Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1042: Invasion - Groundwater -

Northern troops led by Sharik, who were shelled by supermassive demon cannons that are not in the information. Even though they took an unexpected blow, the damage was minimized under the driving of Kate, who perceived danger in the aggressive. but a weapon appeared abruptly that could change the war situation. Command was a fuss.

"So the offense is possible. There is no problem. but the damage will be commensurately heavy. Shall we be prepared there?"


Shalik, who received Levy's suggestion to amend the operation, thinks slightly with a bitter face. but that's only for a few moments too. There is no time. So I made an immediate decision.

'Okay. So let's go. I don't want to feel any colder about my liver any more, and it involves commanding soldiers'

"Oh... then let them prepare for a simultaneous attack"

"I asked."

Levy, with Sharik's permission, starts contacting all locations. If it was a previous operation, it would have worked as well as possible for Kate and the others, but if we had shown that movement in the current situation, they might have noticed that this one was a positive move. If so, we must also show our impatience to avoid it.

"The Yangtze are ready to launch all units. Further, we need to prepare reserves that are standing in the rear so that they can be put in step by step."

"" Copy that. ""

The operators instructed by Levi enter into action simultaneously. From here on out, the ground forces are simultaneously on the move.

"Altogether, the airships, with the exception of ships engaged on the frontline with the junction ships, temporarily retreat to secure air control. Troops on the front line switch to a single horizontal formation. All ships on the front line are sent to turn the bulk of the output to defense. Turn most of the output to the barrier into artillery fire as we move out of the active range of the temporary enemy. Provide support for ground forces"

"" Copy that. ""

At Levy's behest, about half the inside of the airship takes a distance once. The Northern Army formation is a three-dimensional car-handling formation. And what is the car hanging formation? Hit and Away repetition if you put it briefly. As soon as the troops on the front line fight and drain, they will take turns with the troops behind them.

Therefore, it was meant to slightly retract the fleet that had been withheld to replace it, turn the output to the Magic Artillery, and provide support for the ground unit's assault. In that way, an immediate reconfiguration of the formation takes place and it becomes ready.

"Prepare the ground units, ready!

"Reserve units in the rear, contact with ready in the next 5 minutes! The backup fleet is already ready!

"Support fleet, ready! You can go anytime!

Reports of a ready fleet are coming up to Levy. In contrast, she will give instructions as well. So, a while later. Finally, everything is ready.

"Good... Sharik. Can you hear me?

"Oh. I'm hearing you."

"I'm ready. We can start the operation at any time."

'Okay. All units, assault!

Sharik takes Levy's word for it and gives an assault order to the entire army. In this way, artillery fire from all ships is added to the enemy's front line at once, and ground forces begin to invade at once. Side by side, Levy sent instructions to the Special Forces.

"General, start the action. On the road, we broke through once and for all with assault. From there, give priority to speed."

Levi's instructions fly to the adventurers and military handlers who were waiting for him everywhere. And that was flying to the kites, too.

"Good. All of you, let's go all at once!

"Beat every guy standing on the road! It doesn't matter if we find out from here! I'm just gonna take a look ahead!

In keeping with Kate's decree, Karin absurds her voice. This is where their arms show off. I needed to attack it all at once. And the kites have even better things to do. That's why Kite asked Firefly with a fun grin.

"Fireflies, are you ready?


Firefly postcard, check the condition of the soldier's outfit attached to his right arm with the sound of It was spinning with the sound of a ki-yum. Well, the quick story is the drill. It was also a super huge drill with as much as her torso.

"Um, gap adorable. Boulder Tina."

"I can't affirm that."

"Yeah, its unfathomable, too... then, General, go in! Let's go! Assault! No!

Kite makes a noise and enters the entrance to the underground waterway at once. From here, it's a one-way assault that doesn't look back.

"Enemy attack! They're coming too!

"Hurry! The enemy is coming from everywhere!

As we entered the underground waterway, the voices of our enemies echoed to their place. And with that, countless footsteps were also sounding. That's how Kate started directing as she heard it.

"All hands, roll out the formation around the fireflies! Firefly! Weird story, but I'll take care of the escort! You make our way!

