Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 892 Signing Ceremony - Opening -

Kate got information from Shea, and a few more hours later. Around noon. The kites were supposed to board a smaller airship prepared by the Venetian side and stretch their legs to an artificial island built in Central America on the Great River.

"Lord Heisenberg, Lord McDawell, Brigadier General Blanchett. Do you have any idea what this is about?



"This one's fine."

The kites questioned by the Foreign Secretary make it clear that there are no problems for now. Abel and Lord Heisenberg Jake bear names as representatives of the Imperial side, and Kate is an escort in the venue dressed as one of the Kingsguards. Things to do are and always have been the same. Whether you sign it or not, it's just different. Even so, there were many jobs like this before that. So I can say that I've gone back even further to being entrusted to nobility.

"Abel. What's the investigation you asked for?

"Oh, I also checked on that here... and in the roster it is said that only the Vice-Commissioner will be attending at the Knight of the Seal, direct from the Pope"

"Why don't you take me?

"It's an official announcement that he's not here."

Upon Kite's enquiry, Abel presents to Kite the information obtained from the military interaction. After information from Shea, Kate asked Abel to see if the < > Knights of the Crest (Emblem) > was here.

"Hmmm... I got something separate, huh?

"That's what I'm saying. According to an official announcement, the Knights with the crest are on their way to banditry in the north."


After listening to Abel, Kate looks up. You can't honestly accept this as it is. Because it doesn't make sense. So, a while later, Kate opened her mouth.

"I will deliberately entrust the Knights Commander with a task that seems good even at the end of the day, you know... policing is for both Blue Knights. That's suspicious."

"After all, are you with me in thinking?

"I guess... an awkward person on the table, or an awkward guy if you don't... or"

"Are you on some kind of mission with your own life?"

Kate and Abel simultaneously give speculation. That's all I can think about. Internal policing in the Patriarchate is routinely left to the < >. And if that doesn't get you anywhere, now it's time for the < > White Knights (Weiss Litter) > led by Ludwig Weisslitter.

It is not the task of < >, which is deliberately the Pope's katana, to leave. If that's the situation, all the more so. Whatever you think, the priority is high here.

"Okay. Let's ask one of the other Knights chiefs through Ellord."

"Can you ask?

"Oh... oh, kuzha. It's me. I could use a little help..."

Upon Abel's request, Kate uses a comms machine to contact the scumbags who are traveling on another small boat. Ellord was aboard the ship, of course, and I was going to ask him to tell me from there.

"This will be good"

"Helpful... for once, I don't expect to be approached by a ship..."

Abel sighed. As a general rule, the Knights of the < > Knights of the Crest (Emblem) > are set to take office as the best knights of their time. The best as an overall force such as courtesy, command, etc. and not the strongest as a force of war, but still not the strongest and obviously inferior as a strength.

If you stand around well, the Knights Commander will be able to drop the most advanced battleship in the Empire. It was only certain that it would not be very gratifying to be lurked somewhere and eat an ambush.

"In that sense, would it have been nice to bring in an aircraft carrier strike group"

"Oh... in that sense, the military can't lift their heads to your lords. It's the equivalent of a moving base."

Kate and Abel look outside and observe the aircraft carrier type airship, which has also made its turn this time. This time, the flagship declared to the Venetian government. Of course, some of them are equipped with magic guides used in earlier battles.

It showed considerable difficulty to the Venetian government on the boulder, but they still pushed it through thinking about what the Patriarchate had done so far. Thanks to this, the worst case scenario had been put in place for about half of the intercontinental meetings during this time.

"That's good... hey, that's right, Jizzy"


"You passed the story from the orange infarct and the stroke, didn't you?

"Um, I'm coming... oh, is that the story? Wait a minute. Negotiations between the Ragna Federation and Ulka are about to collapse."

Jake, Lord Heisenberg, who understands the way ahead from Kite's inquiry, communicates his current progress to Kite. It was originally moving for me, but after receiving the information I got yesterday, I decided to move in earnest.

"For once, as the Adventure Department moves, you should be able to enter as an adventurer disguised as a request to either the Ragna Federation or the Republic of Urca. We can arrange forged immigration clearances here. As a ship, it won't be long since we pioneered the route through the Patriarchate."

"Well, that helps."

Kate strokes her chest down for now. Now Kate can stay in the Patriarchate as another adventurer, using the Adventure Department as a cover. Why do you hide the adventure club? Because it's easier to move.

But this one will be watched instead. Naturally, I wouldn't let it go wild without any surveillance in the Adventure Department with the Patriarchate.

"Good... is that good for future moves for now..."

Kate shrugged so as she looked at the artificial island approaching. In that way, peaceful mediation to end the battle, which lasted nearly 200 years, would begin.

Almost simultaneously when the kites arrive. Messengers from the Luxerion side had also arrived on the artificial island. And that doesn't change Ludwig and Rufaus' parents and children either.

"Lou. Don't look so disgusting"

"No, that's not what..."

"Ha. Well, it's against your ancestors' will, but this is the situation. You will understand."

Ludwig laughs happily and forgives Rufaus. Basically, they have a fairly flexible thought about Ludwig, who says that the will should only be respected in the will.

"No, out-of-the-box. I'm not looking forward to it. Sir Ellord and I have met a few times... but this is the first form of dialogue we have had. At the Intercontinental Conference, we'll talk about administrative matters."

"Mmm... my dad's a little too obvious."

Rufaus pointing his mouth at the condition of his father, who is perhaps a mess. After all, because Al isn't here, or basically he looked like he was just a good young man who was serious.

