A few days after Kate and the others completed the crusade for "King of the Necromancer (Rich King)," which will be Catacombe's last job on the investigation mission. Rufaus and Alice had completed their first assignment in the Adventure Department and had been granted leave for the time being.

First assignment. It was given by Kate that she would be tired of everything. So they used it to write down things like daily newspapers for submission to the Patriarchate.

"This concludes my first assignment..."

Rufaus finishes his statement to the report with familiar arrangements. I'm already on a year-by-year mission to the boulder as a knight of the Patriarchate. Whether it was a remote homeland, it was finished without any problems beyond being the same task.

"Uhm. Is that it?"

When Rufaus checks for typos, he puts the report in the file. This was to be collected once a month through the Union and sent to the Patriarchate. Once a peace agreement had been reached, there was movement of people, but it would have been best to pass through the Union, given that it would have been ensured that it was delivered.

Censorship will eat, but still no mistake. In the unlikely event of confiscation by the Empire, the Union is obliged to report to its client, Rufaus, because it is another organization independent of the Empire. Of course, on the contrary, we can communicate to the Patriarchate. It was the best means.


Upon completion of the report, Rufaus goes on to reach out to another document. This is what Ludwig ordered me to write down, apart from the activity report. That's what I call an investigation into kite.

"Personality... we're still investigating this. I have no problem with my perception of talent. I think I have enough qualities as a mentor..."

Rufaus writes down his assessment of the kite he saw. As Kate guessed, that's why Rufaus and Alice were sent here.

Find out who Kate is. That was the life we gave him. He's serious. It would have been possible to investigate without any scrutiny.

"Hmm... this is the place. hereinafter the investigation shall be continued."

Rufaus concludes the report of the first investigation. I plan to report this once a month. And he's finished writing it, but there he looks just a little sorry.

"Hmm... I'm still not used to it"

What Rufaus thought was another separate life given to him. This was also about making a separate connection for Ayul, as Kate predicted. In a knight of very old age, it was possible that the kites would shy away. As a result of considering them, Rufaus and Alice were chosen.

Alice was still a student, so this was her primary assignment. Especially since she may be a girl, it is possible to associate with Ayul on fold. The male knight became a liaison between Rufaus and Ayul, who stood out as nuns and were not frequently involved.

"I'm cheating... won't that happen?"

While Rufaus thinks so, he reports that Kite will also be aware of his thoughts. That said, Ludwig told me that this one was nothing to worry about. You'll notice, because it was obvious. And because of this, as far as he is concerned, he comes to the task with ease.

He's still serious. It's really hard to hide it from an acquaintance and move. So I really appreciated what Kate was noticing. Because you don't have to feel the burden of deceiving me.

"Good... is this okay for now"

Rufaus also confirms that there are no typographical errors in Kite's internal investigation. And at the end of the street, the door of the room was knocked. It's still him for a few days after he came to Maxwell. The opponents that would come are limited, so they had an approximate hit on them.

"Hmm? Is that Alice?

'Yes. May I come in?

"Oh, I'm fine. The key is empty."

I guess a lot of people do, and Rufaus tells her to come in when she responds to her sister's words. Holidays are daytime. I don't have any trouble getting in, and it's not an annoying time.


Alice silently offers some kind of book. but those eyes were expressionless yet seeping with confusion, impatience and slight fear. Well, it's not like there's anything. If he's my brother, I kind of understood what it was. So he didn't do it.

"... do it yourself"

"Please help..."

"There are smarter people here besides me. Why don't you ask me?"

Rufaus offers another proposal with a sigh in Alice's gaze. I haven't finished my paperwork yet. I can't ask you what you want, I didn't.

"... ugh."

"Ha... okay. I'll go with you, so just do it that way. I still have to write the paperwork for my request."

"Thank you..."

Alice thanks Rufaus for his help. As such, they decided to take them and head to Kate, who had made it clear that they were off for a day today.

"... oh, oh, I don't mind... then you should come alone"

Kate, who had decided to relax in her room today for the first time in a long time, was circling her eyes on the two visitors. He didn't think he needed to worry because he was already an Alliance member.

"I'm sorry. I think you are much more familiar with these kinds of arithmetics, etc. I graduated from Knights School once, but I really have some paperwork to finish today. I want to take care of you. I want to take care of you..."

Rufaus speaks for his sister's offer a little shy. Its Alice, but she was shy of hiding in the shadow of Rufaus.

