Having completed her calendar examination at the maintenance facility in the floating city of Raingardo, Kite continued to walk towards the sea by tumbling a wounded calendar all over her body after frustrating her legs. In the middle of that. The calendar asked.

"Um... seniors"


"Aren't we... footy?

Ask where the calendar is anxious. Anyway, if no one was around this time, Kate could have fought with all her might without worrying about anything. Normally, the battle must have ended without a scratch.

I have no answer. I don't even have to think about it. No matter who sees it, for Kate, it's the Adventure Club. Such a thing was understandable in the calendar. And there was nothing to tease Kate about who she understood.

"Oh, you've got your feet together."

That's what I said, while Kate's tone was laughing. I knew that from the beginning. That's why I didn't have to be angry about it.

"But it's obvious. There's no such thing as a guy who wasn't clutching his legs. As long as there's a guy running ahead, everyone's got their feet together at first... but so what's up"


"To Earth. There's a man named Professor Laban Schuldsbury. Well, he's an academic, but he's a very funny man as a warrior... and this is what one girl asked him to say."

That's what Kate said, closing her eyes for the first time. The next time I opened my eyes, I laughed and soaked up words that were particularly impressive among the words of one of the great men told to the story I was imploring on Earth.

"As it stands, the power of a hero depends on the individual. Certainly a mighty demon. I... No, let us defeat it without sacrifice. Wouldn't that be great? But mankind is never inferior to it. Indeed, mankind can never beat a mighty demon alone. That's a victory you get at the expense of. But still, if humanity gathers wisdom and strength, our power will never reach it... don't you think it would be wonderful? Then why don't you raise them? You fools. To your wisdom and unity, our wisdom and our unrivalled power. If we gather them together, will these fangs reach even the mighty evil gods who cross the stars?

Kate thinks this is a great word. I think even Kite, who says he's going to hold half of the world's total war power, is right about this word, and I want it to be right.

"Honorably, he was telling the girl everything. I want these people to be the leaders of humanity. And one of these guys who admires him is my little corrupt guy. Perhaps he'll be a good mentor."

Kate remembers a man as she remembers a story on Earth. That was the man who was supposed to be the next president of the United States, and if time is normally flowing since then on Earth, it was the man who should be in office as president.

He was also the man that Kate trusted and trusted most on Earth, and at the same time, as a politician rather than force, the man that Kate sees as a rival.

"Jack McClane. You've heard about it, haven't you?

"Ah... hero Jack"

"Oh. That's him. The man closest to the next President of the United States. The man who will make the movie a reality... is rotten."

It was a name I had seen once if I watched newspapers, television and online news in Japan. Apparently, Kate knows that. And to the calendar I was listening to now, I wondered if I would indeed be a good mentor.

"That's why I don't cut my legs off and cut them off. God and the heroes are not enough for mankind to go out into the sea of stars at some point and look ahead to the trials that lie ahead. We will need to muster the power of mankind."

I just think the calendar is amazing, listening to him on Kate's back. I've never thought of anything else. It wasn't something she could really understand. It was best to understand that you were looking somewhere far away. That being said, Kate was talking stupidity but therefore didn't realize it.

"So I don't think foot to foot. And... when I started to say that, I was the leader of my foot."

Kite laughs with a slightly painful face. A long time ago, the name of the unit he belonged to was the 17th Secret Service Platoon. Secret Service. That is, special forces that are given special assignments. It's war time, not honor jobs, decorations, etc., but pussy special forces.

Originally, his power wasn't enough to put him in the special forces. Naturally. He was strong enough to have grown hair on amateurs. I was only assigned by a privileged human resource in the name of Hermes Ong.

There were only a few forces down against the average of the troops. And in its shadow, he and Yuri survived. Survived. It's because I was a fool.

"So don't worry about it. The foot clumps don't get clumped at some point. It's just a good thing... and now the guy who says that will raise the juniors again. I guess that's how humanity progresses little by little."

Kite finishes the story. Perhaps that's why he doesn't think about doing it alone, teaching and guiding the adventurers properly, even if he's aware of some danger. The calendar understood that.

"... I knew seniors were amazing"


What does that mean? Communications came in via headset, happy or unhappy, as Kate tried to ask again.

"All right, comms... what?

