Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 921: The Battle for Admittance

Just a little again, time rolls back. It was when the circle of conversation was widening around Yale. Kite and his former heroes were also discussing. And that's how I opened my mouth first, it was Rackham. He bowed his head deep toward Reynard before he began serving liquor.

"... first, let me bow my head again. I'm sorry."

"That's good enough. You have no blame. You did what you could... let go of me already."


Rackham smiled. With Reynard's permission, he looks up. This is his last bully. That you let Canaan go, that you couldn't protect Mary Jane. It was a taunt to them.

They were apologies once, but at that time, they could not yet be separated from each other. So this was like the last one. And so, after the last wave was exchanged. Kate opened her mouth watching what happened.

"Well... then, where the moist exchange is over... shall we have a drink"




I didn't come together to apologize in the first place. I just did this for the best. Therefore, in addition to the three of them, Yuri, who was with her, decides to start serving alcohol.

"So? How's it going with the findings in the end?

"I'm sorry. I think I'm gonna need your help again."


Kite responds lightly to Rackham's request. It's my friend's favor, and this is a tragedy that happened to me following Kate's policy like no other. There was nothing like breaking a bone for it.

"When it's all cleared up, is it time for me to come down? I'm the one on the boulder, and you're not the fool to put your hands on Canaan."

"I'm sorry."

Rackham offers Kite booze for all his previous rewards. Basically, if you try to do an assassination play like this one, it's his turn. There's nothing else to do, or I can't do it. You can't even let someone else leave for a family discussion. That's what Rackham needs to clean up, and he's going to. Of course, I'm going to lend you a hand in case, but to that extent.

"So, Ray. What about you?"

There's nothing wrong with me.

"Absolutely king, Ray's place."

Yuri laughs and agrees with Reynard, who affirms without any hesitation. Basically, if you look at his attitude, you can tell, but the polar theory is that he decides everything in the realm by himself. The notion that the 'Night Clan' is a species is strong against the strong beast man of the idea of flock. So he says no one will turn against him, the strongest and king of them all. And he grinned like a kite stunned by such a Leonard.

"Uh... that looks good on you."

"That's my main road."

"That's good. There is no such thing as a royal road. You can't be unified, and... so, Canaan. I don't know, that girl..."

"Hmm... silver hair"

Asked by Kate, Reynard remembers Canaan. Her hair is silver. My father's hair is golden, my mother's hair is golden. That, moreover, had prevented the kites from discovering the connection between Canaan, Rackham and Reynard.

I knew that Canaan's mother had blonde hair, so I was wondering if her father had silver hair because of the color of Canaan's hair.

There will be no choice in this. It's normal not to think there's a special case in the special case here. I didn't expect to have silver hair even though both my parents were blonde. but that was also natural given the blood muscles.

"The Moon Child"?


Rackham laughs and agrees with Reynard's words. That's why they thought Canaan was the bridge linking the two. Blessed daughter. Destiny brought me a child of destiny. No wonder I thought so. but being excluded as a result would be a causal story.

"" The Son of the Moon (Moon Child) "- Born during the" Night Clan ", a servant of the Beast and Moon Goddess who runs the night, the Son of the Moon (Moon Child) is protected by the Moon, or..."

I think Kate is causal as she mumbles a certain grumble. I am an angel of the goddess of the moon. Canaan said, "The Moon Child." He also wanted to laugh.

"It's now that I reveal... that I'm actually the god angel of the Moon Goddess"

"What? Since what time?

"Long ago... long before I met you guys... since I was traveling with this guy. That's when I met Lord Shamrock's sister... Charlotte. So, I became the only god angel."

Reynard opens his eyes in amazement at Kate's now more contemporary exposure. As a matter of fact, he believes in the Shalls in his clan. Because she is the goddess who symbolized the moon. For them who believe in the Moon, the Moon and the Moon Goddess are inseparable.

Because just like the beast man who ancestors the god beast of the nocturnal beast - the lion system is one of them - the moon means something important to the 'clan of the night'. So it would be a good opponent to say that Raynard is the only one to unconditionally honor the Goddess of the Moon. If your friend were that god angel, you'd be surprised.

