After Kate's identity was revealed to Rije and < > 's superiors at the < > Alliance Home. In the meantime, the documents from Kate and Ballantine were to be put into the frame after being worshipped by the shrine and kept in the safe for the time being, and were to be re-drunk for the time being.

"Well, that's why. In the meantime, I received Dear Kate's letter. But it's a great way to do it, that one."

Bern Tyne's review of Kite, which came out that way for now, is just a word. I admired it.

"Master Ballantine wasn't very good at paperwork. Wolka would know that. So, there he is."

Berntaine flickers at the letter from Kate. Even the earliest awe seeped into its face.

"Ha... basically Master Ballantine isn't good at explaining... no, I guess he's stained with the self-flow that's common in geniuses. Sensory theory was the majority."

"So, this guy..."

"Well... I can't tell you this, Lord, but Master Kite means martial arts. Then you're an old man. You're the one theorizing with your head to recreate what you got with your senses. Well, I feel a little bit of a genius, and the theorization of it is a big part of my own theory..."

Bern Tyne continues, prompted by Augdyne. As he himself said earlier, I'm sorry about how it would not have been with him if I had discredited Kite badly. So I can't tell you publicly, but I did.

"This one looks like an annotation. It was instantly annotated about your < >."


"Oh... there you go."

Berntaine hands over a letter from Kate to the moment. That's how he started reading letters from Kite.

"Uh... momentary < >, but this may actually be surprisingly theoretical because it looks seemingly impotent. As I said earlier, some of Ballantine's < > theories use theories similar to Earth's Pentathlon theory. Maybe the Earth's five-line theory was coming into Urca in some way, but I don't know this one..."

The letter from Kite included speculations from various perspectives and was also close to a kind of explanatory note. According to this, Ballantine's developed < >, which was not learned at the time, was practically exercised by proprietary theory, with verses that the body thought consisted of five attributes.

The five are Wind, Fire, Earth, Thunder, and Water. Apply similar attributes in the five-line theory, and it will remain 'Thursday, Tuesday, Saturday, Friday, and Wednesday'. By coincidence, it was unanimous.

"In light of that, it is believed that the instantaneous < > can use the theory of fire-borne and native gold. but soil is body. In the first place, there was a foundation on which the body could be transformed into gold... or thunder. Furthermore, there are electrical signals sent from the brain in the movement of the human body, but activating this means that < > is possible. It is presumably due to congeniality, or heredity, why the moment was so good at lightning attributes. About this one, my ancestor's blood muscle is a source of light... no. I don't understand any more."

The moment seems to be getting a headache from reading it. I shook my head to stop this any longer. Besides, Berntaine laughed as she received the letter returned.

"Ha. Well, yeah. I've been reading it, and I thought I was gonna do it for real."

"So, my dad was that serious too..."

"Oops. I haven't really thought about it in ten years."

Bern Tyne laughs lavishly at Augdyne's words. In the first place they are lifeless adventurers. Many of these were orphans or born and raised here. For once, the minimum degree of reading and writing is taught even in the guild, and if you want, you can attend a national school run by the Republic of Uruguay, but more so than that, it seems, there are many who put their energy into training as adventurers. So basically, they say few are smart in the sense of academic achievement.

"For now, who can complain if we get this far? You're the only one who can write something like this."

Bern Tyne laughs. If you can learn more about < >, it's one of the people who uses it. They figured that out for the executives.

"Ha... so, what is he after all, Dad?"

"Oh, this is what we call a reinforcement plan for the guys who crossed into Urca. They told us what the Bernstadt family in the main house was learning."

"Of the main house? You don't know anything about me, do you?

Rije, said to be the main house and the main family member, snaps his neck. but this is natural. He is in the future, but he is not a soldier yet. That's why Berntaine told him as a matter of course.

"You know what? You train to be a soldier. Daitao is hiding it, right? I guess I taught you < >."

"Uh... no, I was..."

"Always, then, I knew it was a man to try... Augdyne, gather the brothers who are here tomorrow morning. Moments and rije at last. You guys work together."


"Hmm? Me too?

"Ooh, moments. Neither do you. Hey, maybe I'll borrow your wisdom, and maybe it'll be some sort of takeover of yours, huh?

"Oh, so is that... then, please"


Berntaine nodded at the moment. Then, after this, a welcome party was held to celebrate the return of Rije, and the instant he was drunk and drunk, and went to sleep.

The next morning. At the end of the morning practice, the moment was gathered with the < > Alliance members to train < >.

"Oh, a moment. How was our room?"

"Oh, Mr. Dyne. Room, thank you. It was comfortable."

The moment gives a morning greeting to Augdyne, who was taking a flash call. For the duration of this stay, < > was supposed to provide a room for guests, and they were given one room.

It should be noted that this does not mean that he has special treatment, but that the Alliance people who are under the umbrella of < > may come here, and they are allowed to use one room for this purpose. Several umbrella guild adventurers were still sleeping in another room today, and Rije used to use the same room as this.

They used to, so now they're using the same room as the < > members. Basically, he's not treated like a boy in the main house, he's treated as an Alliance member of < >.

"Oh, brother... I'm here too."

"Reggie... you seem hungover all the time."

"Because you guys drink... instantly... you, you okay?

A little blue-faced Rije raises one hand to the moment. Apparently the hangover is terrible.

"Oh, oh... sometimes I swallow with the Dragons. I was working out there."

"Uh... well... the Dragons don't come to us often either..."

Rije seems to recall speaking with a sore head. He nodded like he was convinced and had a headache. I was squatting.