"Sorry. Actually, Alice is a little familiar... doesn't mind in the middle of her job. Yes, but when she turns it off like this, she's on the table. If you can, I'd appreciate it if you could help me in the future when I'm busy."

"... Huh. Well, I have a sister, too. Okay, let's take it on. Even so, I still have a little paperwork to do, and I'm not done yet. One hassle in the meantime, okay?

"Thank you..."

Alice accepts Kite's offer of a slightly bitter mix of laughter as she turns bright red. Thus, when Rufaus leaves Alice to Kite, she returns to her room. The contents of the paperwork could not be revealed to Kate, and this was a separate item that she had been told to tell as soon as possible, including the most recent story.

"Ha... next... was Maxwell's status report"

This is a request from Pope Yunal. Ayul is still in the Imperial Capital, interacting with various senior military and government officials, and was actually asked to investigate as a preliminary step before entering Maxwell.

This one will be handed to Adram immediately, so there is no censorship, etc. Edram and the other escort knights wrote down important information to operate in Maxwell.

"From what I have seen, it seems that there is little hostility to the people of the Church. Presumably because this is the end of the east, far beyond the conflict zone. It seems relatively easy to ensure safety..."

Rufaus will write to the letter what he feels for the time being. This one was just a little unexpected for him and Kite, but apparently the residents of the city saw it as the end of the far west. It seems good that the Empire is large.

And adventurers rarely come from such a western end to McDawell territory immediately without so much as circumstances. He was not very prejudiced against the knights of the Patriarchate and was quite free to act.

"All the time, yes. I have to write this down too..."

Rufaus remembered something about kite. There was a relationship of trust between the city's police officers, and they could rely on it in case anything happened.

They're in a position where they can't badly ask the imperial side to cooperate. It was very good to get an arbitrator separately. Ayul didn't assume it was this far, but it must have done the job.

"Good. Later..."

Rufaus goes on to write down some information. In doing so, he decided to write down in detail for some time the information that Edram might find useful in providing Ayul protection.

That, on the other hand. On the imperial side as well, there were those who wrote the report. Needless to say, that's Al. He's also in the form of an outward appearance, just like Rufaus. That's why I was writing down a report to submit information about Rufaus and Alice to the military.

"Rufaus Weisslitter. Personality is serious. Very good at swordsmanship"

Al writes down the information he sees about Rufaus along the template. Here's the difference between Kite's wisdom or not. A significant portion of the report is templated in the McDawell family, and less time is needed to get involved in paperwork.

"Oh, my God, what do you do?"

"Um... well. But I'm a hero's descendant, too. I can't apologize to your ancestors if I don't stay with you."

Al laughs at Rin's words, choosing in his head what to write on the paperwork. Because I have a template, it's not good to end it with a short word. Properly noteworthy content needed to be written down in a sentence, and if I knew what I was good at, I needed to keep that as well as information.

"My specialty is fire. It is assumed to be a considerable user when it comes to sacred flames. Your ancestors... weren't. Kaizu Lux and Rufaus... Because we have the same last name, for convenience we shall refer to it as Kaizu Rufaus. It is currently unclear how far his legacy first-generation sword moves can be used. Continue the investigation"

Al fills in the information on Rufaus he saw at the Battle of Catacombe. And against such Al, Rin got his doubts.

"... if you say so. Does that mean anything to you?

"To? What?

"Paperwork, paperwork"

Rin asks Al about the paperwork he wrote down. That said, this would not have been the most questionable question.

"Senior Tianyin is the lord here, isn't he? So, we should have definitely been together yesterday's fight, so shouldn't seniors report better?

"Oh, well. Uh, yeah, well, I guess we should report it. In the case of Kite, directly to His Majesty, I suppose."

Al laughs and remembers that if he remembers, Kate was his opponent far above the clouds. He's actually a duke. It is possible to contact the Emperor Leonhardt immediately. Of course, if it was the words of Kate with the senior military officials, they would cut their plans immediately and come to hear it.

"But this is a report for the military. That's what Kate says, because she hasn't returned yet, so she can't leave it on public documents. But his own experience is pointless because if he actually stands on the battlefield, he will complement that judgment. So, my paperwork is in the military when he's not around. If we're going to fight Rufaus, this is the only paperwork we have. It's important."

Al tells Rin what his paperwork means. As yet, Kate is in a position to remain out of the public domain. Al's paperwork was the only information that could be left in writing.

"... well, that's good"

"Yeah. I know. Sorry, just a minute..."

