Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 949: The Aftermath - 3

Shanna and the others were granted asylum for a while. It was around the time the kites started another activity. Under his command, Shalik had begun to rebuild the King's capital, almost suppressing the chaos in the King's capital while hostile to the survival of the Great Elders and the Senate. but in the meantime. Information burst into his place that greatly perplexed his head.

"... None? What's this all about?

Sharik looks up in a grand manner. When he was in the royal castle, the custody of the casualties from his coup was completely terminated, and his own duties - although busy - ordered a job for his men because he was calm, but he could not confirm his response.

"Get Captain Barry from the Kingsguard. I'm sure the break-in unit had him in command."


Following Sharik's instructions, Barry is summoned immediately. That's how he was summoned. He was a natural story, but not in armor, but in military uniform. He seemed like a big black man with hair close to gray. It seems that with the restructuring of the Central Army he was integrated into the Kingsguard Corps, which looked different from the military uniforms in the north - although he had recently tailored them in the first place.

"May I call, Your Majesty?"

"Oh... there's something I need to ask you... has she seen it?


Barry observes the picture given to him by Sharik. What was shown there was a picture of Hannah left in the Imperial Castle database.

"... oh, I remember. There was a report that this lady had sealed the elevator from the pursuit unit to the boy. It was a spectacular preparation and death, so I was asked to lift the bond afterwards, and I respected myself in front of it."

Barry looked at Hannah's face and nodded as he seeped a lot of respect. Even from him, who was an adventurer not long ago, it seems Hannah, who threw her life for her companions and protectors, was an object of respect.

Nevertheless, this is not limited to him, and all of the soldiers who were asked to die Hannah among those who participated in this coup treat her with respect and awe.

Especially as a few of the senior military officials who had heard roughly on Sharik's side had offered a bouquet of flowers in front of the elevator where she had reached a spectacular end. That said, that's not what I wanted to hear.

"Well... for once, I'd like to ask. Surely, the crystal, or in the junction, her body was identified, right?

"Yes. I do confirm myself... what was done with that?

Barry tilts his neck. He was fighting and absent on another front when Hannah's bond was broken, but he did confirm that her body was in the bond once before that.

"No... that doesn't seem to be among the bodies where her body was housed. No one said it had disappeared. If the body disappears, someone will notice. It's good to think you're not housed."

"Is that... no way, that she was alive?

"I don't know..."

Sharik puzzles his face. Sure, Hannah must have died there. That junction was developed using everything she could hold, and the strength was far above that transparent shutter as well.

Even time was distorted in that, and even Barry, who was a Rank A adventurer, was such a strong guard that it was impossible to lift him. Even Kite, who prides himself on his output, would have had some difficulty. That was so much juncture. Exactly, a chunk of loyalty. That's what the coup soldiers who saw it called it, and they admired it with awe.

"... but maybe there's no chance he's alive. Dead, it's our discretionary decision to be judging. Even time had stopped in that. It should have been quite cold. He could have mistaken his death for being in hibernation. Losing her is a loss as a nation. Can you organize an investigation team?

"Okay. Her loyalty. My new girlfriend still wants to apprentice me too. I'll find you right away."

"Oh, I asked... but the Big Boss and the Senate are bound to come for it if they find out about the possibility that she's alive. She's the biggest actor in this coup. You must have quite a grudge."

"Right... okay. We'll start an investigation with only the trusted ones."

"Oh... oh, investigation is good with one hassle. Of course, there is a lack of confirmation. Reports may come up, and the captain has a job. Give it priority. This is my personal affair."


At Sharik's behest, Barry starts acting quickly to get things right. And that's how after he left, the secretary, who had refrained from doing so on the side, suggested.

"Shana, may I tell you something?

"No... it's still good now. It's also possible that you poorly communicated the possibility of survival to Shanna today, which would just make you expect the opposite. It is also possible that the body just disappeared with the extinction of the junction. That would be more likely than not. It is likely that it was just a lack of confirmation. We were understaffed everywhere at the time."

"There was some resistance from the remaining soldiers..."

"Oh. It went into space even before the elevator. If it had disappeared in the meantime, Tsujitsu would fit."

Sharik agrees with the secretary's words and sits deeply in the chair relaxing his eyebrows. What was on my face was a slight apology. If it had disappeared, even though it would have done nothing, it would not have been possible to see its end firmly against the loyal ministers of the country. It also made me sad.

"... if you can, I want you alive. Is it a sin to wish so..."

Sharik kept his eyes closed and snapped small. Many soldiers have died in this battle. Given that, you may not be allowed to wish. But still, Sharik wanted to see a small chance of survival springing up down.

"... good. Let's get to work. The investigation should be completed as early as next month."

"Do you need that soon?"

"I would. Well, if nothing, but it is. It will be over by the autumn entrance at the latest."

Sharik makes an approximate prospect and returns to paperwork again. There's a lot to do for Barry and his secretaries, not just him. And that's what they have to do, which has confused the Empire.

It is self-evident that Barry has set up an investigative team to investigate, but in fact, it will be a one-off job for everyone in their free time. If he's alive, he'll be transported to some hospital, and if he's dead, there 'll be a death report somewhere. Either way, it was thought that by the time the confusion was over, there would be natural findings.

"Well... what's going on with the military in the provinces?

"Looks like the West Army has decided to join us. Apparently, the Prophet has moved."

