Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1019: Fort Pardesia Strategy - March -

After a long-range attack from the enemy, Kite was forced to assault the enemy first. The slaughter he unleashed was about 1.5 kilometers from the landing point of the kite at a linear distance, roughly 10 metres wide to reach the junction of 'Fort Pardesia'.

but there was still too much distance, so it didn't reach the point of destroying the junction. It didn't come to that, but its power was still amazing, making both armies understand whether super adventurers had come down to the battlefield or not.

but at the point before that. At the time when Kate became a pale light, there was someone who had noticed. Those were the same Rank S super adventurers as Karin and Frodo and the others.

"... all personnel, prepare to deploy"

"Ah... the enemy has cut the trump card, too. Well... shall I leave too?"

"Hurry up and get ready to go! We're leaving, too!

"Well... that blue hair... in the meantime? Uh, was it a mistake to tell him that Yabe was there... or that he was going in... come on, let's go with the main dish."

For better or worse, it was both enemy allies that prompted Kate to make the next move. That's how both armies moved on to the next stage.

Meanwhile, around that time. The kites, forced to descend sharply by obstruction of rank S adventurers affiliated with the Confederate Army, were evacuated inside a trench improvised by Karin as they landed one step ahead of the front line for now.

"Whoa! I was scared!

Evacuate and sooner or later, Sora barks her voice. He was alone in the Adventure Department to prevent shelling from around him because of Kite's assault. Well, from the adventure department, I could handle it because I just said I was alone. Still, the mental pressure was a tremendous thing.

"Sora, what about the healing pills?

"Oh, no, I'll be fine. I'm sorry, I think I'm worried about you. I'm just psychotic. I don't have a problem."

Look at the healing pills the instant took out and make it clear that Sora is still okay in a hurry. This time, there was a lot of pressure on one of him because of Kate's penetration, but on the contrary, he also had a lot of physical and magical leeway thanks to Kate getting into the enemy line at once.

I got nervous because of mental pressure, and that's with me when I say it, demon opponent. For the first time, the ship's demon bullet was flying on a battlefield, and the load was only mounted to such an extent. Overall, he had more strength than planned.

"Right. Then good. but say it immediately when it gets hard. So, kite. What's the status quo?

"Wait a minute... because the noise is terrible with something similar to a boulder jamming wave..."

Kate was trying to communicate with Levi, who was supposed to be in the main unit, with the wearable device in one hand. As a basic story, she's the only one on this battlefield who understands exactly what Kate's breakthrough power is at the Northern Command. If you are in an unforeseen situation, it would be best to give her instructions first. She also assumed such a situation, so secretly keeping one communication line for kite worked.

"Shit... put up some more output... one leaf. From there... oh, I'm connected. Thankyou."

"Kite? Looks like you made a safe landing."

"Oh, no landing. The location is just off the front line. We're improvising trenches there and we're temporarily evacuating."

'Well... then it's about 200 meters ahead of the front line. There are the results of this first hand and the high morale of the soldiers, which pushes them in about 500 meters more than they were supposed to. "

In response to Kite's report, Levy informs Kite of the current situation. The kites rushed down at the highest speed on the way down, so it looked like they were descending far ahead of the original planned point of descent.

Well, unexpectedly to this extent, it's a story that happens a lot if you're on the battlefield. Nothing surprising, and then we'll just act on that as a premise. There is no rush for Kite or Levy.

'Well, I'd say fortunate at that point. Fortunately, the area is a thin area of enemy fire.'

"Well... let it be a blessing to turn into a disaster."

Once again, Kate keeps this result good. It was a decision made after the attack, but they accidentally landed between the formation of the Northern Army and the group of adventurers.

It's not like there's been any fighting, but it looks like he was still in a relatively safe blank zone. If we were to pause, that was the perfect point. It would be much safer than landing in the middle of an enemy formation or in the front lines of battle.

"Oh. And in fact, a little better as a war situation. As an enemy, you don't expect a super adventurer to descend so close to the front line. It will take some time to respond. Push the front up once and for all. '

"So instead of waiting for backup, hit it and get out."