Apologize with Al's pitiful voice for Rin's somewhere dissatisfied voice. There was no doubt why Rin was in a paperwork place like this. So I apologize for the way Al lit it up again.

"Hey, I got a little too into workouts yesterday... sorry"

"Then do it now!

"I told you Rin... I'm sorry, I'll do it right away"

The voice of his protest was extinguished with a glance, and Al returned to his sleaze and paperwork. Well, now you know. He honestly admitted that he had lost some of his money to Rufaus, and he had trained independently since he returned. That in itself was very good for both my father, Ellord, and my brother, Lucius.

but it turned up a little too much heat and completely forgot the paperwork, so it crushed the day of the vacation. So, Rin was angry because it was a date, so. That's how Al panicked to write the paperwork about Rufaus.

Okay, one last thing. As a matter of fact, there was only one other person who was writing the report. It's kite. When it comes to vacation, there's really no way he's on vacation.

Rather than that, I would be out on a date with a woman if I were really on vacation. Still, I was in the room because I had paperwork to finish here. That said, vacation is not even a lie. It can be a charm and dinner at night.

Such is he, but what a dignified writer of a report about her in front of Alice. If it had been so grand, on the contrary, neither Alice nor Rufaus would have thought that Kate was writing a report about her.

"As for her, there was no sign of her being informed about the mission behind her. We need to gather more information on why she was sent here."

Kate writes down Alice's report to the Empire. That said, Alice will never notice. There was a pale little bird demon in front of her, and you taught her how to study. One hassle, he even told me properly.

"The formula there should normally replace this"


Alice was teaching in what could be described as critical mathematics for middle school students at the Japanese academic level. Dare I say it is the content of Math I. In Enefia, where the boulder doesn't have an education system in place, there seems to be nothing to teach until Math A. Of course, they don't learn about that further up math that they're not scholars.


Kate gets more information as she sees Alice like that. Even so, no useful information was likely to be obtained.

"I think I have a role as a liaison officer, or just...?

Kate shrugged the most likely content of the possible. Except for being a beautiful girl and the scarcity of emotions on her face, she can be said to be a girl everywhere. I didn't think you were being given a separate life.

"... No, there's something. Should I think about it and move?"

Knowing nothing is troublesome. If we don't know, we won't have a rundown. With that in mind, Kate decides to speculate on the thoughts that will be behind the Alice dispatch, and further proposes to gather information from the Imperial Intelligence Department. It's still too soon to judge anything. Further information should have been collected.

"Very enthusiastic. Are you going to dictate?"

"Come on. Your brother told me to keep it on the boulder, and I'm not gonna get my hands on it"

Against the abruptly hung voice, Kate sits deeply in the chair laughing. And, with that voice, apparently Alice also noticed the visitors.

"It's Shea. Nice to meet you, lovely knight."

"Ah, ha..."

Apparently, it's true that Alice is a little familiar with people. I could see a little animal-like vigilance somewhere. Besides, Kate introduces Shea.

"As you can see, I don't know if I can say it, but it's a Duke's woman. From time to time, I hear from the Duke's house, too. Think of it as standing close to the liaison. From time to time, you'll see your face."


When Alice is convinced of Kite's explanation, she strives not to care and drops her gaze into the textbook. No wonder what Kate is saying, and Shea's outfit is as made-up as ever in the first place. And it's the maid herself. Now you can't even suspect the Empress.

"I'm here to see, huh?

"Yeah, I have to worship my face."

When Shea says that in a whisper so that she can only hear Kate, she gets a good grasp of Alice's appearance and the smell of her blood. I'm a bloodsucking princess with her. It is not impossible to remember the smell of blood.

I guess I decided to remember to deal with Alice in case she went into any action. Thus, Shea went straight back when she told him some of the contents she faked as a message to Kate.

"Hmm... Alice in Wonderland... sounds a long way from it. Well, feminist preferences can be met. As a fighting-girl knight, Alice, I guess I can be the star of the story."

Kate has come to see Shea, and she decides to cut off the report. Either way, I thought it was pointless. Just fine, I guess. That's how he ends up with such a crush, and Kate puts paperwork in the envelope and stands up.

"Good, it's over. Let's make the tutor real."

"Thank you..."

Alice, who looks very laid back, thanks Kite. Apparently, studying with boys and girls in every world is inseparable. As such, Kate ended up crushing her free time on this day by taking care of Alice's studies.