Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 928: Visitors from different continents

When Kate was moving from her newly established base near Maxwell due to a message from Kuzha. Kuzha had a meeting with Hannah.

It's true that this time it's for Kate - and hence the Adventure Department - but bent over came the side service of the queen of the great powers. As Hannah, I can't face being a kingdom for a thousand years without one of my greetings to the McDawell family. In a way, it was a natural flow.

"Long time no see, Lord Kuzha"

"Sure... Mr. Hannah, you said that? How can I help you this time?"

In response to Hannah's greeting, Kuzha shows a bare gesture of suspicion. We both know each other. ruler of the largest city on the continent, near the side of the Queen and Queen. Besides, Kuzha is a hero's sister-in-law. There can't be no facade.

And of course, she's listening to the coup from Kate. It's a visit in this situation. It would be stranger not to doubt it.

"No... from Her Majesty the Queen, I'm just saying that I've come with a request"

Hannah has been questioned by Kuzha, but no matter where the wind blows. I live with her as the queen's side of the kingdom for a thousand years. The degree of suspicious eyesight can be relieved.

"Request...? If you don't mind, would you mind telling me?

"There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that Her Majesty the Queen is missed, so we're just trying to call him in."

"You said you crossed the continent on purpose just to do that?

"If it is the behest of Her Majesty the Queen, it is the duty of His Majesty to carry his feet and procure whatever he desires, that it may be metaphorically different continents. If so, let us know."

Hannah answers Kuzha's query without showing any stray or confusion. I didn't see any falsehood there.

"So that's it, then?

"Yeah, that's all."

Hannah affirms without any stray. Nevertheless, I don't think I can tell the truth in this place with Kuzha. And unfortunately, the Kuzha and the others can't say they're grabbing the coup. That's how Hannah asked against such a kuzha.

"... are you going to stop the request?

"No, that's not true."

Now Kuzha gave it back instantly. Naturally, if you do that, it develops into a diplomatic issue. Even Kuzha can't be stopped because the request is suspicious here. All she can do is put in an exploration in advance. The only thing that really involved me was Kite.

And, after such an exchange for a while, Fine, who was waiting on Kuzha's side, eared to Kuzha.

"I'm here."


When Kuzha finds out that Kate is here, she decides to believe him later. I'll just have to leave it to Kite to figure out what happens later.

"Mr. Kite is here, and... show him around."

"Yes, I did. Dear Hannah, come here."

A maid with a duke's residence ordered by Kuzha guides Hannah. So, after they left, Kuzha sighed.

"... this time, it's not going to be a long trip"

"Do you think they'll go?

"You think your brother won't go?

"... no, they will go"

Kuzha and Fine are two, and Kate expects to accept. Instead, I have no choice but to accept. In doing so, the two decide to deal with what is expected to be the worst in some subsequent upside down.

"... please call your sister back. Worst of all, we're not wise enough."

"Yes, I did. We will contact you immediately."

It's Tina that counts for this. I had to borrow her wisdom. So now Tina will secretly enter the Duke's mansion.

Meanwhile, around that time. Kate had gotten a meeting with Levi that she had come to the room at some point.

"It's you... why are you here?

"Do you know how the coup works?

"I figured that out, too, so... how are you going to move as an organization?

In response to Levi's questioning for direct access, Kate understands that the coup is close. If so, the question will be about how it works as a Union.

"I've decided to move... but I'm not going to talk"

"Talk to me... well, good, but... so?

"The kingdom of the millennium offered to confer a medal on the Union."

"Medal? Me?


Levy admits to Kite's inquiry. I guess that's why she came. The Great Powers will award medals. And the other is part of another organization. Permission from the other organization was required.

"I want you to take this"

"Involved in a coup without question, is that right?

"That's what I'm trying to say... but there's nothing that big about it."

While Levy admits half of Kite's inquiry, he assures me for a moment. With this look, I guess Levy is going to take some action using Kate's medal award as a starting point. So they stare at each other for a little while

"... okay. Orders as an organization, right?