Lorelei, this is the Kingdom.

"Okay. Connect me."

"Okay... go ahead"

As Kite asks, Legado connects with the Kingdom of Lorelei. but the person connected that way was Fujido.

"That... seniors. Can I help you?

'Oh, no... is this going to be the end of the request?

"... yeah, that's what's going to happen for once"

To Fujido's question, Kate recalls the status quo just a little bit. Currently, two items were found for the target container. You may consider that you cannot bring any more to the boulder.

No matter how much gold you pay for three containers loaded with precious metals on boulders, you refuse to ask what kind of captain you are unless you are so greedy. Besides, given the state of that treasure ball, it should probably have loaded into the first cup of two containers to the extent that we can finally raid the ship. I don't think it's loading any more than that.

"So I heard what the army would do about Tengase."

"Oh there..."

Kate turns her consciousness to her back just a little bit, taking care not to distract her too much from the calendar. I don't know what you're thinking, but the calendar is grown-ups.

but Kate noticed that she was only a little hardened when the occasional shake struck her. At that moment, the calendar will stick. You can't possibly not know. There is also a hospital in Raingard, however, the calendar will remain in the laboratory wherever it was brought in.

"... right. I think it's reasonable to carry it straight to Maxwell."

'Right... okay. Let's tell him that. So, should we wrap this up about returning home?

"Yeah, please. We're going back to Maxwell."

'Right. Ask for Tengase'

"Yes... I'll take care of your injuries."

That's what Kite says, he cuts the comms. All you have to do is come home. There's nothing you can do when you sink into a boulder, but you won't have any other problems. And he reached the top tier of the maintenance facility at some point, either because he was walking around talking like that.

So Kate contacts Legado this time. Maintenance facilities are mostly submerged due to rising sea levels due to time flow. And if you ask, the entrance and exit were submerged, and they needed to add a hassle.

"Now, is that the top floor?

'Yeah, that's the area that leads out there. One moment, please. Procedures are being implemented to prevent sea water intrusion. Please wait about 5 minutes. Anyway, I haven't used it in thousands of years, so there are a lot of glitches...'

"Right. I'll take care of it... calendar, wait here a little bit. They keep the sea water out of it."

"Oh, I get it"

That's what Kate says, once he puts the calendar down on the floor. That is how the calendar thanked him again.

"Thank you, seniors. I need you to carry this far to my palm..."

"Good, nothing. It's for a cute junior. It won't be bitter."

"... so, seniors. Can I have one?

"Hmm? What?

It was a calendar I laughed and told Kite and I was carefully bowing my head, but there was something strange about the way the calendar was staring at Kite.

"Um... next to that face is a snorkel-shaped demon prop... right?

"Oh, right. Mine was safe."

In response to a calendar inquiry, Kite removes the snorkel-shaped demonic props that have been intact all along. I don't plan on diving in the ocean anymore. You won't have to wear it till hours. Apparently, while the calendar was busy, I realized there was this.

"Um... the last time I walked in here... the... kiss... I'm glad I didn't..."

"? Oh, you mean that. No, I couldn't use this in that condition."

Understand what the calendar is trying to say and make it clear that Kite couldn't have done it in that state. Yes, Kite had no hands blocked at that time, and even more snorkel-shaped demonic props remained. This is general purpose. Can be used by anyone. If so, turning this around and breathing seemed fine.

"You were completely cut off from the bubbles then, weren't you?

The calendar snorts. You look embarrassed to remember.

"This is for taking oxygen out of the water and breathing... that's all I had to get out of the foam. You, can you use it?


The calendar was also said and noticed. At that time, the calendar was just in Kite's bubble. Besides, he's tightly embraced by Kite, critical, and he manages to be taken in by the bubbles.

The foam is deployed around the kite, and only a minimum amount is deployed to avoid inhibiting swimming. Because it was originally developed for personal use, it is not possible to include two people. And the snorkel-shaped demonic props also use objects that go with it.

If the calendar wants to use Kite's snorkel-shaped magic props in that state, you have to at least take your mouth to the height of Kite. but that would be a little nasty unfortunately.

You have to change your posture while you don't go outside in that state. Besides, the calendar is injured. I didn't even have to think about the conclusion.

"... it was... the first time..."

"... right, um... right. Were you unhappy with me?

