The moment he began his training in Urca, he came with the adventurers of < > at the request of Berntaine to the ruins of the capital of the former kingdom of Urca, north of Urca, the capital of the Republic of Uruguay.

"This is the capital of the king."

"Ex, it's Wang Du. It's just an abandoned city now."

Rije laughs at the snap of an instant. Indeed, when it came to the former Wang capital, many of the urban areas were exposed to an unbroken appearance. Although the junction still functions in a partially usable state and < > members seem to be using it as a base of activity, it is likely that it can also be called abandoned house.

"What happened?

"The rebellion and the demon attack at a time when the junction was stopped. Well, a slave kingdom was not even as busy as having two names. At the end of the day, the king was chased around, tied up, so... it's the king's capital of such a country. He deserves to end up like this."

Apparently, the kingdom of Urca has perished in close proximity to the uprising. If so, it will not be necessary to expose to the likelihood of being so close to ruins. And the < > Alliance members staying in the Abandoned King's Capital seem to have noticed.

"Dad... what's up? Request?"

"No, I had a little something to do. Well, I'm not interrupting."

"What do you want to do?

He said, "Hey, there's going to be a lot of strong enemies... training."

"My father?

The Alliance members who were staying face to face. When it comes to Bern Tyne, it is also situated in the world as a powerful man. In the meantime, I even drew him from the General. I didn't think I needed any more training.

"Oh? What, am I supposed to be training?

"Oh, no. That's what I did. Well, I don't defy what my father does. Do whatever you want."

"Oh... hey, arena tracks, let's go"

With the permission of those who were staying, Berntaine will take us to the Colosseum site where the Ballantines were once fought.

It is close to the heart of the city and on the same scale as the arena in the Imperial capital. But sometimes this is in a doomed city, so you can imagine the Greek Colosseum as it looks. The shape of the building is really similar due to the strong interest of the spectacle in the Colosseum format.

That said, this one has not been repaired in any way as an abominable relic, unlike Greece, which was found as a ruin, and the majority of the outer walls of the Colosseum are collapsed. The entrance is blocked by rubble. So we went from the collapsed outer wall to the inside.

"Is there a man?"

"It's ours. We live here, too, and we hang it on the republic and let it be used for training."

As usual, Rije explains to the instant twinkle. It was in his eyes that he climbed the rubble that the adventurers thought he was in training. In the abandoned capital, demons roamed where the bonds were being lifted, but it was apparently turned into training, including its crusades, etc. Again, the world's largest guild was not Dade, but it looked like there were < > adventurers somewhere near Urca.

It should be noted, of course, that demons are much less dangerous than adventurers. Otherwise you wouldn't consider using this place. And to such a former arena, Berntaine goes in.

"Ooh. I'm sorry, but I need some space."


"My dad's over here... that's unusual. Are you gonna do something about it?

"Whoa. So give me some space."

"Hey, hey! You guys! My dad's training! Everybody, keep your distance and clear your space!

The adventurers of the guild members who had originally used it heard of Berntaine's arrival, and simultaneously stopped training themselves and moved to a place where the audience would have originally sat for him. With that in mind, Berntaine decided to gather the people she had brought to the heart of the Colosseum.

"I'm sorry... Okay, everybody, come here"

"" "Ooh" "

"Hey... well... well, throw the narrow story over there, yeah. With information from Saru. I've been trying it for a while. And I need your help."

"My father..."

"Our power...?

The majority of the same people, who were barely informed of any details, hang their necks. Even from them, Bern Tyne is a man on the cloud. I didn't really feel that he wanted to help.

"Oh... I'll do it. It's easy. I want you to keep your < > fire."

"... the < > fire..."


Alliance members behead. As a matter of fact, the Bernstadt family in < > had almost lost their way of transferring the power of < > to others who could use < >. At best, they can only do it to the extent of recovering health.

In terms of the difference between an adventurer and an army that moves as an organization with a lot of individual behavior, the Western-Bernstadt family stood far above each other in terms of individual skill, but vice versa, the main Bernstadt family was higher. This is probably because the Kuzha people and their faces were close at the time.

So the Bernstadts on the Ulka side, who had never even thought of such a way, all leaned their necks together.