"I don't care if that's what you think."

Levi acknowledges Kate's words. They can't even say no to accepting a medal as a union. If so, I have no choice anymore. I don't want to rub it with the Union as it stands with Kite. Then the answer is one. Accept, just say. And Hannah came into the room talking about that. Along with that, I'll hide so Levi doesn't find out.

"It's been a while, Mr. Hannah. No, I'm sorry. I was working with the military on a little training, so... thank you."

"Yes, Lord Kite. Long time no see. It was truly unfortunate to say goodbye without a busy greeting."

"No... that was a bad situation, I accept"

Taking Hannah's word for it, Kate shakes her head a little too bad. This is not an act. In the end, Kate followed the ship of the kingdom for a thousand years without greeting Queen Shanna. This was something I had no choice, but it was a shame.

"So? What can I do for you?

"Make a request."

"Is that a request? To go all the way to Enesia for that?

"You're the only one who can't."

Hannah knows what Kate suspects and tells her so. She's the most vigilant person in the kingdom for a thousand years. She was more alert to kite everywhere than it was.

"It's an invitation from Her Majesty the Queen. I wouldn't say no, would I?

"Invitation? What the hell is that for?

"Your Majesty has missed you ever since. As I said earlier, you are terribly heartbroken for not exchanging a word of farewell. So we talked about inviting you once."

Hannah talks about the backwards situation earlier so that Kate can't escape. This was the way I found out that it would make it harder for Kate to escape later. That said, Kate is not going to run away.

"Really... I was heartbroken that even with me I could not have exchanged any words with His Majesty. But in relation to the boulder, which I am also responsible for here, going with one of my selfishness is..."

"It would be. Of course, but as Your Majesty, I'm not asking you to be selfish."

That's what Hannah said, she took a piece of paperwork out of the bag. That is an official decree as a nation.

"Thank you very much."

"Thank you?

"It's about the late assassin, remember?

"Yeah, that's well..."

In Hannah's words, Kate remembers Sharik, who was then engaged. After that, I could tell that he would have a coup, but I didn't know otherwise. I guess the Viktor Chamber of Commerce is exploring it again now, but I haven't got any information on it here yet.

By the way, Kate's prediction reads that this is a big boss elimination move. but he still doesn't even know how big it will be. It is also unclear what kind of manoeuvre. None of the kites can get information about any other continent. Especially when it comes to dignitaries.

"After that, we have an opinion that a military conference should be held again to award you a medal. The originator is Queen Shanna's brother, and even you, Marshal Shalik Air Force. Remember that?

"Yep. Let me shake your hand on a late date"

"He is commander-in-chief of the Guard and would like to present a" Holy King's Medal "as a token of gratitude and apology, combined with his own deficiencies, and to protect Her Majesty."

Hannah tells Kate what she's up to this time. Apparently, he used it as bait or hideout to calculate Kite's meeting with Queen Shanna.

It should be noted that the "Holy King's Medal" is a common medal in the Millennium Kingdom. Unlike the Japanese medals, there are only medals first to third. The degree of contribution varies from top to top with the Medal First Class as the highest.

This is a medal awarded to those who are not affiliated with the Millennium Kingdom, or to ordinary citizens who are not members of the military, for making a substantial contribution to the Millennium Kingdom. Adventurers were also awarded occasionally, and it was also a medal of no wonder that Kite was awarded. So, she went on.

"The medal is second class. The fact that you defended Her Majesty alone, and the fact that your enemy's strength was quite high, is the result of this medal."

"It's such an honor."

Kate tries to keep her head down deeply so that she looks just like the words. Although it is a medal commensurate with merit, it is nonetheless unusual to be awarded a medal second class to adventurers from other continents. That said, that was the event of the Intercontinental Conference, so it should be.