Copy that.

"Sola, you respond to attacks from left to right with a < >! Seniors are on the front line with me! Whoever leaked it, deal with it in other ways!

"We'll protect the rear with the support of the lads! They're coming after us from behind. We'll stop them!

Kate and Karin give instructions to their guild as soon as they succeed. From here, we have to go to the 'Laxia' basement at full speed. I don't have time to stop.

"Major Barry! Operation's on! This one's already in! Move to a predetermined point while you fight!

Copy that! Let's go! Here we go! It's not what we planned, but we're gonna attack them all at once! Confuse them with timely explosives on the way! Don't get me involved!

In response to a call from Kate and the others, Barry and the others will begin to act once and for all. I can't help but think of something different than what was originally planned. This is a battlefield. Something unexpected can happen. That's how they get in touch, and the kites go around the corner. but they don't loose any momentum.

"Firefly! Pierce him through the wall with your drill!

Copy that.

In response to Kate's words, the fireflies thrust the drill forward. And I boosted my magic and lit the plane behind me to accelerate all at once, easily smashing through the walls.

"What!? Girl!?"

"An enemy!?

At the end of the wall. He didn't think the enemy would show up from the side. The Confederate soldiers were opening their eyes. There, kite leaps through the fireflies.

"Ouch! I forbid her to touch me! So get out of the way!


Moments cut into enemy groups at once with Kite. They can't even afford to kill them now. Of course, I can't afford to be modest. So blow your opponent away with a high degree of fire that won't cause the groundwaterway to collapse.

I won't let you toddle it, so I'll leave it up to Karin and the others to chase me from behind. The adventure department, which lacks experience, should only look ahead.

"Everybody, don't slow down! Run all the way to the rendezvous point!

When Kite blows his enemies with a single blow, he skips the instruction without loosening his legs. From here, the distance to the desired rendezvous point is approximately three kilometres in a straight distance. It's a few minutes away if you can run at all costs, but you can't say the same if you consider walls, enemy presence, etc. that cannot be broken through due to obstructions or thickness in boulders. Even the rendezvous point was expected to require approximately 20 minutes.

"Everybody, let's go all at once! I don't mind ignoring the enemy! Don't be alarmed!

"" "Whoa!

The Adventures Department speaks up to Kate's words. That's how Kite and the others started the invasion all at once.

Well, about 10 minutes from such an invasion. It's called the rendezvous point. So there will be a slight mistake.

"Okay! What the hell?

This time it was also Kite, who was banging through the wall with a firefly drill and going forcefully straight ahead, but he unwittingly rounds his eyes at the sight in front of him. And that was the same for the moment next to it. They went out into a fairly wide cavity that runs down to the bottom.

"An underground cavity... no, a place called an underground lake?

"I affirm. The diameter is approximately 300 meters. It looks like a pretty big underground lake."

"Right... fireflies. Just ask for a flare bullet. This is too dark."

Copy that.

Fire the illumination bullet created by a firefly under the direction of Kite. So, the whole underground lake came up in the eyes of the kites.

"What the... old urban area?

"Unknown. Not in the information. There must be nothing here on the map."

"Does that mean... only at a time like this did you discover a great deal?

"I affirm."

Fireflies nod at Kate's words. This time it took a little siege by the enemy to break through the wall and go straight ahead, but as a result, they apparently found the remains of an undiscovered prehistoric civilization.

I wasn't sure if I was lucky or unhappy. It should be noted that there is no need to worry about pursuit, as there is no magic repairing behind it.

"... Major Barry. This is Kite."

"What's up? This one will arrive at the rendezvous point in a few moments... but you were definitely half-surrounded, weren't you? Need help? If it's explosives, there's more... '

"No... I want help in a different way, but I don't need help. The chaser shook it off."

'That's brilliant. So, what's up?

"I discovered an undiscovered ruin."

"... what? There wasn't supposed to be any ruins here.

"No, so undiscovered,"

Kate makes the status quo clear with half a laugh. The boulder had this for him and unexpectedly. Still, I can better assume a super giant demon cannon. But the boulder won't be able to do this.

'... wouldn't you tell a joke to a boulder at a time like this? No, wait. No way.'