"... oh, no. None of us know that."

"" "Yeah, yeah!

Pom, and Berntaine also slapped her hand as she noticed here. Even though he knew something he didn't know, Kate didn't know it there in the first place, so he went ahead on the assumption of knowing it. I thought I didn't use all this. It was Ballantine and Kite's mistake.

"Hey, Rije. You, you don't know anything?

"No, father. I'm ready to use it, right here?

"Well... I don't know what to do... give me a minute"

Berntaine laughs at Rije's words and then puts her hands on her forehead just a little bit. Apparently, he snorted from the beginning. He bowed his head to Master Kite once and was squealing because of it. But they completely forgot, but there was someone here who could use < >, another subspecies.

"Oh, uh... for once, if it's okay with what I heard from Kate, I can tell you... but then you can't?

"... you, have you heard of it?

Berntaine looked up and opened her eyes.

"Oh... in the first place I saw Lil and tried to recreate < >... so I couldn't, so I developed < >. Before that, I developed something called < >, where I took a hand from Kite."

"Oh... so you got a commentary on that fold?

"Oh... just a little from Mr. Ballantine"

"Guuuuuu! I envy you, you bastard! Damn it! I should have gone sooner..."

Berntaine bites her umbilical with sincere regret. Apparently, Ballantine, I can't wait to see the moment you were taught straight away. but he also decided to get me back soon and listen to the commentary from the moment.

"No... that guy. Well, put it down and this way. So, what?

"Er... Mr. Ballantine should inject his temper and guts."

"Hmm... well, it's a way to do it, so I guess."

Berntaine listens to the summary of the moment and understands that Daejeon is good considering the theory of < >. That said, it's troublesome. This is sensory theory. I don't know how, not.

"So, Kate said... uh... you did say you'd do it to be energized or distracted."

"Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I heard you said it wasn't technically magic.

"Maybe, yeah"

The moment nodded a little less confidently at Bern Tyne's inquiry. Even he didn't know about Nakatsu, and it was the first time that his mind and magic were technically different.

That said, this seems to capture a piece of truth. Mind is the power that dwells in the flesh, and magic is the power of will, that is, the power that dwells in the spirit and soul. It seems technically possible to distinguish. But they can use magic either way, so it's almost pointless to distinguish them apart from scholars, so they're all together.

"I don't even know... that's all. Then I don't know..."

Bern Tyne twists his head. Again, this alone was vague and poorly understood. Kite will tell you how he does it in these cases, but unfortunately he's not here. And so I thought, but that's where my voice resonated.

"Ah... wary. This was unexpected."

"Oh, come on... excuse me. What time did you get out?

It was Kite who showed up as she was. Such was he pointing his finger behind his back. There stood Brass and Lil.

"He came to say hello because he's looking after my son... but he said he was in trouble if he came over here to talk to me. They contacted me and temporarily revealed me using a contact demon I had left these guys with."

"Well... sorry"

Berntaine bows her head. Needless to say, his opponent is Kite the Brave. Even those who knew nothing were unexpectedly blindfolded.

"I'm sorry, but I'll take care of it later, but is that good?

"Heh. Here's that"

Bern Tyne undertakes the aftermath of Kite showing up. To that extent, considering what would be taught from now on, it did not pay as much as a hairy price. In the first place, it's against a country of jade stone mixing that's gonna have trouble finding out who Kate is. I have trouble getting my leg pulled, and conversely, I don't have trouble exposing myself to the person who doesn't get my leg pulled.

"Well... so for now. Hey, old man!

"... become..."

Berntaine unexpectedly blues when she sees the audience in Kate's voice. It was Ballantine that stood there. He was looking over the entire Colosseum with a strange face. He descended to the heart of the Colosseum, slightly saddened.

"... so much has happened... ha. Zamamitsu."

"Old man... if it's hard, you don't have to come all the way out."

Kate shakes her head in a sigh mix. This time, he wanted to leave, so he put it out, but Kate noticed that he was enjoying hearing that he was in a bad mood. Of course, it is not a word that comes out of the bottom of my heart.

"Oh? That's right. I just thought you'd see... ha... different..."

