This is a short expedition. I can tell you that there's no one else I can do but kite, so I'm just going to do it. So there's no point in taking Yuri in the first place.

And this time as a situation, I can barely use Yuri's cover either. As a matter of fact, we have no choice. Then I had to leave it. I want you to come with me, so I want you to be prepared.

"Well, I don't know what else to do."

"I'll take care of this. Right there, please."


Yuri nods and retrieves her swimsuit and underwear from Kate's luggage. He convinced me not to go. Even with her, you'll want to get involved with the Shall thing for a long time. I think I've decided I need to get ready for it. and ask kite as she retrieves her clothes like that.

"With that said, then who are you going to take with you?

"Hmm? Oh, the personnel... that's the problem."

Kite smiles a little. We haven't set a formal date yet. As a result, adjustments were also being made for personnel.

"Mizuki, who is a dragon knight and good at aerial warfare, is excluded, as are the charms entrusted to him about Canaan... and so are seniors as attributed compatibility. Sora's good at wind, too... which led to Yuri rejecting it in the first place. Cherry blossoms are patrons, so you can't be the main attacker... Sho is not the main attacker..."

Kate haunts her head with a sigh mix. A little less thankful story, but most of the upper echelons couldn't have fought underwater. And what's worse is that all of the faces that can be firepower personnel are out. And it's underwater. It's not easy to fight. I needed to think about them and work out a candidate.

"Make it pure proximity only, I guess it's the only way..."

"That means a second-grade group."

"I guess not."

Kite admitted Yuri's speculation. As Kite noticed this time, surprisingly, there were few people in the upper echelons who could conduct pure melee combat. This was probably heavily influenced by an odd user named Kite.

They have gained enough strength to defeat Giant Killing if they create a situation, but on the contrary, they have created a situation that they are not comfortable with.

In that regard, the second group that doesn't have a lot of Kate's hands, such as Kendo or Karate, which is close to being raised at the hands of Princess Asahi, is an orthodox type of warrior who attacks with pure swordsmanship, physical skill, etc. I can work without choosing a location. Giant Killing is unlikely to be able to do that, but it does a good job as averages.

"Where you want to raise someone who can be an all-rounder, or..."

"Oh, yeah. Why don't we take Maple?

"Uh... a magician? Sure, magicians can use it. Can they use it? But..."

I think a little bit about Yuri's words, what about Kite. The only thing that could be said about the upper management was about the maple of the magic main. Even magic that specializes in witchcraft but is therefore good at ice attributes can be used without worrying about friendly fires.

Sure, the best would be to take him as a turret. That said, magicians are still the hard part to use. It would be a troubling place.

"Later... Senior Kanzaki and Senior Fujido will see some more..."

Kate thinks about it a little bit and eventually decides to get a familiar senior to supply the personnel. Both the Karate and Kendo Ministries were told that they were training for underwater warfare. In the first place, they both stared at the melee. It is not incompatible with underwater warfare where ranged attacks are difficult to use.

"Good... well, I guess I'll just go that way. Tsubaki, just get your clothes ready."

"Yes, sir."

When Kate asked Tsubaki to prepare the rest, she decided to get up and go out looking for Kendo Manager Fujido and Karate Manager Kanzaki.

Well, from such a meeting with the directors of both departments, a few days. The selection of personnel was completed in cooperation with Fujido et al., which coincided with the day of departure.

"Hmm... take this...?

"Yeah, if you put this in your mouth, you'll be able to move enough."

"Something unusual... like a snorkel."

Both Kanzaki and Fujido were blinking their eyes when they saw the magic props dedicated to underwater that Kate showed them as samples. In the end, it was the calendars, sunsets and other superior layers that were supposed to come with me.

I want to get used to underwater warfare in action because both Kendo and Karate are in a meeting with Kate, and it seems that the department manager himself decided to lead the personnel to move.

