Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 919: Brother and Sister

In the meantime, the kites were supposed to stay overnight at Rackham's headquarters, but they decided to leave normally the next day. Nevertheless, I decided to leave the airship on the boulder with Ramney and her three daughters.

"Aren't you going on?

"It stands out. I'll leave the basics here."

In response to Canaan's inquiry, Kate answered as she looked at the airship. This time on board is a medium-sized airship that serves as a moving base for three daughters to use their magic shells in case. It can be as big as 30 meters long.

Because of the size, there is sufficient capacity for the load, so it is also the size. Length alone is about two turns larger than Earth's fighters. So I decided to leave it here thinking about what I could blame.

Fortunately, it's a relationship between the McDawell family and the Rackhams. It's not suspicious to have an airship here with the Duke McDawell family crest printed on it, or to be suspicious. but that would make me suspicious of boulders if they were elsewhere.

"It's only 30 kilometers away. They'll be here any minute."

Kate looks up into the east sky as she breathes in the pleasant air of the early morning. The morning sun has already climbed, and there is no cloud in the sky. Made me predict a hot summer day.

"Well, after that, please"

"Okay. Well, come back soon."

Looks like Rackham decided to leave the matter to Ramney. Well, basically, Rackham is better at moving around. And this is an assassination play between themselves hiding from their masters. It would be a case where he had to move to the boulder.

"Okay... well, let's go"

Kate looks forward. Spread out in front of you is the plain meadow. After that, just push on for now. As such, the kites spent about an hour on their way to the lake, 30 kilometers away.

An hour later. The kites had come to one of the reefs in the autonomous community. Nevertheless, I did not give any advance notice due to the nature of the matter this time, so it was clear that Rackham came and it would be quite a disturbance.

Thus came forth the chief of the Lake Lion (Koshi) clan. He was a man in his late 30s, coming under him in a hurry to find out Rackham was here.

"This goes as far as Lord Yale to Lakham. What can I do for you?"

"I'm here to see Rutherford. This guy's a little bit. I heard you said you were here while I was out... and I had some business nearby."

"Are you to the left? If you are a child, you should be at home. I'll show you."

The chief of the Lake Lion (Kojishi) clan rushes to begin guiding Rackham. Rackham is the most respected person in this neighborhood. That came abruptly, and he wants to figure out if something bad happened enough.

Besides, Yale is with me this time as far as Reynard, anyway. No matter how much they neglected Rackham and Mary Jane's sister's company, they couldn't have shown anything like that before the war heroes. The response was diligent and polite.

"Um... so those of you... oh, no. I'm not a stranger to Master Reynard..."

The chief of the Lake Lion (Kojishi) tribe rushes into his mood and asks about the qualities of the kites who look around behind Rackham in various ways. Obviously, the majority are not beastmen, and furthermore, one is half. There's no reason to doubt it either.

"Oh, that one over there is my old duck. So, think of the witches over there as their fiancées, and the others as the ones who keep them in shelter."

"Ha... are you an old friend"

"Oh... old, old"

Rakham smiles at the beast who showed his fangs. Besides, he's also a friend of Rackham's "Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)" era, even if he doesn't know what Kite is. Thus, with such tension, the chief continued to walk, and he reached one slightly larger hall.

"Now if you'll excuse me."

"Oh, thank God"

Rackham drops off the chief. So, again, we checked the mansion. It's a large mansion with the impression of a martial arts mansion. As for the size of the building, it was smaller than Rackham's house, but as for the site area it was larger than Rackham's house. And in front of the gate stood two gatekeepers. Given Rutherford's position and the size of the hall, there would be no surprise where the gatekeeper was.

"My voice... can you hear me?

"Oh. Well, I'm not really a samurai... he even wears martial arts arches on young guys. They're inviting guests to the house they designed for the Nakatsu Nation... oh, traveling martial artists and all that."

Rakham explains to a slightly bitter mix of laughter when he hears what Kanan said in surprise. Even though he didn't know how many assassinations to Canaan he knows about what his sons do on a daily basis.

That's why I knew this too. By the way, a voice is a variety of voices that sound during an audition. Think of it as something like a dojo.

As for this itself, I appreciate it as Rackham and as a species of beast man, and the Blanchett family members and families who have heard Rutherford's arms have come and gone from time to time to have the martial arts archery attached to them. There was nothing suspicious about it, and the surroundings and Rackham favored it.

"This is Lady Rackham. What can I do for you, Master Rutherford?

"Oh. I heard you came yesterday"

"I heard that... you returned because you were absent. And Lady Rackham might come."

Apparently, even the gatekeepers heard that Rackham might come. It paved the way for me, almost without any doubt.

At that time, only Kanan had a slightly tight gaze, I guess, because they knew about Kanan, too. As such, we walk along the premises just a little bit, guided by one of the gatekeepers.

"This way. Lady Rutherford is currently looking at the children's archery in the auditorium."

