Undersea kingdom Lorelei. Waiting for the kites who stepped in there were usually strict immigration examiners, not the mermaids' big welcome.

"I woke up from a dream all at once..."

"Haha. Because this is reality, and for once Lorelei is a country. Give it up."

In response to the depressing calendar, Kite sends words of comfort as she prepares documents for immigration examiners. Naturally, it is a country with the Kingdom of Lorelei. There's no way the mermaids are suddenly waiting for a big cheer without immigration clearance, as in the story, and the mermaids are not welcome even though they're not national guests in the first place.

No, just in case, the mermaids are basically cheerful and good guys, so if you look at tourists or something, you're welcome. but there's no way there's a big welcome like the story. So the kites were usually inspected by immigration examiners.

"Hmm... this is the list of weapons?


"Hmm... then I will have you sealed..."

For Kite, the immigration examiner tells her. Kite can even fight on hand and air. Because I can knit out weapons with my own magic. When that happens, it's still no wonder I'm trying to keep that power from being used cheaply all over town outside of work. Others have difficulty being brought in from different spaces, so a junction has been developed where connections to them are also forbidden.

"No, an application for an exception is being made in Article III-5 of the provision. The Embassy of the Empire of Entesia in the Kingdom of Lorelei, 'Portland Emelia', has granted permission for the same application."


Immigration examiner puts his neck up. Kate's article is about sealing the weapons of adventurers and others. This is the bottom of the ocean. Nothing wrong with the mermaids where the bubbles that cover heaven have collapsed and the boundaries have been further broken, but some of the species who do not live here. Then again, it is difficult for them to collapse. It will come as no surprise that more rigorous vigilance nets are laid than in other countries.

And the part of it that Kate told me about, by way of exception, also contained provisions for exemption from sealing. This provision applies mainly only if the Kingdom of Lorelei deems it necessary.

So, it was an exception to Kite. He who receives the will of the Great Spirit has no hope of causing harm to the land. but he suspected it because he was young. When it comes to having no choice, there will be no choice.

"Sure, I checked... you don't have to be ready."


Subject to the special note contained in the document stating permission to apply the same paragraph, the immigration examiner suspends the preparation of the magic props for sealing that had been made available to the aide. It was a magic item that took a lot of work to prepare, so it looked like it was still ready.

"The number of people... is only Hinofu's..."

"Here's the list of weapons. Testing and quarantine have also been completed."

"Oh... the numbers are as documented, and... the weapons have also been confirmed... what are the special provisions regarding sealing?

"I have confirmed it with the royal castle. Officially authorized."


Immigration examiners, while receiving reports from the inspectors, will check whether the documents are not false. There was nothing wrong with the basics, and I got proper paperwork at the embassy in the first place. It was not expected that there would be any problems, and it was clear that nothing would go wrong.

"Yes, it's over. Good luck."

"Thank you."

"Don't lose this document. Without it, reissuing is a hassle."

"Haha. Okay, I'll be careful."

Kate receives the paperwork - documents proving the end of the inspection - from the immigration examiner and puts it in her nostalgia with a laugh. Of course I kept it from actually losing it in different spaces just to make it look that way.

"Well... I wonder if this will allow me to move freely for now"

When Kite has the paperwork and is ready to do so later, she will be back at the reception. I can't have any of those people at the reception at the boulder, so I just kept them waiting in a visible position about the rest.

"Now you can go"

"Good... that's good... but what are we gonna do from here?

"In the meantime, you're already in the inn today. It's already 18 o'clock at night and..."

Kate tells her as she looks at "Daisy Light Stone" above. "Dashui Light Stone" basically seems to move in conjunction with the sun, and now the light was just a little reddish. I guess the real sun is by now around the time the sun is tilting to make an evening.

"I never get completely dark thanks to the starlight and moonlight, but I don't want to move in that light on the boulder... so right. Plus, I'm tired of moving. Take the day off first, and start working in earnest tomorrow."

"Well, okay... let's move"

When Kanzaki says so, he takes the audio head and starts moving. For once, the party leader is kite, but as a position, it would have been better if someone had gotten the head of the senior once.

Now that everyone belongs to the Adventure Department, it is still going on about the original department position, relationship, etc. In Kate and the former directors, that was still a priority for her as a mood.

That said, Kite is the leader. The leader is the leader. So Kansasa asks Kite about the inn. Kite had arranged everything for him, so he doesn't know much about it either.

"So, where are we going?

"For once, in that big building"

What Kate pointed to was a building the size of there. On a scale of five floors, it would be a very large place. It was about a little bigger than the Alliance Home in Adventure.

"The biggest inn here was there, so... I was wondering if it would be okay if something happened and I got lost."

"Right. It helps."

Apparently, he did the value there, but he chose a prominent building in case he got lost. If Kate tells you on the road, they can see it from most places if it's from Lauresia. It would be safe at night.

So together we move towards that big hotel. That's how I got there, got the keys at the reception, and decided to leave everyone's luggage in the room once. Then, I was going to make it dinner. That would be just the right time.

"Yes, I accept"

"Good... can I get the keys?

"Yes, this way please... and is Master Kite here?"

"I am, though?

