Let's say we talk about the remorse of a man. The man once admired a young, ideally burned king.

"Your Majesty!

"Master Shamana!

It's still about when the king's capital Laelia was a primitive and simple king's capital. The man was among the enthusiastic people. And he himself was one of the king's enthusiastic supporters. Therefore, there was also a mixture of his cheers in this voice.

"Good. That's all right"

He had no power to fight. I'm not intelligent enough to call myself a genius. All there was was was enthusiasm, hard work, and a heart that loved this country. So I just had, like, a day of study.

"I want to work there sometime."

That's all the place to send it, the guy just kept following his dreams in his run-down apartment. I want to work under the beloved king. I hope so, I was desperate to study. I have been frustrated many times. I have fallen into the enrollment exam many times. Still, I kept studying without giving up and tried so hard that the reference books rubbed off and wore out. That's all he could have done.

"Oh... you saw it somewhere. Oh, with that said, I would have taken the exam like every year. Being here means... right. Did your efforts pay off? [M] I'm kind of glad. Don't tell me, but I was actually secretly there for you."

The king, whom I loved and loved dearly, called out with such a laugh on the day of his first attendance. The emotion at that time was that I thought I would never forget.

A lot of new competent people come in every year, and there should be. You were watching yourself closely. I thought the joy of that time and the jealousy of those around me would never be forgotten. From that day on, the man continued to work desperately with the joy in his chest.

"... if I...?

Those days brought me even more luck at one point. The man was not particularly talented, so of course he was left behind beside his colleagues, and at last even his juniors pulled him out. That was a routine tea meal. But even in that, he kept working even harder without being depressed. That's what stopped in the king's eyes, he said.

"Yeah. I thought you could handle it."

"No, but, uh, Your Majesty... I'm... not superior to that talent..."

In spite of all this, he makes a denial. Oh, all I could do was deny it. I wanted to do it inside, I wanted to say. But I wasn't sure.

"Really? Sure, if it's exercise or speed of work, then maybe your talent isn't superior, but... if it means you love this country, I don't think you're losing it to me, either, do you?

He laughed and told the man so. So many times he asks the man to accept his life. I wish I had ordered it, but it was a request. Besides, the man was finally broken and entrusted with his responsibilities.

It was the construction of a huge, huge bridge that even left La Elia at its doom. It's a pretty massive undertaking, but he said it would be a joint venture with a certain species who recently joined him under his umbrella. He said his predecessors so far had failed due to differences in cultural customs and so on, a job for which considerable difficulty was expected.

That's why the ministers tried to entrust the job to someone more competent. But he said the king should leave it to him. He found out about it, in the shadow of his boss. That was the final decision. Even holding back the surrounding opposition, the beloved king said he wanted to leave it to himself. You have to respond. I thought so.

"So... yeah. Because this is what happens in our country..."

The man was desperate and preached the way of Laeria over and over to those with different cultural customs. Sometimes I was aiming for life and dying. Still, he continued to persuade Laelia to live up to her trust, desperately without giving up. So when the business began to get on track, it was called to a meeting of ministers.

"Right? That's why I told you, right?

That's what the king says and laughs at. That was when the man reported that the business was on track. I didn't think anyone could. but as the king said, the man did it. The business had reached an okay stage even without him anymore.

"His guts are never what I extend. Sure, he may not be brilliant. But that's not all. He loves this country perhaps more than anyone else and loves those who live with it. That's why I left it to him to work with the newly welcomed people... thank you, Jushu."

"No, there is no annihilation!

Nervous about the bees, he replied out loud without any immediate gratitude from the king. And at the same time, I was happy. From then on, he was sometimes neglected, but at the same time other jobs were on track. I gradually improved my position. Still, there was a desire in my chest to be of more use to the king.

Such a fall would still be due to the King's shortness of breath due to epidemic disease. At the time, the dead from epidemic diseases were different digits than they are now. Even a disease that easily helps citizens thanks to a panacea developed by the Empire of Entesia is something that even kings could not help.

"... Your Majesty..."

