Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1040: Operation Laxia - Day Two -

The first day of Operation Laxia dawned, the next morning. The kites were getting their last mission briefs in one of the fleets of airships moving in preparation for battle.

"That will be what you do. Basically, it will be an activity with Major Shroud, who is ahead of us. Inside the underground passage is the disguise they set up. Make good use of it."

One of the military commanders informs the kites about the operation. After yesterday, a detailed operation has been constructed in view of the damage, etc., and it will be necessary to explain the contents of the operation.

"The primary objective of the operation is the deployment equipment of the junction, the enemy's most important facility. Destroy this."

The commander shows the kites a map of the city of 'Laksia' and presents the facility that will lead the development of the most important junction in the military establishment. If you tap here, the junction that protects' Laxia 'can be rendered powerless. After that, we can attack all at once.

"The second goal is all kinds of magic cannons installed on the outer walls of the city. But you don't have to take part in this offensive operation. Karin Arkanum-led adventurer's unit is supposed to eliminate this."

The commander describes a single operational objective. That's why Karin and Kate plan to act differently when they eliminate this primary goal. This is based on the agreement of both Kate and Karin.

As a kite, I didn't think much of fighting a high-ranking adventurer because it was an ambush on an urban area, and I was making the decision that it would be okay for Karin and the others to leave. That's why I made some changes to the request to Karin and the others.

"Now... after destroying the primary objective, you will be asked about Major Shroud's army special forces and your attack on Castle Laksia in the middle of Laksia."

Commander then presents footage of Castle Laxia, the strategic goal of the kites. Well, I don't think it's a strange story, but even in Laeria, a number of castles existed. It must be natural because there are so many aristocrats. And the Confederate army used it as its home.

"The most important task among the operational objectives here is the protection of His Majesty the Predecessor, His Majesty Shanna, and of His Majesty the Sister Shamana, Your Majesty Shalik. No scratches, but please help me. This is a placement in view of the fact that your Alliance Master fought as the Knight of the Predecessor. Your Majesty Shalik's letter and the face of His Majesty the King are not to be painted with mud."

The commander concludes by enforcing the protection of a girl named Shamana, who is being held up as a puppet. This is not about the sweetness of the sharik on the boulder, but about the outside world.

I abandoned my own sister, who is considered a puppet in a boulder, then whatever it is, I obstruct Sharik's outside hearing. I tried, but they killed me, anyway, rescue was the most important issue for the Northern Army. Thus, the Commander referred to the next operational objective.

"Its next operational objective is the capture of the Great Elders and the Senate. I take it of the utmost importance that you cannot escape from this, and in the unlikely event, I will allow you to kill me. It is not the wish of His Majesty Sharik that the war should spread any further. If you decide you're going to get away with it, you can kill me at your discretion. End this thousand years of corruption."

The Commander is more vocal than ever. Here, finish it all. The will was seeping through.

"That will be your task in today's operation. Questions?"

"The operation started at 12: 00, but until then? The whole battle started at 9: 00 today."

Kite inquires into the Commander's inquiry. Once he heard it from Levy, he knew it, but it was to get everyone to notify him again.

"Oh, I'm going to ask you to participate in the artillery fire at a distance of about two hours above the flagship against the enemy's camp. I'll lend you the demon gun you need to do this. You will fire from the flagship deck towards the front row of the enemy and the enemy ship, and show the enemy that they are alive."

"Can you then question once you withdraw and don't show up?

"About that, I'm thinking. Those who disguised themselves as you will use the weapon you were using to continue shelling the enemy line. It's hard to judge a boulder as fake in a long range of shelling."

Commander makes clear to Kite's further inquiries. This was the outline of this operation.

"... nothing else. Okay, you guys get ready."

The commander who answers some questions afterwards terminates the brief by stopping asking questions. Thus, the second day of the Laxia strategy was finally launched.

Two hours from early morning briefings. The kites were climbing on the deck of the flagship. In addition to the kites, there were adventurers and soldiers handed demon guns to catch the enemy in this operation.

It should be noted that Karin and the others have their own airships, so they plan to add backup fire from there. This one doesn't need a demon gun, and even if they're all gathered in one place, they can be suspicious the other way around. So I was supposed to fall apart. Sora, who was in line to receive a demon gun on such a flagship, blurred a little.

"Demon gun... I knew it was here too."

"Right. Nothing is just the Empire... but there are no numbers after all. It's a luxury item. The basics are bows and sorcery."

"I don't know... people"

"Oh, I'm fine. I have my own... well, we just have to shoot it right. You can leave the rest to the bosses."

Kite, with a 'prototype retreat cannon', hangs words to the point of rest against Sola, who has a rifle-shaped demon gun in her hand that seems difficult to do somewhere. The battle has not yet begun. Both were building formations.

"This is the car hanging formation. Is the opponent still single-sided?"

While Kate watches the enemy move, she understands what formation it is. That's how he put his hand on his ear.

"Levi. After all, the enemy has moved as expected"

"Apparently... of course."

For two days, I've been seeing painful eyes in an attack off the main road. I expected the third day on the boulder to build a formation that corresponded to it, but I was still right about the directions.

"On the front line... stay. Confirm enemies, Rank S adventurers. All of them. Besides, it's Dompisha."

"Good. As assumed."