By the way, it sounds like Ellord and Ludwig have met on several occasions, but as a matter of fact, they have engaged on several occasions on the battlefield.

That said, I'm not talking boulders about the last few years. They're talking about when we haven't yet had each other as Chiefs of the Knights, and our predecessors, the Popes, were actively skirmishing. I've seen him several times since then at the Intercontinental Conference, but he's right, he's just an administrative conversation.

"You're tough, you're the same."

"I think what your brother says is a beauty. And I think my dad's just a little too obvious."

One girl knight follows Ludwig's slightly bitter words. She was also dressed as a knight, so I guess she is a knight, but even younger than the young Rufaus. A year or two would be down there.

"Two on one, this is going to be right, Dad."

"Whoa... this is tough"

Ludwig laughs somewhere fun against Rufaus, who looks a little proud to have won. That's how I turned my gaze to the Girl Knight again.

"Alice. I know you do, but you just have to stay still. If you can ask me to shake your hand, I'll shake your hand back. That's all."

"Yes, Father"

Alice. The girl knight, who was so called, nodded at Ludwig's words. She calls Ludwig her father herself, and Rufaus her brother, so I guess she's my sister.

Though, as you may see from Ludwig's words, she's actually not in the kind of position she's supposed to be called. So Ludwig scratched his head like he was having a little trouble.

"I guess I shouldn't have called you, the apprentice knight, but... I'm sorry. He needed a couple of pairs in relation to the arrival of his son, Sir Lucius and Sir Alphons, to Lord Ellord, the current Lord."

"I know, sir"

Alice waves her head at a renewed apology from Ludwig. As a matter of fact, it seems she was still in the position of an apprentice knight. but there was one incident this time that led him to quickly become an official knight.

We cannot fail to call on this occasion Al, who has already given the boulder two names to wrap around the dragon, even as an empire, and we must also take Lucius, a man of honor as the Weisslitter family of the empire. Then again, the Weisslitters on the part of the Patriarchate had to take someone else because of a couple of problems. And it was this Alice who stood the arrow of the white feathers.

"Well... well, let's go"

"" Yes ""

Ludwig takes his two children and starts walking. The imperial Weisslitter family faces the point-symmetrical position of the departure site of this airship, mainly in the conference hall. You must walk honorably, but gracefully as a knight. That's how they got into the venue again.

When the kites entered the conference hall, at the same time, messengers from the Patriarchate's side, mainly the Pontifical Union, entered through the door on the other side. At its heart is Pope Unal. He was wearing a robe with gold edges using white as the base. In addition, the robes were delicately decorated, indicating that he was a high priest.

The number of people who came in with him is 10, just like this one. There's only one guard at the top, and they're all civilians or high-ranking soldiers. There are only a few other people in this room, the President of Venetis, who is an intermediary, and several other members of the press who are authorized to film this.

"Public... I'll take care of it in case"

[]/(exp, adj-na) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk)

Kate's standing here is the nearest escort to Emperor Leonhardt. So Kite, who was spoken to in a whisper, nodded small at it. Thus, the emperor Leonhardt, who was confirmed to Kite, nodded small and spoke to Pope Yunal.

"Is your lord the Pope Yunal Veda?

"Um... you bothered me last night"

Pope Yunal apologizes with a soft smile on the words of the Emperor Leonhardt. There was no animosity toward the interracials floating there. Even if it was an act, all I can say is that this is great.

"No... it's better if you're safe."

"Ha. If you say so. The thieves have been making me struggle."

"There's more to look at."

Emperor Leonhardt and Pope Yunal exchange social dictionaries for a little while as they walk to their seats. The conference hall is not large and would be about two school classrooms in size. So it will last for a little while.

The only one in the room is a large long desk about 20 meters long and a chair on either side of it. And the best seats have two luxurious chairs for the moment. Representatives of both countries - mostly kings - were the chairs for sitting.

"Oh, speaking of thieves, were you hurt at the intercontinental conference?

"Yeah, luckily we were working out, and there are many good soldiers in our army. I managed to return without any injuries."

"That was good. I didn't think you were going to make it. I was thinking about offering treatment, etc."

"Never mind. I'm glad your country has a good soldier."

"Haha. No, the Weisslitters left behind are sprouting good buds."

Pope Yunal laughs at the social dictionary of Emperor Leonhardt. We are going to come to peace with the boulders. There are no thorns when it comes to social dictionaries with each other. So they sat down in their chairs at the same time, and upon the signals of those two, the envoys of both countries sat down.

"Hmm... I thought with that said... pale hair sturdy. Doesn't that remind you of Kite the Brave?"

"Ha. Coincidentally, a soldier with good arms in these places just happened to have pale hair. Our Kingsguard couldn't come this time because of an injury earlier, so he quickly asked him to replace him."

In the wake of Pope Yunal's observation of Kite, Emperor Leonhardt scratches a cold sweat inside. The other side only knows if the patriarchal side knows who Kate is.

Nevertheless, it would be suspicious to change the subject here. It's like you're obviously hiding something. So he decided to take his time off topic.

"And you have a very beautiful knight there... is that the Knights Commander? Your country is called meritocracy. I've heard there was a female Knights Commander."

"Oh, no... the Knights Commander used it a little. I didn't bring you here this time. She is Deputy Commander Edram. In our country, they call him the White Lily Knight."

Following an introduction by Pope Yunal, a female knight named Edram, who stood opposite Kite across the two, bowed his head small to Emperor Leonhardt.

"Really? I'd love to see you at some point."

"If you get a chance"

The two strive to discuss it softly. Apparently, in this way, Pope Yunal is also going to make the talks a success. That's how the signing ceremony finally began.