Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 929: To the Millennium Kingdom

After Kate went back to Adventure. In the meantime, Kate called to join the top management as soon as possible.

"That's why. Medal awards. Come on, come on."

"Medal... wow"

"Senior... you must have received a medal similar to yours. In other words, when it comes to the externalities in the Empire, you're more well-known..."

It was explained that there was a medal award, but there was an instant surprise, so Kate laughs and tells her that she seems to have forgotten. but he doesn't seem to really feel it right.

"Yeah? Did that happen?

"You've been awarded two names by the Empire with Al. That's intangible, but with a kind of medal."


Moments were taught the meaning of two names that had hardly ever been named before, and now they understand that it was amazing. He didn't use it much, but he actually got quite a bit of connectivity with that one.

Here, it would be his bad point that intangible tools are poorly used. Good to say, foolish, bad to say, brain muscle. Therefore, the value of the tools was not well understood.

"Well, okay. In the meantime, that's why I'm going out for about two weeks."

"Is it that short and good?

"I'm just coming home with a medal... well, that coming back is going to be a hell of a hassle,"

Kate whispers her face. I really did. And that's why we brought them all together.

"Well... there won't be any such talk in the immediate future, just in case. For a thousand years, it was forbidden to enter or leave the kingdom."

"What do you mean?

"I heard from an informant that it might be a little dangerous. Well, don't you have a job to organize in a crusade soon? I don't know anything about other continents. but it's troublesome to get caught up badly"

Kate keeps a brief push on Sola's inquiry. The coup is troublesome when it leaks outside, and it's not definitive yet, so I won't tell her anything, but I still needed to keep it to this extent.

Now, no one will get close for a while. Of course, there must be no one trying to stretch their legs out of strength. I knew it, but as long as I had money, I could go. And it is true that there are places where they can also operate. Then you'll need to push.

"Okay. Then why don't you protect us for the duration of the award ceremony?"

"That sort of thing. That's why I'm just gonna go and come home. Fortunately, the King's Capital of the Millennium Kingdom is not far enough to say. Latitude hasn't changed much. The climate is a little cold."

Kate laughs and makes it clear that nothing is wrong. You don't have to bother to scare me or worry about me.

"Well, he's talking about sending me home, and this time it sounds like he's paying off a military plane. There will be no danger."

"Military aircraft... are they different speeds after all?

"Well, it will..."

Kite answers Sora's question, probably. When it comes to military aircraft, it's precisely military aircraft for the royal castle, precisely the standing position of civilian aircraft. So as a spec, it's no different than a military aircraft.

The size seems to be a speed-oriented small boat, and Hannah should come alone. Well, it would be suspicious if a messenger came in an oblivious queue or large numbers. Besides, I came here as a public job to tell you how this is going. There's no reason to hide it from the Imperial side. And it's not hard to imagine the military on guard until we're on the road. If so, it would be okay to think that even one small boat could handle it.

"Well... so, well, I'll be back as early as a week. A military plane would be two days away. What do you think about jet lag is so much the same as going to America and coming home?"

"Well... then it's going to be so much easier this time."

Sora sits deep in her chair with a relieved look on her face. Every time Kite goes outside, he's driven out on his behalf. I can't help but want to cry.

"" "Hahaha" "

We all laugh at how Sola looks like that. As such, Kate decided to head to the airport in secret tomorrow morning only to have a small spectacle this day.

Well, the day after dawn. Kate was secretly in a meeting with Tina.

"Well, I've got a rescue plan in place... but you can't get in the middle of a coup in a boulder, and you can't guess from here in the first place."

"Right... uh... should I have perfected the communications network by satellite communications after all..."

Kite laments the establishment of a communications network that didn't make it. With this, I made frequent contact with Tina. That also made it easier to escape.

"But there is. Nevertheless, let's keep an eye out for the next bullet launch. After that, I'll have to leave it to the Lord... who can do anything but trouble here."


Kate laughs at Tina's mourning point. That's exactly what makes it so hard for him to go home. No, for once, it's possible in Tina, but in that case, there will be no one from the outside who can carry out the general command. As it turns out, it hurts to be just Kate.

"Huh... for now we just have to get out of here the old-fashioned way..."

"Mm-hmm. For once, I'll be ready so my three daughters can go at any time... but, well, in your case, it would be quicker to take the airship over there and leave alone, or go to Union headquarters and ask for protection."

