Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1009: Operation Assault Begins

Arriving in the city of Partheil in the southern part of the sacred empire La Elia, the kites spent a few days waiting for things to move there. And that's the third day. There will be good news for the kites who were starting to rush a little.

"... kite, the city is a little noisy"

When the moment returns when he was on a sight-seeing or sight-seeing reconnaissance, report to Kite. It was time for the kites to have a time limit.

but apparently this one could win the competition. It was a situation where I had to deal with Count Reserva and his gestures if I kept going, but if this were the case, I guess I wouldn't have to consider that one somehow.

"Well... then it's an ops call."

"Okay... this one prepares for battle"

"I'll take care of that one. This is Sho meeting the infiltration route."

That's what Kate says, she waits for Sho to come back and start the meeting.

"As you've already noticed, this will be our last meeting. Tomorrow's the day."

"Tomorrow... don't be more nervous than when you play a game..."

"Haha. Don't miss... the Earl of Reserva should probably be leaving by the end of the day. Looks like Candidate Selva broke."

Kate gives a guess to Sho below, including information obtained from several contacts with Palmyra. Apparently, after seeing it was pretty rough, Candidate Selva finally broke yesterday. The voice of a rough man didn't sound last night.

And given the history so far, Denzel should have been ready to leave at any time. As of a few days ago, he was exposed to considerable frustration. If so, you shouldn't be able to wait for a little while. Therefore, he expected to leave by the end of the day.

"Good... Levi, it's me"

"Oh... does it work?

"It'll work. I had no seizures last night."

'That's... okay. This one goes into full support activities'

"Please... what about Karin and the others?

"I wouldn't move. I was stupid if I didn't move."

"It is"

Kate laughs in the same face as Levi. Karin and the others were actually planning to take action as the kites took action.

"How's the operation progressing?

'So far, as planned. Both enemies and allies, yeah. The enemy has already begun transporting supplies from the base. He seems to understand it as a loss. Don't do it. It's thoughtful.'

"Well... that means retreat battle over there, how can this one secure its position successfully,"

"Oh. Depends. The Next World War Will Change"

Levi looked at the material and nodded at Kate's words. The kites were asked to join the battle during a fort offensive operation to protect the Confederate Army's home base and a VIP rescue mission to defeat the Confederate Army's home base.

This operation was located in the previous phase to carry out the operation and was carried out to secure the supply line. This is a locational relationship - because it is a plain area, but the base itself is not as large - so the offensive side is advantageous, and the offensive is said to be possible.

"Ok... then this one starts with it"

"Okay... let's make sure this is a base offense."

"Shall we?

"I received a request as a military teacher. Accompanied by that, I also took on this outpost. This strategy will determine the operation. You can't drop it."

"How many big-time fights do we have from here?

"That's what I'm talking about."

Levi nods and shows the paperwork to Kite. That was a schematic of the base to be attacked next time. Securing supply lines is of paramount importance in the military. Whether you can take this place or not depends on your fate, even if it's a small base.

Conversely, for the Confederate Army, it also equals a lifeline that prevents enemy aggression, but on the contrary, if we concentrate our forces here in anticipation of it, it can lead to each destruction. I can see from this base that we can't hold back the Northern Army. The enemy commander-in-chief must be moving all his forces to the fort to avoid it.

According to Kate and Levy, Denzel is transporting the supplies to the fort, and we're going to use intelligence agents or gestures to get information on Shelia. This still makes Candidate Selva look good too.

"Good... then, move it"

'Be careful. The majority of southern requests are not via the Union. We don't know what the enemy's power is. "


Levy tilts his neck in response to Kate showing surprise. I didn't seem to say anything suspicious, and I didn't say anything suspicious at the moment.

"No... is that the line you need?

'I'm in the mood, this stuff. I understand you don't have to.'

"I don't know if you're in the mood... or if you're in the mood to mourn people's hearts."

