Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 960: Son of Man and Fox of Nine Tails

Well, when the Mizuki/Yuri pair were training. Meizumi was also training again. Even so, the investigation into the blood veins had been completed early in the first place, so we were supposed to get new performance in that area. And for that, one girl was out in front of her.

"Uh... um... basically, I'll throw and use your bills for this attack"

Girl tells. She was a beautiful, eye-catching girl, mature with her body. but there was some fright in the look on the girl's face and an atmosphere that seemed unfamiliar to the man. She was such an imbalanced girl.


The charm roars with the plaque handed to me by such a girl. Her bloodline, but once a treasurer who flourished in Japan. If it stays that way, it would be comparable to cherry blossoms too, lady - although at best it's about sola because it's a branch - I can say. That's one of the branches that broke up after the dismantling of the post-World War II treasury.

but the division was the so-called frivolous division. Originally, there were countless interracial families in Japan, famous houses that drew the blood of monsters in Japanese style. It seems that the division, which inherited the blood of its ancestors in colour, was three branches.

Apparently, this has something to do with the fact that Meizi's sister and her wife knew who Kate were. Her sister's husband, Meizhiba's brother-in-law, was deposited with the Sane family by a clan of Yin Yang masters who drew Dragon's blood - we didn't even know it had been deposited - on the way home from our ancestors, at which time Kate had also been consulted because she was not yet heavily active in Japan.

I heard during Gotagota there that Mitsubishi is apparently close to the family line of the Yin Yang Master. I'm guessing it's the Yin Yang Master who stands on the opposite side. Even if I say Yin Yang Master to one word, they have a lot of things.

"Here... it seems magical all the time..."

The girl throws a single plaque that she had in her hand in a light way. but even though your bill was made of paper, it flew away beautifully. They don't have any unusual tricks applied to the paper itself, but they're included in a letter that says a technique that gets magic and flies toward the target.

"And then it flies towards the target, and it bursts automatically."

"Heh... surprisingly convenient..."

Meizuma sees the plaque handed to her to admire. It seems to be a little different from the curse that Sola and the others once used in the volcanic belt, and the lineage seems to be the disposable simple magic props used by the people of Nakatsu.

"It's just... these are Japanese stuff. So basically, you just have to make your own."

The girl tells against the admiring charm. As you can see from here, the girl was the girl that Kate brought from Japan. Well, I mean, he's actually been with Kite since the school transfer. I was told that I was going to start training, but I was greatly surprised at the time.

"So, Tama... why are you in such a corner?

Charm asks a bitter mix of laughter against such a girl. She was now taking a course in one of the duke's mansions, but the other girl was waiting in the corner of the room. That's the corner of the window in the room, too.

"... outside... a cup of people... scared..."

Girl shudders puffy. The tail was either alert or pine opposite, and the ears were drooling as if frightened. As a matter of fact, there is naturally a reason why her presence has been kept secret until now. Actually, she says she's anthropophobic - especially against men.

So, there's a lot going on, and she asked me to be the only one she could deal with, and Kate got involved in the case while she was secretly protecting her, and she's been pulling it off ever since.

Once asked, Meece said she was being treated, but because of this situation on the boulder, it was kept a secret by the fascinators. But as part of the treatment, I recently left the Duke's residence, and if it was the same woman as part of it, I was going to give a lecture on the charm clothes that I was just looking for something else.

"Are you that scared?

"One drink... no..."

The girl shudders and reveals her fright as if she were frightened in a corner. She is a kind of beast man - the same fox tribe as moonflower - so she is sensitive to the shadows of people moving around outside the window. but the charm was half pathetic and half bitter and half smiling.

"Well... if I wanted to stop by from 100,000 people and get stuck, I don't know. But I don't..."

The charm shrugged and murmured. From Kate, Charming had heard about the identity of this girl. At that time, the cause of this anthropophobia was taught, but it was therefore very subtle whether it was good to be purely pitied.

"Ugh... I know... it's my fault... but I'm scared..."

The girl shrugged and murmured. Nothing like she was mauled, etc. Ripple means he wanted to stop by and was attacked. And that number was 100,000.

Now, as you may notice at this point, what is she hiding? The three great Japanese monsters are in front of the algae. To be precise, it was she who revived one of the largest pieces of the biocidal stone in a certain incident in Japan.

From the other two biocidal stones also awakened before the other algae, but it seems that one works as a divine angel apprentice under the God of the Soul God of Buddha - the so-called Inari - to compensate for the sins of the incident that once took place at the fold of the peacetime in Japan.

"Ugh, um..."

Charming makes a face that seems so hard to do. The last thing before the jade algae is a phrase that was hunted down by 100,000 soldiers by the Yin Yang Master/Abe Sunshine who was bewitching the emperor of time, even when begging for his life, he is not recognized in the prophecy of Abe Tai parents who were military teachers and descendants of Abe Sunshine, and is debated and biocidally petrified.

