Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 969: The Fusion of Science and Magic

When Tina and the lighthouse were negotiating. The footage was seen through a surveillance camera in a room in the Duke's residence above.

'On top of that, what is negotiable with me? The answer is, just one. Develop something for Kite. Only in that case will I throw all the power I can... that kind of flow.'

The light in the screen speaks out. Kuzha and Aura had confirmed that. As in the light, neither Kuzha nor Aura can trust or trust the guy they just met. Because Kate believes in it, that doesn't make it 100 points to be added.

"What do you think, Aura"


It's about Mr. Lantern.

"Hmm... she can be trusted"

In reply to Kuzha's inquiry, Aura affirms. In her conversation during this time, she intuitively understood the personality in the light. Her doctrine is shallow and broad. It is liked by everyone, but instead it stands one step away from everyone.

That, the Duke's family had foreseen. It was not Dada who made him a disciple of the wise emperor Wisterias and a little over 200 years of Duke proxy. Besides, Kuzha put her hand on his chin.

"Hmm... do you mean the findings, you know exactly why your brother was laughing in his profile. She's a horrible woman, honestly."

Kuzha seeps through some sort of terror. Her acting was very well done, in a nutshell. To the point where the Duke's house is deceived. This McDawell family couldn't spot what was underlying her. That's why the two of them were gathered together now to watch.

"Well... maybe she has a natural gift for deception."

"Deceive, it's a bad way to say..."

Kuzha subtly agrees with Aura's words. The subtlety is because I didn't see a good way to put it. That's how Aura opened her mouth.

"She's pulling a step back, but there's a strong determination to absolutely protect what's in that breakup. And Kite's in there. So she won't betray Kite. No money for her, no honor beats her family. She won't betray her family."

Do you mean... the same as you?

"Same as Kuzha"

Kuzha silently agrees with Aura's words. The three of us, Aura, Kate and Kuzha, have something in common. That's one thing. That's how Kuzha finally opens his mouth.

"We lost a family together."


Aura brought her grandfather and her parents, and Kuzha told her parents and many others who would join her in it. We both lost it. They no longer have a family with direct blood connections as one.

As a result, they were hungry for their family. That's why they went into the McDawell family. Because we wanted Kate to be a family. And that's not just them. All the maids and deacons who were Uhuras and former orphans beside Aura are.

"The road is different"

"But the conclusions we are drawing are the same"

Kuzha took over Aura's words. That concludes. It was only if they were a family without blood connections that they valued the framework of family above all else. And that's what Kite taught me. I thought they saw the source.

"I guess the mutters just want to have a family," he said... "

"Still, this is the house for us, and we're family. There's no father, no mother, but..."

Aura and Kuzha nod at each other. This is where the McDawell family lives. I can assure you that wherever you go, you can stretch your chest.

Thus, Kuzha gives instructions. It's not intuition, it's only if you become a family. She is definitely her own family, he said. I don't even need to talk about it, even if I've never talked about it. It's my family.

"Her treatment is at the top. Treat me like a human being."

"Yes, sir."

"She trusts us not far either. So no problem."

"Well, I guess so... well, let me get your room ready as I should be"

Fine on Kuzha's instructions, and Yuhara nods on Aura's instructions. As such, a room for the lights was secretly set up in the Duke's mansion.

On the other hand, Tina and the others headed for the development room of the Magic Conductor. In the first place, the Magic Conductor is equipped with a gravity control device. I could easily imagine what would be relevant if I knew what was going on.

"This... wow..."

Around 30 meters long. Seeing the Magic Machine reaching into an area where great development is still considered impossible by Earth's science and technology, the light inside just as well draws cheeks.

"Magic Machine. That's what the rest of us call military weapons."

"Hmm... I won't self-destruct in this size, I see. Okay."

"That's great."

Tina sends praise for what she saw in the light. So I looked around a little bit and found Firefly and Aigis, who were with my three daughters.

"Oh, whoa. Firefly, Aigis. Hey, come here."


Copy that.

The two of them, instructed by Tina, put a no on their three daughters and come in front of them in the light.

"These two, so to speak, are artificial creatures... but not just flesh."


"So... you're in a diagonal mood?

In the lamp I hugged to the firefly, but I only distanced myself a little sadly after what was unfathomable. Besides, Tina laughed and explained.

"Um... well, the name of the person I just hugged is Firefly. The body is a golem... no, one way or another, in a body close to an android. The soul still has its hardness."

"Ah, Mitsuri said you're a robot daughter."

I see, and the lights convince me. Then they also understood the solidity. It should be noted that Mitsuri is the sister of a college student in the lamp - only before the transfer. This one is also close to Kate.

"Well, think of it like that. Although the contents are usually different from artificial intelligence because they usually have the same soul as people."

"Hmm... with the demons. Rikai."

I see, the fireflies are as faceless as ever against the lights that nodded again. but the subtle light that was in its eyes noticed the inside of the light. And I noticed the fireflies, too. It's a late silence.

"... Professor (Professor). Permission to speak."

"Yeah, I don't mind."

"Roger... is she an actor?


The face in the light is slightly distorted. Tina also knows, but now she's the mask that made her look vegan. It was spotted in an instant. When I saw that, Aigis went in to stop it.

"Uh, fireflies. To say that to someone you don't really meet..."

"Roger that. Excuse me."

"... things are amazing, these two"

"Oh, how many minutes am I 30,000?"

"Plus tens of thousands"

"Age... I could cover it!?

Aigis opened her eyes to a firefly bossy word. It should be noted that the fireflies are not nickeled at all. but apparently it was like a joke or a joke. I knew where it was and there was a look on my face that I didn't know.