In fact, this will be the first line as a full-scale underwater war. I guess I make it a pattern of all the hours that the department manager himself experiences and teaches from there to the whole thing.

"Well, I'm with Snorkel. The water pressure resistance is also combined, but when the boulder has a depth of 1000 meters or something, it is not possible, so they want to buy a special object. Well, I'll buy this one over there. It's cheaper that way, and it performs better, so..."

"How much can you stand with a snorkel type?

"This alone is generally considered safe up to a depth of 100. The limit depth is 200 meters. The sinking point is a point of depth of 200. The surrounding area is a little shallow in depth... so I bought it over there. In case you snorkel, you can stand it, but I'm still scared."

To Kanzaki's inquiry, Kate teaches what's going on around her. It's obvious, but it's easier to make it in shallow places than how to make replenishment points in deep places for all the ancient civilizations.

Well, on the contrary, it's shallow when it's shallow, and it's a hassle to get in easily if the enemy comes. So they're actually making it by choosing the part of the hill that's getting a little deeper, so there was a shallow corner of depth nearby. This time, they accidentally sank into that shallow corner. As for the kites, it was a difficult story to investigate.

"Well... no, if not, why don't we bring in the story in the first place"

"Yeah, well. We're talking about the boulder with our arms open."

Kite laughs. Of course, but this is dangerous, so I won't bring the story to the Adventure Department. It's just that he moves as an individual. On the face of it, the Adventure Department will decide to take them because they don't understand the movement weirdly, but they will still stay away from the sinking ships. It's a safe zone, so I decided to take him to practice.

"After that, the mermaids are on guard around us, so try not to die."


The two directors nod. This is no different than the battle we do on the ground. If you fail, you will only die. And the first experience exists in everything. You can't avoid all this.

"Well... shall we go then?"

Finish your last brief, and kite gets up. In keeping with that, the two directors stood up. This time it was basically Kendo and Karate and Swimming. Because the manager of the in-house swimming department is still downstairs in strength, he will not participate in what will accompany him this time.

"Tina. Sorry, but I'll leave it to you again"

"Um... this one's busy developing equipment at the lab for the time being. Either way, I'm not moving for the time being. Besides, I'll pick you up."

"Tsubaki. In case this guy doesn't show up for 3 days in a forced bath, with a forced retrieval. It's impossible that the boulder hasn't been bathed to greet the princess."

"Yes, sir."

Kate concludes by leaving a message for Tina and Tsubaki. It is the first time in 300 years that the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) have been reconstituted. They're talking about keeping all kinds of uniforms in order to go with it, and the technical squad was very busy. That's how Kite headed to the Kingdom of Lorelei after being dropped off by both of them.

Now that's the way to get to the Kingdom of Lorelei, but it's actually not very difficult. Just head to the port or 'Portland Emelia' at the eastern end of Nakatsu country and switch to a private flight from there. That's why Kate and the others had come to 'Portland Emelia' once aboard the airship.

"In the meantime, you're here for the night"


"If you go now, you'll arrive at midnight."

After Fujido's doubts, Kate laughed and assured him. Up to this point we could use the Duke's highway boat, but from here we have flights to and from the country. They are getting faster because they work in technology development for once, but they still don't arrive overnight.

It took almost a whole day on one path. So it was usually the norm to take a private flight first thing in the morning to arrive in the evening, or to set it up to arrive first thing in the morning on the night. I don't leave in the evening or noon.

"Well... then I need to find a place to stay... well, now is the time and you'll be available everywhere"

"Really?... No, and indeed the vibrancy is weaker than ever..."

"It's after the meeting. It's about time the guys we were gathering around ended the post-processing and scattered all over the place. It looks like the recoil is losing its vitality. The shop, which was busy during the meeting, has been closed for a little while, and we're on a little break here."

Hearing Kate's words, Fujido looks around. The intercontinental conference was not a major festival, but people gathered. And when people get together, they become lively, and the store gets busy. but naturally it is temporary and not always. It's loaded more than ever.