It should be noted that many of the medals are awarded to the third prize in some crusade, and Kite remembers that the second prize is awarded to adventurers about once every 10 years, and that the first prize did not come out in the last 50 years, including the general public. Considering that, I'd say a fair amount of generosity.

"Nevertheless... on a late date I have worked a little disrespect for the Grand Old Master. I don't know if they care..."

Kate penetrates about the Big Boss. I didn't work anything disrespectful, but it's true that I answered. And it is also true that it made him angry. I guess it's natural to care.

"Don't worry about that. Lord Jushu, one of the great elders, has been endorsed as the initiator of this resolution. The meeting that followed made it clear that you were right at that time."

Hannah smiles at Kate. If this looks like it, Sharik's rooting must be over. The Great Elder is a symbol of corruption in the first place. Bribes and whisperers are the usual people. I can tell you that it doesn't matter if you pile up the money. That's how Hannah asks.

"What will you do?

"... okay. If that's the case, I'll take it."

"Really? Thank you. Your Majesty will be delighted."

"So, what time are we leaving?

"As soon as possible, if possible, it will be tomorrow morning. The ship is available here, so it will only be your problem after..."

"Okay. We will proceed as soon as possible."


In the words of Kate, Hannah bows her head. That concludes her work here. That's how she left the room behind. I'm supposed to rendezvous at the airport tomorrow, so they're staying at the hotel today. And after Hannah left. Kate asked Levy, who had been hiding, erasing the gentle grin she had had had earlier.

"... so? What are you gonna do?

"Do I need to ask?

"Hey... looks like this year's plenary session is going to be in fashion."

"No, it doesn't flow. This battle will be over soon. That's how it works, rather than. Let the Big Brothers leave the world here."

"Bribery and all that seems to be happening..."

"Hehe... the country is also well corrupted to the end and helpful. It's easy to hide the movement of Sharik and his men."

"Right. So this one's going through."

It's Levy's view. Unless some variable is added to it, it may be seen as working as such. Kate believes in it. Then just think about it and move.

"Nevertheless, if that's the case, is there a flow to cleverly eliminate only the center"

"Don't be. There won't be much confusion."

"The military has mastered... no, a military coup around the military. So, the flow of Sharik going on to rebuild by holding up his sister, Queen Shana? That's a folk preferred story... and the scary thing is, its reverse tension... here, you know?

"There, I don't know. but will at least try to secure"

"Well, I guess so"

"That's right. The worst I can do is rely on you for asylum."

Levy also agrees with Kate's prospective story. Even the people know what causes corruption. And that Queen Shanna is the puppet administration, too. Then I'm glad to see that no harm can be done unless it's as good.

"Then... is it an escape fight that I do? In case you do, do you have about a airship ready for me?

"In the unlikely event, rescue will be on its way here before then. Kuzha was ready first."

"It's quicker for me to get my feet ready over there than that."

"Hopefully we can get to Union headquarters."

"Which is easier,"

To take the airship in the King's capital of the Kingdom for a thousand years and flee it to the safe zone, and to have it run back to Union headquarters and deliver it from there by airship to this point. Kite doesn't even know which is easier.

Well, it's kite, so the former would be much easier. If I was in trouble later, I decided not to think about how I could escape on the ship I had taken. That's how Kite stood up.

"Huh... caught up in a coup, huh? Worst case scenario is you... Ah. I forgot."


"There you go."

Kite suddenly remembers something and takes out a spherical glowing object and throws it to Levy. That's how she received it, but at that moment she opened her eyes.

"What? Is this true?

"Oh... be careful."

"Ok... what about GUIN and GLAIR staying here?

"I already asked for your help. I asked that fool sleeping with a wandering fool."

"Okay... bye"

At the end of the conversation, Levi disappears. I left. She's a powerful one, too. All the power I could travel the continent alone was with me. At last, if I was lucky enough to encounter Jen Long of Nakatsu, I was going to go see Julio Neil as well. As such, Kate decided to show her face to the adventure club in order to prepare herself.