I consulted Kite to find out Kanan's whereabouts, but when it was over, she was back in the office. It was Tina who first came to him like that. It seems that the idea has worked that you will have to ask the boulder how it depends. Interrupted my research. But you seem to be here.

"Hmm... I see. I thought he was a father's associate... but he and his uncle weren't fathers."

"Oh... thank God, you've been a pain in the ass"

"I don't have a choice. Nevertheless, you can't keep it clean. Since they sent in assassins in passive care, it'll be a hassle."

Following Kate's words, Tina assumes the worst. What scares me the most is that Canaan's survival is known to the bad guys and the assassins are sent in. I wish that was still within my grasp, but when it's outside, it's not so much trouble.

Essentially, there is an enchantment or Yuri in the vicinity of Kanan, and even if not, there is one superior facade. Nothing. This doesn't mean that it serves as an escort, but because the closest thing to her is Charming and Tina, and the person whose face is most connected is the upper management.

Her physical abilities and experience as an adventurer are not enough for the upper management of the adventure department. If it's your experience as an adventurer, you're also comparable to Kite. She was often included in personnel for the purpose of drawing on her experience.

Then there's Kite's woman all around her. Kite is not an adult enough to be put up with by her own woman on a boulder. It was a contract that it would definitely be a mayhem involving the whole of the Empire. It was meant to be struck out of here to prevent it.

"Well... I'll feed you..."

"I don't have a choice. Nevertheless, the prospects are off. I want to keep my father on guard, but..."

"No, you don't have to, do you?

Kate tilts her neck at Tina's words.


"No... perhaps it wasn't your father who put the guard on Canaan?

"Mm-hmm. That's the most likely thing... but that's not all. It's also believed that my mother sent it."

"Well, you have that"

So far, as far as the reports are concerned, it has emerged that the mother is also quite a famous family. Given that, no wonder the mothers secretly asked for Canaan protection knowing what their fathers were dealing with. At least considering that Canaan's mother would not be an ordinary person, no wonder.

"If so, I still can't decide that my father is after me. Because it's possible that my father knew he was after me."

"Wouldn't you have been able to collect it if you had asked Ray? It's about him. I'm not gonna make you discriminate because you're halfway there."

"If anyone can make an offer to the Night King,

Tina laughs at Kate's words. Raynard is a man unrelated to discrimination, as he is also Kate's best friend. I am arrogant, but my clan treats me equally if it is a metaphorical half. but I didn't think I could offer much because of my personality.

"Well... basically that guy, because he's high-pressure..."

"Well, since that's the basics... that's where the story got sloppy"

When Tina said that, she decided to shake her head and modify the trajectory of the story she was derailing.

"It was my mother who was supporting me. If so, it is possible that the uncle and the others met by chance. Because some beasts are good looking after people."

Tina makes only a guess. In the first place, it is Kate's wild guess that Canaan's 'uncle' is his father's associate. No wonder I'm wrong.

"I see... do you still need to watch out for your father..."


Kate scratches her head with a rare face. Apparently things were heading in a slightly better direction, and both parents had to be vigilant, which was also going in a bad direction. In the meantime, when I settled there, I decided to discuss the mother I had heard from Canaan.

"Are you sure the mother's name is... Mary?"

"Uhm. It's not Mary Orencia... well, it's a fake name"

"I don't know how far that's a fake name."

"I don't think he had anything to say."

Mary. That was Canaan's mother's name, apparently. Though, the kites don't believe this one either. The last name Orencia is an old hero's name, but that's not used as a house now. but it was a name everyone had somehow heard of. It would have been perfect as a fake name.

"That's troublesome... if I know my maiden name, I know who..."

"I just have to go there and check. Luckily, it's left there, isn't it?

"Oh. At the will of an old couple who are lords, they say they are left as they were at the time. They're cleaning it."

"Then you'll see."

Tina cuts and throws away any further guesses as pointless. As things stand, I got the information I can get without going out. We will make more money on our own feet. And at the end of that story, Canaan and Meizhiba came together. They were just in the middle of an archeology, showering and refreshing.

"Here he comes."


"Oh. Sorry, both of you"

Kate greets them both with one hand up for now. There is no need for another painful greeting. As such, Kite decides to report to Canaan for the time being, including her findings so far.

"... Huh? Even your mother...?

"It's just a guess. Yeah, don't be serious."

Kate laughs bitterly when she sees Canaan's very disgusting face. He still has trouble being treated like an aristocratic princess now.

"So I thought I'd go to Blanchett territory once to check it out."

"Is that good?

"Oh, no problem... or this kind of thing is troublesome to develop if you don't keri it within the early hours. I can't be too annoying with the hands of the scumbags. For once, it's a decision we should make in advance where we can do it properly."

"... please"

I guess I still want to know my history with Canaan. After a little thought, I bowed my head to Kite. Thus, the Blanchett Expedition of the Kites was decided.

Kanan, Meizumi and Tina left the office to prepare, and the only ones left will be the kites. When that happens, it is the personnel who must decide.

"Well... what about the personnel?"

In the meantime, Kite will review the current activities of the upper management.

"Seniors and Sho are currently working near the school due to airship adjustments..."

The aircrafts I took home, but the inspections I've been conducting in McDawell in the last few days - things like vehicle inspections - have been completed, so I'm ready to use them in full. But right now, the pilot isn't enough.

Well, I don't really plan on using it instead, but for now, it's true I'm missing a pilot. If you think about it, moments can't follow you outside. Sho was currently in the middle of training on the operation of the airship along with other hopeful faces with it, and was now canned inside a certain military facility in McDawell territory.

"Al and Rin are definitely out there, were they?"