'That's what I'm saying. Just keep moving forward. The group of adventurers in the rear is now moving at full speed so as not to interrupt the path you have cut. Push him up as far as you can before the enemy super comes out. Your plans went a little crazy, but I decided I should use them to put a piece on the fast track. "

"Rikai. It's a lot better than prolonging it into mischief and getting hurt."

Upon Levy's instruction, Kite terminates the communication. I got all the information I needed. Now all we have to do is push on.

"Good... everybody, you ready? From here on out, I'm afraid of accidental shooting, so it's harder to get cover shooting for both. Don't hesitate if the enemy comes forward. But you don't have to kill me. The purpose here is to drop the fort. Just drop it, that's enough."

When Kite treats the wearable device in different spaces, she communicates the instructions together through the headset to avoid being distorted and inaudible by the explosion. Seeing everyone nod to it, Kate gives another instruction.

"Good... everybody take a deep breath... let's go!

After taking one deep breath himself, Kate hangs the order or jumps out of the trench. Everywhere outside was in good condition saying it was a fierce battle, and there was fighting there.

"You can't use < > with so many enemies and allies! Everybody, don't run!

Karin draws attention to everyone in the Adventure Department. < > is something that runs through a straight line, but therefore cannot be used if there is an obstacle on the path. This is not a metastasis. The obstacle cannot be transmitted.

No, it's not that I can't use it strictly, but I can't bend it along the way even if the solas and others use it. We can't avoid collisions over long distances. As such, the kites decide to run all the way to the front line at once.



Sora leaps to the front row before instructions fly from Kite. A demon cannon was fired upon as it poured down from above. Apparently, they've decided to target this one. The number is four. It's a small boat.

"Firefly! Two ships to the right! I'll do the two left ships!

Copy that.

"We're moving on! Follow me!

It is not gratifying to eat snipers like this. Seeing it, Kite and Firefly decided to target four small airships that were attacking us over the sky, and one of the Karins decided to take the Solas and go straight ahead. Just because there's a shield of sora, if you stop, it's shelling. It would be safest to move on.

and that's how he gave himself up and tried to launch an attack on the airship in the air, where the torso of those four small airships simultaneously cleared the wind hole. I got multiple direct shots from the side.

"Master, don't worry about it up there."

"Three leaves! It helps!"

Understanding what happened to the three-leaf voice that resonated via the headset, Kate follows the Kalins ahead with the fireflies as they are. And it came to pass, when one leaf saw that an attack had been made on this side, that the three leaves were commanded to carry out backup shelling.

"Hmm? That was fast."

"A little backup came in. You don't seem to have to worry about it up there."

Kate tells Karin's inquiry by pointing her rear finger at her backhand. This time, we knew that Ichiba and the others were unlikely to be able to provide proximity support to Kite as their role.

Therefore, Tina was set up to provide support through artillery fire from a distance as a soldier's outfit for the demonic shell. Super long range sniping by them took on a form that proved effective even on the battlefield.

"Okay... well, let's go"


Kate also agrees with Karin's words to speed up the march even faster. There are artillery shelling from above by magic cannons and airships installed in the fort, but you don't have to think about attacks targeting the kites.

Later, it was how enemy adventurers could be cut off before they came out. Thus, in an instant, the kites rushed through a distance of 500 meters to reach the front line.

"Everybody, attack with maximum output at once! Break down enemy formation for now!

"Sola! You, with our shield, prepare for a counterattack after the attack! I'll leave the life of the attacker to you!

Kate and Karin give instructions simultaneously. We only have a few seconds from here until the front line also reaches the front line. but that's good. Only then can those who fight melee attack with all their might.

"Kite! You haven't forgotten because you've been here a long time!

"He's still a younger kid than you! It's too early to get bogged down! Firefly, follow me!

Kate and Karin discuss it out loud. It's not a situation that anyone can care about anymore. That said, Kate doesn't take part in the attack here. Kite's attacking, so others are attacking. As Karin and the others enter the attack, Kate gives in and prepares to jump at any time.

