Having made their way into the sacred empire of Laelia aboard the Cherry Blossom Cabinet, the kites succeed in making appointments with Sharik via senior military officials ruling the city. As a result, when they officially accepted the request, Kate was asked to undertake a further rescue mission for Hannah.

Kites have begun to figure out how to infiltrate a city called 'Partel' in the southern part of the sacred empire Laella, where that Hannah is said to have been transported, but one voice suddenly pinches his mouth.

"Then let us give you a hand"


What does Gyro do with his voice absurd? And the man who spoke up cheerfully raised his hands to show that he was unarmed.

"I don't have a weapon, and I'm not going to behave in a detour in front of the right-handed Ulysses of the brave on the boulder. So, nice to meet you all. Let me tell you what an informant does."

"An informer...?

"Viktor Chamber of Commerce?"

"I will not speak clearly there."

He looked cheerful, but he was creating a floating impression somewhere. I did have the impression that when it came to informers, they seemed to have no grasp.

And, like that, he laughed and put one demon prop in the same visible position. It was a magic prop for communication and was one of the magic props that informants could use around the world. The Viktor Chamber of Commerce has its own.

"And I'd like to say, this time on company orders... that my company would like to bite one too"

'What do you mean?

"Well, hear that from the chairman"

'Long time no see, Your Highness. No, now, Your Majesty, should I call you'

"Salia Viktor or... what can I do for you?

Sharik asks for Salia, who appeared in the footage. After all, the upper echelons of each country seemed to recognize that Salia was the chairman of the Victor Chamber of Commerce, and there was nothing surprising about it.

'No... just like I already said. I just want to bite one of our companies.'

"I don't know what it's all about," he said.

"... Mr. Ulysia. You know half my life. '

Yes, I know you.

Salia asks Yuri if she knows her past. Of course, I knew. That's why Salia said.

So, yes. Your senate and your boss... it's personal, but I owe you one, too. I want that back. Dare I say, this is the same thought as His Majesty Sharik as an individual. This has nothing to do with our company. If you want them to blow a bubble, you want to give them a hand. '

Sharik explores behind Salia's words. Originally rulers of Salia and Laeria, the ultra-long-life race is compatriot. And it is self-evident that she was born in Laelia, the divine kingdom.

That would inevitably be a story to know if you knew Saria. Considering that she had fled to the Valtard Empire and was interested in the company, there was only one thing left to observe.

'... Hmm... what is that support?

'Let me give it to you aboard the airship headed for Radaria. Even so, our company is ostensibly neutral. Neither army will inspect, but we will not raid. Of course, employee identification will also be done on our company's application. You can travel all at once with direct access. They hired us in the south. They don't serve our company on boulders either. If you do that, you won't just be targeted by the Union, but also by the assassins. How about using it to bring them down to the affordable city branches of northern Radaria'?


Sharik shows concern at Salia's offer. It will be true that Salia has a personal grudge, and Sharik thinks she doesn't have to think about the possibility of betraying the Big Bosses here.

Because we have Yuri here. Because the relationship with the Duke's house and hence with Kate, who would be her husband if she betrayed him there, could be greatly twisted.

Anyway, the other guy is Yuri. If you betray her and something happens to her, it's obvious that it's going to be tremendously important. How can you not want that with her? If so, we should accept this offer. Yes, I made a decision.

'It would be good. Let's pay the rent.'

'It will be good. So, how far?

Do you have an opinion?

"Hmm... so far, there is a possible route to 'Partel' through three nearby East, Central and West forests. Can you give me some information on these three woods?

'It would be good. Wait a minute.'

Sharik, who was asked to do so by Kate, immediately ordered him to hand it over and have him bring information on the three woods that lead to 'Partel'. They're all about the same size. The central forest, which serves as a direct route, the western forest, which is quite a detour, and the eastern forest, which is less detoured than the eastern one but includes some mountain crossings. These three.

The most accessible centre will be the most vigilant, and there will be less surveillance on the western side to bypass, but time is needed. It will be about that intermediate time to break through the east side, but there are mountains. Demons could also be strong, and decisions were unlikely to be made in a detour.

'... oh, here we are. Colonel, do you have a transcriber over there?