Levi fucking laughs at reports from Kate. As a matter of fact, it was her desire to have a Rank S Adventurer on the front line. The enemy was dancing completely on our palms. He wasn't as good as Dada told him to be a prophet.

"So, what's the state of formation building?

A few minutes later. You will hear me, but Sharik is giving a speech now '

"As soon as it's over, the shelling begins."


Kate sits on top of a sniper installation quickly installed on the deck in response to Levi's words. From here on out, he's going to shoot the enemy. And that's what Frodo asked him.

"Brother, no. Sniping, matching?

"Hmm... no, it depends on the allowance or something for now. It's gonna take me a while to get one shot at a time."

"Okay. Bye, Soleil. Welcome to the approaching boat."


Frodo and Soleil, who received Kite's reply, rise on a further upper part of the deck. They are archers. It's hard to snipe unless you stay standing. So, a few minutes went by while we were talking like that, and finally, Sharik issued the decree.

"All right, everyone! Battle begins! '

"" "Ooh!

A noise rises around the kite, and countless demon bullets are fired. Countless demon bullets are fired from enemies as if to match them. but kite is mypace with fireflies by contrast.

"Ohh... Fireflies, link the aim. Drop one Supercross Class Battleship over the right wing. First, we need to show our enemies that I'm properly involved in this operation. This one will destroy the junction ship before it, so you shoot down the battleship."

Copy that.

When Kite orders the fireflies to refrain from flanking him, he targets them. Fireflies are much higher if the aim is accurate. You'd be right to leave it to her. Kite didn't ask for anything else. If you can drop it, that's fine.

Kite anticipates the perfect timing for sniping for a while. If you fly somewhere where demon bullets and magic cannons fly, you don't go completely straight ahead. I had to anticipate the timing and explore when it was completely possible to sink.



Kate predicts gaps and gaps in the shelling to pull the trigger for the 'prototype retreat cannon'. I kept my power down. We don't need all we can do to destroy the airships that are developing boundaries around us. That's how the pitch-black light strip cleaves the enemy formation.

"Good! Fireflies!

Copy that.

Kite's attack hits a spacecraft that expands its boundaries in front of a supercrossbow class battleship and wipes out the boundaries altogether. A firefly fired a second shot towards the slightest gap that could thus be made.


The firefly's second shot was as accurate as shooting through a hole in a needle, passing through a cut gap in the kite. That pierces a Supercrossbow Battleship in one blow and causes it to sink in two.

"Good. Later, while we snipe here for a while, we kill time. Focus as much as possible on the defense of this faction. We will destroy our approaching enemies."

Copy that.

Fireflies respond to Kite's words. The difficulty with this prototype retraction cannon is that it cannot be fired continuously because of the prototype. One shot at a time must therefore be ensured. That's how the two of us decided to work together and snipe at the enemy ships that would storm this camp.

Approximately two hours from the start of such a battle. It's about noon. Kate and the Adventure Department gathered once to hear the evolution of the war situation when they returned the received demon gun to the army.

"It is no exaggeration to say that we are now completely glued."

In conclusion, that seems to be the case. That's how Levi continued not to show any bitterness in such a war situation.

'Well, this is what was expected. This one stuffs with jizz, and the opponent twitches and chops it up. This is each other's strategy. If you can sharpen this one, the opponent wins, if this one can break through the enemy, this one wins. That's what this fight is all about.'

"Gatling cannon for that matter."

'That's what I'm talking about. That fierce attack is tough on boulders. "

Levi articulates the current challenge in Kate's words. Again, the most amazing thing is the Gatling cannon that drove the Northern Army back to the end of yesterday. The power itself is not much different from the shelling of a battleship, but above all, it is numbered.

In a half-breed airship, if you stay for a few seconds, you'll be scraped off the barrier, and in the ground army, if you eat such a streak, you'll suffer immediate devastating damage. Therefore, I had to move forward carefully with my shield like Faranx.

Therefore, the enemy also did not come out of the range of the shelling and waited for this one to approach. You don't have to dare reduce your power. Waiting for the enemy to approach was a good idea.

Both are in a situation where operational objectives can only be achieved one by one. That said, that was something I understood from the beginning. So Levy also struck a measure.

"Now... you have been asked to return to the ship once to replenish it, but it may be made clear that the enemy will not wonder about this either. Naturally, you and I are people. There's no way we can fight without replenishment."

Levy makes the obvious clear. This one must be natural. Whether it's Karin, Frodo and Soleil, the handyman, or the enemy, they pull it to replenish it, so there's no wonder where Kate and the others pulled it.

Especially this time we expect it to be quite a long stretch. Then it was normal for each other to pinch a break somewhere. Using it, the kites secretly begin to act.

"So you descend to the ground, distracted by ground troops that will leave this afternoon. I'm assuming this is an enemy. It is not hard to imagine that there will be more attacks at once. Be careful. '

"Copy that. What's next?

'Nothing has changed since then. You will be diverted to the ground headquarters of the Northern Army by wounded soldiers. After that, receive special gear to bypass the enemy formation and move to a predetermined point as soon as possible. Move carefully and carefully to avoid finding out.'

Copy that.

Kate nods at Levy's instructions, and that concludes her brief. As such, Kite and the others began preparations to carry out a raid on the enemy.