For nights the man wept. Then for a while, instead of work, the meal didn't go through my throat. This wasn't just about him, so there was no special wonder. But he wasn't the only one.

"I wonder what I wanted to..."

Loss of goals. That's what rotted him out. Still, the results of the efforts cultivated will not be lost by then. And he went on to work on his chest with the words: Will of the man he admired, ask for this country.

But after 10 or 20 years, grief heals and thoughts weather. That didn't change the man either. Thoughts that remained unchanged in 100 years when he was alive only cooled down, and the days of drowning in women and booze ensued.

Fortunately, the status had been gained as a result of the efforts made so far. No one could blame me for doing some of that. No, I couldn't blame you. That made his corruption even more pronounced. Falling without a stopping man knew no place to stay.

"... kill him."


Because I lived like that, I also became involved with a lot of people involved in the back society. And even more, corrupt. In the beginning, assassinations that were supposed to secretly kill wrongdoers and corrupt people who could not be brought to justice by law became a means to bury their own political enemies, and bribes and sweet words that were never handed down when the king was there were always used as if they were the usual conversations. That's how he kept rotting.

After a long time, he rotted away. And when I realized, I was dyeing my hands in every disloyalty, every vice.

Sometimes it was the wives of the adversaries that hung in their hands, and sometimes they made the play with the beast and saw it and laughed. I stopped even seeing people as people. I felt like I loved my people and disappeared somewhere. That remained unchanged after a war that hung the fate of the world.

"... is this...?

Approximately 1000 years since the man began to rot. Finally, it was when he became the culmination of corruption and became known as the greatest evil. The man, who had fallen into the fall, had entered his own study in a mundane manner.

Not to study. I haven't read much in the last 100 years or so. I walked into the study by accident because I didn't know what it was for. And so I hit the bookshelf because of my old body, and a book fell.

"... this... was..."

What was it? It's obsolete, and I can't even remember what it was. That's a worn out reference. Why are you here? The man is surprised. A worn out reference book, unlike a luxurious mansion. And there it was engraved, my own sumptuous letters. Besides, he, no, Noon accidentally spilled tears.


Remembering everything, the man went blind. I thought it was a heavenly punishment. I remember what it was like not to have to remember. So he leaves the guards and walks to the terrace alone.

Non just embarrassed himself now. I have corrupted the kingdom of a king I once loved so far that no one else has. That's the time. There were signs back there. That was a very familiar sign for Non.

"... Lord, isn't that Sharik?

Non asked. I've been in my ear before. A royal family called Sharik is moving to eliminate themselves. I was just trying to figure out what to do with the big bosses.

As a matter of course, Dai La is not so sweet as to make his movements unpretentious. And when he found out that he had found out, he attacked him. At least, just one. I was ready to seep like that.

"Huh! Die!

"The fool!


Sharik stopped unexpectedly. I guess I didn't expect to be reprimanded by Nong. Nor do I know why I reprimanded him. No, probably. I guess it's because I understand what to exchange.

"... Lord, why are you doing this?"

"Why would I kill you?


"Put your hands on your chest and think."

To Sharik's words, Non honestly puts his hand on his chest and thinks. but the only thing that floats is a bitter laugh.

"Is this fate, Your Majesty... did you have a chance to atone for Non..."


With a bitter smile, tears spilled out of Non's eyes. I thought it was a heavenly punishment. And at the same time, I thought it was an opportunity for redemption that His Majesty had given me. Otherwise, a young, ideally burned man at this time cannot come before Noh. You can't even come. It seems to me now that Sharik, who loves this country, has come to know the future of his country, which challenges his ordeal.

"... it's Sharik. Your Lord is truly fortunate... kill Non."


Sharik is confused by Non's words. Well, that's right. There really isn't any stray, and that's what I'm trying to do with my hands wide open and accept the blade without any protection. But it's not. Not now.

"But... that's not now. Shalik... why don't you join hands with Non?"

"What... are you saying?

"... it's good to read Non's mind. If you are the Lord, you will know if you are lying or true."

