The day after the encounter with the former boy soldiers at the institute to which Kate belonged for a time. The kites started walking with them again, aiming at the deepest depths of the woods.

"You're strong, they're..."

Seeing how those former boy soldiers fought, Kisarazu shrugged unexpectedly with surprise. Quite simply, they are highly proficient at different digits. If we take Sola and the others' proficiency as 10, their proficiency equals 100. Seriously, it was a misdigit.

Besides, it's not remotely operated, unlike the zombies, and it's well maintained, even as a weapon. Again, it is a weapon from the war period, so performance will fall, but there was still a difference between heaven and earth compared to the zombies.

"I guess this is the guy who lived the war, after all..."


Don't be silly. We'll fight too.

"Oh, gosh."

Excuse me.

In the blink of an eye, Sola and Kisarazu take me back. Sho had already disturbed the battlefield with several former boy soldiers who seemed to be light infantry in order to restrain them, and it was time for them to go to battle too. That way, such a battle becomes more intense as it approaches the back of the forest.

"These guys! How many of them are there?

"That's a lot again this time!

It also lasts for a moment to Sora's stupidity. The number had also increased as we went behind the woods, and now we were trying to reach even the triple digits. The only thing fortunate would be the strength aspect of the weapon and flesh. It seems that the number of dead spirits is a priority for boulders, but it is difficult to get to that side of the story, and there was no indication that the performance aspect had improved just because the number had increased.

On the contrary, whether it is in a hurry or determined to be quantity rather than quality, creating a number makes the whole operation cumbersome, and the majority is around rank C. If it was Sora or Moment, it was the level they could afford. Of course, nevertheless, I can only say that this overwhelming number is too astonishing.

"Come on!


Well, that's why I was the less difficult opponent I had to deal with from Frodo and Soleil, the rank S adventurers. The two of them were covering everyone at risk, and there were times when this number of people had grown and it was almost unnecessary to worry about the approaching enemy, and the conclusion was that the sweep speed was progressing at once.


From the start of the fight, about 20 minutes. So this wave of enemies is over. As I pinched the small pause that way, Mayle opened her mouth.

"If you walk another five minutes, you'll find that idiot in jail."

"Does that mean that this was the last group"

"Yeah... kite, yuri. Please."



Both Kite and Yuri accept Mail's request without hesitation. A former companion cannot die and is imprisoned. It was also equal to duty for both of them to drop it off properly. Then, after a short pause, we start walking again.

"Beyond here... you remember Kite, don't you?

"... oh."

Kate nodded at Mail's words. Rather than going forward, I could already understand where this place was with the remains of countless decaying weapons scattered around it.

"It's causal... it's ahead of us."

"It's a coincidence... no, I guess it's also inevitable"

Mayle sends comfort to Kite, who seeped emotions somewhere to blame, that she doesn't. It wasn't he who became the center of this grudge. He's probably powerful, but thus accidentally, he's been made the center of resentment. I know about that. But still, I had to feel something causal.


In the wind of a blowing sticky wind, Sola and the living face. Hate, if you dare to make a short analogy. Grief. Pain. It was a breeze where such anger and hate-filled emotions seeped in. Towards that, Kite opened her mouth.

"Hey... give it back, will you? The guy you guys use around here is my dick."

Kate asks looking at the source of the wind ahead. It was a dark mass like Coltar. It is so densely solidified that resentment can be visualized. The seemingly zero drop is the result of various emotional disturbances.

The remnants of thoughts that cannot be held fall from the main body. If that builds up, some time will end up being the zombies that the kites engaged. I heard last night that Mayle and the others have been engaged with that unknown for over 100 years.

"I owe that man a great debt... even if I refuse, I'll have it back."

Kate takes a step forward with determination, butting the barometric Solas. The same goes for Sola and the others, but above all, there is something tough ahead as a concentration of killing intent and hatred. It's too vivid an emotion that's flooded from here on out. It's not something I could have fought properly.

"Eh... you're coming this way too... kite, let me finish this early..."

When Sola snaps like that, she turns her back against Kite. This is exactly home to the resentments. The enemy will roll out their own zombies.

Looks like they were bringing back the zombies that were spreading all over the forest. That said, it is also something that has been envisaged from the outset. Making exposures so that the kites can fight in peace. That was their fight here.

"... eh."

