Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 903: The Mysterious Raider

Immediately after finishing the battle with demons not seen in McDawell territory, such as Beast Kid (Beast Goblin). Kate turns the blade again, preventing the attack of the beastified beast man who has been raiding for Canaan aim.

"Ask again... who?

Playing a giant that is over 5 meters away, Kite asks again. Apparently, the opponent is watching this one, and there was no way he was going to launch an attack. Obviously, it's a response you can't take unless you're intelligent.

"We are the ones Lord Blanchett sent to escort a woman, Miss Killier. I can't help but think of it as synonymous when I bow to Lord Blanchett."

Kate reveals herself over this one against the Beast Man who pierces his silence. Beyond revealing this, there will be more fights going on and you will be passing through proper muscle where you killed your opponent.

He's right, it's synonymous with rebellion against Lord Blanchett, which is synonymous with pulling a bow on the Empire. No one can complain where they were killed.

"... not really, huh? I have no choice."

Kite builds up her fighting temper when she reveals herself and asks only to make a mistake. And whispered to Canaan.

"Canaan... you must hurry and run."


"If you run away, they might go after you... and I want to find out where you are"


Understand what Kate said to me, and Canaan is breathtaking. What Kate feared was that this enemy was a true Canaan aiming enemy. If that were the case, Canaan would surely have to go into pursuit if he escaped. In order to identify it, Canaan needed to escape.

"Tina. I need backup... to Sola and the others?

"I've already ordered you to withdraw from this one... and later, just your Lord and Canaan."

Kate secretly moves her eyes to make sure the charm is slowly moving away from the scene. She's the closest thing to Canaan. He was moving secretly so that his enemies wouldn't understand. And when I saw Kate's gaze move, the enemy moved. The speed far exceeded the earlier Beast Kid (Beast Goblin) and did not even leave the earliest remnants.


A lion's arm waves 5 meters to Kite. That's the size of the giant. If you eat it properly, it will definitely hurt. Apparently, Kite identified him as an enemy, too. And that's good to hear.



Canaan dashes once and for all under the decree of Kate, who dares to prevent and stop enemy movements with a great sword. It's the carriage that's on its way. If we get that far, we'll at least put Tina under protection. And because he saw it, or the enemy turned his gaze toward Canaan and took a distance from Kite once.


Kite caught up with < > to kick its flank against an enemy who tried to bend over and advance to Canaan. Now, it's good to see it as definitive. The enemy was targeted by Canaan.

"I knew you were after Canaan!

Kicked the enemy's flank, Kite stays put and stands in front of the enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy doesn't seem to give up on this. He seems to be quite powerful on top, and Kite's kick was shocked and then cleverly rotated in the air to land lightly.

"You're a pain in the ass... an animal man who can beast..."

Kate looks at the enemy and thinks about what to do. To beat an animal man who could be beastified with physical ability, it took quite a bit of earnest to do it. And if it does, it could damage the surrounding trees. And my voice echoed against Kite, who showed such concern.

"Sir. I'll take care of this place."

"Lu... can you ask?

Yeah, I'll take care of it.

It's Lu who's been calling me. If she does, she comes to fight this opponent while caring for the trees. With any luck, there was a chance I could ask you a few things. That's how Lu manifests himself.

"Well, I will"

"I got it."


Obviously there was an upset appearance on the enemy. The other beast was also a high-ranking beast man. I could understand that the woman who appeared was also a high-ranking beast man. In that case, the beasts are close to the beast. I really had to cruise slightly as an upward and downward relationship.

Lu's character is the highest of the beasts, the Divine Wolf Clan. He was also its chief, so as a beast man, he is one of the highest in Enefia. That style has not been lost, even though it has already left the seat of the chief. The eyes just seemed to hold together to see through it.

"Apparently, you can talk. Or is it just silent?"

Against a stopped enemy, Lu asks. As it stands, you can't even name Lu. More than knowing what the enemy is, giving out one's name also leads to the possibility of exposing Kate's identity.