"Ah... Mr. Riesha's hangover pills... do you want to use them? I got it for once..."

"Seriously... bad, please..."

"No water, but forgive me."


Rije instantly took a few pills out of a westpouch-shaped sachet. I got a couple of pills that Reesha and Meath had formulated because they might drink when they came here. Of course, I also get a variety of other wound medicines. This one was just handed over just in case.

"They'll make it easier in an hour"


Rije gently chews the medicine up like a tablet and swallows it with saliva. I don't know if I can chew, but it would have been easier to drink. By the way, he also knows Leisha's arm because he belongs to the Demon Guidance School. And when I did that, Bern Tyne showed up.

"Ooh, wow. Sorry about that in the morning."

"Ooh, Berntaine! Morning!"


Alliance members greet Bern Tyne. Many of us gathered this time - some of us were interested in what Berntaine would do - some of his children, cousins, and eventually his uncles, so some of them would normally use tame mouths or call them out.

Thus, after a morning greeting had been exchanged, they decided to head to the former King Urca capital in the north for now. Therefore, the moment came to understand that < > was admired.

"Berntaine! Are you going somewhere today -!

"Ooh! Just a little training!

"Berntaine! Alcohol, I made it when I delivered it!

"Oh, there is! Money depends on everything. Well!

Every time Bern Tyne walks somewhere, he can call. He replies to it one by one. And that's not one or two of them. So in the end, it took about an hour to get out of town.

"Shh, that was amazing..."

"Well, this is what happens when you get a large number of people. You'll get used to it for a month."

Lije laughs at the moment she's taken aback when she sees that even the gatekeepers were looking for Bernstein to shake her hand. Apparently, this is the default. Berntaine I guess that person is quite admired, too. And such a rigger laughed even more.

"Well, it's better from here"


"Well, you'll see... my dad's in the boulder today and I don't know if I'll be there by then."

Apparently, there's something going on. That's how I walked in a group of about 30 people, but I could understand what he was saying there.

"Huh! Is that a demon!?

"What the... is that it? You're worm-based... for a moment. Don't worry about it."

"What? No, obviously this is a group, isn't it?

The moment is puzzled by Rije's words. He also understood that the ground was tremendously shaky and that he had obviously encountered a huge herd of demons. but if he looked around like that, most facades didn't even give out weapons.

"Before, before. Fathers, take a look."


The moment points the gaze from the cause of vibration to the burn tyne. Then there was the way Bern Tyne was discussing something with the neighbors. And Augdyne roughed up her voice.

"Hey! Bastards! Shake it, so enjoy it!

"" "Whoa!

Stick tight to Augdyne's words even though they don't say that's normal. That, the next moment. Suddenly a further earthquake struck us together.


"He's my father! Break the ground, they're coming! Hold on tight!

Rije herself punctuates the spear to the ground, drawing attention to the moment. and that next moment. As he put it, the ground smashed wide open.


The moment I was stepping on it mellowed. but on the other hand, the Berntaines were moving toward the demons who couldn't move as well. The first thing that moved was Bern Tyne's proximity. They rush into the demons who have revealed themselves because the ground is broken.

"Dad! Let's go!

When they grab a few giant demons that were diving on the ground by themselves, they gently throw them up as if they were scraps of paper. Besides, Berntaine responded.

"Whoa! I don't know about prep exercises!

Bern Tyne laughs. Apparently, this is still a prep exercise. Such a flame in his hands, he dropped his hips.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Every time Bernstein sticks out his fist, he releases a fiery fist. One of < > 's moves is < >. This is one of < > 's moves (skills) that Ballantine, his ancestor, used in reinforcements to fold the Dragon Knight race.

Yet another stage below seems to have moves (skills), but if you look at them from Berntaine, the powerful person, they may be just right for the prep movement. And so the intentions were easily extinguished by the demons.


"What do you say? Dad, you ready to do this?

"Hey, I don't mind. I did it a little flashy. In the meantime, prepare yourselves."

"" "Ooh" "

In the wake of Bernstein's words, the proximity also nods and begins to crusade the rest of the demons together. but this one was amazing too. Almost 30 meters in a single blow, the giant demons disappeared in one blow.

"... huh?

"Oh, oh..."

The moment pulls my cheeks apart. It was so overwhelming. I understood that they were far above me. And that's how it ended easily, but the only thing amazing was this superficial presence. And so a man of the age of the guild spoke to him.

"That was a moment. Look at your collaboration today. [M] First time guy. Then you're only in the way."



"... oh, whoa..."

The moment becomes a pompous one. It was the turn of the Moments General Alliance members after the preparation campaign of the Sides, but none of his appearances were there. For example, the battle against a giant demon of Giganto descent ended without any attack on the enemy.

When someone puts a blow to the foot first and stops it, the next person releases a slash at the hand without putting it between them, rendering the attack powerless. Yet at the next moment yet another runs up the giant and stands in the face position, swinging his fist out and bouncing off his face. And at the end of the day, someone with a giant hammer struck out the torso and completely destroyed the core.

This was done in just over a dozen seconds. Whether demons change or not, crusade times per unit don't change as much. It couldn't have been instant. Everyone understood the optimal instantly and was completing the demon with flowing movements. The level of collaboration was different from that of the Adventure Department.

This would be what the Adventure Department should aim for. The Adventure Club, which has not slipped through like Kate, is with a regular guild. It wasn't kite you should aim for, it was this one. Thus, as we watched the battle of such a raw group of adventurers, we learned how to move.