Tina tells the same thing about Kate yesterday. Even with her, Kuzha asked me what to do, but this is what I answered. In Kite's case, there's a handover at Union headquarters, so it's quicker to rely on it.

And even if it's not Kite, if we're going to get picked up from here, we have to go to Union headquarters. In the end, it doesn't change.

"I have no choice. Suppose I try my best..."

"That's right. Ma'am, worst case scenario is, isn't anybody..."

"Tia is currently traveling to this side of the floating continent, Glaia is traveling somewhere, and Gynn is..."

Kate looks up. That's my bedroom.

"Resting as usual,"

"Worst of all, Gwen, ask your sister."


Kate agrees with the bitter mix by being mentioned the worst and worst means. That's about it, but we'll be ready this time. That's how he decided to head to the airport alone.

When Kate arrived at the airport, Hannah waited for me in the waiting room.

"What about the suit?

"I'm ready"

"Great. Shall we go then?"

Hannah says so, putting the paperwork she was reading in her bag and standing up.

"Where's the airship?

"We're renting hangar number 20"

"What about driving?

"I can do it"

"Well, please"

Follow Hannah, who started walking, and Kate walks out again. Then, after a while, we reached a privately owned hangar where there was a airship.

It was a small airship that greeted them. Because of its emphasis on speed, the shape was close to streamlined, and it was the type of object that could always expand the boundaries for concealment against demons. Sure, it would be a fuselage Hannah wouldn't be short on riding.


I knew you were letting me use good stuff when it came to serving the queen, Kate thinks. At first, they don't have a kitchen or anything, but they have a bathroom and shower so that they can stay for a little while.

"Well... well, shall we go"


When Hannah says so, she takes the key out of her nose, pushes the switch in, and opens the boarding door. It was a little narrow inside, but there were chairs and tables in a good interior.

And that's how Kite, who was checking the interior, asks Hannah where she needs to be ready to leave for now. Fly at high altitude for once. It was possible to meet the dragon species.

"What's your turn to sleep?

"You don't have to. The connections on board this ship use good objects developed by our country. What's more, we're also finishing up the maintenance before we leave. It can't be out of effect."

"Then are you at ease"

When Kate says so, she sits back in an affordable chair so she doesn't get in the way. By the way, apparently, the shoes were taken off because of strict ground-foot prohibition.

"Oh, yeah. I need you to check the bed."

"Of the bed?

"Yeah. I have two things, use the left side. If you're unhappy, have a couch. I'm using it on the right... no way, right?

"Ha ha. I'm not so grumpy as using a woman's bed for no reason on a boulder."

As Kate laughs, she checks the bed toward the rear of the living room like space. It's a boulder, so I guess the quality is good, but you can still sleep. Well, check that for once, I guess. but that's not what bothered me.

"... is it close, this..."

Kate laughs bitterly. For once, there's space between them, but the more you reach out, the closer you are to being touched. Well, given the size of the airship, there's no choice.

"Good. Well, good for this"

Camp is used to being an adventurer anyway. You can sleep in bed as long as you want. Then I didn't complain.

"Yes, I'm fine"

"Great. Now that we have clearance from the airport, I need your seat belt."


Kate follows Hannah's words and sits in her seat at Co Pilot's to put on her seat belt. I had a third seat behind me to sit on, but I didn't use it because it was a kind of seat that I had to bother to serve.

This way, I guess this airship is built for up to three applications. It seemed like it could be used for adventurers working individually.

"Good... with that said, I wasn't lost in fitting, etc... do you have a license?

"Yeah, for once. Military items can also be used. I used to learn from the Duke's house. In that fold, let me take it as the head of the guild for once."

"Really... then you're safe in case. Our country's airships are actually capable of manoeuvring even Master Shanna's special aircraft alone. If I fall asleep with a cold or something, I'll ask you to fly this ship."

"Please don't pull it off"

"Yes, sir."

Hannah never turns to him in the words of Kate, nor nods. They're concentrating on the operation. And that's how after a while, apparently, permission to launch was granted. The airship slowly began to move.

"Okay, we're going."


Start moving slowly and a little. The airship rises and leaves Maxwell behind. The Valtard Empire and the Empire are with the Kingdom for a thousand years. This would be more natural when it comes to naturally than the roots Kate and Tina have in Big Book. That's how Kite was headed to the kingdom for a thousand years.