"Kids? Are kids going through here too?

"Yes, Lakham's Guest"

The gatekeeper nods at Kite's inquiry. Apparently, they just leave it to the gatekeepers. Seemed to understand that Kite was unique for the time being. Come on, is it Rutherford's influence? They basically have the character of an old beast man, too.

As such, they are guided to the voices of the children. There, the children's beasts were doing the archery as several young beasts watched.

"Are you here?"

Being in the heart of the young beasts is a great reminder of Rackham as a young man. Blonde hair, burnt skin on the day. A stern looking face. This is Rutherford.

Your body is disappointed, and your muscles are like armor, even if you don't go as far as the wax. At least I don't think I would have been sick in the old days if I hadn't been informed. If you only saw this, you would certainly have been right to have deposited it with the ancient masses. It only seemed like a disease-free breath disaster with a body.

Nevertheless, unlike Rackham, whose youth and bloodlust were seeping through, his expression seeped oligarchy with martial bones. Apparently, the outfit is also arranged in a bit of Nakatsu national style. After all, even parents and children have some differences in hobbies, etc.

"Rutherford. I have a few errands and I've come this far"

"I understand... hey"

Having heard Rackham's words, Rutherford sends signals to the gatekeepers. They know there's no way to involve the kids in a boulder on a topic to come.

"Yes, I did. Hey, the master's got a customer! Beyond this, we go out and train!

"" "Yes!

After the words of the gatekeepers, the children reply well. That was awkward, albeit children, but courtesy was in place as a gateway to the martial arts, and I could see how well refined it was.

Indeed, it was hard to imagine a man with enough martial bones to carry out such a solid training would lead the assassination of Canaan. And even if I do, in his case, I would leave myself squarely if I had taken the initiative. I don't think I'm going to target an assassin. That's how Rutherford stood up after the kids and most of the gatekeepers left.

"Father. I understand what you're looking for... but before you do. I want the awkward to show you one thing."


"Is... is the girl there really the son of your father and Lord Mary Jane?"

When Rutherford said so, he took the long stick he had placed beside himself.

"My sister, who was considered an abominable blood and banished... the awkward man had spent his training days in your mountain, so he knew nothing about it. So for the awkward, she's a stranger. Lord Mary Jane was also just a woman who came here from time to time. Let's be to that extent for the awkward. Neither is equal and cannot be accepted as a family."


Rutherford's words distort Canaan's face. This kind of reaction, I was prepared. But I guess there's something hard when people actually tell me to be prepared.

And if his situation at that time is what he says, then there's no way to react. From him, it was all over before I knew it.

Soon a woman who had come had become one of her own mothers, and she was banished before she had given birth to her father's son and knew it. Now to accept Canaan and Mary Jane as family would certainly be a harsh story when it comes to harsh stories from his side.

Unlike the sisters and the Yale they accepted at one time, from him they had almost no contact. I was just taught in the past that my sister was there. But he didn't want to say it.

"Then again, we beasts bear witness to our family by the connection of their blood. As the people of the Lake Lions say, the Awkward do not see the blood of Lord Reynard as filthy. If you are drawing as much Yingjie blood as he is, you should be proud of that blood. And if she also takes the same father as my father, she will bear witness to it."

Looking to Canaan, Rutherford tells. From his point of view, Canaan's presence is like coming down and springing up. Of course, but people can't do it with him enough to admit it.

And that's normal. Accept the presence that came down and gushed with your family. There can be no one who can accept such a thing. If we were to accept that as a family even now, it was only natural that we would need some ritual or proof.

So I can't say anything to this from Rackham or Reynard. Of course, the kites can't say anything either. Because if you want me to admit it, Canaan himself has to prove it.

"Are you ready?

"... yes"

Canaan nodded as he watched over Rackham and Reynard and the others, wondering what he wanted to do. If you can recognize me as a family, I want you to. That's just honest emotion. So I wasn't lost in snorting.

"Great... let's make it easy. My father Rackham is Yingjie. And Lord Reynard, brother of my mother, Lord Mary Jane, is also with Yingjie. I hear that my mother, Lord Mary Jane, was also strong in many ways. If he is the child, let him bear witness to the battle."

Rutherford puts the stick behind him with a serious face. I guess that means I'll try it right away. And this is a family matter. It is indeed suspicious to let the gatekeepers try. And Yale apologized on behalf of his stubborn stepmother for being such a fool or in some ways a stubborn brother-in-law.

"I'm sorry? This guy has this personality..."

"Oh, no..."

"Good. Good luck with that."


Canaan renews his determination with Yale's support. If you can admit it, I want you to accept it as much as you can. I found out about the pleasure last night. Then I want more people to accept me. And I know she can't do anything by passing on.

If they're going to walk over, they have to walk over here. Again, this can be described as a step forward in a way. As such, Canaan pulled out his favorite dagger and set it up against Rutherford.