"Blossoming, < >!"

"I need your help! < >!"

"Kisarazu! You can go!?

"Yes, General Manager!

"< >!"

Each unleashes the biggest attack each can have. It was just high firepower, commensurate with the last few months of training, and it wasn't something that the soldiers in the company could take. As such, their unleashed attacks will greatly disrupt the front row of the enemy. Seeing it, Kite kicked the ground and jumped big, leaping over the middle of the enemy camp.

"It's been a long time since I've done this... but I won't forget it."

Leaping just above the enemy's throats, Kite creates countless weapons around at the same time. It's a myriad of weapons that have suddenly appeared on boulders after enemies have also eaten super-high firepower streaks from right in front of them. I was unable to grasp the situation of the fluidity, and I just had to keep an eye on it.

"Go... < >!"

Against the bewildered enemy soldier, Kate waves his relentlessly raised right arm down. And as it moved, the weapon created by Kite poured down like rain, smashing through the wall of sound speed.

but it's not the end of it with a bullet landed. This time it wasn't mainly about breakthrough power, and it was all set to explode at the same time as the bullet landed. I was going to blow it up with a blast, as if it was okay to be prevented.

This is not killing each other. War. It's about how to kill enemies efficiently, not how to attack strategic goals efficiently. It would be useless to lose where you are unconscious of killing your enemies and setting up manners.

As such, there are several explosions in various parts of the enemy formation, and the enemy is blown away. The purpose of the kites now is to tear the enemy apart. Push up the front at once to reach Fort Pardesia.

"Now! The brave soldiers of Laeria! The enemy's in a lot of trouble! Push it in at once!"

"" "Whoa, whoa!

In response to Kite's decree, the soldiers who were fighting on the front line shout out and push at once. Kate's attack tore the enemy's front lines apart in large measure. The remaining soldiers also have no choice but to float in boulders for unexpected developments. Now was the time to move on.

And, naturally, if you go into prominent action that way, you also get the attention of your enemies. At the same time, the mouth of the enemy's demon cannon was pointed at Kite. but i knew it was kite. That's why he was offering help to the fireflies.

"Dear Sola. Are you sure you want to leave the Master's defense to you?"

"Whoa! What about Firefly?!?

"Our aircraft will destroy two supercrossbow-class battleships targeting the Master. I understand that the two main guns cannot be dealt with by Master Sola."

"Oh, whoa..."

In response to the firefly, Sola pulls her cheeks slightly as she manipulates the < > to prevent light shelling of the kite. He must be pretty good at working out around here without going crazy. And against the fireflies, a kite who descends into a blank space made of enemies uses metastasis to throw something.

"Firefly! Use it!

"Thank you."

Fireflies hold the 'prototype retreat cannon' thrown at them with their right hand. So with my left hand I stepped firmly on the ground holding the same thing that was adjusted for me. He was going to use both for Kite and himself at the same time and sink two battleships at once.

"'Prototype retreat cannon' charge... one leaf, give me a response"

'I know. We'll take care of the overdraft of the undelivered who attack the master. "

"I affirm... maximum output. Multi-lock-on system activated... good aiming. Determined to be destructible by the expected output... within range."

Fireflies hold an immediate meeting with a leaf and pull the trigger of two 'prototype retreat cannons' before the main gun is fired from two supercrossbow class battleships to Kite. And as if to link with it, more backward reinforced fire was fired by the Magic Shell, shooting down a small airship that had developed boundaries around it to protect the Crossbow Class Battleship.


Fireflies who carried out shelling by "prototype retreat cannons" opened their eyes slightly. I succeeded in sinking one ship, but the remaining one failed. but I didn't take this off. Because the obstacle stood before her shelling.

"Lying... right? You keep him from dropping battleships..."

"Coming. Well, I guess so. The higher up he gets, the worse moments on the battlefield. You intuitively understood that Kate and I were out, and those guys... Fast response."