The faces of Kate and Yuri are distorted. In front of them, a pitch-black dragon was born in the form of a dragon about three meters and a man, as if to come from hatred. When it stands with two legs, it becomes slightly forward and slowly invigorates. This was also the core of resentment swirling in this forest.

and its rattling chest was filled with one young man with bright red hair, as if he had been pasted on a cross. The youth seemed to be completely buried and integrated from the chest down, as well as lacquered black dragons growing from his body.

The young man's face is quite beautiful. No, it's just a face that looks like a woman instead of a beauty. That was his complex, Kate laughed unexpectedly remembering.

"Ha... Yo, brother. You're in a very good position. Your disciple came and did it. It's just weird. Let him walk. Well, I don't think it's a bad idea to stab him. A little bit."

Kate speaks to a young man buried in his chest, ignoring the face of a dragon who turns hostility and hatred on himself. but there was no response. His eyes are vain and he doesn't even know if he's breathing because of the fact that the majority of his chest is buried.

Is it alive or is it dead? Biologically, it can be seen as dead, but what people who use witchcraft call death is the return of the soul to the circle. Life and death on that side are unknown. And that's the next moment. The figure of a pitch-black dragon disappeared.


Ooh, the roar rang. Kate and the dragon met. Thus, the pitch-black dragon turned to Kite, waving his left arm around.

"Well, that's about it."

Against his impending left arm, Kite dodges with a jump. To this extent, there is no construction. That's how he dodged it, on Kate's shoulder, and Yuri, who was ready, unfolded her magic.

"< >!"

Thunder shelling fires from Yuri's right arm, striking a pitch-black dragon in the face. And the black dragon's face turns back, but that's all. I ended up ringing my neck as if it had been ineffective.

"... the hardness is quite... after all, this guy..."


Just a few shots. Only then did they understand the core that underlies this dragon-like demon. I've heard rumors from the social community in some country that I've attended since I took office as Duke that there is one that was accidentally recovered somewhere in this world. Yes, but I had no idea it was being used for his experiments.

"The catastrophic species... is it the core of" The Wrath of the Japanese God "? I brought back the bad guys."

"I wonder which, this is"

"I don't know. I don't know about the Black Dragon!

Kite defends with a great sword against the attack of a pitch-black dragon who waved his right arm at an overspeed. Disaster Species - "The Hazardous Tsuji-jin (Makatsuhi-no-kami)". It was a pair of demons translated into a Japanese mythical god. The shape is like Kate and Yuri pairing people with the opposing dragons.

And the trouble is that these two demons perceive each other as enemies, and they scatter destruction all around them without causing any damage. Besides, we almost always fight each other with all our might because we recognize each other as enemies.

If we let it go, we'll fight each other. One will destroy itself, but the other that stays will survive. And when that happens, it becomes even more troublesome, and if you survive, you take in the core of the defeated and become even more powerful. When this happens, they will have more combat abilities than any other catastrophic species.

But fortunately, this is the only thing that survived with one core. Probably just something that showed up in some era and was crusaded is being used. There was no such thing as another appearance.

"Yuri, find out where the core of the main unit is. Probably moving from your brother's body that way."


Yuri stops the hand of cover for Kate's quest to land on the trees and enters the enemy's observation. Fortunately, there is one core embedded in Sola.

Sure, one thing is troublesome, but with one core, this guy is only about a tenth of the power of the original Hazardous God of Japan.

Kite can afford it, and if even the Rank S adventurers are the ones who are said to be super Burntains, they can be said to be winners enough if they don't even stay alert. Kuon would be the one who can afford to fight, and to the extent of his practice opponents, he might. That's the extent of the situation.

"Sa, brother. Let's do this soon."

I asked Yuri to investigate. Kate kicks the big tree and fleshes again to the pitch-black dragon. Sure enough opponents to win, but if that's super, it comes with the premise of. Frodo and Soleil, who specialize in distance, will be a little tough in this time, and Sola and the others are out of the question.


Once again, the meaty kite to the pitch-black dragon waves the knife with the momentum as it is. If it's hard to do, you'll scratch your chest Sora if you make a mistake. So I had to remove my torso and go for my head, hands and feet. Of course, force moves are out of the question.

So his unleashed slash easily smashed his right-hand nail, crushing it with a knife that also returns the left-hand nail that is wielded against Kite.


A crushed claw on both arms, Kite, but leaves the spot in the backstep at that next moment. It's the physical nails that Kite crushed. There is little significant effect on demon claws shaped by magic.

