Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1050: Argument Merit Award

The three of us, Kate, Shelia and Sherk, were supposed to search around the castle to find Hannah's artifacts, but in the meantime... One request went in to Kite. It's about rewards.

"And so I say. I want you to take it."

The person who requested it is Sharik, who officially stood as the head of this country by ending the civil conflict. He had handled the aftermath of the conflict between the North and the South that had ended over the past few days, some of which concerned the Medal of War.

And in Enefia, there is also a presence close to a half-mercenary named Adventurer. Rewards for them, not just the military, were also discussed here, in which the rewards for Kates and the Adventure Club were also discussed.

And it was roughly solidified, and the upper level of the Adventure Department was called. That's why Kite, Sola, and the three of the moments were being called. So, first, Sharik turned his gaze to the moment.

"For starters, don't blink. I'd like you to be awarded the Third Class of the Holy King's Medal."

"Yourself, sir?

"Oh... you stopped the Reaper, commonly known as Grimm, in the Fort Pardesia Strategy. He broke through the central line at once in the same battle. He has credit for the liberation of prisoners in the second southern city of Partheil. Of course, considering the battle in Laxia."

Sharik appreciates his accomplishments toward the moment. but the moment was surprised by it.

"Prisoner Liberation, is it? That's not what I meant..."

"Even if you didn't intend to, as a result, we were able to get detailed maps of underground waterways and passageways. It's like a spider's nest over there. And, well, you know, you actually went in, but that underground passage is also a legacy of prehistoric civilization. There are many unknown tricks. Without an up-to-date map, we can't invade properly. It is no exaggeration to say that the presence or absence of that map divided the victory or defeat of the previous battle"

Sharik reveals the truth in a sigh mix. They say there are ruins of prehistoric civilization in that area, just as the kites found an underground cavity. Precisely in the form of utilizing the urban areas and infrastructure that had been left behind, the city seems to have been created. That underground passage is one of them. Therefore, both the Great Elder and the Senate could not be destroyed while understanding the danger of being invaded.

It should be noted that Sharik and the others also have maps about urban areas, and maps of underground passages exist as of a few months ago. But you can't always use new stuff for the map of the underground aisle. I don't know what tricks are in place given the last few months, and I don't know how the terrain has changed. Apparently the invasion without a detailed map was suicidal.

"As a result of adding them, you will receive a third prize." It can be said that the ability to retrieve that map was the biggest winning factor for our army. Find this decision reasonable. "

"... okay. We'll take it."

Though I thought a little about the moment, I nodded with the understanding that this would have been reasonable because Sharik was reasonable. That's how Sharik nodded, too, and now he sees Sola.

"Thanks... so, Sola. You have the medal of the same medal, second class."

"Are you second class?

Sola opened her eyes in surprise. More than an instant, it's the same medal that Kite was awarded during this time, something that only comes out once every 10 years. That said, this doesn't end.

"Oh. There's also talk of awarding a new 'Divine Emperor Medal' along with it. This isn't a medal. It's a medal of honor. Number one, you were chosen."

"... Huh."

I hear Sora wasn't able to go with her head to much of the situation. I was unintentionally returning a raw reply. That said, I have no choice. Even though you get a medal above the moment, you're even awarded a new medal on it. Don't be shy, it would be more impossible. Sharik laughs without raising his voice to Sola like that.

"Ha. You don't know."

"Oh, no... sorry"

Sora nodded at Sharik's words in a fairly lit manner. I'm sure Kite knows in this situation, but unfortunately, it's not the one that gives us a commentary here. So Sharik gave me an immediate commentary.

"You look too mildly at the fact that you've safely captured all the remaining senatories. That's a good enough medal."

"Yes, no. But that was a coincidence..."

"Oh, coincidence. But the result is everything. You got him. That's all it is."

Sharik tells Sola, as he tells her. I don't have to tell you, it's a coincidence that Sola and the others were captured. The senators encountered the incorrect speed of Kite's invasion and the fact that it became quiet without trying to do so on the spot, and they were able to capture it. There is also the escape of enemy soldiers due to the conversation between Sora and Fujido.

The result of being helped by various fortunes was that they captured all the senators alive. but if you only capture the facts, a unit led by Sola captured the senate. I had to make sure I appreciated that.

