Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1047: Ending the Civil Conflict

When the big catches of the Solas were in pursuit of the Senate were over. When Kate was rendezvous with Barry-led special forces, who had quickly taken the soldiers who had passed out and ended up wasting their lives, he said.

"Master Shamana. I'm your brother.

Barry joined up with Kite to greet Shamana early, but was puzzled to see how she was not reacting in any way. He then asks Kite, who was protecting her earlier.

"What happened to Master Shamana?

"I don't know... but I can guess"

"What do you mean?

"It seems that he is completely depriving himself of his will with medication and non-magical brainwashing. I've also remotely had a brief diagnosis done by a military doctor through His Majesty Sharik, so it's probably certain. I really wanted to crush this bullshit."

Kate stares at the big bosses' necks abominably. He seemed genuinely angry at me as to what kind of head I could do such outrageous things to such a young girl. I guess that's why the tone is too.

"Shit... if this is the case, I should have gone out of my way to be finer than I was supposed to be."

"Keep it down. What you did was right. [M] This is what's best."

Barry takes solace as an elderly man against a frustrating kite. There were things he couldn't stand on his stomach, but Kite's anger was only marginally suppressed by the fact that he was showing his anger so far. In doing so, with that forgiveness, Kite also regains some calm.

"Oh, no... sorry. I'll leave you to Shamana."

"Oh. Your... no, your work will probably be marked by the history of Laelia alongside the brave kite. Pray for good luck. Go home alive, more than you've decided to win."


Kate walks into the hidden passage taught by the senators, with Barry's encouragement and ambition behind her back. Fireflies were already waiting for us there, ready to go anytime.

"Master, you can advance at any time"

"Right. Firefly, you need to get back to Sola and the others. This one doesn't need Master Shamana's escort anymore. I'm good enough alone."

Copy that.

Kate orders the fireflies to provide cover for Sola and the others. There are no protectors, it's just a situation of pursuing enemies. Then he would have been lighter and better off on his own, and if Sola and the others had let him get away with it, we need to go after him. It would be the right decision. And that's where the communication came in.

"Kate, it's me."

"Sora. What's the status?"

"Over here, mission complete. We're all safe."

"Is that true!

Surprise and joy come to Kate's face. This was good news. There was no solidity in Sola's voice, and I could understand from Kite that this was the truth. And that's how Kate hears further into it.

"Murder? Is that a bondage?"

"Capture. I really succeeded in capturing him at a critical place"

"Well done! Big deal! I'm glad I let you!

Kate lets go and admires the fact that she ended up with the best result. This was something I could praise with all my hands up, not just from Kate, but from Sharik. And even as Sola accidentally lit up with such rare admiration, she went on to talk again.

'Oh, whoa... so I'm stuck in a room near the elevator that just stopped working and watching. Did you retrieve it?

"Oh. Ask the military to turn around... how many people have been successfully captured?

"Huh? Oh, uh... you're five."

Sola looks around the room once and makes clear the number of people. Besides, Kate opened her eyes.

"Five... Major Barry! How many people lived in the Senate!?

"Five! Do you need a roster!?

"No!... Sola, it's a big bee pattern! Senate, that's all! Never let them get away with it!

"Uh, seriously?

Sora was surprised to see her eyes open to words from Kate that she didn't think this was everyone. It was a really big deal.

"Command! This is Adventure Guildmaster Kite! Wish for a response!

"This is Command. Go ahead. '

"Successful capture of all senators! Repeat! Successful capture of all senate members! Send the footage! We'll be there soon, but send reinforcements from there to the room by the Western Elevator in the middle of the lookout! Four and a few faces succeeded in capturing him! There's still a chance we can get away with this!


Command boiled down much this time to further reports following the Great Elder Crusade from Kite.

"Copy that! I'll send reinforcements immediately! You should head over there right now and never let them get away with it! Big deal!

Kite immediately returns her heels to the instructions that made BGM the cheer that resonates with the command. If you don't have a target here, you didn't have to go after him.

"Major Barry. That's why I'm going to support Sola and the others."