It seems that the memories of being slaughtered by these 100,000 soldiers are so colorfully engraved on her that she is still frightened by people. Especially then. Most soldiers are men. Therefore, they have a great deal of fear for men.

That said, I deserve this no matter what you think. If I had left her like that, Japan's national system would have been in danger. Given that, the end of the road is obvious and there is no room for sympathy, but I don't look too frightened of this desirable girl on the boulder.

"Um... Kite's gonna be okay, right?

"Yeah... because the big me ran out of hands..."

The algae nod. Big me, I mean the jade algae that are guarding Kate's family on Earth. The biocidal stone is then crushed by a hammer by a monk named Xuanneng Monk - the origin of Xuanneng comes from here - and the largest object is divided into three parts. Apparently, when it was divided, the soul also split into three parts.

Of these, the biggest thing was her, but the next biggest thing was me. An aged woman as far as she looks. It seems to be before the jade algae the last time I was cornered. This one apparently has no emotions whatsoever, and he hasn't become either masculine or anthropophobic.

"A lot of things... anyway, that's it, right?

"Yeah... I didn't have any kids, but I'm not your biological daughter and..."

Charming hadn't been explained here, but I know what happened to Daima. I mean, it was enough to imagine. Quickly the big one stuck her in Kate's throat with what she called the lustre she had in front of her. He thought it was better to target the man to get him used to it.

Well, this kind of rough treatment isn't supposed to work, but the big algae seem to really like the kite thing. That's why they admire the nature of the continent's Da Myeong and Lady Huayang so much that it changes surprisingly.

And even if they were divided, they were the same soul and they were the same person. Apparently that's also passed on to her, and only Kate was not eligible for phobia. Therefore, they were rehabilitating with Kite.

"Well, uh... it's all over you, so... can't you be relieved?

"... it's not the same. I'm just getting mercy, so..."

That's what the algae tell you as they tease the figs. She can't seem to think backwards or very positively right now, either on the razor or on the corner. I don't know how the Great Demon Fox would react to this, but it would be good for mankind. That said, there was one thing I could say.

"Uh... he doesn't have that, does he? Because if I don't love you, I won't hold you, or something like that, because I have that cleanliness. Instead, he says he'll give us everything he wants because he loves you..."

"... I know... but that's what I want you to think..."

"Ugh, um..."

I wonder whether it's self-inflicted or unbelievable. I deserve it, but pity was pitiful.

By the way, why is it that the jade algae say they know it, including the big girlfriend and this girlfriend, the number of days spent together and their intensity far exceeds the fascinators. Besides, in her case, it's almost one-on-one if Kate spends the night with her because of her own problems. Maybe a few times, but I could talk to Kite alone for that matter. Understanding, she was higher.

"As it is, well for now... let's move on to today's course, shall we?


Therefore, the jade algae prompted by the enchantment will resume the course as a snack once again. Fortunately, I hope so. That's before the jade algae. I was familiar with the magic used in Japan. Say Yin Yang Master, but its ancestors are Abe Qingming, that is, a half demon with a fox clan in her mother, just like her. They don't change the basic principles of magic they use.

Furthermore, I was fortunate that Meizu was a woman. They managed to establish a conversation because they didn't have to feel the fear of men even as jade algae.

"Uh... basically, I use defensive bills to let them sneak into my clothes. It is characteristic of Japanese bills that there are many bills that can be used only once to prevent death and curse, like" substitute bills "and so on."

"... aren't they cheats?


The algae also snort at Meizu's allegations. Preventing a system of death or curse, for the most part, depends heavily on our ability to defend ourselves. For example, Mel's side of the night was cursed, but it was also received because of his low ability to speak of his anti-demonic defenses.

If this is stronger than the curse of the enemy, it is basically deactivated. Kite or Tina, for example, would have been deactivated even if it were the same enemy curse.

but it seems that the Japanese plaque basically replaces these powers without question. They say this is something that doesn't exist in Enefia, and only on Earth or in Japan.

Later on, Kate told me that apparently a tremendous amount of value would be put up for it. That would be the price of hundreds of millions of yen - market value - for a single piece in disposable habits when it comes to bills to prevent the death of a single blow used by Reaper as a god - Hades or Elexigal, for example, in Char or Earth.

"But for that matter, the effect is immense... if you can use it, you can aggressively hit and deactivate your bills on enemy attacks, or whatever... because it's disposable, you'll be treated like a trump card..."

The algae finish explaining the bill for now. This time, the basic pedagogy study meant that there was a basic story about how to use your card and what kind.

I don't need to tell you everything at all, no matter how much, and the burden of the algae. He's going to teach me slowly, and he's going to teach me slowly. Thus, from this day on, Meizhiba will secretly receive a hands-on lesson from the jade algae about the magic used by the Japanese masters of Yin and Yang.