Thus, because Lu revealed himself, the enemy also took a human form. Apparently he has the intelligence to just avoid questioning his opponents about a clan of divine beasts on boulders.

"... I don't know where he is, but he will be a relative of the famous beast. I have no intention of attacking you. Our aim is one girl ahead. Can you pull it off?"

"Oh... believe the words of those who don't have a name and don't reveal who belong to any clan... it's too unreasonable."

In response to the enemy's offer, Lu laughs with his nose and smiles. As she puts it, it is the manners at the time of the minimal offer to offer which family members are the least if they are beasts to be taken to the Divine Beast. In such high-ranking beasts as Lu and this enemy, we weigh which god beast is our ancestor over the name of the individual. Accept the offer of someone who lacks even that manners, which is too unlikely.

"Can you guess there? This is what I'm doing. I can't name it, and my ancestors won't reveal it."

"Oh... that makes sense again"

Lu laughs at the words of the enemy. Now it's not like a mockery, it's a laugh that I admitted makes sense. This is like assassination or assault. If so, the Raiders are not in a position to fight with dignity. You shouldn't be named and can't leave a trace. In that sense, it can also be said that this assassination has already failed.

"Though... now I am Fu to my husband, one of those spoiled princesses. There's nothing more compatible than her husband protecting her."

"Again, or... then"

"Push it right through. Young Beast... this is the right thing to do for you."

In the wake of the enemy's increased fighting, Lu wraps up her former style. That is the style of the queen of the Divine Wolf more than anyone who once put together a woman and a proud Divine Wolf clan. After wearing it, he saw that the enemy's style was that of a samurai.

"... let's look at it as the kind of noble clan that deserves it... and why is it that you have a hand in this kind of assassination dispute?

"We have a situation here, too."

A man smiles slightly. That's hand-held karate and looks like a fighter type utilizing high physical abilities. That's how Lu and the man left the sound behind and clashed in the mountains. It was a blow that shook the trees.



On the man's waving fist, Lu pairs a kick on his right leg. Apparently, the man's side was originally quite a handful. That velocity is even faster than the one that advanced against Canaan earlier. This is what people look like. If it is a form of veterinary surge with even higher physical abilities, it is certain that it could have clashed at a faster rate.


Immediately after the clash. The man steps back and dodges the kick on Lu's left leg that continues. but the next moment. With the momentum intact, Lu makes sure to dance and watch the kick on his right leg as a chase. The basic combat ability is apparently more overwhelming on Lu.

Well, this would be a natural story given Lu's history in the first place. She is the chief of the Divine Wolf clan. Among them, Yingjie survived that war period by leading his clan for nearly 100 years. The use of kite is the closest of demons to being seen as a physical ability. If it is a stand-alone combat capability, which is stronger than Moonflower?

When you become a beast man who can surpass this, it's about Kite's ally Rackham, later known as the Beast King. 'Cause as things stand, they're finally each other, and they were playing 300 years ago.

"I don't know, but you're on your feet now."


The man dodges the shaken right leg by beastifying it. This time around 2 meters of normal lion size. but so at this point his height had dropped to about a meter, enough to avoid.

"Oh... don't be alarmed."

The bestialized man turns himself aside and tries to jump to Lu. There's no reason for a boulder to let a person get away with being attacked by a real lion.

"Oh... you missed your sight a little."

Lu intended to dodge loosely in the backstep, but with the lion's right forefoot he smiles bitterly with a slight cleavage of his clothes. They saw it a little later.

Nevertheless, there is not one scratch on her soft skin. They were involved in selling vouchers as women, and they seemed to determine the extent to which they could definitely be avoided. That's how Lu, dodged in the backstep, stayed put and took the look of a wolf to fit the man.

"Aww, whoa!

A pure white wolf barks. That is a howl of a noble wolf. That was enough to echo the atmosphere and let the men in, to say the least.

"Good, go!

Using that as a signal, Kite sends an order to the carriage. Now it's possible to leave. Later, with Lu and Kite, this raider can be dealt with. In case there's anything else, Tina's holding back later. There will be no immediate Canaan. Then it will be possible for Kite to make it later.

