Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 953: The Beginning of Each Training

A few days after contact was made between Kate and Berntaine. Kate was coming to drop me off in the blink of an eye.

"Is this the last place?"

"Yeah... if you're going into the demonic realm, you're most certain to get through here."

Brass nodded at Kate's words. Because other Imperial Army soldiers, besides them, were on board the airship. You can't get into another country with a bunch of ships on a boulder.

So once the soldiers from each territory gathered in the Imperial Capital, they boarded an airship owned by the McDawell family. That said, the only people gathering together are the military from each territory, apart from the brass. This one was supposed to rendezvous here.

"Bye, seniors. Is it weird to say that it's just like it's not annoying? Firm."

"Oh, okay. You too, please."

In the words of Kate, the moment nods and boards the airship. That was how it was followed by the brass nodding, and the door of the airship closed. And while I dropped it off, Yuri shrugged.

"Fine, it's not moving a lot."

"It's time to review them all once, maybe it was a good time"

Kite laughs. It was when he wanted to do a little training himself. It's about using his own special abilities, something that takes a lot of time. Either way, Kite, the person's hectic activity for a while was also a time to be solemn. I've been rushing through with a little haste, but the status quo. It's time to review ourselves.

"Okay... shall we go too?"


Kate and Yuri follow the scene as they drop off the flying airship. That's how the airship flew loosely as he dropped him off like that.

Then, a few days. The instant-borne airship was entering the desert zone through the demonic realm.

"This is the desert... in the airship, so cool with boulders, but it looks hot out there..."

"It's hot, it's... it's more south for us to be active."

"Really... but it's rare. There's no desert here."

The moment looks around and tells you to think about your current approximate latitude. On Earth, it's about 40 degrees north. A latitude not so different from that of Japan. It is true that there are no vast desert areas, but it can be said that they are rare.

"Oh, that or. Look, you said that a long time ago, right? My father was injured by a bandit."

"If you say so... you said so"

The moment reminds me of when I just met Rije. Sure enough, he was making a statement that smelled like Berntaine had been injured by desert bandits at that time.

"With that said... surely the legacy of ancient civilization is asleep, was that what you were talking about?

"Oh. Separate from Loomia. This one doesn't get much attention... but it's a tradition that some sort of incident caused the civilization to be demolished. In fact, there's quite a bit of space distortion... well, there's something wrong with some space there. You know, there's a lot of fights between cracks and big eye demons."

"I'm familiar with that."

"Well, I've been staying here for almost a year."

"... what time are you studying abroad?

"Hmm... the long term starts this year, but the little one starts two years ago. Well, it's actually a repetition of going back like it is now and then. I really don't think so... because this is still a descendant of a hero or a descendant of a hero... maybe you can see it there."

Rije smiles slightly. For once, it is not prohibited by school rules and other provisions, but it is still a burden on teachers and others if they leave so often and repeat themselves back.

Maybe you shouldn't have done it if you think about it there. But I suppose you can see the spill there because of the character of the house and the fact that he has certainly achieved a certain amount of results.

It won't be unusual, though. If you think about it on Earth, the moment itself is actually treated similarly. If the press asks for an interview in an instant, even as Tensakura School, I have closed the afternoon.

This is the result of the intention of the media to take charge of the moment and of the intention of the Ministry of Health, Labour and the Athletic Federation to use him to boost the athletics itself, and of the move of the Tensakura School to take that intention into account. It's called "Degree."

There is no place in the world where you can guess what's going on. That said, in this case, it can be said that the result of Rije's hard work is more than the house. It had been demonstrated that we were working hard while we were able to use < > far more quickly than Lil.

"Here we go, I'm dying... in fact, I don't know how many times I almost died at that time or about Rank D."

Rije laughs. Sure, now is the time to have the power just to be called proper, but it would not have been there at that time. This is the result of coming home stronger now. If you think about it, you'll see.



The two of them chat like that, waiting to pass through the desert. Unfortunately, it can only be annoying for anyone to go out and train on the deck in the land of mighty demons there above this hot sand temperature. So I just had to wait here and do it. So, you two were supposed to wait here for a while.

Well, then a few hours later. Mostly after noon, the airship had reached the capital of the Republic of Uruguay, Urca. In a nutshell, that's where the deal is based. Unlike the previous desert areas, the pleasant air containing the scent of grass filled my lungs.

"This place... you've really changed."

"So, did I tell you?

Rije laughs at her instant thoughts. I was wondering if the moment was hotter because the desert was close, but it was an awesome climate if you came. That's how Rije pointed north at such a moment. There were mountains there.

"Look, there's that mountain, right? That's the king's capital of the old Urkan kingdom where Ballantine once lived as a slave."

"Is it true that there is still an arena?

"Arena tracks, huh? The arena has been relocated."

Rije points to the south side opposite the mountain. There was a circular dome there, and if you pay a little attention, there was a mighty magic burst at times.

"So, well, when I work here, I often act as a base for that arena trail, so our guild's base is there. I'll show you the way again."

"Oh, I asked... so where is the headquarters of < >?

"All the time, that. Guide... Father! Me, I'll bring you to say hello to Mr. Bernstein for a moment, but I don't know what it is!

Rije asks his father, who has various procedures in place. Because they are regular military personnel, the process seems to be more rigorous and cumbersome than it was in the blink of an eye with Rije, the adventurer. They can't move for a while now. And so Lil gave him his voice back.