"Well... then maybe it wasn't by chance that you saved..."

Reynard drinks and tells him that he is stingy. Honestly, this is what I thought. The goddess of the moon guarded Canaan and brought him to Kate. And Kate laughed because she thought the same thing.

"Maybe he was..."

Kate looks up at the moon. Always the same twin moon in Enefia. Her symbol. Besides, Kite raised a cup. Moving to the surface, twin moons. In it, Kate saw what she looked like.

"Charles... I wonder where you'll sleep..."

Kate thinks. The goddess of the moon is already waking up. where she sleeps. I want to go find it. but the situation doesn't allow it now. As long as I know where it is though, I'm going to go right now. I don't know where it is, but I just can't get there.

"... to the goddess of the moon"

"" To the Moon Goddess ""

Rackham and Reynard and Yuri respond to Kate's words. Yuri is a friend, and Rackham and Reynard are its faithful. No wonder, but only now, he was in the mood to pray honestly. Thus, this evening's drinking began in such a way.

The next day. At the Rutherford mansion. Called "The Moon Child" by the kites, Canaan was relative to his half-brother, Rutherford.


Canaan kicks the ground and goes setup here. The weapon is a magic claw inherited from my mother. I doubt the blood nails are supposed to be silver, but aside from that, it was a good idea to make them into nail shapes.


Canaan wields his right arm and swings to Rutherford with the image of cleaving the space itself. In contrast, Rutherford sticks his magical sticks out and stops them.

"... is it a burning blade"

"Still, I decided to use this."

"... its mind, it is brilliant"

Rutherford understands that Canaan wants him to acknowledge it. but whether you're convinced with that or not, it's not the story.

In contrast, this is not the first time Canaan has also fought a pure beast man. Experience itself is many times. Or maybe even considering the age difference outweighs Rutherford just because of pure experience. So I understood what to watch out for.

"Speed and power are the things to watch out for when fighting lion beasts."

The voice of a demonic man who once taught and guided himself sounds in the back of his brain. Werewolf beast man with good speed. Ape beast man with good power. In contrast, the lion-based beast man was a more balanced type of beast man than speed. And Qasim in the back of his brain went on even further.

'So don't ever go in there. You have no chance of winning with their speed and power. You can't win where you're challenged directly from the front. Aim for the counter. They are, actually, light. There's the key to the attack.'

I thought you were fighting Rude then. Canaan smiles secretly. He was about the same age, a Lion Beast boy. It's a boy in the past. He and Canaan did not cross spears more than once.

It was the same party. And he was about the same age and strength. It would be more suspicious not to do it. But this is still the difference between the physical abilities of a pure beast man and a half. Pure beasts are more physically capable. So it wasn't like when Forth flirted with Canaan, but it was Kasim's advice there.

But this time I ignored it. Of course, but I dare you. That's what I can do. I decided to think so. It's my mother's son, if you think so.



Hooking his nails, Canaan, spinning like a pole dance, hits Rutherford.

"My nails are done. I also got the switch pressed... then I can..."

As Canaan tells himself, he speaks when he can. And against the attacked Canaan, Rutherford bowed down slowly and dodged.


Rutherford wields a stick protruding and a canan hooked with his nails. but just before that, Canaan turns off his nails and avoids being swung around. Thus, slightly spinning, she kicks the ground at the same time as she lands on the ground.

"To that extent, you think of enemies."

In contrast, Rutherford chooses to intercept head-on. Rather than that, the difference in strength between Canaan and him today is historical. It's Rutherford, where the army of the Dukes, who are also said to be of different stature in the Empire, comes to ask for guidance, and Canaan, which is only about rank C. I don't know which one is up there, even kids can tell.



Rutherford waves a stick against Canaan, who waved his nails. but the difference in power was still historical. As a result, Canaan was to be blown away.



Rutherford kicks the ground this time with the sound of dunno. The power was quite considerable, and there was a crack in the ground on which he stood.