He said Ballantine saw the place he once spent his boyhood in was desolate, and still thought this was his hometown. Just a little, really slightly, but it seemed spicy. That said, he shook his head and regained his mind.

"Well, still. I can't help my kid. I'm sorry. I've never written a book or anything, so I missed a lot of writing. Well, I was the best at writing names. Give me a break."

"Yes, no... it's enough that you bothered to write to me... and yet I didn't expect you to come out here... in awe..."

Berntine trembles at Ballantine's apology. Speaking of wiping my own ass, he went all the way out to the place where Ballantine was his trauma. I was impressed.

"No, it was originally my ass wipe. Let this go... Hey, kite. The transferring side, please."


At the behest of Ballantine, Kite takes a short distance. I couldn't explain it in the paperwork, so I was going to explain it in the demonstration. Hundreds of stories are not at first sight. He thought it would be quicker to show it once. So, first, Kate raises her right hand and turns to Ballantine.

"Now... listen carefully because I can only say it once."

A right-handed kite tells < > Alliance members. It's a lesson from the brave man on the boulder. Everyone was serious in itself.

"First, the transferring side has no intention of attacking as much as possible. So, boost the power of < >. Good luck to the guy who's doing it with more fighting or something, because he can do it without it. Listen to me later, even though you're young in Japan."

As Kite explains, she wears < >. He does not wrap his fighting spirit around him, but gathers his own created flames in his right hand.

"Well... so I give you this... here, I'm sorry to be an image, but thinking gives them vitality... well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Think about it. So, thinking about it strongly later..."

When Kite gets a little tempered, the flame stretches from the palm of his hand to Ballantine. And with that in mind, Ballantine changes the narrative.

"So, I'll take this guy, but be careful with one thing when you do. This guy is a rampage horse. but don't take it in hard. To begin with, pull yourself out of your power and accept this power. So let it circulate throughout your body under the instructions of < >."

When Ballantine takes the power of < > received from Kite into her body as her own power, she deploys < > at a low level of skill while increasing it. His own powers have not yet been used, given the nature of this one. As the force poured from the kite increases, so does the < > stage.

"Thirdly... fourthly... basically, now I can turn up the output... but this is the only time I think about being handed over. Adding your own < > here changes the situation. Hey, kite. Hang it up."


"Hey... Huh!

Ballantine receives a halt to the influx of power from Kite, and now he deploys < > on his own. Now it's the greatest power from the beginning. Seeing that, Berntaine shrugged.

"< >..."

"Oh, you remember that?"

Ballantine, who became the flame itself, laughs. That said, I didn't want to show you this. So I immediately sent a signal to Kite.

"See you later, transfer."

"Ouch... ooh. Here we go."

The moment Kate's powers join, the flames that Ballantine was wrapping around him burst into madness at once. but it should be noted that Ballantine was flat.

"Well, the hard part about this is since < > is maximized. I'm going to exceed my limits. It was hard for me at first."

"Lie to me. Wow, that sounds amazing. You were about to scorch the meadows at risk. You told me to do it on the ocean once."

'Ugh... well, the receiving side doesn't control its power above its own ceiling. What? There's a risk of a runoff or outburst... Bern Tyne and the kid over there. You guys be especially careful. If you guys make it to the top, the outburst will kill you at that point. It's not yours, it's all around you. Practice is solid.'

"I only have practice after that. Just take it and understand what it's like up there, not in Lord Berntaine's case."

"Yes. Thank you."

Berntaine bows her head deeply. I was taught how to do it right away. I've never been more fortunate, and if I were an adventurer, I'd probably be the earliest - or a few - to graduate - and it was a situation.

As such, Kate and the others decided to disappear because they had finished the whole job for now, but Kate approached in an instant just before turning off the Ballantine.

"Senior... you know why I'm letting you in here, don't you, Lil? It's time for your stomach."

"I know... and I've been preparing for it."

"Or... I'll follow up on my parents or something. I'll look forward to hearing from you later."

"I'm not gonna report it."

That's what the moment tells you to be just a little shy. He was here to train, and at the same time he was coming prepared for one thing. As such, he had been kicked in the ass by Kate and decided to be ready.