"Oh, you're suddenly in robo-daughter mode, this one"

"Master! Fireflies! Fireflies are terrible!

"What, all of a sudden..."

Wow, and Aigis moaning rapidly opens correspondence to Kite. And such a kite instantly realized that there was a light inside beside it, even though it was frivolous.

"Oh... Mr. Lighthouse. Why are you there?

"Do you know the master?

'Hmm? Yeah, it's like my other sister. Honestly, I'm probably one of those guys who can't win mentally. Well, that's why you don't treat it like a handful. I can get away with it by pushing my arm against the warm curtain. "



Copy that, sir.

Fireflies and Aigis decide to be polite with Kate's family. They are kind of blindly submissive to kite. Not that Kate is strong enough for it, but their souls are pretty close to some sort of Gnome's family spirits. Therefore, I suppose you instinctively think to obey Kite, who forms friendships with the Great Spirit.

"Oh, kite, kite."


"How do you relate to these kids? Again?"

'Don't say it again! Again!'

Kate yells at Nico against the lights with a smiling face. What? I was pretending with only my pinky fingers up. And that smile looked only slightly different from them, who had seen so many people.

I'm not reluctant to smile in front of Kite. I'm laughing from the bottom of my heart. I have no place to pull it off. Only those who know know, it's a slight difference. but still it did exist.

"Fireflies are my katana. Aigis is my aide. They both have to be with me."

Mutsu, Kite, looking relaxed, assures me. That way, I assure you again.

'Well, fireflies are a legacy of the pre-civilized era. Captured during battle. Then the system switched, and now I'm being held hostage by < >... no harm will be done. "

"Previous civilization... about the Mars Empire?

"Oh. Sleep in that secret lab underground hidden area. So I captured it during the battle... and synthesized it with a demonic stone just before the soul was shaped, one step ahead of a super old demonic stone, just like Aigis, to something mournful that lived there as a plain body. So, fireflies are what we can do."

"Hmm... that's a strangely Japanese name."

Understand what kind of theory is Dafan in Kate's commentary. And furthermore, if you are enslaved, you seem to have decided that there is no problem.

"Oh, I gave you a name. The code number... '

"Prototype special golem 07 modified/modified"

"That's why."

A firefly prompted by kite answers his serial number. As a model name, this is the official name. Incidentally, "alteration/modification" was altered once she became household, and was then adjusted for combat again.

"Oh... it's a romance to change and change."

Fireflies feel slightly uncomfortable in the light with a smile on their face. There was no feeling or hesitation there. This smile, it wasn't an act.

I noticed in the lights that Kate was treating them like family. And one more thing. They found the trust they placed in Kite to be absolute. Therefore, she also decided to treat her as a family in accordance with Kate's intentions. Even so, he just showed me this. Not yet, not perfect. Dare I say, it would be like driving accustomed from now on when I decided to treat it with my family.

And when he saw the firefly face he seemed to find such discomfort, the light only secretly winked for a moment and turned back to Tina.

"Okay... so what am I supposed to do for now?

"Um... Aigis. Blueprints."


Manipulating Katakata and the console, Aigis presents a blueprint for the Magic Conductor.

"This is the blueprint for the Magic Conductor... Aigis. Expand the part associated with the control device."

"Jesus... it will be this"

"Um... well, in the light. Do you recognize this?

"Do you remember... yeah, this is a subspecies of the gravity control device we were building, maybe. Even so, it's for the plane, so it doesn't fit, does it?

Tina's inquiry led to the lamp being answered with her eyes as a scientist. It's only a subspecies, and it would be the scientists who didn't affirm it. That's how Tina said the request again.

"You're right... I want you to give me a hand with this improvement. As the Lord said, this is for planes. It's diverted to a magic machine, so it's not perfect. We're still in the middle of an adjustment."

"I just said the answer. Jesus. He said I'd throw everything I could to protect Kite."

"Yeah, you did."

Tina nodded at the response in the light. but this is just another inquiry. Mouth the request and accept it again. Something like a thrust, or taking a word for it.

"Even so... I wouldn't make this... otherworldly, I wouldn't be insulted"

"Ha ha. It's the rest of my hobby... but I can't believe I'm talking about it."

Tina laughs once, but takes a serious look and stares at the distance. Somewhere in this world, there are enemies even they fear. There are enemies who flirt with the kites. At all, I wanted power.

"'Death Warlord (Let's)', or... the strongest enemy you can beat but Kate and Tina..."

"Um... when did you do it, the number of people that could fit them could also be overshadowed. And because of the circumstances, we can't fight with all our might."

"High quality, many enemies... how many can fight in this faction if you're a grand general?

"Enough with both fingers... Union Master Balflair, Bernstadt... only warriors who are said to be at the top of the battle there. Aisha, too? Quon must fight the sword's candlestick... no matter how much you raise, you don't have enough."

Tina reveals to the inquiry in the light without concealing the truth. The power in the lights will be necessary in the future. It's still at the egg stage, but if it's superior, it's just intelligent enough to do it as a technical squad for Uncrowned Troops (No Orders). And I will never betray Kite. There was no hand in not taking advantage of it.

"So do you want to do it? I don't want Kite to die, but that kite tries to fight. Then I'll do everything I can to follow Kite."

"Um, I'll take care of you... so let's give this to the Lord"

Tina, bowing her head in the light, took a thick booklet out of her nostalgia.

"What's this?

"The Book of Magic... it's not about magic, it's about magic."

"The explanatory notes. Rikai."

"Um... if you don't know, you can ask me more."

"Yes, yes."

When the light sat in an affordable chair and quickly began reading the Book of Magic, Tina waved without turning to her. Thus, a combination of witchcraft and science was to be performed by Tina and the light in the months from this date.