"Yes, sir."

'Good. Receive the information we'll send you here. The number's on 98. Use it.

"Copy that... you should be able to handle it immediately."


Gyro's instructed men stood up, received the information sent by Sharik, printed it out and returned. You can think of a transcriber as a FAX. A number is like a PIN. There are several cryptographic tables, and they use one of them. Thus, the printed out materials were distributed together in about five minutes.

"Hmm... the West is an area where karma emerges... you know, because we're talking about it the other day."


Kate also agrees with Karin's words. Apparently, karma appears in the western forest. I don't really want to get in even in an emergency, but I could see that surveillance would be pretty thin.

"The eastern forest... hmm. I don't think it's that dangerous."

'Oh, that's the forest over there, but you're plugging it into the breeding season of the dragon species right now. Be careful.'


Kate looks at the information from Sarya. She has information on her own route. I'm sure because she says so. And that's where my voice sounded again. but now kite was also the voice to know.

"Go the central route"


"Oh... you're a prophet."

"Long time no see, Karin."

It was Levi who showed up. Still wearing the hood deep down, but there was a stillness that I could tell from her by the signs. And that's what Sharik asks her. Levy and he have a joint front from time to time on duty. He trusts his arm there, but he'll be surprised to come at this time to the boulder.

"The Prophet. Why are you here?

"I just said I'm here because I needed to."


"Oh... does Radaria know?

Levy asks Kite once. Besides, Kate and Yuri flashed their faces for a moment. As you can see from what Kate said earlier about Radaria, he also knew for some reason. So Kate nodded when she only turned off her face in an instant.

"Oh. I decided to come here by the bend. I've been looking into neighboring countries."

"Then head to the central forest... commonly known as the Lost Forest"


"There's a reason you should go there."

"Why should I go?

"I forgot something."

Teach Levi to read the story so he can only go through to Kite. But Kate doesn't understand it and tilts her neck. Indeed, Kate was once in the northern part of the present Radaria for a time. but there's nothing I forgot. I was there for a few weeks, and I didn't forget so many memories I didn't want to remember.

I left nothing there. That said, there are other suspicions, even if we are talking more than that. So when she just said that, she got down to business.

"... I asked Soleil and Frodo's brothers and sisters for directions. I know more about them. Perhaps they should recommend the central route too. Ask both of you for more information."

'... you mean you were looking to this stream?

"That's right. I expected everything you would ask of him, and Yuri would come from the McDawell family."

Levi nodded at Sharik's inquiry. Otherwise, I wouldn't ask for directions. He was the same wise eye. That said, then one question arose.

'... then I want to ask you one question. So you also knew that Hannah could have been alive?

"... oh."

"Hey, I didn't even hear that! Why did you keep quiet!

Kate yells in response to Levi nodding. This wasn't an overlookable story on the boulder. Besides, Levy gave an explanation.

"No, I'm sorry. This is inaccurate... I was guessing. And I'm reading that you're not alive in my predictions"


No lies. When Kate sees it, she urges Levy to go ahead. Kate herself, she understood she was not alive. I used so much magic. It was clear to Kate that Hannah was dead at that point.

Still, I was only betting on a few possibilities. As long as the flesh is alive, there is still a chance that we can manage.

"I also sensed until Emperor Sharik asked a man named Barry Shroud to investigate. Until then, I was under the assumption, too. but even I didn't know it was under a man named Denzel."

"Didn't you know?

"Think about it and see. Her body was in the junction. If so, the body should remain lying on the ground after the collapse of the junction. If that's not there, it's muscle to think someone took it away... here, I guess I was sweet. No, this is good."

Levi shakes her head to point out her sweetness to Kate's inquiry. At that time, the "Death of the Dojo (let's do something about it)" could have been a leap, so she didn't have a complete picture either.

It was some time after Hannah began to be searched for that she sensed the clown was there to obtain Hannah's body. Her prophecies are only made by making detailed predictions and speculations. It's not futuristic or anything in the strict sense, so it would be natural for this to happen.

"At that point, the Royal Castle... the present Imperial Castle is under control. First of all, why do we have room to retrieve it from our enemies?