Karin will teach you how to flash her fangs with pleasure against Sora. Preventing firefly shelling was a large demon guide armor. It was also not a manipulated object by the military, but a large demon-guided armor with special improvements manipulated by fairly high-ranking adventurers that would prevent the shelling of the 'prototype retreat cannon'. At last, the adventurers of high rank came forward.

"Master, I'm sorry"

"No... that's because they suck. Never mind."

"I'll pay you back"


Kate sends comfort to Firefly's apology while at the same time receiving a 'prototype retreat cannon' returned from her. We managed to tear the front line of the enemy to pieces and push the front line further.

But this is where it gets harder all at once. and at the same time received it that way. Kite is restrained by some sorcery.

"Hmm? Huh!

Kate understands what will be done to her and explores how to deal with it. It's good until you're in custody. It's easy to pull something like this off. but the trouble is that he was even more trying to force the transfer of space in and around Kite.

The operator was undoubtedly an adventurer of Rank S. He's probably trying to fly somewhere, hating that Kate will break the front any further.

As such, Kate immediately understood where she was about to fly. For better or worse, they would try to move the space by replacing it rather than metastasis. Unlike metastasis, spatial substitution is highly enforceable, making it difficult for kites to escape, but it was easy to understand where they were going.

"200 meters above here! I see! Wishes and fulfilments! Karin! The enemy mage will hold him down this way! That's far worse than a airship! You go inside now! Fireflies! Sola and the others, please!

"Oh, the magician asked for it!

Copy that.

After listening to Kate, Karin and Firefly decide to put Kate on the spot and go on the front all at once. If they're just soldiers, they can't be stopped. Kite, I left you alone. But it was time to move on.

It's the Rank S sorcerer who's going to be Kate's opponent. He's the kind of guy who can do a carpet bombing on his own. If we leave this alone, there will be a lot of damage. Both were opponents who could tear each other's factions apart if left alone. It was natural, in a way, for each other to intercept each other.

but unfortunately it never went so well. In front of the same eyes, the earlier large demon guidance armor was blocked. In a flash, the fireflies were caught.

"Ever! Your daughter is a pain in the ass! From what I've seen, it's a golem! Why don't you and your daughter ask for my partner!


Surprise comes to my firefly face. In an instant, I realized I was a golem, and I understood that I was in trouble with the top of the list. Undisputed, I didn't have to wear this kind of armor to be a rank s prowess. In this way, the firefly turns up its output and responds to the opponent with the strength of gripping with the hands of a large demonic conductor armor.



"Dear Karin. This is our plane."

'I'll take care of it! If I stop my leg, I'll be sure to get involved! Move on!

After receiving communications from the fireflies, Karin decides to move on. If we stay here like this, it could be an entanglement in the battle between Kite and Firefly. Then it's with the mud boat floating in the storm. Even Karin is awkward. but I can't even go back. If so, we just have to move on.

"Shit... fireflies leave too? That said... come on... let's do it then"

Forced to fly to a point 200 metres above the battlefield, Kite stares at a figure standing at the height of 'Fort Pardesia' far away. There was a man with a cane. The gaze was directed at Kite. He was the enemy who transferred Kite. You can call me a Rank S sorcerer.

"In the meantime, we still have a long way to go. Do you want to create it in moderation and then predict the timing?"

Kate sees the myriad light spheres created by her enemies, while creating myriad weapons herself. What's about to start is a spectacular shootout. You'll need to be careful with your ammo count. The enemy then throws the light sphere into the kite one step ahead of the other.


At the same time that the enemy emits a light sphere, Kite also commands countless weapons. It gently punches through the wall of sound velocity and goes straight through the enemy's light bulb. The movement of the photosphere was complicated and not in a straight line. It would be quite skillful.

Besides, Kate manipulates the weapon, destroys the photosphere, and at the same time countless weapons are destroyed by the photosphere. As such, Kite would begin a spectacular shootout with the enemy's Rank S Adventurer in the air on the battlefield.