"But... that doesn't mean it's one of my own handles..."

"Oh, I know that too. But all of your people who were there at that time testify that you were in charge of the troops and that it was your driving that prevented them from escaping. I'm pretty sure it must have been your medal to capture the Senate."

Sharik makes even more sense to Sora's objections, which he fears for his extra honor. This one seems to happen from time to time when a young soldier accidentally puts up a tremendous martial arts medal.

He doesn't know how to deal with it, and humbly manages to lower his medal. So the persuasion was his job again. So he seemed used to it.

As for the testimony, this was awarded the Argument Award. I just told you what happened. So not only Kate and Sola, but Fujido and many soldiers were receiving it.


"Sola, this has been well discussed. So it's not like it's an excessive reward. Told you? He said it was a big deal to capture everyone in the Senate. Those are the masterminds of this civil conflict, the great sinners. Capturing it was the ultimate purpose of this civil conflict. In order to clarify why this civil conflict had occurred, it was the best possible conclusion to be able to capture it. We've accomplished that, so it's a natural treatment."

Kate makes sense to teach even more reluctant Sola to smile softly. The greatest goal of this civil conflict is threefold. It is the expropriation of the Great Elders, the captivity of the Senators, and the rescue of Princess Shamana.

Sola did one of these three things. Kate was right, it could be described as a normal treatment. Therefore, Sora, who was also taught by Kate, was not in the form of reluctance, but decided to accept it. When I saw Sola like that, Sharik laughed and nodded.

"... is that...?

"Haha... right. Now, maybe you don't know. But a few years away, yeah. By the time our country is restored to normal, your name will be written in the history books. It's good to think it's that much merit. And don't worry if you think you're the only one. We plan to award a separate medal to all of our penetration troops. You're not the only one who gets it."

"... yes"

Sola finally nodded at the words from Sharik, saying if she could get a proper medal besides herself. That said, Sola herself doesn't really feel it, but this was a big deal that really wasn't surprising to be treated differently. He had no choice but to be treated differently.

That's how I got my consent there, and now I turn to Kite. That said, this one can also be an Alliance. So it included the story.

"Well... Alliance Master Kite. Before you talk about your thesis, go to the entire guild and adventure department."


"First of all, as I said earlier, all of you will be awarded a medal that will be awarded in common to all the penetrating troops. More details about this... won't have to be said again. You are number one. And my friend is the second one."

"haha... ok"

Kate nodded at Sharik's words. I guess that means giving me the same medal that Kate once received for the fold she came to. If the "Holy King's Medal" that Sola and the others received is the "Grand Medal of Daisy Flowers" in Japan or the "Medal of Honor" in the United States - sensibly close to the latter - then this was something that the army was giving itself.

In the form of the American Army's "Region of Benefits" or "Special Medal Cross Chapter". It would feel like an award for entering a formidable enemy formation and subjugating it.

"It's called the Ethereal Star Knight Medal, or Blue Star Medal. This will be awarded to you equally."

"Sincerely, I accept"

Kate indicated her intention to accept Sharik's words. "Ethereal Star Knight's Medal" was once created as a special medal when the kites were active in this country.

The knight is in it because Lux was also active in this battle. In view of that, they call it the Blue Star - because Lux was then called The Knight of Starlight. The first was Kite and the second was him.

"How many times do you get this medal?

"Come on... even bandits and crusades for catastrophic species were accompanied... if you ask Kuzha or Aura, you'll get the numbers back immediately, but you won't be here."

Kate shakes her head with a half laugh at Sharik's joking words. It's Kite the Brave. That's how they got big flags and clothes just for medals from different countries. I couldn't count.

It should be noted that the "Aoshi Knight Medal" is awarded for military merit in a single battle, so if you keep fighting, one person may get it more than once. Looks like I got a kite too many times. That said, I didn't make this joke because I wanted to hear that. There was a reason, of course.

"If it's more than seven degrees, it'll be the Seven Star Medal..."

"Uh... excuse me. I don't think it's over... but I don't know how many..."

"Hmm... okay. It's an old dossier, but let's look in secret. This is a medal you made after you left."

"Ha... but why on seven stars?