"Oh, do that! This one's fine!

Barry smiles and accepts Kite's offer. Now it's like their victory is confirmed. He seemed really happy, including the soldiers around him who were the righteous men of Worried Country. and there Karin emerged from the window leading her lead adventurer and army special forces.

"Hey, kite. I came here to talk to you about covering for me, but do you need a hand?"

"Oops! Best timing! Karin, can you get some help over here!? Sola and the others succeeded in capturing the Senate! Me and Firefly are on their way to cover you!

"Oh! Those lads fucked up! Well, that's a big deal! All right, come on! I'll keep Shamana safe!

To Kite's words Karin sends Kite out in a delightful colour. As such, Kite and Firefly will immediately exit between the glances and proceed to the room next to the elevator where Sola and the others are waiting. and discovered instantaneous moments of engagement there immediately.

"Huh! Enemy attack!? Behind you!"

"Senior! Are you all right!?

"Oh, kite! Sola and the others went first! We've got enemies down here! Give me a hand if you can!

The moment blows up the enemy and drops it downstairs, while he asks Kite for help.

"Oh! Hey, Terra! I killed all the big fat motherfuckers with my hands! And Master Shamana! The senate has already been captured! If you still want to do it, come!

Kate lines up the facts so that everyone can hear her out loud. This has no lies whatsoever. And to match those words, they reflected in the air the video sent by Firefly from Sola and the footage of the neck of the Great Elders sent by Sharik and the others as evidence.

"This, is..."

"If you think it's fake, do as you please. But you must understand that you've lost more where you fought."

Kate asks the upset enemy soldiers how calm they are trying to be. And every one of the soldiers was aware of the loss somewhere in their hearts at the time they allowed enemy incursions into the castle. I just couldn't stomp it off.

That's how they all throw away their weapons without power, as a trigger. If you've already broken your heart, you can leave the restraint to the soldiers who will come later. So Kate decided to ignore it.

"Let's go, Sola and the others are capturing the senators. We need to hurry... fireflies, gently tie them up."

Copy that.

"Well, did those guys..."

Moments laugh at Kate's words as she jumps over the hole. It also seemed like a compliment. As such, Kate decided to head to Sola and the others' waiting room with the moments.

That's how Sola and the others met, but there was nothing wrong with it, just waiting normally. There was little fighting on the road. They had no noticeable hand injuries, they were just keeping an eye on the Senate where they could not escape with a captive demon prop.

The Senator, on the other hand, had lost consciousness due to the effects of demonic props for captivity. Unless it's recaptured, the next time you wake up, you'll be inside a Northern Army airship.

"Sola, it was brilliant"

"Oops... the seniors are safe too."

"Naturally. Seems to get hit to this extent, Mr. Schiff or the coach punches me... eh. Still don't stain it."

The moment puts a healing pill on his wound borne in battle with laughter. As for the degree of injury, it was worse for the guys who were holding back momentarily. That said, they didn't suffer that bad of a hand injury either, thanks to the fact that they were mainly buying time.

More importantly, this time it was an infiltration mission to the enemy headquarters after fishing the enemy outside, and the danger was much smaller than the previous two days. It would be a reasonable result. So the moments rave each other's labors with laughter.

"Well, today's showdown was the easiest, I can't say. Even so, Sola. Were you able to get here sooner than I thought? We walked this far, but there was a group of enemies there..."

"Oh, yeah. That's it. That's it. Kate, I need to ask you something."

"Hmm? What?

Upon Sora's enquiry, Kite, who was listening to the situation everywhere, turned to Sora. That's how Sora began to talk about things on the road that she had doubts about.

"... I feel it. Suddenly an enemy soldier escaped. No, well, that's why I made it."

"... oh, you're right. What are you talking about?

What Sora was wondering was a series of stories on the road. The Fujido and the others seemed to wonder, and they were together and tilting their necks. but this was a hilarious story about what the Solas and the others are talking about, if you make them say so from kite.