Kate goes on to recall Al's current situation. Al has set the stage for welcoming Cardinal Ayul with the conclusion of the signing ceremony in the meantime and the establishment of peace. Apparently there was a lot of clerical work in that relationship that required assistance, and I asked Kite to borrow Rin.

"Ladies... were cherry blossoms and maples an expedition"

Then I remembered cherry blossoms and maples. Apparently, the two undertook a crusade mission for a group of medium-sized demons in the Adventure Department while Kite was absent at the signing ceremony, and are out as its commanders.

Sakura is the commander and Maple is the deputy. Nevertheless, he's not that strong an enemy just because of the high number, so I'm not worried about him as a kite. Note that, in fact, that's why it's a little less popular now than usual, but I'll leave that aside.

"Then... ah, ask Tine first... uh, the ext..."

Kate uses her desk extension to offer support to Tine. She was not here because she is currently having her weapon repaired at the blacksmith. That's why Kate communicates with her on the ext.

"Uh... no, then I guess I shouldn't go."

Teene asked for by Kate, but tells him so in a slightly bitter tone. Besides, Kate tilted her neck. When it comes to mountains and forests, it's the land she gets. Because there was no reason not to ask for cooperation.


'Cause that forest over there is the border with the meadow ruled by Rakham the Beast King... maybe even if I ask for help, the forest will refuse'

"Uh... well. That could be... okay. I'm sorry, but I need your help."

"Yeah, let me do that"

At the request of Kite, who had a bitter look on his face, Tine decided to accept that the weapon was in the process of being repaired. Why does the forest reject Tine, who is an elf? That's a matter of territory.

Basically, beasts and elves often work together. Because we are living together naturally with each other. Even a racially exclusive elf therefore behaves quite intimately to the Beastman. Because collegiality works.

but at the same time it still thinks differently between beasts close to beasts and elves close to spirits. Such places were also in the woods, and it was possible to refuse strange elves that the beasts lived for a long time.

And I hear the forest where we're going was more likely to do that. If you don't get the help of the forest, the power the elves can use falls somewhat. I guess I decided I shouldn't have gotten my hands on it cheaply, considering what Kite wanted this time. It was the right decision.

"Well, that was a little miscalculation... as I'm going to review the formation a little bit that Teene can't..."

When Kate excludes Tine, she rethinks her personnel. I originally thought I could use the help of trees to combat fast-moving demons, but that was impossible.

And this should be seen as impossible by the elves. This is what Kuzha would have known, but Kate seemed completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn't involved in this one - because she was busy interacting with the Patriarchate.

"... if there could be an engagement with the Beastman... Hmm... what would you do..."

In the meantime, we should be concerned that there may be a battle with the clan of beasts. What's more, there could be fighting demons in the mountains. Essentially, a party should be built in a configuration that doesn't do much damage to the periphery. Think about it, Tine, but if you can't, just take the next step. When that happens, what you want will be a wall player who can stop the enemy.

"... Solar. You, are you planning on making a request recently?

"Yeah? No, hey?

"Well, you come with me for a second. An expedition to Blanchett... it's not like that's the main battle."


When Sola looks up from the paperwork, she responds to Kate's words. Apparently, he's not planning on going on an expedition right now.

"Good... now the walls are ok... and Yuri. Okay, so..."


Kate takes Yuri's gaze and gives her permission to laugh bitterly. I guess I still want to go out with my lover. It should be noted that there was no offer for nanomi in the boulder, and permission will not be given where it was offered in the first place.

"Well... Mizuki. What are you gonna do? Have you been on Leia lately and your legs are dull?

"Well... when you say that, you're a little concerned"

Following an offer from Kate, Mizuki thinks it might be a good idea. But she shook her head thinking a little bit.

"... no, I'll still stop it. You know, when I get out, it feels like people are going too far."

"Well... well, surely there's not enough manoeuvre in the face to stay here"

Kate sees a little logic in Rui Shu's words. Worst of all, I was wondering if there would be a problem with the 'Crowned Troops (No Orders)' face, but that would be the worst case scenario. It is clear that it should not be used regularly.

What is more, Sho and Moment, who are always led by a highly mobile light infantry unit, are not able to move immediately at present. Indeed, given that, the Dragon Knight Squad led by Ruiki and Leia will want to be left behind. Not immediately movable, but highly manoeuvrable and wide range of activities after moving. It's not a bad decision.

"Okay. Then I asked for it."

"Yes, I will."

"Well... then, is Tina, Charming, Canaan, Sola, Yuri confirmed... or is that all? Less on boulders..."

I'd like to take my three daughters with me if possible, but this time I'm confirming my message the other way around. The reason is with the moment. Unless they're the only ones who can move the airship at the current Tensakura School for a moment, I can't take them any longer than I don't know what time to use the airship. Because in the unlikely event, there is also the possibility to accommodate the injured person.

"Take fireflies too... or something else... mountainous makes me a kendo ministry... I don't know..."

Kate sighed. I think, the only one. Calendar. She is currently unable to face Admiral Kite, and this was expected to continue for the time being. Of course, there have been rumors that Kate has now stuck his juniors in, but at the earliest possible time, Kate has decided to think about it.

"Well, it's just an investigation... and the Blanchetts will support you. - Talk about it. Take Yuri with you. Worst of all, with the help of that idiot, you can handle it."

Given the current state of affairs, which Kate is unlikely to be able to take with her, she decides to use the help of a friend called the Beast King at worst for sighing mix. His influence is immeasurable, and if Kate goes, he's the one he can convince. In the field, we will use that power. As such, Kite decided to get up and prepare herself when she had finished selecting the personnel.