'Oh! Shit!

"Oh, you think you're caught off guard and you can win?


A man who remembered losing his carriage when he heard the horse hiss, but in contrast, Lu immediately blows it off with a tackle. At speed, the Divine Wolf is faster among beasts than among lions. Either way, he wouldn't have made it to the carriage.

"... was no further pursuit possible in the first place before your platform? Or should I have given up when I saw it was a wolf '

"That's what you're talking about."

A lu of wolf appearance nodded at the man's words. And the man knew he was unfavourable as it was. That's because there were still kites left on this scene.

"... hasn't your Lord attacked you?

"Oh... do you care about my Lord? But don't worry. My husband left everything to me. Unless I get pulled out, you won't get your hands on me. '

Lu laughs and proves that Kate doesn't give a shit. And as the saying goes, Kate hasn't looked like she was going to give a hand so far. Nevertheless, either way, there is no way to beat him. So instead of waving his fist, he opened his mouth.

"... one, let's ask"

"Let's Allow It"

In response to a man's inquiry, Lu lowers his permission. Her purpose is to get Canaan away and hence the carriage. The more we can stop him here, the safer the carriage can get. If you can stop an enemy without using force, you can do it there.

"Why are you trying to protect that filthy bloody girl?"

"Dirty blood...?

Lu can't understand what he's been told and leans his neck. Even Kirier, for example, is engaged with other beasts, but no beast man sees it as obscene. And given that, it would still be good to see the aim as one Canaan, not Killier. Nevertheless, there's no way a man can answer that. And even as a man, he's not going to explain them there.

"... no, I don't know what to say to you. Too much talk, let it be. '

"So... what are you going to do?

"Let Me Do This"

In response to Lu's inquiry, the man returned it in action. That means changing your appearance even more.



A man who took exactly what he deserved to call a beast man and a man looking like a pair of them fleshed out to Lu in an instant, waving his nails. That's how slightly Lulu's fur was mutilated and the man disappeared somewhere as it was.


"... made me remember the smell... hope I don't look alike next time."

The signs of the man disappeared somewhere. Apparently, he escaped.

"I'm sorry, sir... you've escaped."

"That's a lot of skill."

"You can see that."

Lu nodded at Kate's words. The last time a man showed it was on one of the beasts. < >. Think of it as the Beastman version of < >. The fact that we can do this means that it correspondingly comes from a high-ranking species.

"You're in trouble... Blanchett, are you going to lead us to the main house, or Blanche, led by Rackham, and the other high-ranking beasts... are you going to lead us there?"

A kite holding Lu looks up. If it is the former, it will be in charge, including Kirier, and if it is the latter two, it will be quite important, including the house disturbance. Nevertheless, there was one thing I knew.

"Nevertheless... apparently, is it true that there are forces that are not grateful for Canaan to live by?"

"Right... poor child. I don't know who his father is, but I want to slap him on the cheek."

"Right... well... what happens... um..."


Kate trims the red muscle running around Lu's clavicle. It's a hand wound caused by an earlier raider. It was also the Lord's duty to heal it.

"Heh heh... these beastly exchanges are our beast man's preference. Just whispering love in the dark is not the way to whisper love. Sometimes it's good to devour beastly love outside like this."

"Tell me, it's you."

Against a very satisfying lu, Kate laughs. As Kate once said to the rainbow palace in his post, there is an estrus period in the beast man. That's because they beasts have the beast factor together. How close it will be to the beast will depend on the intensity of its blood.

Therefore, because he is a high beast man, Lu sometimes desires love as if he were an exchange of beasts. Well, it's Leisha who was weirdly affected by that, but let's put that aside. I don't feel bad about kite in the first place.

"Come on, sir. Fortunately, all the interruptors have disappeared. Well made female dogs need to be rewarded."

"Yes, sir."

Kate sighs. She's right. If the breeder had been able to fetch it, it would be the Lord's way to give it a snack and work it. And if the dog wants it, Kite will listen to you. As such, the kites stayed on the spot for a while.