Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1025: Fort Pardesia Strategy - Small Pause -

The advent of Shimazu Toyoshi, an instant past, made it possible to escape from the hands of the demon of Reaper. They had since left the front aboard the airship to evacuate to a hospital ship located at the rear of the fleet.


In one of those treatment rooms, Sora screams. He was currently under admirable treatment. Both arms swell up to the bread, and there are countless other abrasive cuts, as well as some punches all over the body. Apparently, the cut was stained with disinfectant.

"How's he doing?

"My left arm is completely fractured and my right arm is cracked. The ribs are under examination, and it's still clear now. Given that the enemy is < >, it is likely that it was Grand Venus that did so to this extent. but let me be hospitalized."

Hearing Kate's words, the doctor who was treating Sora shook her head. No matter how soon, they say the return to the front will be the day after tomorrow. First aid can be used, but only in emergency situations where enemies can get in so far.

And enemies are the majority of the military, except adventurers, and unless the elders and senators say otherwise, they avoid attacking hospital ships considering the humanitarian aspect. I can assure you that Sora can ensure safety more than just focus on treating injuries here. You shouldn't be so impotent as to be able to withdraw.

"Well... then let this guy rest here. No more boulders today."

"Yes, I'll take care of him."

Kite, who leaves Sora with the doctor, walks down the corridor, which is ruined by the wounded. To get to them instantly.

"What about Sola?

"You're retiring. Well, fortunately, there's nothing else in life."

Kite shakes her head in an instant inquiry. The end result seems to be that Sola was the only one with a broken left arm, the others to the extent that she had a crack in her bone. As Reaper put it, it was due to the performance of the protective gear that Orr made for me.

That said, I can't even fight Sola on a boulder without being able to use my arms. Retirement is retiring. So, Kate asked the instant one this time. I entrusted it to the other mild patients in an instant.

"What else?

"Half of them are being treated. Few guys got hurt badly in the fractures and inside. but fortunately, my arm doesn't blow up or my leg disappears. No, considering the guy with the big wound, I don't know if that's good or bad..."

"No, it's good enough. On the battlefield, the guy who survived to the end is the winner. Interpretation, the victory or defeat of the war is your story. It doesn't mean a lot to me at the end."

For now, Kate sighed at how relieved she was as she instantly sent words of comfort. The battle is not over yet. but for now, I was able to escape to the safe zone. So far, I can tell you're winning.

"Right... so, kite. What are we gonna do from here?

"I don't know what to do. It's a hard story."

With a sigh, Kate thinks about what to do next. As it stands, this one is pulling to the rear. And in addition to that Reaper, the Rank S Adventurer, and two of the sorcerers who could have disintegrated this one, Frodo and Soleil are still engaged with the Archers, who would be the Rank S Adventurers, and Firefly is still engaged with the Big Demon Guided Armor on the battlefield.

With that in mind, I can tell you that the kites did a job that was well worth the reward if only on this battlefield. Temporarily, about half of the Rank S adventurers were suppressed by the Kites - to include Karin Frodo.

but whether you decide that's a good idea or not, again. You have to win. Then just do what you can.

"Operator, Guildmaster Kite of the Alliance Adventure Department. Tell me what's going on. I want to think about the future."

'Yes... the front is currently stalled a kilometre ahead of' Fort Pardesia '. Due to obstruction by enemy high-ranking adventurers, the front is in adhesive condition'

"Right. Tell me about the damage."

'The current damage situation is about 60% of what is assumed. The damage is contained by the support of the army of the Duke of McDawell, Empire of Entesia, led by Lord Juliette Genius and Lord Ulysses Felicia'.

"Any thoughts on overshadowing the glue state to the command?

"I'm currently working on it."

"Shit... still, will it..."

Kate asks about the status quo and smacks her tongue small. Where this damage is being suppressed is still good. For that matter, this one is nothing short of victory.

but from here on out is the problem. Somehow, we needed to break through the enemy lines and drop the fort. And that was how I thought of it and thought of it, at the same time Levi contacted me.

"Kate, can you hear me?"


"As it is, it will drain the power of mischief with glue... but we need to go to the decision forcefully."

"Well... so?

While Kate understands Dafan, she encourages Levi to stay ahead of her words. What was said was the same as what Kate had just thought.

'How much altitude do you need?

"After all, that's... 20,000 meters altitude considering the quality of the pulse here. So, I can crush it."

"You're very strong."

"I raised my arm more than before. Now, if we had 50,000 meters, we'd crush it enough."

Kite responds lightly with a laugh. Such a kite asked Levy with a fling of seriousness.

"But you know what? Pretty hard, huh? I don't want to do it in this situation."

"It's also more morale for the soldiers to see a win for sure than to consume war power for mischief here. If we keep wasting the night like this, the morale of the soldiers will also fall. I broke their morale with my first hand. Then we should keep gaining momentum. It's electric shock."