"Rije! Let's not bother you for now," he said! Good luck with the moment!



moments and Rije waves at Lil, walking straight away. and as soon as he left the departure site of the airship that way, it seems that Rije met someone he knew.

"Ooh, Rije! You're back!

"Huh! Be gentler!

"Ha ha!

A giant adventurer hits Rije's shoulder with a strong force so hard that the sound of often makes him laugh. And that's what he instantly realized.

"What? You saw it somewhere."

"Oh, look, you were here the other day to say hello when we had our meeting, right?

"Oh, no, you were there... that kid with the odd powers."

"Nice to meet you. It's an instant article"

"Oh, whoa... hey, what do you want me to do with him?"

A giant adventurer asks Rije under pressure for some reason. By the way, I hear he never saw such a polite greeting adventurer.

"You're with me. He asked me to study abroad."

"My father?

"All the time, yes. Where's my dad? He left a letter with my dad. My father told me to bring it right away."

"You're my father's..." That's kind of a rare way out. Your dad was coming down to the ground floor. Or... well, then pull over. I don't know if I'm from Shizuku. It was a while ago, so if you drink, you're probably still on the ground floor. "

"Ooh, Thankyou."

The Giant Adventurer is apparently an Alliance member of < >. When I told him where Berntaine was, he lifted Rije's restraint and left with his hands up. If you hear about it in a drinking story a little later, apparently he has a request for a crusade of demons that only leaves at night, and he went out on it.

"Hey... well, let's go"

"Oh, oh... you're a fancy guy"

"Oh, Zeira. That guy's hot and bitter, so watch out, all the time!

Rije succumbs and dodges something that flew in from behind him. It went straight back to the direction it came as it passed Rije.

"Ahhhhh... no, the Beast Man's blood was mixed up."

"... what happened?

"Oh, Zeira threw a branch of a tree. You'll be noticed when you say bad things nearby, be careful."

Against a moment of confusion, Rije says, "Oh man, I start walking again." There was no precipitation there, only the wind as if it were a street at all times. Besides, I just have to wonder if the moment is half as surprising as it is. On the contrary, apparently, most of the members of < > are familiar with the city's police officers, so much so that they are laughing.

"Well, leave that alone. In the meantime, I can still see you going. Look, that big one. That's it."

"... bigger than ours."

"And two buildings next to it."


The moment opened my eyes. At Rije's fingertips, there are two 10-story buildings at a time, five stories at a time. The left and right items are not as big as the Adventure club's guild home, but they were still quite big.

And as for the central building, it's more than adventurous in height and breadth. It was a huge building where over a thousand people would be able to sleep. It seems to Dada that this is not the biggest guild in Enefia.

"Well, one of the central buildings is a liquor store all the way from the ground floor to the third floor... so you don't have room for people to sleep, over there. There's an office on the top floor. There's a lot going on."

"No... that's amazing too..."

"That's right."

Rije laughs at the words of an instant, too. It's a three-tiered tavern. Surely this was a great thing to do.

"Well, when I get back, someone's drinking... so I don't get into fights. I do it about three times a day, so I'll get used to it."

"Oh, whoa..."

The moment is like a pull, walking with one hand of luggage to a huge guild home. By the way, they think security in the guild is okay because of that, but basically the old stock folks are drinking together, so it can only be a fight to the extent that it fits. They're close enough to have a fight, that's why. And it's supposed to be such a noisy guild home, but it was oddly quiet today.

"... that? It can't be this quiet."

"What's up?

"No, it's quiet."

"Hmm... a raid or something... then you don't seem to"

He said, "Well, there's no way he's here."

Rije laughs. When it comes to adventurers, it's still a life-threatening business. Naturally, I buy grudges somewhere, and in some cases, they can develop into a feud between guilds.

Then they say they may be raided, but if they do, they won't do just that when Bernstein is there. And it's somewhat suspicious to be so quiet. but I understood that early in the day.

"Ooh, I'm just..." Ooh?

"Rije! He's coming! You, if you want to bring a guest, get the hell out of here!

"What the hell did you do to my father?!?

When Rije comes in, he is surrounded by < > alliance members. Apparently, they think he did something.

"Huh? No, what?

"My father was in a terrific state with you coming!

"What did you do!? I don't think he found out about my father's wife!

Alliance members whisper about Rije. Apparently, he's in a hurry. but their impatience also ended when one man stood up. Needless to say, Bern Tyne, the only one who hastens these adventurers so far.

"Welcome home, Rije. You've come a long way."

"Whoa, Dad. I'll take care of you again."

"Mr. Berntaine. Long time no see."

In the meantime, Rije from every street raises one hand because he has done nothing, and the moment he reveres as the man of the eye, he bows his head. Plus, thank you, everyone drank saliva. I didn't know what would happen after this. but elsewhere like that, Berntaine offered instantly while seeping through the tension.

"So, moments. You're getting a letter from me, aren't you?

"Oh... it's a parent book from our guild master and his friends. Take it."

"I received... the contents, can I confirm them here?

"I was just asked to take it... maybe, I think it's good"

"I'm sorry..."

Berntaine sits down on the spot after receiving two letters from the moment. The face was serious in itself, and the atmosphere was such that those around them could not help but misunderstand.

"For once, Kate said, when you read, you read your letters together, that's it."


Berntaine begins to read the letters Kate and Ballantine received from the moment. Thus, for some time, < > 's guild home was rarely surrounded by silence.