Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1076: Operation Conference - The Kneeling Maiden

Kate and the others on Katacombe's investigation mission were conducting reconnaissance when they arrived at Katacombe. After that, the Kites reconnaissance unit returns to the camp where the cherry blossoms were being set up.

"Looks like you're done."

"Yes... how was that one?

Cherry blossoms inquire as they waited for the kites at a temporary headquarters set up in the camp. It should be noted that even when it comes to the main unit, it is just a large tent. Just fine if you think of the camp in the common war memorabilia. It's a temporary place. It would have been nice if we had put down maps and other materials.

"Oh, there's probably a big guy out there. There was a guy at the bottom who looked like a big guy."

"Does that mean we have to fish him out?"

"I guess."

Kite nodded at Sora's guess. He looked at the map and figured out his own way of attacking it, in case a big man was lurking in the back of the aisle.

"Well... Sola, you're putting out a map."


"At the center of the desk. We're all here, and we're still in a meeting."

That's what Kate says, he creates his own chair to gather the faces that he brought with him this time inside the upper level.

"Well... the enemy is probably lurking at the bottom. Essentially, this crusade will be the ultimate purpose of this request"

"Can you guess the enemy or something?

Sora asks against Kite, who started the operation meeting. The map is being tapped into the head by everyone I've been given, and I'm predetermined where to attack it. So the only things we should discuss here are the big guy measures and the detailed changes.

"Hmm... Probably, but you're the guy who uses the Necromance system. I think it's the" King of the Necromancers "lineage. With him, the nearby undetected demons are often born faster. Even so, I'm the guy who feels like an adventurer..."

Kate tells her guess. We had just defeated them, and there was a demon behind them. If so, it is good to see that the rate of emergence is much higher than at all times. Possible influences were the demonic lineage that Mel and the others once supposedly fought.

"Then you're going to have a little trouble..."


"Remember Mel?

"No, I don't know the details. I mean, that time... you see, there was a lot going on..."

Sora seeps a slight bitterness into Kite's inquiry. What happened back and forth then was the return of Aura and the brawl in 'Portland Emelia'.

but that's why Sola was so impressed with those two things that she barely remembered what Mel had asked for - the circumstances behind it, to be precise. And that was everyone alike or dropping by.

"Uh... if you say so. Well," King of the Necromancers (Rich King) "is a Rank B demon, a pretty strong guy... but characteristic of..."

"The moment you die, right?"

Take over Kate's words and Al will give the answer. Exactly. That's when Mel and the others got off guard and ate the curse at the end of the day.

"That's right. The moment he dies, he curses with the last fart of Itachi"

"" "Uh..." "

That's what you said, everyone remembers. That said, then something will have to be done. So the moment asked. Demons coming out of these special actions will be the hallmark of demons from Rank B.

"What are we supposed to do about it?

"Basically, you can either boost your anti-demon defense and bounce it back at once or bring in a dedicated tool, what... well, this time it would be best for me to fight. Al, you still can't curse back or anything, can you?

"Unfortunately, that's... Hey. Because the presence or absence of talent sounds a little direct. I'm afraid none of them are fit enough."

Al makes it clear that he can't do it on his own with a slightly bitter mix of laughter. Cursing back is the art of returning a curse to an operator. In Japanese style, they apply the theory that if you curse people, you have two holes.

"Hmm... where's Rufaus?

"Unfortunately, neither do I. but Alice must have had talent in that area, too... right?

"Ah, yes. I have mastered cursing back for once. Even so, I've never used it in action, so it's a level of how well it works for boulders..."

Alice nods at an inquiry from Rufaus. Not as many people hold together as much. It's aptitude, but apparently Alice had one of those few.

"Hmm... okay. So you see the anti-magic power against the curse is pretty high?

"Yes, it is measured to be quite expensive"

"Right... good. Then, Alice. I'm sorry, but I need you to follow me. Even so, I'm the one who fights on the front lines. I'll take care of the exposures."

"Okay... but is Mr. Kite okay?

Alice nodded at Kite's instructions and asked Kite. They don't know who Kate is, and it's only been a little while since they got to know Kate in the first place. I still don't know what kind of power they have together.

"Yeah, I'm a psychic for once. There, resistance to the curse is high."

"That's... that's a very rare talent. I don't know how many magicians there are in our country..."

I open my eyes like Rufaus was surprised. Even in a denominational country where there are many people with good abilities for spiritual existence in a religious state, there are only a few who can be described as exorcists. and that was how surprised he was, but put his hand on his jaw as he rethought

"No... with that being said, Kojiro, the master of the brave, is also weak, but he said he has the power of the exorcist... maybe more for the Japanese..."

"... hey, Rufaus. Come back."

"I'm sorry. Because it was a rare ability. That said, are there many of you?

"No, I'm about the only one who can use it so far. By chance, I just had it."

Kate makes it clear that she is the only one who has so far revealed herself to the Rufaus inquiry. That said, I can't say that technically. Kite is the only one who's revealing it, and there were people who actually seemed to have it.

"Well, even so... cherry blossoms, you should be on the front line during the big crusade, too"

"Me, sir?

"Oh, because cherry blossoms are also suitable."

"Ha ha..."

Cherry blossoms nod at Kite's instructions as if surprised. As a matter of fact, she didn't know, but it was possible that Cherry Blossom had the same ability to be a demon as Kate. So he skipped the reading because he couldn't speak with his mouth.

"Cherry blossom princess, she's quite a powerful psychic. Well, you're the one taking on the Japanese pulse in one hand. It's no wonder. Through dragon veins and earth veins, the souls of the dead are carried inside the stars. Being able to manipulate it means being able to influence your soul. Speaking of which, she is also a first-class psychic. It is good to see that cherry blossoms, its immediate descendants and also cherry blossom dragons, are equipped with it '

"Oh, you know..."