"You, think about it normally. You're training for < >, right? If you think about it normally and start with most guys, they're like frozen spines. No matter how proud you are of your arms, how many of them you think are truncated."

"To? Let me go? I didn't do that, did I?

"Well, I know the details, so you can tell me."

I point it out again with Kate laughing at Sora's doubts. Sola only questions because she knows exactly what it is. He said that the training he attended was a simplified version for introducers and young people and was never conducted by the crew.

He knows that, dare I say, he just attached himself to training to the degree of shoulder familiarity. but that's what we know because we got inside. Try it from the outside and you won't know the difference.

"Well, yes. You don't know how I saw it."

"Decent. But he just stood around in the middle of nowhere, and then naturally, he just didn't want to fight because he was probably a great handyman and had something to do with < >. Well, that's preconceived if you dare. I guess I didn't think of it as a bluff because they gave me the < > name of the Uncrowned Troops at random. They thought they'd never win."

Kate explains Sora's questions with courtesy. They're free until the pick-up airship arrives anyway. Unless someone even the senator came to take it back, there was plenty of time. When I heard the explanation, Fujido snorted like he was too good at it.

"I see... so the apprentice of Dr. Musashi against us..."

"Yeah, I think that's probably me."

"What do you mean?

Fujido tilts his neck at Kate's denial. This is, well, not like Sola. I don't know him. But I thought I had no choice.

"Our genre rarely goes outside, but of course there are those out there. You know who that is, don't you?

"Oh. With all the people with the passage, with the samurai trainees"

"Yeah, that's right. The latter have horns and pardons in their hands, chasing the idiots who waved the outward path moves that Dr. Musashi once said. Actually, most of them were taking care of him. Brothers, sync, etc. If we're going to compare, it feels like if it were me or the teacher would go after us first."

After acknowledging Fujido's answer, Kate makes only a few supplements. I don't know if Musashi spoke with Kendo, but if he didn't, he could have.

"Really... all the more so, you don't fall into the outer path"

"Ha ha. Right. So, for real, that's what I'm talking about."

"... no, what's this all about?

"Don't you see? I thought it was suspicious of me, which means I knew I was different. And Sola's < > word. When you tie the two together, one assumption comes to mind."

In response to Fujido's inquiry, Kate decides to reveal Tane with a laugh.

"I mean, everyone was judged to have it. So, it must have been a story in their minds that they were participating in this civil conflict to train their seniors. It would be easy to think that if we fought like that on that spot, and they all met, wouldn't it?

"... I see. I don't think you'll make it home alive. I'll get away with it."

Fujido nodded that he was finally good at it. He himself has been shown the skill of the Summer Moon with all his exemptions. I thought I would never win where I now have a bunch of 100 metaphors. And those who have participated in intercontinental meetings will understand that somewhere.

That's why the enemy fled at first sight. I'm not talking about where my spine freezes when I think about it if I'm fighting Sola and the others and Kite comes. No matter how hard I try, I can't build a muscle path to get home alive. It was also natural to run away like scattering spider children.

"That's the thing. I just couldn't seem to defeat < > a heavily armed warrior with two Musashi-sensei apprentices and a mysterious light-equipped man... and now I'm coming with a swordsman with a waiver in the back. If it's a decent thought, I'll definitely get away with it. Well, I guess that was a mistake."

Kate laughs that way at the end. In the end, it's all assumptions. but how to use this assumption well is the way to fight.

And, as if waiting for the end of that conversation, soldiers of the army belonging to the Northern Army appeared to the room. That's how one female soldier, apparently leading that unit, advanced in front of the kite.

"You're Guildmaster Kite Tenyin of the Alliance Adventure Department, right?


"This is Lieutenant Forma, who belongs to His Majesty's Kingsguard Corps. The Senator's life has been ordered by the General Command."

"Really... they are, there"

"... thank you. This brings this civil conflict to an end. Can you help me with the escort?

"Accepted. Everybody, let's move."

At the request of a female lieutenant named Forma, Kate decides to help escort the senator. As such, the kites were to take the senators captured with the army to the Northern Command.