Non decided at this time when he would die. I vandalized this country, the country I loved. On the contrary, even the national system has been jeopardized. If he dies like this, he probably won't be able to face His Majesty. No, I can't do it without my face already. But at least I wanted to be forgiven for apologizing.

So, 10 years. I don't think I'm gonna try as hard as I did back then. Oh, Sharik dared to offer his wife to Nong. To make you fake your own pawn.

So it's an exposure to everyone. Anyway, the guy who took the hostage out is about to destroy the hostage because he's hanging. No one can think of that. Of course, I taught Sharik a handout with the assassins to rescue him. And finally.

"I didn't know Sharik would betray you."

"Kill my wife immediately!

And of the other great elders, those who had taken refuge with Noah flew with their mouths unto those around them.

"I'm sorry, Sharik... let's not leave a few..."

It's a change of heart. Funny thing is, the last few years have been able to move for goals as if they were young. Without a goal, Noon might not have had to rot. At the earliest possible moment, Non doesn't know. Whatever you say. It could have been possible, that's all.

"Jushu! Don't rush!

"Oh, I know"

To the words of one of the symbols of corruption, Non speeds up the pace of walking only a little. but still only a little, I was scared. Therefore, ask him.

"... Sharik. Don't listen to me."


"I'll take care of it later, okay?

"... oh. But I don't call you loyalist."

"I know."

Sharik had a slight emotional swing. Non was just a little happy about it. I thought it was that king's blood. So, Non abandons his last stray. It's a stray whether to throw away life or not. I need you to be king of that one. You must suck the blood of a sacrifice called the Nong and cement your readiness as a king.


"This... is Sharik's gesture! How the hell did you figure out this passage!

"My lords. I knew what you were doing."

Sharik tells. The face was full of majesty as a king. Non also hallucinated the appearance of the king, who disappeared on the far other day.

"With you gentlemen, I was once a good minister. In view of that loyalty, I will not let your death be a spectacle... here, in my hands, and die."

Sharik gave his life. That's an order to kill anyone. So, Non's life ends. I made the last one a disgraceful one, but thanks to it, other corruption was cleaned up together. I think the report was matched.

Besides, he stood up to accept the blade against his compatriots, who were in a hurry to expose themselves. That's how they came in front of me.

"... is there anything left to say at the end?

Towards Non, Sharik asks. My countrymen are already dead. Therefore, I can speak as a comrade without complaining, but on the contrary, I can't think of anything left to say. I don't know, there was something I wanted to ask.

"... it's Sharik. Let me ask you one thing, as the Lord's minister."

"It would be good. As king, let me give you my permission. Though he was my subordinate. Let's hear your last wish."

"So... Your Majesty... can this country endure?

"... be tolerable. Your majesty is trusted, and my beloved country will not perish to this extent... believe it."

"Look... believe me,"

And Noun saw the king's grin on Shalik's back. The outfit, the smile, everything was a man without resemblance, but the only thing that changed was that I loved Laelia. And at the same time, there was a grin on Non's face. Sharik pulled out the blade.

"... farewell... be a minister and serve your loyalty for the last time, man. The thought of the Patriot certainly took over from me. Believe in His Majesty's beloved country."

Every time, the sound sounds. And at the end of the day, a slight overflow of tears overflowed his face. This is the end of Non's life. Thus closed the curtain for the whole life of Non, who was a minister who corrupted the country. Non can only thank this country for the last opportunity to apologize to His Majesty. It must have been a true blessing to die here in the hands of the true king of Laeria.

"Touch the people around the death of Jushu, who was the leader of the Great Elder. But even though they were dead, the blame was snowflake. If you are my subjects, mourn them without exposing them to dead bodies."

"" "Your will" "

With the death of Non, an organization called the Great Elder would collapse. An organization called the Senate would also be disintegrated by the guidelines of Non. But that's good. Non... no, I managed not to destroy His Majesty's beloved country. So, Your Majesty. Will you forgive me for apologizing to you?

After this, I don't know if I'm dead. Later, I leave everything to Sharik. I believe him. I believe in a man who loves your country. I believe in a young, ideally burned man just like you. So, it's all good.