'... I see, this is interesting. If you think so, he may be someone who has a different taste in your interactions. Well, is that good? Okay, let's hang up.'


Levy disconnects communication by showing Kite a little fun. Anyway, the requirements were already over. As for timing, it would have been best.

"Good... after, tomorrow."

At the end of his last meeting with Levi, Kate decided to prepare to get into full-scale action, and that day Kate would also rest tightly.

Dawn, early the next morning. The kites, who saw Frodo and Soleil move up the nearby hill to support them, nodded, making sure they were all set.

"It's early morning, not late at night?

"Night raids and morning runs are fundamental to strategy. So it's morning run."

"Aren't they all sleeping better at night?

Sho asks. As far as he was concerned, he thought he was going to carry out a night raid that would make the most of his specs. Now in the fold of his fanatic crusade mission in the Empire - by chance - he carried out a raid at night. but contrary to that expectation, kite chose to raid early in the morning.

"No... now is the best time, I think it's loose"

"Oh, I think so too"

but sola and instant put in a denial about it. They apparently understand Kate's thoughts.

"What do you mean?

"Look... you thought you were going to raid at night now, too, right?

"Yeah... 'cause it's basic to raid on a night when everyone's asleep, isn't it?

"Yes, it's basic... so I dare you to take it off. Either that or it's going to be more assault than infiltration."

Kate makes clear to Sho's renewed inquiry. So take it off. That's how Yuri continued.

"Everyone is afraid, which means that last night's level of vigilance was probably since the beginning of the Rezerva mansion... if so, just how smart or stupid you are to launch a raid there."

"Ah... is that right..."

"So dare you take it off. Because everyone is on guard. And now is the best time. Almost done. Or there was no raid today, because there was a moment of loosening."

Yuri tells as she sees the dark night going white. The morning sun climbs must be visible from anywhere in this city. If so, everyone will be slightly less alert at that moment. Nothing happened today after all, I think.

Same as in "Death Warlord." If you remove the time when the raid is threatened, the thread of tension will really loosen with its recoil. I loosen it. This was more of a sex than being a person. At that moment, the kites will shoot. In a way, Kite and the others did the same thing they did this time.

"Ma... on the contrary, there are some guys who are getting more alert now."

Kate narrows her eyes as she looks at the Reserva mansion. Strong enough to clearly understand, the will to kill was overflowing from that hall. Apparently, something was happening on Kate's feared street. And he noticed one mistake.

"Candidate Selva admitted that there was a reason... ha... everyone, change to Plan C"

"Enemy, are you there?

"Oh... this, for sure, sucks. At least that's a level where I can't be held up instantly. Did I miss Uncle Reserva when I saw he would get in the way of my own battle? That's troublesome..."

"" "Eh..." "

Everyone pulls their minds together at once, knowing what Kate's words mean when they come to bitterness. Kite can't be stopped instantly. That means that the enemy is Rank S.

I don't really see what would happen if Rank S and Kate fought all over town. Seriously, if we fight, we will cause enormous damage to the general public. That's not something Kite and the others can accept about boulders. You should keep it good at the enemy's foothold by kite.

"It would be possible, I thought... fireflies, Yuri. You guys need our backup."

Copy that.


Kate decides to deal with this powerful enemy by herself. If so, we should have asked the two of you to provide support for the penetration unit inside just in case. That's how the last hand should be, and Kate nods at each other.

"Good... we'll get out and disguise ourselves once"

"" "Ooh" "

Under Kate's ordinance, the lodgers don't check out, push the boundaries out and out of the city. It's only a matter of time before you checked out. I would obviously be suspicious if I got out early this morning. I'm going to use the ceremonial god later to make them check out.

"Everybody ready?

Kate takes the last confirmation. This is your last chance. This is the point of no return. From here on out, it will be a battle between life and death. And after a few rounds, they all nodded clearly.

"Good... start the disguise"

Together with Kite's decree, he develops a magic trick that turns us all. This was remembered for clandestine immigration, but also for this reason. The original night raid would be good with light equipment like Sho's, but this is a raid that's pretty close to assault.