"Yeah. This is out of the junction. I was wondering if I could get in touch with the outside temporarily. And it's an unknown ruin. It won't go cheap. I will try to check the situation while keeping in touch with the outside. So I was wondering if the rendezvous would be slightly delayed."

'Okay. Secure the rendezvous point here. but hurry up. The circumstances don't mean you can lurk here forever.'

Copy that.

Kite on the boulder also couldn't rush the unknown situation against him, but had to go cautiously. That said, this is outside the underground corridor. It was therefore out of the stretched junction of the underground passage, and it might have been possible to communicate with the outside.

Therefore, the kites will attempt to communicate with the outside while moving the remains of the former city to the scaffold, where it sank in the underground lake. And apparently, you were lucky enough to connect.

"... you... you're the same guy who doesn't know what's gonna happen."

"No, really. Seriously, what's going on?"

"Huh... you think the main force in the main discovered an unknown ruin and stopped it? I didn't order an invasion from there to make you a historic discovery."

"Wow. But you can't help it."

Kate laughs at Levi outside and a slightly bitter mix of laughter. Apparently, I've looked into it, but this was really an undiscovered site. And on a scale that can be described as a historic discovery.

The kites were supposed to make a name for themselves in history in a different way. So even Sharik, who received reports during the fight, was baffled.

'Well, yeah. Yes, no, it's brilliant. Safe and above all, the fact that there is a cavity saves me the trouble of bumping through. Let's think it was a good thing. Of course, I'll keep the name of the discoverer to you. Um, let's do that. Do me a favor and try not to destroy the ruins. And put a timer in the ceiling with a max to reward the military position. "

Sharik gives instructions to the kites wondering why he's doing this in this situation. The loss of this ruin is a great damage as a nation. This is the situation, so at least I was going to make sure I knew where it was.

So Kite floats to the ceiling using hook shots - as little magic as possible - and installs military markers there. Even so, this starts about 24 hours from now. It would be like making it clear to the enemy that we will be here if we start something like this in battle with the boulders.

"Good... not at all. Why are you doing this?"

Kate sighed with a laugh and a half as she set up a marker on the ceiling of the great cavity. That was the best thing I could have done then, but it hurt to eat a few stops here. As such, Kate looked downstairs to get down and dyed her face bright blue.

"Ahhh... ahhh! Karin! You can't do this, here!

"Out of my way!?

"Down, down! In the water!

Kite points around with gestures as she unhooks the shot, while falling. There was a slightly larger black shadow floating there. and that next moment. From the underground lake, multiple bodies of "The Devil of the Sea (Kraken)" raised their voices.

"Ahhh... ahhh!? What the fuck!

"That's right! It's usually out of bounds here!

"Ahhhhhh! That was awesome. Aah!

Karin, who has been placed in a semi-enclosed state around her, continues to scream at Kite. She didn't expect this, no matter how much. It was bad that they all relaxed trying to recover a little strength because of the ruins in the basement and the reassurance. I didn't notice until we got this close.

Although the enemy inadvertently mistook the idea of wandering off the underground passage, a cavity with no boundaries is not suspicious when demons emerge. This is a mortal mistake, but I won't be able to help but this time. Whatever the current situation was, it was unexpected due to strange and strange circumstances. They were all completely oblivious.

"Firefly! You dig a hole heading into the underground corridor now! You can't deal with all of this!

"I affirm. And I understand. Moment, cover me."


Firefly agrees with Kate's words. When he sets fire to the flying plane and moves all the way to the walls of the underground lake at once, he sticks a drill up against the rock wall there and starts digging the hole again. Plus, the moment I activated < > immediately moved to the side.

"Kite! Me and you will stop! I won't let you push me from behind!

"Wow! Sola, you take command while we stop! We'll see how it fits around here, and then we'll go after it later!

"Ooh, wow! Do it! Everybody, let's go!

Sora gives instructions to everyone as she hastily dodges one of the hands of 'The Sea Devil (Kraken)', which flew in at the same time as Kate's words. In that way, everyone was to escape the underground lake at once so that they could be driven out of the Sea Devil (Kraken).