That's how, like mad, the pitch-black dragon waves both arms to chase Kite. And, because she waved her arms many times, Yuri opened her mouth.

"... kite, it's not on either arm."

"Aye. Well, I guess so."

Kate responds to Yuri's remarks while avoiding a series of wielding demon claws. The speed of the Devil's Claw is over the speed of sound, but if it wasn't in good shape, I could afford to avoid it.

After avoiding it several times and spotting a gap where the Devil's Claw disappears for a moment, Kite turns to fight back. Of course, but tell me how many catastrophic species are based. None of them can attack forever. Kate has been aiming for a chance to fight back.

"Now it's our turn!

Aiming for the moment when the stamina runs out, Kate throws a dagger. That said, there is little power in it. There's no way I can hurt you with something like this. So the pitch-black dragon waved his arm and gently shook off his dagger. but when i saw it, kite laughed.

"< >"

A dagger that should have swung away clumps into the right arm of a pitch-black dragon. That's how he forced the demon claw that was born in his hand to disarm. He had a magic thread attached to his dagger and was shaken off and tangled to his arm at the same time.

"Unfortunately, they're fighting each other all the time. Don't think you can beat me by falling for half a monkey instead of a clutterfish, huh?

Fluffy, and lightly avoiding the left arm that does not wrap around the Devil's Claw, Kite laughs. Now, simply think, your attack power is halved. If this happens, there are already a few ways to knock it down, even just to think of it for now. That's countless if you don't mind Sora's body.

There was no reason to lose. So the question is, how do we free Sora? So, Kate pulled her right arm wide in the air and punched Thora in the face with all her thoughts.

"Ugh! Come on, don't wake up!

Together with the roar, a pitch-black dragon with his torso punched blows up and clashes against Ogi. By contrast, Kite, who landed on the ground, kicked the ground as it was, smashing the face of a pitch-black dragon trying to get up.


"Whoa... Aika-no-no. I'm sorry..."

"Because it scares me the most when I piss him off, he..."

Seeing Kite start beating up with a pitch-black dragon, the ex-boy soldiers cramp their cheeks. And, like that, they realized there was no Yuri on the trees.

"Ah? What about the chibi?

"He's not here... when?

Find what Yuri looks like as they all fight. She has also grown over the last 300 years. They couldn't have disappeared anywhere before they even noticed.

And, on the other hand, the pitch-black dragon, who was fighting with Kite, erupted his magic from anger that halved his attack power and couldn't even capture Kite, or from his back and nails. The pressure was tremendous, forcing Kate's < > off.

"I knew it..."

Seeing how it goes, Kite smiles thinly. This is what I was after. No, I can't even say I'm after it, but here's what I thought I'd do.

And the magic that was out of the back of the pitch-black dragon in front of his eyes with such a thin grin became armor in such a way that it tucked around his body and completely covered Sola as well. Meanwhile, the magic that was coming out of our left hand of the magic that was coming out of our nails became a handful, including a smaller shield, and the magic that was blowing out of our right hand shaped a giant pitch-black sword.

"" The Hazardous God of Japan "is a relative dragon. So I'm wearing weapons... if that's what you'd expect."

"< >"

As if listening to Kate, a dagger pierces the left arm of the lacquered black dragon by sewing between the trees, just manifested and the structure still completely crushes the sweet hand. Several more daggers will now fly towards the junction of the armor and the right arm.

but the opponent didn't even seem sweet enough to target a second dojo on the boulder. All daggers were swept away with a sword.

"... and then I tried to < > punch it in. I got ripped off a whole lot."

"You're not that sweet, are you?"

"If I could go, I'd be lucky."

Yuri, who was hiding between the leaves of the tree, sits on Kate's shoulder again. As a matter of fact, both Kate and Yuri saw their enemies on the sidelines and expected this to happen at some point. If so, the timing will be a gap in the attack.

but if kite left, he would normally be attacked by interrupting the generation of weapons. So Yuri was hiding among the trees and in the leaves of the trees, and he was asking about the machine.

Now you're half-defensive.

Kite laughs. Earlier it was the right arm, now the left arm. Moreover, this time the forearm of the left arm had been immobilized for some time because the dagger was piercing deeply. This will also take half of the enemy's Attack.

"Well... let's have you wake up with moderate sharpening of enemy power."

"Sassy. Support, let's go."