Kate nods at Sharik's words, while surprised at the number. The total number of faces said to be the main line of the brave Kate is six. Kite the Brave Below are six of his partners: Yuri, Knight Lux, and Will the Warrior. Prince Wisterias, Warrior Ballantine, and Tina the Demon King. Other Kuzha, Aura and Lucia cannot be said to be the main members of the battle, so it is common not to include them. Others were accompanied by Musashi and others, but this one is a collaborator and hard to say the main member.

That said, either way, if Aura and the others get in here, the numbers don't match. Sharik, who was questioned like that, gave me an explanation for one hassle that was supposed to be in place for the investigation.

"Oh... you were all six, weren't you?

"Yeah. I have to count the troops," he said.

"That seventh person deserves it, that's all. The last star is itself."

"I see... if I get it, the opposite will happen."

"Ha. Don't tell me that. It must be your reason you're hiding it."

Sharik laughs at Kate's joke. He was supposed to be in order within doing so, and went into the results of the Argument Award again.

"Good... then again, you will also be awarded this" Knight of the Ethereal Star Medal ". There will be no award ceremony, etc. for this item, and it will be handed over with the remuneration. I want you to understand that."

"No. That's enough"

"I'm sorry. Okay, so next thing you know... this is going to be awarded the First Class of the Holy King's Medal. Even in light of your example to Sora-kun earlier, you managed to secure Shamana and conquer the Great Elders. Furthermore, Lord Ulysia and I suppressed the main enemy forces. In a reasonable story, both the army and the clerks unanimously expressed their agreement. I don't mind if you take it as an inside notice."

"I'm glad to accept"

Kite immediately bows her head because she understood the medal to herself as reasonable. That's all I did. It is more suspicious not to be given.

And it is clear that this is not all. In both fights, Kate acted as the core. I had to give him various other medals.

"In addition to the" Medal of the Divine Emperor ", which was to be awarded to Sora-kun earlier, there are several other stories out there that should be awarded. I will notify you of this as soon as I make my decision. Difficult is at the medal. We'll discuss it until your departure, but I'm sorry about that."

"No, thank you"

"Oh. So, you and Lord Karin came from me at the award ceremony... oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to notify you to hold the award ceremony again."

When Sharik says so, he commands his squire, who had refrained on his side, to bring him a single document. It was a notice of something like a joint award ceremony. That was the big fight. It was also a kind of imperative to award medals to the heroes. Therefore, it is also done this time.

Of course, there's no surprise because the kites know it, and they all understand that they're going to attend the award ceremony before returning home. Needless to say, Karin and the others. They were due home after they joined. So there was no problem with the schedule either.

"The awarding ceremony for the Holy King's Medal, which has been set so far, is to take place this weekend. Your guild will join you next to Lord Karin's guild. I'll get back to you for more information."


Kate nodded at Sharik's words as she held the documents handed to her. With that in mind, Sharik continued.

"Oh, so you and Lord Karin are all to be awarded the Medal of the Holy King. I therefore asked you and Lord Karin to represent me."

"Thank you"

Kate nodded at Sharik's words. Apparently, Karin was also to be awarded the "Holy King's Medal" first prize. She was also one of the core players in those two fights, stopping multiple Rank S adventurers, cutting into enemy lines beside Kate. And the commander-in-chief of the penetration unit was taken by her, and she was the one who destroyed that supermassive demon cannon. Again, this would have been a natural treatment. Of course, she was also to be awarded multiple medals besides this.

Although there are no other medals first class, for one who had no contact with Rank S Adventurer Juliette and Kate, it is expected that multiple medals will be awarded in addition to the "Holy King's Medal" second class.

It should also be noted that Levi, who was naturally in command of the entire army, is also to be awarded. With regard to this martial arts medal, the element of luck of time is so great that everyone accidentally saw Kate coming up over the Rank S adventurers in line.

"No, it's an honor to be awarded a medal to a warrior like you. Okay... well, now you've told him roughly what he needs to tell you. Well, I don't mind if you come back."

"Thank you... good, I'll be back"

Kate decided to leave him behind with Sharik's permission. As such, they were in a hurry to prepare for the award ceremony in parallel with the preparations for their return home.