Just around that time Rufaus went to pick up the Cardinal Ayul of the State of Luxerio. When it came to Kate, she was referring Alice to a cadre she hadn't introduced before.

"This is the second office..."


Kate and Alice came to another office where the faculty and managers to assist the upper management would refrain from attending the second office. Because the maple is in the bath, I thought I'd introduce you to the one in the light first.

She is not an executive but stands close to the top of the technical squad. Furthermore, thanks to Tina's hand, she also has quite a few hands in the development of the magic props. Demonic props are not like weapons. They are another means. It doesn't hurt to introduce you.

"Hey, in the light. Reply if you're there, or even if you're not there. You can do it."

"Yes, sir. Did you call something? I'm right here."

The inside of the light waves flickering at Kite's inquiry. Apparently, as with Tina and Maple, she's packing here starting today.

"Oh, I was. That's Mr. Lantern. He is also my sister's replacement. I'm a teacher."

"So I'm doing it on behalf of my sister... so, who?

"Listen to that first."

Yes, and kite scratches against the light in response to the piece. That's why I'll introduce you to the lights again.

"This guy's our top tech squad guy."

Nice to meet you, I'm Alice Weisslitter.

"Weisslitter... Al, your sister?

"That's Luria. This is the Weisslitter house in the main house."

Kate shakes her head against the inquiry in the light. This one can't help but make a mistake because I've never even met Kate.

"Main house... does that mean a patriarchal country... hmm..."

Alice feels something in her gaze from the inside of the light that she can't even gain. Even though the gaze was the same as before, I thought something was different. I act like I'm hiding in the shadow of Kite.

"Well, I'm sorry. Did I alert you? You don't have to be so vigilant."

The light laughs and apologizes. At that moment, some sense of heterogeneity that she was feeling disappears as well. Apparently she's a little sensitive. Those who notice seem to have noticed the changes they notice.

"No, I'm sorry about this one. Something abruptly... like this, just felt weird. Maybe the wind blew or something."

That said, apparently it was a moment, and he thought the heterogeneity was his fault. I was ashamed of myself when Alice accidentally showed a bare gesture of escape. That's how the three of us chat for a while, but that's just for a little while too.

"Is that it? So, you're still going somewhere else, aren't you?

"Oh. For once, I'm going to come around a little bit more at this rate. I don't know, the clothes room downstairs, the girls, they might need something."

"Oh, please. During this time, I had a brother, so..."

"Well, go ahead. You can't be too late, right?

"Right. Well, this time around."

When Kate agrees to the prompting in the light, she takes Alice and leaves the spot behind. Therefore, I decided to go to the clothing room that Yayoi and the others usually pack. Alice is a girl, too. Many will take care of you if you want to arrange clothing or protective equipment. In that way, on the road, the two discuss what was in the light.

"He was a strange man"

"Ha ha. The sentiment is very correct. That's an unidentified organism. Like you don't care what happens around her."

Kate laughs and agrees with Alice's sentiments. Apparently, a little conversation gave me a strange impression. Alice seems to have a strong instinct. That's how they walked away for a while talking about that and reached the next clothing room.

"Well, why next? This is where I introduced you during this time, but in the clothes room. It will happen again, but mainly he repairs his protective equipment. Even so, only light armor can do it."


"If you have trouble arranging or designing clothes or coordinating, you should talk to them. If it's even light armor, they come up with it from the design. When it comes to heavy armor, it's boulder to us. Then I'll leave it to the experts because it's out of my control. Oh, and I haven't even done the metallurgy, so be careful there."


Apparently Alice is also interested in clothing because of the girl. It was interesting enough to tell from the outside. This one seemed almost uninteresting to Rufaus the last time - he's not interested in decorating in the first place because he's serious - so I gently flushed it, but Alice still seemed concerned. As such, just before entering the clothing room. Kate was spotted by the children running around there.

"Ah! You look like a brother!

"Oh, no! No tackles, did you say that?

"Eh heh."

Kite laughs and draws attention to one of the children who has rushed over and hugged him for tackle confusion. It's good because no one was on the road in a straight line to Kate yet, but if anyone was there, I would have bumped into her. Of course, there would be as much discernment as that. It would be less problematic because of its age.


"I mean, play!

"Hey, who's the guy who ordered it?"

Kite puts a scratch on the kid who was in order form. That said, unfortunately, it's not a situation where you can play with him. Therefore, Kate shook her head with the head of one of the children for now, but she had no choice.

"Bad. Actually, I'm in the process of showing the new girl in. See you later."


"That's what I always say, brother."

"You're always with a girl."



"Hey, wait, here! Causes of reputational damage, huh!

"" "Yikes! I can eat!

Seeing Kate get angry, the kids scatter like spider kids. I needed to hear who taught me the phrase, if I could, not to be such a woman, and even more carefully talk about it.

And so I said, but that's a little bit, and the kids are still gathered at Kite's. but before that, kite was offering help in his reading.

"Siroe, I'm sorry, but don't say hello."

"Yes, then, your girlfriend's brother will play with the girl, so let's all go within not hanging from poison fangs -!

"" "Ha-ha!

"And who did it?"

"" "Yikes!