"End the fort attack in a day, or... we rushed a little, but only this time, do we have to go and decide on a quick attack"

Kate agrees with Levy's assertion. That was the best part. but at the same time we knew it was a rather dangerous operation. Therefore, Kite was chosen.

"Okay. Let me get you one. To prepare?

"I'll finish preparing the small boat itself. Battletime penetration work, but we made it possible to accommodate up to 30,000 metres altitude with an increased number of flying planes. Unless it explodes. All we have to do is prepare for the invasion."

"What's the end of that?

"It's almost over. The majority has already looked over. Karin also meets me when she sees fit. He's agreed. Operation starts in half an hour."

Apparently, Levy was already ready at the time Kate withdrew. There was a good chance that Kate could have offered Juliette support. I was originally planning on pulling kite, so I guess that means.

"Rikai. Where's the airship?

"Let your airship flank the guided small boat. Get on with it. '

"Aye. Oh, yeah. If you want to do this, send Yuri over for backup. It's also a disguise."

'I thought you'd say that, and I already asked Sharik for permission so I could get on the same boat. If he was going to do this, he would need Yuri's help, which he had done once, and he offered to help himself. You were withdrawn almost intact. You'll never find out who you are. Besides, you know that Ulysses of the Duke's house are there. It seemed convenient for him to stop. "

Levy assures me that he's going as far as to cover up. Apparently, even as Sharik and the others, kite is a convenient candidate.

And it's a coincidence that Sola and the others were injured and were to return. No one can assume which enemy they will meet on the battlefield. It was fortunate to have a situation in which no wonder Kite was chosen.

"Okay. Then I'll take care of it later."

"Have you decided on something?

"Oh... it was decided in the discussion that we had to go and make up our minds at once"

"At once? There's still a kilo, isn't there?

"800 meters, to be exact. The layers aren't that thick for the last few moments."

"? What do you mean?

The moment tilts his neck at Kate's words. From "Fort Pardesia" to the front line, approximately 1 km. It is for each person to see this as far away or close, but if you are a warrior, it is a distance to see it as close. but that would be a long enough distance if there were enemies in a limited story if there was nothing.

"From the remaining 200 metres point, it becomes an area where the enemy's outer camp and weapons are located. So if we get this far, there are too many obstacles to protect. The same goes for breaking through. That's why you have 800 meters left."

"Oh, I see... because it's flying with the Magic Gun shelling."

The moment comes from the window of the hospital ship, observing the enemy camp. It was true that countless different magic cannons, large and small, were also installed around the fort to form formations.

But this works because it's a distant opponent, and if you get close, it's a useless long object. No shelling. Shoot at close range and you'll be with the suicide bomber. On the contrary, it becomes an obstacle on this side. Of course, it can also be a fence for the enemy, so that would be a long and short place.

"So, what are we gonna do? Doesn't it make sense to break through enemy lines if you can't destroy the border? You're breaking through enemy lines to destroy them in the first place."

"So destroy it. Ignore the enemy at once. Later, strike down the fortress with a forcible breakthrough over the enemy"

"Is that possible?

The moment asks surprisingly. If you can do that, you should just do it from the beginning, and it was a muscle to think that you couldn't do it at the time you didn't do it.

"If you can't, say it's possible. I did it once."

"Well, you could do it, but... you can't do it, can you?

"But I don't... this is it"

Kate flaunts her shoulders in instant words with a slight seep of bitter laughter. Destroy the boundaries of the fortress without Kite exposing himself here. I wondered very much whether that was possible.

"I do, even the Rank A Class adventurers have a way of getting such a blow. Of course, it's only with the help of great skill that we can talk about it."

"Then why doesn't anybody do it?

"Because if you don't crush some anti-aircraft defense, they'll intercept you. And it's supposed to be a way to do it before the enemy notices it, because it's not ready, and the attack almost goes hand in hand with the suicide with the battle starting. After that, it's difficult to get in here without a certain amount of fleet dominance."

"... either way, suicide," he said?

"That's why I was nominated. Come on."

Kite laughs at me. If a normal guy did it, he would commit suicide. Therefore, Kite was nominated for the most promising achievement. Strategies would be right. That said, with the Operations Command, this is an operation that we decided was possible. The prospect of success is twelve.

"Oh well. I see that. So, what do we do?

"Well... from what I can tell, maybe you're in sorting at the point you're sitting here..."

"Instant and one-sided. If you are present, please come to the departure deck of the airship. If you are an adventurer with Alliance Adventure or Alliance < >, gather there."

Kite says it's early, or on the ship's broadcast, moments and adventure facades are called. Besides, Kate scratched her head.

