In conclusion. Kite, who lost all forgiveness, was certainly only said to be the strongest. No attack worked in front of the barrier against the backdrop of the power of the 'Blessing Ring' and the overwhelming output he had, ending the action before the enemy could think of the first hand. There was nowhere to beat the soldiers in the kingdom for a thousand years.

In the meantime, Queen Shanna and the others were finally reaching the underground hangar of a single airship with the absolute refuge of such a kite.

"Don't move! Don't think you can beat all this force!

Before them like that, soldiers who were coming from another route to the underground hangar were pointing their guns and magic formations at each other. The commanders of the Grand Old and Presbyterian factions, who saw the possibility of each being destroyed, quickly joined forces. It's a strange story, but sometimes they joined hands because of a strange unanimity: the murder of Queen Shana. Seeing that he was an opponent he could not defeat, he stopped gradually putting in his power.

"Ha... Ha ha!

To such soldiers, Kate gives an indescribable laugh of ridicule and self-derision. That even seeped madness. The soldiers were accidentally pressured by such a kite.

"Hey, hey..."

The moment the laughter subsided. Soldiers instinctively understand that they have stepped on something they should not. That's how Kite began to talk to them with enough magic to visualize them.

"I've been watching mankind from the bottom of hell for a long time. Oh, they've been forming coalitions like they are now, desperate to fight... awesome. With the pride of humanity in their hearts, they fought and scattered. Those guys and you guys are the same humanity? Ha ha! You're not playing witch mountain games, you disgraced bastards!

Kite can roar. Besides, everyone behind him hallucinated the dragon, hallucinating that it could roar. It shook the atmosphere to bitterness, undoing all sorcery.

"It must be the king of the spears! Who the hell are you pointing that blade at?

Billy, the atmosphere sounds, and on the contrary, even the ground rocks. He was seriously furious. Still, the guys who participated in the coup are good. They think of their country with them. Let's have some respect with Kite. But they were the only ones I couldn't forgive. As the man who fought with their ancestors, there was no way I could forgive them.

Besides, no one could argue with that. On the contrary, no one could stand. Overwhelming hegemony, power and killing. The flurry had completely mowed the consciousness.

"... if you have a chance to wake up and start over, look back at your way of life... if you still get stuck, I'll kill you"

Kate tells me that she stunned everything with one blow to protect the Shanna Queens who held her back. That's the number. Killing them once and for all would take too long, and they were in formation at the top of the airship. The airship is what they use to escape. I couldn't hurt you, I couldn't.

"... that's for sure, right?


Kite asks just in case. What was in front of me was a large airship colored with pales, peaches, etc. using white as the base. It's about 100 meters in size.

As you can see, there is no magic cannon installed, and it just looks like an unprotected airship. The shape resembles a battleship that comes to mind with robotic SF and near-future creations. The shape is what the same person thinks. I guess it was natural to look alike.

"... I guess this"

Kate remembers Hannah's words. She said when she gave you this key. All the keys to the royal objects are inscribed with the National Seal of the Millennium Kingdom. And for a thousand years the kingdom's airships can be moved by themselves, and the operating system is actually no different from the general object.

As such, Kite took a magic device like a remote control that she thought was a key for the airship and had several switches attached to it.

"... good"

When Kite presses the switch to lower the lifting tarp, the tarap of the airship in front of him descends and invites him in.

Immediately upon boarding, Kite excluded all the soldiers who occupied the interior by moving them toward the outer landmarks (markers). The kites are less than double digits long. Killing makes cleaning a hassle, and mental health is poor with the body still rolling, not to mention a few days. That's not the best.

"How to open the bulkhead?

Hannah said it was manoeuvrable from the ship.


Apparently, she left everything behind to ensure Queen Shanna's safety. so that she can definitely escape. That's all I was thinking about and letting everything get mixed up somewhere.

Having such a conversation, the kites quickly reached the bridge. It looked like it was occupied there too, but they were all stunned. Kite also immediately used the metastasis to blow it up about it.

"I'll leave the release of the bulkhead to you. This one will launch the airship. It'll be a rough piloting."

"" "Okay" "

At the behest of Kate, the maids of Queen Shanna's side service enter into action in unison. Now all we have to do is launch the airship and get out.

"Main engine starts... over. Up to 30% output... done... stable output..."

Kite puts a fire in the aircraft's engine according to the established procedure. I just believe it's being maintained. And even more, he begins to look for what he absolutely needs in this situation.

"There must definitely be a system somewhere to de-enforce compulsory control..."

It is the mountain of Sekiyama that will be immediately captured by either the Shalikh or the Great Old and Senate armies when they remain outside. The airships that exist around the world are equipped with the ability to take control by military airships as quickly as possible. Essential equipment to ensure safety.

But this airship is bent to the Queen's exclusive use. If the army can operate the king's airship, that's a big problem. Somewhere, there should have been a system to disable those coercions just in case.

"... there was. This is it."

And it was found in the deep hierarchy of the system. Kite starts it. And then Kite starts the comms. The enemy should be using military lines. And Kate and the others on board. This is also the ship of the Millennium Kingdom. Information may be coming through. There is no reason not to use it.