Canaan in the air, in contrast, when he lands instantly, bows himself with his right hand on the ground and his legs stretched out with open leg guidelines. At that next moment, a stick roared past Canaan's head.

"Whoa, whoa!


Rutherford then tries to slap him from the top when he raises his roar and slaps his stick on Canaan. but in contrast, Canaan stands upside down with one right arm to dodge the stick. And as it was, she jumped up with one right arm.

In the air, Canaan throws a disposable dagger, remaining upside down. She's an adventurer. As Kate once said, they naturally had disposable knives together.

And this is a battle. I'm not fighting with my nails alone, nobody's saying. And Canaan hasn't decided either. I just nailed the main soldier outfit. If you were an adventurer, there was nothing wrong there.


By contrast, Rutherford chooses not to defend, but to avoid by taking a distance. I don't know what power this dagger has. Cheap, and commonsense decisions for adventurers are dangerous. He understood it from the actions of those who went through here and through here.


When Canaan lands on the ground, he throws five more disposable knives in a row. In contrast, Rutherford now chose to intercept. Earlier in the throw, I understood that this was merely disposable.


Rutherford waves his stick and bounces off Canaan's thrown knife. The blade was crushed and pieces of metal scattered. Moreover, he threw the falling piece of metal into Canaan in a semi-circular fashion, tangled with the wind at a divine speed.


Canaan opens his eyes. It was a martial arts I had never even seen. but it's also natural, this seems to be Rutherford's own martial arts. His name is < >. It looks like a martial art that lets the stick wrap the wind around it after destroying the enemy's weapon and chases the enemy with its fragments. The name seems to be the only tip that wraps around the wind, so it looks like a stick, so let's see.


Though I was surprised for a moment, it's not a speed I can't handle. And in the first place, it is assumed that they will respond. So Canaan turns around to avoid the myriad blade fragments looming this way. but that's a move led by Rutherford.


Rutherford kicks the ground again. Thus, he unleashed from directly beside Canaan a thrust that now caught the wind. but Canaan and I were reading how this works. So when she stood back against the poke and with one right hand again, she set up a foot payment against Rutherford, located directly beside her using her entire body.



This Canaan foot payment fails. The difference in power prevented him from paying for Rutherford's legs like Marutai. Dada hasn't even trained Rutherford.


Rutherford swings the stick down again against Canaan, who planted the foot payment. Having sensed it, Canaan took his right hand off the ground and distance himself from Rutherford with only the force of his feet.


"... the training looks loaded"

Slip to the side, take a distance, kick more ground and watch the jumping Canaan land, nodding as Rutherford was impressed. At least, my days as an adventurer seem to have been acknowledged. Although not on the right track, I seem to understand that I have the graphics to survive.

"Though... that's not until I'm recognized as the son of hero Rackham. We need to be stronger than this."

Dong, and Rutherford kicks the ground again. The speed was different from the previous one. If ever he was him as a teacher, now he is him as the son of the hero Rackham. That was the difference. From now on, I fight as a hero child. I guess that's what this is about.


Too fast, Canaan gets stunned. Too fast. This is the true power of Rackham's child. That's the first time she's seen it. Nevertheless, I still managed to visualize it. And if I could, my body moved.


Just above Canaan's head, Rutherford's stick roars past him. but the next moment. Rutherford put the stick over his head and struck Canaan's flank hanging.


Canaan understands as he is blown away from eating a direct hit in the midst of severe pain.


The scream of charm echoes. Besides, Canaan stops it by hand. I can still go. I understood that my body was about to sue me.

"You can still... be faster..."

Canaan revitalizes his blood as he tells himself in severe pain. I can run faster. I can attack harder. It's supposed to be. I just haven't been able to use my powers yet. And in that next moment, she feels her own body burning like a fever, and in that next moment she understands that it covers herself.

"... ah"

Blurred in front of me, my consciousness is blurred as if I had a sumptuous hanging on my brain. It feels like high fever, to paraphrase. Just a word hot. I can't stay sane. That's when Canaan's awakening began.