"Well... did the preservation of agreements such as status in the Union help? If so..."

Sharik looks up to the east sky. Besides, the secretaries looked at you all the time. No, it's not an easy thing to see. It seems more appropriate to stare. That's how Sharik asked.

"... what happens to the east?

"Perhaps we should rally our troops to avoid destroying each and every one."

"After all, will it? What's the situation?"

"There are now successive armed bees everywhere. The soldiers' rebellion seemed constant... and His Majesty's speech struck the hearts of the soldiers."

"I wasn't the only one... and Shanna was very powerful."


Sharik laughs bitterly and the secretary laughs bitterly again. He alone didn't get this ending.

"Good. Our army hurry up and assemble its troops, too. Put in an immediate Kingsguard to the east after they leave. Hurry up and restore security. Restoration of security and restoration of national power. This is urgent."

"" "Ha!

In response to Sharik's decree, the neighbours salute him. And so they also began to fight in their own ways.

In a city in the east far from the capital. One young man was mad in a airship in the possession of a certain nobleman.

"So you're saying you let him get away with it!?

"Ha, yes... hi no!

A soldier shows fright at the sound of the angry Lord's beaten whip. but what didn't end there would be his misfortune.

"What are you doing? You're getting away with it! Opponent is one airship! That would be an unarmed guy too!? That's what I wanted to stop by and I missed the 30 destroyed sentences. Just!? Are you playing witch mountain games!?


The young man whips at the soldier in frustration. The whip is not just a whip. The material was made of soft metal, besides which there were countless thorns growing.

Naturally, even a single blow will cut the soldier's skin to pieces. It didn't take much time for a soldier to become like a worn rag just to cramp if that happened again and again.

"Why... why..."

The young man, who had wielded the whip with all his might even more after repeatedly waving it to the fallen and lying soldier, lets him breathe out.

"Ha... ha... uh... yeah?

When the man calms down by exudes a stretch of frustration, he sits in a chair. And he noticed something. Turning his neck to the side, he was staring at something. When he realized something like that, he panicked and the madness earlier rose with a gentle face like a lie.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Marianne! I didn't mean to tarnish you! Ahhh... your beautiful costume is ruined..."

He rushes over to 'something' like an equal-sized woman doll that was lined up to the left and right of that room to wipe the blood of the garment covering him with his own handkerchief. The blood splattered by the earlier assault was attached.

"Oh, and I'm sorry about Leann."

He further looks at the doll next to him and wipes the blood stains that were attached to his face. Unlike earlier, it was full of charity, and I didn't even hate to get dirty when wiping the blood. Thus, after cleaning the dolls in the room, he sat back in the chair again with a moan.

"Huh... oh, oh, Shelia..."

He squeals one name like that. The voice was even like one boy in love.

"I said I have a special seat for you at the corner... oh, how can we not meet..."

He deepens the color of his mourning. It was so much mourning and suffering that if the occasion were normal and even his thoughts normal, everyone who sees would feel painful. And to him like that, another soldier came with one report in fright.

"De, my lord Denzel... that, the main house is better..."


Denzel. The young man so called looks slightly careless and grumpy, while turning his gaze to the newly entered soldier. Besides, the soldiers knelt.

"Join the Confederate army, and..."

"Ha... okay. Tell him I'll be on my way. Together, the East is abandoned. We're not the only ones who can get it together. Accommodate all troops in the airship and prepare to withdraw. Totally burn down the museum you were using. Tell that to the nobles around you. Of course, don't forget to prepare transportation for the resources you've mined so far. Take the route along the river at the end of the east to avoid passing through the centre. If you can use the ship, use it. but this one is for transporting personnel, use a airship to transport supplies"

"Yes, sir."

Denzel takes immediate command. That looked completely different from both the man who showed the earlier assault and the man who showed the madness. And that instruction has no precipitation, and no shortage. status quo. It was right strategically to give priority to the transport of supplies over soldiers.

For their corrupt aristocracy, soldiers are crushed. By contrast, supplies are hard to come by if you get into the south, which is a barn zone. The importance is overwhelmingly high.

In case you run into Sharik and the others, only the airship should escape. Denzel, who had thus completed a series of instructions, again deepened the colour of his mourning, while he also moved to the south.

Just a little bit, time rolls back. It was when Kate and the others escaped. Far away. Far from such an imperial capital and from an eastern city. In a certain forest. In the woods feared to be 'lost forests' by the people of the surrounding villages. There, my voice was ringing.

"... I was crying, you know."

"You were crying."

From the woods, a few young men and women mouth to mouth that someone is crying.

"You know damn well that guy's magic cries. It's too shaky."

"Don't say that. You're a crybaby, that guy. I know the magic circle when I say I'm not crying with my mouth."

The young men put up in affection about the Lord of the magic they felt. Thus, the leader and thought woman in it looked far west and groaned.

"... somehow, I wish I could get in touch with him... some more later, if you'd come south..."

"I'm pitiful."

"You can't help it, because there's nothing we can do."

"I know, so I don't think you're pitiful."

A man close to youth sighed at the girl's words. It wasn't the other guy who pitied me, it was me. And, behind them like that, the sound rang.


"... Again, let's believe he's coming. I'm sure he would."

"Oh, I'm sure they will."

The youngsters take their weapons and begin to prepare to fight. It was then that the young men waiting for someone began their never-ending battle against the roots of countless metal sounds.