The female staff at the hotel reception tells me that Kite listens. Apparently, it's going to be a secret story.

"From the royal palace, a messenger has come. This letter."

"Okay. Thanks."

Apparently, someone's here. You won't even have to think about the content. For the Kingdom of Lorelei, Kate is to be the son-in-law of her daughter. Come and show me your face, I guess. I brought you a piece of paper describing that time.

"... at the Royal Palace at 20: 00, or"

Kate secretly checks the contents of the paper and burns it to obliterate the evidence. Apparently, dinner was going to be at the Royal Palace this evening.

"Well... when you do, you'll also contact Tina"

For once, she is at the top of the list when it comes to this Princess Alisa transfer mission. Even if you think about your position, she will need to show her face. That's a direct invitation from the Royal Palace, so it's coming in from a military port. As such, Kate secretly sends a contact to her after the reception without even showing such a gesture.

"I got the keys."

"Is something wrong?

"No, I was just asking for precautions. It's another country."

I take Fujido's question and make it clear that there is nothing for Kate to laugh at. It's a lie, but I can't talk, so I can't help it.

"Well, then put your stuff down once for now, and free movement later today. For rice, make it your own hotel restaurant."


It was my decision from the beginning to move freely after today. It was already at dusk in the first place, and it took a lot of time to get around. The need for a break was painfully understandable because I was an adventurer. So when Kate put her stuff in her room, she decided to roll out to the city for one night.

"Tina. This one's out"

"Uhm. This one left behind an army facility... do I look like I need to pick you up?

"The house of a self-righteous man. There's no need."

Kate sees the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Lorelei in the heart of the city. The largest building in this city is the Royal Palace. Hotels are also large for height, but the Royal Palace was the largest for size. Thus, Kate walked alone down the central street of Lauresia to the royal palace and reached before the gate of the royal palace. Then naturally, the gatekeepers blocked it.

"Already time to let you in free is over"

"The tourists are looking good, but we're going home."

It's already time to go around 19: 00. No matter how many royal palaces were open to tourists, they would never be allowed in unless they were lighted up exclusively at night. And given the security reasons, I don't think there are places like freeing the Royal Palace at night.

"No, I kept it for you from His Majesty Lorelei"

"That's... please wait a moment"

The gatekeepers' response changes once and for all after seeing the permission to enter the castle presented by Kate. Kate's permission to enter the castle has only been given to those who are super important to the Kingdom of Lorelei. If it was real, it would have stopped the person who stood in without permission. I wonder if there will be confirmation.

"Excuse me. Come through."


When Kate raises one hand, she enters the royal palace through the passage the gatekeeper opened for her. Then, suddenly, the singing sounded. Apparently, the sound was closed because the opening hours had passed and it was overshadowed by a stronger bond. The song I heard was not an upbeat song, but a song seeped in majesty and holiness.

"Whoa, this is lucky"

I don't know where the song came from. Kate figured it out. So Kate walks off the road to the royal palace to the fountain in the courtyard. As such, at the same time as Kite arrives at the fountain. The singing stopped.

"I thought it was coming"

"Summer bugs flying into the fire, not that..."

Alisa was there. Apparently, I knew that Kate was coming, and if she was singing, she would definitely come. Apparently, he was invited. That's how, from a little distance, Kate observes her laughing.

"Don't be a painting"

Kate makes a square with her fingers on both hands and floats Alisa in it. That's all I think about looking. Sitting on the fountain singing while the mermaid princess holds the harp. If this is the seaside where the morning sun illuminates, it would be exactly what Princess Mermaid paints in her fantasy. That said, it was a little short for Kite.


Pattin, and kite rings her fingers. Then they stood on a hill like the royal palace could see. That was a little high hill behind the royal palace - not a grassy hill, but a hill with coral trees on the stone floor - to say the least.

"I wonder if you wanted me to at least come this way"

"I leave that to the performers."

Alisa laughs and turns her lower body into that of a human. It was also where Alisa and Kate met. It's Kate's honest feeling that if she was to be summoned anyway, she wanted to see me again here.

but it was important to call them in the first place, and they didn't seem to intend to make the reunion dramatic. Whether it's Alisa or Kite in the first place, we meet on the airship during a meeting. She's a bunch of scavengers, so I guess that's good there.

"Welcome back, brave man"

"I'm home, Mermaid Princess"

Kite finally greets Alisa, who gracefully lifted both ends of the paleo. I guess it's Alisa's idiosyncratic habit to say that she can enjoy this kind of interaction that made her want to act somewhere, or it's still like an occupational disease as a theatre player.

"Well... the corner performer has the place ready. Can you listen to my fans, Princess Sing?

"Yeah, that's good, right? It's a good night around the corner. Raise your reward for fans who have worked hard to come home. What do you want?

"Okay, one song. Sing me a song for me, a song for me."

"Yeah, one song then. Watch."

Sitting in a chair knitted with his own magic, Kate joins her legs. Kizzy lines, kizzy attitude. Even though I say so, that makes it remarkable. And what I want is a song for Kite that she created in the course of 300 years. It's nothing like a scratch.

But that was her greatest wish and desire. There could be no denying that they wanted it. Thus, for a while, Kate was just intoxicated by the pure love song sung for herself.