"She was my mother, my sister and my good understanding..."

Shanna's words in mourning echo in a quiet place on the shore of the lake. From the return of the kites, two days. It was sudden because everything was ready, but Hannah's funeral was to take place.

Kate watched Shanna, the mourner, just a little out of the circle. Participants are normal, but few. They were the ones who were claw bouncing in the first place, and Hannah was born. Friendship isn't widespread in the first place, and this is a different continent from their origins.

Moreover, they were not very involved with their surroundings in their position. What was missing was that I had no choice. Participants were led by Shanna and the others by the McDawell family and were cordial with Shanna and the rest of the squire, Messengers of the Empire of Entesia and Ambassadors of the Embassy in the name of Shalik over the Holy Empire Laelia.

"... the dead are watching the living at all times."

Kate smiles slightly at the signs of the woman she feels behind her back. Looking at this, I guess she'll really be after the world.

"... she stands firm. Now, don't worry."

Kokun, and the sign of the woman nodded. Now she'll feel safe, too. Her death prompted Kate to awaken. but at the same time prompted Shanna to wake up, who was a puppet. Now I'm never, ever just being protected. As a king, I grew up to be a woman who could act for what was to be protected. This will satisfy you.

"... have you passed away? Is it my privilege to come out if necessary? [M] You can do whatever you want later."

Kate sends words to those who have left. She's always fought for someone other than herself. It would be good to let her fight after she dies. It can be for someone else important. So this is what Kate calls the dead. Fight for ourselves.

Kate and Shanna's gaze exchanged. Apparently, Shanna also noticed that she was here with signs. It's Kite's side. She also understood that there was no wonder that the dead were coming uninhabited.

"... from now on I will live shamelessly by her as one who was king"

Shanna proclaims with her chest open, as she proclaims to Hannah. The thread that was manipulating the puppet was cut. Hannah, who was protecting me, sleeps here. From now on, you have to walk on your own feet. It was also an expression of that determination.

"So... good night, Hannah. Please, rest in peace."

Shanna ends by putting her hands on Hannah's coffin. Until the end, she didn't weep. There was no need for tears. And this was the end of her condolences.

Her battle is over. So I have to put him to sleep. Still, it's up to her and Shanna's coming up to see if Hannah wants an extension. She understood that.

Then just live shamelessly by it. Thus, following Shanna's addition of flowers to the coffin, the maids of the sidelines offer flowers by ambassadors and messengers. At the end of the day, it was kite.

"... Mr. Hannah. Later, I was entrusted..."

Kate adds flowers to the coffin, even though she feels a little funny inside. That's it, that's it. And so the lid of the coffin was closed, the last time he was accompanied by flowers. Later, the funeral parlors were supposed to do it.

"This is the last time. Do you have anything left to worry about?

The owner of the funeral parlor where the funeral procession was taking place - who came straight away because the guests were guests - asks. Besides, Shanna nodded once with those around her and nodded to the master of the funeral home.

"Yes... about your body, I'm asking. We have a special procedure in the coffin, as you wish, so in a while her body will return to this earth."

"Thank you"

Shanna thanks her funeral master for his words. Hannah's body was subject to special measures to prevent it from decaying. As a result, there is no natural return to the soil, so either it was cremated or special measures had to be applied to the coffin like this one. Shanna said it was okay to cremate, but Kate advised that it would take time, but that it would slowly return to the earth. It is indeed a cremation, but he did not want to harm the body any more. That's how her body is buried. Finally, Hannah's funeral is over.

"... Dear Kite. Thank you."

"No... as long as it's painful to end up like this"

"No... thanks to you, Hannah's last will was inherited. Even with her, this must have been her main hope. I will live shamelessly by it."

"Yes... we can help you with that"

"Yes, go ahead, stay tuned."

Shanna bows her head to Kite. In the future, she will enter Kate's McDawell family. That is the political conclusion. And this was a desirable settlement, whether for the Empire of Entesia or for the Holy Empire Laeria. Blood ties take place between the two countries. It couldn't have been bad.

If you insist on saying something bad, it would be about the fact that Shea said it was Kite. Doing so is not an area where recovery is impossible. And that's how, after they left, the ambassador of the La Area embassy came to Kite.

"Lord Kite. Thank you for this time. He said that you were able to mediate in a compromise with the Duke's family. I would like to express my gratitude to His Majesty Shalik."