"Ouch... Ouch, Midin! If you're free, lend me a hammer!

"You're not free!

Kate has no choice but to destroy the boy with the hammer himself. I was just wondering if I'd originally just ask, or if I could call my buddies by their names and react in any way. but there was no reaction, so I usually decided to punch him and wake him up.

"Shh. Do you smash your armor with your bare hands for now"

"Face, I didn't pay attention."

"It would be tough to scratch your pretty face."

"That's right."

Kite and Yuri tease each other. Beauty that I just see all over with a woman. That's what makes him so special. Using that as a complex, personality had become a personality for a good looking after brother.

It was their way of telling them to tear up something about it. That's how Kite kicks the ground again. That said, now it's hand-to-hand.

"Yes, keep your hips down..."

Leaping out in front of a pitch-black dragon, Kite stepped firmly on his feet and targeted the central part of his armor. That's full of gaps, no matter where you look from. So a pitch-black dragon is a big sword in your right hand that can be used, and you don't want to get rid of Kite. but the sword never moved. Besides, the dragon's face sees the great sword.

"Hey... to a boulder. That's too easy to understand, isn't it?

The great sword of a pitch-black dragon was intertwined with translucent threads. It's Yuri's unleashed demon thread. This is how it happens. Their experience in action is so small that they don't know it.

He secretly bypassed the trees and snuck away, so that at some point he could stop the movement completely. And if you don't move it that it would be this giant, it's just not the same as it is. Of course, if the Great Sword doesn't move, it's just an iron mass. There was nothing to be afraid of.

"Yes, let me!

Instead of jumping up and launching, Kate slaps her fist down like a bow, letting her body shake wide. It smashed the armor made of pitch-black dragons and revealed the figure of Sora hidden inside.

"Whoever controls the left controls the world!

"Not where you're after!

"It's not a mistake in a way!

Kite laughs at Fun Yuri's scratch. What he did, he saw a pitch-black dragon that had clashed to the ground and bounced, and now he shook his left hand out for Sola. Well, about a jab. And such a series of attacks apparently worked. Thora's face was slight but distorted.

"Gu... oufu..."




Former boy soldiers speak up in unison. And the voice had reached Sora. His eyes suddenly opened. but then again he opened his eyes to the sight he saw. Well, if you wake up and the majority of your body is buried in a dragon's body, you'd be surprised.

"Hmm...? What the hell!?

Sora's voice was like a woman's. but the tone is totally man, and as far as I can see, no breasts. As far as I can see, my shoulder width is wide and my physique is disappointing. I guess only voice and face are like women. And, that's him, but look in front of you. Now round your eyes.

"... ah? Is that Kite?"

"Oh. And I'm sorry, I won't stop. I cut my magic for once."


At the same time as Kate's apology. The blow sounded again, but this time the body of the pitch-black dragon never moved. I found out I woke up, so I lost my power.

"... hey! What, all of a sudden!? I don't know, what's going on, me!?

Sora seems perplexed by her body moving regardless of her will. I was really looking around. And because he woke up, Yuri - who was flying at the same time as he woke up - was able to find out where the other core embedded in Sola was.

"Found it! Kite, in the middle of the circle on your back!

"Say it! You won't be able to move, brother, but don't move!

"No!? You set me up!?

"I just borrowed it back whenever I could!

Kate stepped on Sora's shoulder - there was just a good place there and Sora was putting a lot of effort into it - and then hit the summer salt kick straight into the dragon's face area.

As such, Kite, who circled and landed on the ground, kicked the ground again and jumped over the pitch-black dragon before his opponent's posture was ready, circling behind it. There was, indeed, some circle there.

I didn't realize Kite couldn't see the back, but it looks like the armor was built from here. Apparently, because of his incomplete body, he couldn't just cover it up here.

"A dagger... is good! Sorry if I stabbed you!

When Kate takes the dagger with the heavens and earth reversed, she protrudes it all at once with the landmarks that Yuri indicated. Then there was a response to hit some hard object. Besides, Kate put all her strength into it all at once.

"It's over!


At the same time that Kite can help, the dark dragon disappears. And even as Sora glorified her face, Kate ignored it and landed firmly on the ground as it was.

So, with the loss of the core, apparently the grieving spirits also lost their power to assemble, and the zombies all at once dusted away. Thus, the battle over the past in the deepest reaches of the forest came to an end.