Armed will be fundamental to each fully armed. Anyway, it is assumed that you will find out when you escape. When that happened, the majority of them could not hide their faces because of the armed relationship, so they dealt with it in disguise.

"Let's go."

Once again, when the kites climb the wall, they push the same guidelines as they did when they left to expand their boundaries and enter the city. The night was near dawn and the sky was beginning to whiten. It's time for those who feel fast to stay awake.

And at the same time, it's time for the guards who were on night alert to take turns. As Kate and the others put it, it was time when it came to being distracted. As a result, the soldiers on the city's patrol were rather relaxed because they were close to finishing their work.


Kate stands on the visible roof of the Reserva mansion. That's how he released his killer temper only for a moment. In response, the killing spirit returned from inside the mansion. Now you can assume that the enemy has noticed this way.

"Yuri, it's a last resort to grow up."

"I know... Kite, I'm coming. Amazing, this other guy. He's quite a handyman."

"Avoid fighting in the mansion on boulders... fireflies, the others asked for it"

Copy that.

"Seniors, don't just be impotent. Probably only the guy who's going to be trouble... but there are other possibilities. In that case, take care of your life. And the raid was just after I started fighting."

"Okay... everybody, we're moving out."

The moment immediately moves to the back of the residence of Reserva, following the words of Kate. It was an operation where Kate hit an enemy on the front gate side and they infiltrated from the back. That's how they all got to the placement, and Kate landed in the garden of the Reserva mansion. They already waited for me to welcome Kite.

"Heh, I wondered what kind of guy... a good man's brother"

"That's the line over here. I wondered what kind of a big man he was. A floating windmill."

In front of Kate, there is one man with a one-handed sword. Apparently, the others decided to get in the way. I get a slight impression of my physique, but it's not that I'm never working out, it's tight. The age on the outside is in the early 30s. I don't have the impression that I care too much about familiarity because my hair is quite runny and my beard is growing.

The outfit is common here. Looks like he's staying quite a long time from the outfit. He was wearing light armor with fine scratches engraved on top of it. But there's never a breeze that I'm ready in a hurry. Given that, I guess this style is his default.

Armed, as far as I can see, is a one-handed sword with a lid on his hip. Otherwise unknown. Because the single-handed sword is enclosed in the sheath, it is unknown. but if he is as powerful as he is, he would surely be like a famous knife.

"Well... here's the money and they're hiring me. Well, he's a bad chest shit client, but his job is his job. Money is important."

A man puts his hand on a one-handed sword strapped to his waist. Thus, he slightly dropped his hips and made some sort of set-up. but the fight hasn't started yet. There was only a few moments left.

"Name... tell me. Isn't that right? Just my name for once. Digamma. Rank s adventurer... let's go."

The surrounding air degenerates at once. I don't know if this is the case with hair. That's how Kate started fighting the man she named Digamma.

Meanwhile, around that time. Feeling the fighting between the kites with their skin and sound, the moments descended simultaneously on the back of the Reserva mansion. They are naturally wary of each other, but they also succeed in ambushing each other in a way that takes their backs just after the battle begins.




The complete surprise caused Sola and the others to faint the guards guarding the backyard without being noticed. If I kill you, that's all I smell of blood. And the smell sticks to the armor and to the weapon.

That's all the beasts can afford to notice. It's a secret obstacle. It was strictly forbidden to kill this one any more than I'd like to be noticed at all. Thus, Sho immediately gave the instruction.

"Sora, you and Senior Akabane, Kisarazu are with Yuri upstairs and on the ground floor."

"I know."

"Ooh, chief, the chief's in the basement with me and Firefly."

"Okay. Let's go."


Sho splits his troops according to a predetermined squad division. It is more likely that there is something valuable underground. With that in mind, I was willing to attack the basement with myself and a high-powered face. I split it because I have limited time.