And at the same time. No, they've probably been in touch for a long time, before Kite started. There was a message left on the comms. Kite starts it.

"It's Sharik. Hannah, send me a call if you're listening. Send Escape Route '

The voice belonged to Sharik. Apparently, he was also going to conspire with Hannah to support Queen Shanna's escape.

Of course, captivity is best by nature, and the soldiers are ordering it. but I suppose he secretly allowed Hannah to act, either because of her sweetness as a brother or because she couldn't abandon the affection of her flesh parents as he put it. That's what Kite understood here, too.

"... Dear Shanna. Connect communications."

"To whom?

"It's you, brother. Lord Hannah was apparently connected to him. There was a message from him in there. Incoming calls are before the coup raid..."

"Eh... then..."

"Yeah... she was probably the one who detected the coup moves, and she was helping me get out of here."

Queen Shanna's face distorts into sorrow. I don't have time for that right now, though. I had to get out of here as soon as possible. So Kite immediately opened the military line.

"... on behalf of Lord Hannah. Anyone who understands this meaning should use a given individual line."

Kate puts her voice on the military line. Now Sharik is the only one who knows where this contact is coming from. As a result, the line was immediately opened.

"... it's Sharik. Kite, you were. '

"Oh... now, I don't know why."

"... be thankful"

Sharik bows his head deeply to the words of a slightly docile kite. Only against Kate, Sharik had nothing but apologies. And if that understanding had been gained, it was just to show gratitude. So there's only one thing to ask, too, Kite.

"So what do we do?"

"... Shanna. You need to leave the country."


Surprise comes to the face of Queen Shanna. Nevertheless, Kate also understood this flow when she found out that Hannah was working with Sharik.

"Ask yourself if you will be king... for once, as a duty. How does that make sense?"

"Nothing. That doesn't make sense."

Sharik unequivocally affirms. This is the truth. Only to Kite and the others can he forgive himself if he doesn't speak in a broken stomach.

So, I assure you, it doesn't make sense. He will be remembered as king of the usurpers. metaphor. No matter how good his governance lays after this, he himself intended to continue to see it that way.

'But... this is all I have at the earliest. You'll see, won't you? Now that I've set up Shanna, it's just going to be my puppet. It's not Shanna's rule... it's just gonna be a repeat of the same thing'

Sharik's words were reasonable. Until now, he was a puppet of the Great Elder and the Senate, but now he just becomes an army puppet. If Sharik dies, another will take over his throne and manipulate the king of time. And the end of it would be a repetition of the same thing as it is now without even thinking about it.

So he had to stand as king. To concentrate power on the king. To do so, Queen Shanna must be banished from the heart of government. She is the queen of decorations. The people see it that way and will continue to see it that way. That is nothing more than a contempt for the throne. To change that, the king himself had to stand.

'Therefore, I shall bear all the blame. I don't mind if you resent me. I don't care if you hate me... but I want to protect this country, the kingdom that has lasted a thousand years, its people.'

Sharik, with sincere eyes, appeals to the kites. There was no personal feelings there, only a feeling of worrying about the country as a king. He had accepted all the sacrifices. That's why, it was a decision.

There is no change without sacrifice. More than change is change, anything that's ever happened will be destroyed. There could be no more sacrifice than that involving many.

'So... I'm sorry, Shanna... but I couldn't save you. I just had to leave it to Hannah.'

Sharik bows his head to Queen Shana as only half the blood connected brother. The face was not kings until earlier, but distorted by mourning as a brother. He as king and he as brother. The beast was tormenting him.

No matter how much he scratches, Queen Shanna, his sister, cannot be saved by his duty as king. To assemble power in the presence of a king, only Queen Shanna can make a sacrifice.

This was the selfishness he said he could. Only Queen Shanna managed to save her, so she used Kate and Hannah. We thought that Kate could protect us, and Hannah could lead us to the escape.

As a matter of fact, he's the one who gave Hannah the keys to this special machine. This is usually stored by the Air Force and is taken out of the vault if necessary. Considering preventing abuse, it is not a strange story.

No matter how hard you try, you don't get it in Hannah, which is just a side service. but if he is the Air Force Marshal, he is in a position to be entrusted with the management of that key. It was easy to steal out.

"... okay"

Queen Shanna hears her brother's words and understands her thoughts as a brother in her heart and her wishes as a king. And if so, she was ready to see what she needed to do.

"... kite. Can communications be freed up for the entire area?

"It's possible... but what are you going to do?

"Do what you have to do"

"Okay. Just give me a minute."

Kate explores the system and begins to look for a system to reach the wishes of Queen Shana, who has become the face of the king. It won't be on a regular airship, but it's a Queen's Summoner. Then the system for the speech should have been in place.

"I found... the system is under the control of the coup... Lord Sharik"

'Okay. This one tried to hit me... and let me give you permission.'

"Good... I hacked speakers from all over the city. Now, it's okay."

"Thank you"

Queen Shanna bows her head. So, one speech. A speech to announce the fall of the kingdom for a thousand years could be begun by the last queen.