Laelia's ambassador bows his head to Kite. As for the ambassador, he had been on assignment since before the coup, but given the tide of the McDawell family, etc., an ambassador had been chosen who had nothing to do with corruption. He is therefore close to idleness, but on the contrary, so he seems to have been placed in the same position.

"No... it was unfortunate to have taken this form even for me"

"No, Your Majesty said it was because of you that we ended up here. Thanks to you, our country was able to step forward."

"Really... thank you"

Kite bows her head to the ambassador's words. It was a social decree, but it still captures one side of the truth. For such a kite, the ambassador took out a single document.

"From Your Majesty, give this to you. I forgot it in the fold earlier."

"Huh... what's this?

"This will be a request regarding the temporary return of Master Shanna. After that, we'll be ready to finish with one of your signatures."

"Oh, is that it..."

That's what Kate said to the ambassador, and she remembered the promise exchanged for the fold of the coup eruption a few months ago. In the end, Shanna's return becomes a temporary thing in consideration for Kate's participation in the war, unlike what was planned back then, but I guess it's still his honest desire to see the civil war end and begin to rebuild.

That said, Shanna herself would refuse to return home if it wasn't temporary. She was once a king. On her own initiative, she decided to become Kate's wife for the sake of her country. Now that it had been fulfilled, it was about her selling vouchers to renege on her promise.

Of course, it was also a message from Sharik because he knew it. If they are both kings, they will know that they will not exchange words.

"Okay. I have already received the previous reward. I'd be happy to sign it."

"Thank you. Please submit this to the Union. So, the process is over so that it's all done. You will receive a formal request once it has been received."

"Thank you. As for the schedule, it's the same day as our street to" The Wise Man of the Earth, "right?

"Yes, we set it to fit that date"

The ambassador nodded at Kite's inquiry. Setting it up here another day just puts Kate through the hassle she doesn't need. If so, it would be best if we headed together. Besides, "The Wise Man of the Earth" is a shallow and fringe for the Shahnas and the royalty of Laelia. The original ancestor Shamana Shamana supposedly gained more wisdom than he did.

I couldn't say hello because of a sudden escape, but if I was leaving the country, I would have to say hello. That is the reason for her return, which is now public.

You must have misled Kite and the others there. Once Kate herself said, it's a restricted area over there. You can't get in without so many reasons. But the people of Laeria think of Kate and Shanna from the backdrop of the coup. There will be nothing more suspicious from the people's point of view if Kite is in there than Shanna walking in.

"Now if you'll excuse me. There is also a way to see Master Shanna..."

"Really? Thank you. This request should be sent as soon as possible."


The ambassador, who received the request to Kite, sees the end of the conversation between Shanna and the emperor Leonhardt's messenger, bows his head and leaves the scene. And, after its departure, the emissary of the emperor Leonhardt glances at Kite once.

Apparently, he also had some sort of secret envoy to Kite. It's a secret to the ambassador that Kate is Lord McDawell. So I guess it's a story I can't do on this occasion. Therefore, when Kate leaves Shanna and the others to Yuhara, she decides to return to the Adventure Department once.

"I'm home... hey, salt salt"



Kate sprays salt thrown at her by Hachi Wu in front of the entrance and exit of the Adventure Department. He is a Shinto being. Therefore, when he heard that Kate was going to the funeral, he waited here with salt. In Shinto, death is abhorrent. There was no way that he, the divine angel of that Shinto, could fail there. And that's what he tells Kite.

"... have you noticed?


'There is a somewhat ungood sense of divinity. Pretty, strong. It's a kind of god. "


Kate nodded at the words of Hachi Wu. It's a god beast with him. Maybe it's natural, but I guess I'm feeling the resurrection of the evil gods.

"Do you fight?

"This is still a brave man. It's not bad that Tan, the hero of the other world, adorns his hometown with one flower."

'... well. If so, let me help you too. This evil god... is a sign I've felt somewhere before. "

"Ah... yes. You don't know, who this god is"

'... no, I don't know. I wish I could feel a little clearer, but now the signs are still too blurry'

Hachinowu shakes his head at Kite's inquiry. Originally, < > is nothing more than a hypothetical name given by these gods to an unidentified raider.

There was a chance that some information could be obtained from Hachi Ulu beyond knowing that he was the god of the earth. The more you know about your enemies, the higher your chances of survival are. but I guess I don't know the details because it hasn't come back yet.

"but... me, the god beast of Earth. If you are the god of the earth, you will know."

"Right. This way, please."

Kate decides to be ready for the upcoming showdown. In the meantime, he decided to enter the Adventure Club Alliance Home.