"Oh, no! That's not what..."

To Kite's inquiry, the calendar shakes its head in a hurry. If you like it or not, the calendar will like Kite. but the calendar still doesn't know if this is a favor as a man and woman or as a senior junior.

I kissed him before I could even conclude. It's an artificial respiratory thing, and as an act, it's creeping. It just makes the difference between something sexual or life-saving. There is no difference in the facts themselves. And when I heard that response, Kite also decided to answer.

"Well... then here's what you should say. Thank you, calendar."


Kite smiles at me and the calendar dyes my face bright red to my ears. Whatever the history, at least it's true that Kite took the first kiss of the calendar. That fact cannot be erased any more than it has already been in the past.

If the calendar now indicated rejection, Kite would have apologized. That would be bad. But the calendar accepted it. So instead of apologizing, Kate decided to say thank you for getting a memorable first kiss. If you haven't done anything wrong, just be grand. That was Kite's theory.

And if I apologize here, I'll be saying that it's not good for me to take the first kiss from the calendar. That doesn't even want kite. Whatever it was, I got the first memorial. Thank you, then.


That's how I dyed my face bright red, but I raise my face like I've decided something.

"Senior... I think it's a thick favor... Um... just one more time... can I have a decent kiss this time?


"I don't like this form of first kiss... so I want to end it in a way that seems... good at least"

As sincerely and somewhere pleading, the calendar begs for another kiss to Kite. That was an accident. And my first kiss, albeit unintentional, has been taken away in a way that is not too romantic. It's not a romantic light kiss either, it's a french kiss that looks erotic too, a great kiss.

If you don't know, you can ignore it. I could also sever it from artificial breathing. But because his consciousness was awakening, the sensation of Kite's lips and the sweet taste of the fruit that remained in his mouth still remained in the mouth of the calendar.

I thought the calendar would probably never forget that again. So at least he wanted to make sure this was a good memory, as a decent kiss, not an accident.

"... is it good, with me"

"... yes. I still don't know if I like seniors... but... at least, I don't hate them..."

Whisper, but be clear, I don't know if I like the calendar. There is also the possibility of temporary distraction. I also know it's possible that I'm just conscious because I've been kissed.

But still, there's only Kite now. Then I thought it was my responsibility to at least remember it in a romantic way as a responsibility that Kite also took away.

"... ok..."


Kate gently embraces the calendar sitting beside her. I know how I can feel romantic in the present situation. Then I'll just show it off.

Fortunately, the surroundings are dim. Even though the magic streams are creating fantastic lights for me. It doesn't smell like mechanical oil because it hasn't been used recently. Not bad as a mood would have been fortunate for the calendar.

"It's getting too hard. Get out of the way. Leave it all to me."


Like whispering, like loving. Kate whispers gently in the ears of the calendar. For the time being, I decided to treat the calendar as my own woman. Thus, Kate turns her hand behind the head of the calendar and causes her face to turn toward herself.


Gentle, just a touch. Kite kisses the lips of the calendar. That's a light kiss that feels like a greeting from an outsider. As such, slightly release the lips there. but this doesn't end. This is just for firmness. Get ready. Kite chews the lips of the calendar gently as she pecks.

"Ah... mmm... phew..."

Apparently, the calendar is in a mild state of excitement. Small but whispering. It seems a little easy to feel. Kite let go of her lips as her lovers kissed each other gently for a little while. But keep your face close so you can enjoy the aftertaste. I would kiss my neck and back of my ear like this at all times, but only this time.

"I asked you to kiss me, but... eh, no..."

"If you're a lover, you'll do it so normally... is that it?

"... thank you..."

"You're welcome."

Kite laughs at a calendar that can only be taken out of sight because of its fixed face. but I won't do any more. If we're going any further, that would be a different experience.

When I want any more, this time it will only be when the calendar has firmly cemented its will. No matter how excited he is, Kate never invades only the line there. Kite never crosses the last line unless he wants to.

"Mmm, apparently the water drainage is over... then, let's go home"

"... yes"

The calendar nods as it turns bright red, and he is nabbed again on the back of a succumbing kite. In that way, they followed Raingard's maintenance facility, but the musashi that brought them the medicine for the injury outside saw the calendar turn bright red, and it was going to be greatly browned.