Sharik sees Levy's remarks as muscular. I felt uncomfortable. I wondered why you went out of your way to target Hannah. Given the confusion and what Hannah did at the time, I don't know. But it went through, but I still can't wipe the discomfort.

"There are two possible points. One was instantly recovered by someone from a distance by making it look like extinction at the same time as extinction of the junction. The other was recovered by a Grand Elder spy once the body was recovered. You saw it as the latter. I wonder if they took it by poking a gap in confusion."

"Oh, you're right."

"I just saw it as the former"

"Who, for what purpose? Besides, it's not supposed to be the Great Presbyterian."

Sharik asks Levy. If it's the former, you'll be after Hannah from the beginning. Who, for what? I didn't know where it was. That's how Levy opened his mouth.

"..." Death of the Taoist Warlord. "


Sharik and senior military officials simultaneously abhor their voices. It was information I hadn't heard them say they were leaping behind this country. Well, naturally. Because I've been silent.

"I engaged with the Daoist Death Commander (let's do something about it) during the Wang du oppression battle. So he confessed that he had missed the big boss and a few senators. At that time, I thought I was just here to see the upside down."

'Is that true?

"Oh. I've already taught the trooper I've been courting... and if you ask him why he missed it, he said he's buying time. The big bosses alone will buy us plenty of time."

'Why didn't you tell us?

"Because it's useless where I said it. I didn't even realize you were in here. There's no way to stop them. Did you want me to tell you cheaply that you were in a mess at that point?


A bitter sink seeped into Sharik's face. At that point, it would obviously have affected Sharik's power, too, had it been put forward that the Daoist Death Commander was there. Because it's obvious that the big bosses' spies will use it.

Sharik was probably put in the "Death Warlord" truck. And that mess. It would have been difficult to keep that information from flowing. Levi was the only one who witnessed it. She was right from them to keep her mouth shut so she wouldn't get into any more confusion than that.

"You seem to understand... so I kept my mouth shut until I saw unity"

Levy assures me. Because this is what I read to be the best next hand. Nobody wants havoc at that point. And it's probably not what you want from the Death Warlords. That's why they never went on stage.

"... chi... will we still be taken by the hand..."

"That's right. Daimyo, I didn't get grabbed by you this time, I guess I let you grab it."

Levi tells the truth about the mix. Truth is, she was looking for Hannah, too. So Sharik finally realized.

"... well, the big book of this information..."

"That's right. I let him bring it in. How many minutes does this look like? I don't know who it is if I know."

Levi's slightly peeking mouth gives me a grin. In the first place, both men and women wearing loose robes and hoods can't judge. Trying to be a voice is incomprehensible.

"The assassin guild guy got the information by accident, but... if that clown had taken it, he wouldn't have let him grab his tail so cheaply. You should see that you're ready for something over there."

"Preparing for that, what?

"I don't know... but I see it as probably some sort of retreat preparation. He said he needed time when he crossed spears in the Wang du control battle. I don't know what... you know what I'm trying to say?

'... okay. Let's do a thorough investigation after we control the south. "

Sharik makes it clear that he understands what Levy is trying to say. It's likely they were doing something in the south. If it was an attack, it should be at a time of confusion, and he had made it clear that he was buying time. They still want to move secretly, I guess.

You couldn't have missed that trail. As soon as possible, you should grab it before it turns off. Of course, most of them will be after they've been erased already. But still, it might stay.

"That would be better. I have already told Balflair. It will be after reunification, but we should be able to help."

Copy that. Let us thank the Union for its cooperation '

"You're fast. Focus on the Confederate crusade."

'Okay... that's what I'm talking about, okay on the central route?

Sharik asks Kite. If we don't destroy the Confederate army, we won't talk about it. As such, Kate nodded slightly in a sigh.

"... yeah. That she has the best central route. I believe her, no matter what. Even so, we will enter the site and make the final decision"

'Well... then, Lord Salia. At first I decided to go through the central forest. I need you to prepare for transfer. "

'I get it. We'll leave the morning after tomorrow. "

On Sharik's offer, Salia disconnects communication. That's how the floating man with the comms left in a frenzied manner. In contrast, Kate and the others decided to pack an outline of the operation and move to do what each of them had to do.