Cherry blossoms nodded small convinced by Kite's explanation. Surely this would be good to see as reasonable. If the nature of power so far is similar, there must be a much higher degree of fitness than others, not to mention the ancestral cherry blossom princess. It would be far better than the defenseless approaching.

"Good... so when it comes to the big crusade, Sola, you pack me in the main force for a change. You fight closest. You're not particularly compatible with him. At least if you're not a hit-and-away like a senior, you'll hit me straight into the curse. You don't want to suffer from boulders for days, do you?

"That's nasty... okay. So you're good in the direction of not taking part in the last crusade?

"Oh. So, as I said earlier, seniors and other guys basically ask us to crusade the enemies around them with our exposures. I'll bring you a gift."

"Oh, okay"

A moment snorted at Kate's words. This one is a delicate place to have it or not. It's unlikely that you won't have it at the moment when you ancestor the source light, but I still can't say for sure how far it is. So, including him, it was a decision that it would be better to get support.

"Good... for now you have no problem with the big man's crusade. For once, as far as other caveats go, that's fine unless you panic and try to get out of the horizontal hole at the time of retreat. Be careful not to fall into a big hole by mistake."

When Kate finishes the ops meeting on the big guy crusade, she then tells her cautions about the detailed investigation. Even so, the only thing to watch out for is falling into a big hole.

I just have trouble falling into the big hole and stimulating the big guy and getting into a brawl with the Horizontal Demon. Countless undead demons and big men on boulders and their surroundings at the same time would not be a good idea. That said, it's not like I haven't thought about it either. So Kite went on and on.

"In the unlikely event that it falls, kick the wall immediately and climb up. If you bowl to a big man, leave immediately, or if you can't, rescue him immediately. The big hole looks wide and virtually wide, echoing voices reach. Raise your voice. At that point, we decided it was impossible to retreat, so we sent word to the Tenryu Squad to let them open the lid."

"Well, I guess it's better not to."

"Right. This time, Mizuki and the others are better off not working. If nothing happens, it's better that way."

Kite also laughs and agrees with the words of the laughed Mizuki. This is just in case. In that case, Tenryu and the others go in, and all at once it's a brawl. It was only natural that it should not.

"Good. That's it, then. Everyone should rest in preparation for tomorrow. I moved there today. Take that fatigue and get ready for tomorrow."

When Kate conveys a set of precautions to both upper management and Alice of Rufaus, she announces the closing of the operations meeting to everyone. This is really work to notify everyone of the results of the reconnaissance and fix the necessary maneuvers. So it was enough to this extent. As such, the kites decided to go straight to rest.

And that's how I decided to go into the break, but earlier Alice was very dissatisfied or had a complicated look on her face. That was in the bath.

"I don't blame you"

"What is it?

Lateral Rui Shu tilts his neck at Alice's abrupt remarks. It was really abrupt. But what I would like to say is that if a woman came to the adventure club, she would go through it once. By chance, the superiors said so. It was only the first time they met a girl who divulged dissatisfaction, and most of them grasped it.

"... I can't believe you have a guild that carries a bath like this... you all heard of the birth of a famous house, but you also stick to places like this"

Alice boils the bath water and hangs it on her arm very happily. Recently, income and expenditure stabilized, so the bath turned into a large object that could be used by more than one person, and even the bathing agent was used. He was also obsessed with bathing detergents and used pretty good objects.

It should be noted that the bath has turned into a large object, which is the ultimate justification for being an adventurer of reduced bathing time. It's not Kate's hobby. It's usually a big thing that I have trouble with where to put it, but when it comes to sending out these massive expeditions, it inevitably makes the camp bigger too. It was usable.

"... no, you know, the..."

Cherry blossoms can swim their gaze very hard to say. Because there are things that everyone in the Adventure Department knows. And it was a path that everyone would pass once.

"What's up?

"... bath, it's Kite's hobby. We choose bathing agents..."

"Basically, you're letting me choose the budget on the blue ceiling... because he's coming in too..."

Alice is silent and utterly silent, then, desperate. She feels like an important part of being a woman has been smashed. That's how Alice, who returned a while later with Noronoro, inquired.

"... he, you don't mean the one with the contents, do you? I will truncate your understanding of the coveted female knight, how many of you are senior knights of the Patriarchate... my brother, absolutely a waste of your budget."

"" Oh, haha... "

Cherry blossoms and Mizuki pull their cheeks and swim their gaze at Alice's remarks, while raising a dry laugh. What is it? Kite was a good girl. Alice points that out.

"Cooking skills are complete, baths are essential... what is it? If I can even do the laundry now, can I have it for my wife? I'll adopt my son-in-law. He alone will destroy the female knights of the Patriarchate. I am doomed."

Alice gives a similar praise for her dissatisfaction with the two of them in more and more ways. Normally, you can take a bath or just take a bath during your journey. That does not change even with the knights of the Patriarchate.

The Knight of the Patriarchate and his roots are ordinary people. If it's a woman, it's natural. Even if they want to take a bath, they can't let them in because they say they're wasting their budget.

To make it clear, you can say that none of them have a bath in their guild. On the contrary, there are many groups of people who do not take a bath if they are on a journey. As always, it is only suspicious that kite will be equipped with bathing agent in the bath.

"" haha ""

Cherry blossoms and Mizuki laugh at Alice's joking words. Apparently, the impression of being close to your doll is that it expresses its emotions properly just because of its appearance. It seems awkward to go with the adorable looks - I don't care because the cherry blossoms do in the first place - they're beautiful girls, but there were quite a lot of girly places too. As such, with Alice, Sakura and Mizuki decided to take a bath and rest their bodies.