"I knew it. Isn't it sweet enough to leave a safe adventurer in Rank B and C"

"Should I obey?

"Do that. Probably safer than just now. If only I could imagine. Whatever it takes, I'm ready to go."

"Oh, okay. I'll gather the personnel and go right away."

Then, obey? That's what I think for a moment, and I walk away with Kite. In the meantime, several adventurers were called to gather on the deck for embarkation and disembarkation on a landing craft. When he saw that the majority of those called were in place, the commander of the army opened his mouth.

"I'd like to recruit candidates from among you."

"A volunteer? What are you gonna do?

"... in the next 20 minutes. Decide on one operation. Destroy enemy boundaries in the same way that the brave Kate once did with his moving fortress"


"You must be an idiot...?

"You want me to do that...?

The soldiers and adventurers gathered give rise at once to the words of a senior military official questioned by an adventurer. It was a breeze that everyone, uniformly, was suicidal.

"I know what you guys think. We've already decided on this personnel. The Rank A adventurer is supposed to be in charge, and a specialist surgeon will be available to assist Juliette Genius as well as the assault. I won't reveal my name because of it, but this one is also a handyman. You can consider it possible to accomplish it. What I'd like to ask you all to do is get into Fort Pardesia immediately after the destruction of the junction."

"Either way, it's suicide..."

"No, it's not. At present, the junction deployed in 'Fort Pardesia' is deployed at almost maximum output. If there's a huge overload in a flash and the junction flies, the Magic Furnace's emergency system will be activated and the anti-aircraft defense will be disabled for a time."

A senior military official tells you about the prospect of achieving the operation. Breaking through the enemy lines is certainly dangerous, but it is still relatively safe if it even slips through. The only reason I could say that was because there was.

"What time will anti-aircraft defense be deactivated?

"Perhaps a minute or two. It won't be less than five minutes. but decided that only then would we be able to send enough soldiers"

Adventurers think alike to the assertions of senior military officials. They don't have to come to a battle where they don't have a chance to win. They are only hired mercenaries. You don't have to go to die. Thus, one of the guilds that seems to be particularly quick to draw conclusions among them came to a conclusion.

"... would be good. We rode. That Rank A fool will do it, and if we refuse, he won't be able to face us for the rest of his life."

"... let's get on this one. I'm sorry to be called out of my back."

"Is that the best? I'll leave the injured! Hurry up and get ready!

Looking at the adventurers who showed recognition one after the other, I understood that the moment was a rather difficult operation, but at the same time a highly achievable operation. And once he nodded with Fujido and Ayazaki and finally, with the acknowledgment of Lisiansus, he gave a unified response of his will.

"I'll take this one too"

"... thank you"

Senior military officials bow their heads to the adventurers who have spoken out. So I decided to hurry up and get them ready. Meanwhile, Kate was rendezvous with Yuri.

"I mean, the trouble is that they're right above the fortress."

"It's a bit of a hassle, but... well, there's no choice but to overturn it by the difference between your arms, your experience, your strength."

"Experience, track record, strength... that ends up"

"Strike through with force moves"

"That's right."

Yuri laughs as she agrees with Kate, who took over behind her own words. In the end, that's all I have. Speaking of the usual, I can always say the same. Well, after that, it's the command's job. It's not about the kites.

"Well, even so, he'll get away with it as soon as this one breaks the line. You don't have to worry about it."


"Oh. I thought we were engaged, but he's a long-range type from the roots. Never come close and fight. Unlike Tina, you're the one who's confident in distance. Conversely, that's why I'm not confident in melee combat by the point of despair. The ultimate sorcerer type."

To Yuri's inquiry, Kate talks about the magician's assessment that she was engaged with. After all, he never came out of the world. Then I could understand that you would run away when you entered the kingdom.

Besides, this isn't the end of the fight. There is still a 'Laxia' strategy based in the Confederate Army. There is no need to commit danger in vain here.

"Then... the problem is... it's going to be..."

"Being that means..."

"Enemy shelling breakthroughs as anti-aircraft defenses slip through, or... no. It used to be a thin time for anti-aircraft defense, so I thought it was easier... but now there's wacko or something."

"I'm not complaining"

Against the disgusting kite, Yuri can't help it. I said I'd run away first, but perhaps the magician would do everything in his power to stop Kite from approaching me until then.

If you're approached, it's over. If we can recognize that, we must definitely stop it. And that meant that we had to scratch through that onslaught. That said, now my partner (Yuri) is with me. No feelings exist.

"Yes, yes... well, it's been a long time, then"

"Do you really want to do this for a second"

"Whoa... let's go, buddy"


Kite and Yuri start moving in alignment. We have less than 10 minutes left until the operation begins. If this were successful, 'Fort Pardesia' would have fallen almost as well. As such, Kate decided to go far above the sky in order to settle this battle.