So I will need to rest in the store somewhere, including for that load. And I was just in the middle of the day off. This will return to normal about the time the kites returned from the Kingdom of Lorelei.

"Well, for now. Will we all hang out and look for the store appropriately? Tell me if you like it."

"We can be anywhere..."

"Oh, yes, yes! Senior! Beautiful hotel with night view, please!

I looked at Kanzaki once and said it was good anywhere, and the calendar raises its hand. This is probably because I have a mentoring relationship once I turn around. Basically, in this facade, the calendar - and the sunset - were the most deeply involved with Kite.

"Beautiful at night, hey... are you going to be vain to stay with each other?

"It's that, this is this"

"Oh, that's good..."

Apparently, the calendar is still good. It's not like I care about it as a kite, and I don't want to use the crushed moon hotel I used this time for boulders. So the kites decided to hang out for a little while, eat dinner at the right store, and spend the night at the right hotel.

The day after dawn. They were coming to the dock after the hotel early in the morning to finish the exit screening. but that's where everyone except Kite was to be decapitated.

Because what was in front of me was a normal ship. Seriously, it's a normal ship made of metal with no change in philosophy. There was nowhere to see anything unusual, and I did not think that I could dive into the sea.

"... can you go with this?

"Oh... is that suspicious?

"No... the sea, you dive, right?

"Oh, don't dive. As far as the Undersea Kingdom is concerned, you have to dive."

In response to the calendar's further questions, Kite makes a firm statement.

"But isn't this... a regular sailboat...? Looks like the hull is made of metal for once..."

"Oh, a regular sailboat... oh, you mean that. No, well, you can get on it."

Understand what surprises the calendars and encourage Kite to ride. Either way, there's no mistake in going on this flight. I can't talk about not getting you on board, and I missed it, doesn't make me laugh. So another 20 minutes aboard the ship, surprised by all of them. The ship normally rowed out to the Great Sea Plains.

"... nothing's happening."

"Well, you can't dive in such shallow waters. A little further out into the ocean, we'll be able to get depth."


Even when I heard what Kate said, the calendar kept my neck tilted all the way from earlier. So when I put them in the room where they were given the luggage, they were all out on deck. They said it was safe to be on the deck, so let's see what happens from here.

And that's how the ship leaves the port for another 30 minutes or so. Quite far from the harbor, a woman appeared through the doors of the sailors entering and leaving. He fell into a beautiful category for appearance and had a harp in his hand.

"Oh, you're out"

"? Do you know him?

"No, it's not a boulder... well, if you look at it, you'll see"

When Kate says so, she urges you to keep an eye on the woman who came out of the calendar. Because you noticed those two, everyone starts watching you. That's how the woman attracted such attention, but she walked away without special regard for whether she was used to it, jumping into the small pool set up in the middle of the ship - a ship with the Lorelei kingdom is often used by the mermaids, so it was for them - and her lower body became that of a mermaid.



It's a calendar that doesn't bother me that I was a mermaid, but I asked Kite why I brought it to his attention. I hung it, but in contrast, Kate just puts her index finger on her mouth. That's how the calendar returned its gaze to her again, while the song began.


Alisa wasn't as skilled as she was, but she was still a beautiful singer. But of course, I'm not singing for nothing. When the song entered the rust-like area, the demonic stones attached to each part of the hull glowed and bubbles rose to surround the hull. And at about the same time, we started the infiltration. The ship then took the form of a simulated bubble wrapped around it.

"So. Wrap him in bubbles and go into the ocean. Music magic. Mermaids specialize in magic."


"If this is the night scene or something, it's even more fantastic... but not this time."

Kite looks up at the sky and laughs. If this is the night view, that seems to give you a fantastic atmosphere. but I'm not here for a sightseeing trip this time. I just have to ask you to give up, and maybe not just once in the first place.

Then it would be a good idea to wait for the next opportunity. And so, in such a fantastic way, the ship would go into the ocean.