Kite gets angry when he finds out who did it, but the kids, led by Shiloe, run away for fun. Heading up is the bar counter above.

In addition to alcohol, fruit juice with fruit that could not be used up in the adventure department was offered there, and I decided to give it to him. It's Autumn Mouth already, but there are still many hot days. Today was just that hot day, so I gladly followed her. So Kate resumes her explanation with half a laugh as she drops off the kids who ran away.

"Ha... ma, this is how children often come to visit during the day, especially on holidays"


"When I get nostalgic, yeah, but the basics don't run over to strangers. There, do whatever you want to do with it. but don't be too rude."

"Huh... you know, so you two don't have to follow me?

Alice, who received advice or advice from Kite, further asks Kite. Besides, kite turned around. Apparently, there were still two of them. And sure enough, there were two seemingly children left.

"Brother, no!


No matter where you look from, two of the kids greet Kite with their opposite hands up. but kite on the other hand had her eyes greatly rounded. Needless to say, they were two of the most powerful archers of the Halfling clan, Frodo and Soleil.

"Frodo!? Soleil!? Why are you here?

"Uh, heh... here I come"

"No, don't say it like the lover secretly came to your boyfriend's house"

Kate twitches into a sigh against Soleil, who told him with some naughty face making a look as if his novice lover would. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm here, so it wasn't a good place to come, and it's not the right time.

"Um, what about these kids?

"It's two people, Frodo and Soleil. Do you know the archer brothers and sisters of < > Forest dwarf Forrest Spirit?

"These two?

Alice also seemed to know Frodo and Soleil's name on the boulder. Always close to expressionless, she was surprised to open her eyes.

"Oh. Join me in the Battle of La Elia during this time. We were working together to make it easier for them to join the war."

Kate turns to Alice and tells her the reason for her appearance. This is Levi. I was going to thank him for diverting the lie he took. And the Patriarchate knew what was happening behind this. Alice just didn't know, and Rufaus had a good grasp.

Then why are you here?

"We can go through the woods."

"So I walked in!

Take over Frodo's words and Soleil will tell you how to do fine. but it was Alice who was even more confused by it. I wondered what you meant by walking here. I guess this is a big place to still be in school. There seemed to be a lot I didn't know yet. So Kite decides to teach it just a little bit easier.

"I guess I went through the space of the High Elves. So, what happened to you two on purpose?

"I brought you a bad letter."

Saying so, Soleil took a single letter out of the bag he had hung on the side. It was a letter from them < >.

"Letters? From whom?

"It's because of you."

"Eight Opinion Numbers, Eight Unique Consciences, From the Wind Discipline Committee Chairman of the Academic Arts Association?

"That's right."

Soleil nodded at Kate's words. Besides, Kite also received the envelope and looked behind it, where it was certainly sealed with beeswax used by the guild masters of the two affiliated guilds. It would be nice to see it as real. Hey, that was about the Alliance Master. That's what they called Frodo's sister because she was replacing him.

These two will bring it and it can't be real. When it comes to preaching to Kite, it's common for them to be promoted. If these two came to Kate for guild work, the most likely reason was to bring a letter. And this is the right time. Translation, it would be nice to see.

"Okay. What do you need to see now?

"None. Anyway, there's gonna be a lot going on, so even after work,"

"So, we'll stay here for a while and we'll work together."

"You guys?

Kate opens her eyes to Frodo's offer. but I instantly realized that I guess not. Neither one of us is required by the decree. If I tell you to stay for a while, it's mostly just Soleil.

Frodo is probably close to Kate too, but it's Soleil who's closer to the kites - including Yuri and the others because they're here. She was therefore alone a lot when she stayed. In case anything happens, she can also direct. It was a natural promotion. And if Frodo was there, most of the time, there was something behind it.

"... you, you did something again"

Frodo's smile fully solidifies in Kate's words. Looks like a star. Besides, Soleil clasped his shoulder.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no They say you can't take me home again and again, but I can't remember anything."

"I guess... so, I'm afraid you won't be punished or pissed off for a while, so you can hide over here," he said. You pissed me off, you... "

"... haha"

Frodo just laughs at the words of Kate and Soleil. Apparently, he even mentioned that precisely to the word that Kate took over. And that's why he pointed his mouth in disgruntlement.

"Fine, she said she brought in a cute girl. I'm doing something crazy. I mean, we're getting along, so it's good. It's not my hobby to have to."

"Ha... please, there's no such thing as bringing a girl into Darkless Arrow Cod over here. Of course, it's forbidden to lay hands on our guy."

"Be careful"

Frodo laughs and raises his hand at Kate's advice. Around not telling you not to bring him in, he was still a sweet kite in his body.

"So, brother, no. This is the girl.

"It's Alice, the Weisslitter kid in the main house. He's on his way to us. Guided."

Kite introduces Alice to Frodo's intriguing inquiry. That said, they heard about the rumors, too, and were instantly convinced.

"Oh, you... well, come on. Brother, no, then we'll go with you."

"Go -"

"Oh man..."

Kate asks Alice with her gaze at the two pleasant people as ever. That Alice was pushed by the momentum of both of them. I hadn't even heard more than half the story.

"We're talking about you two together, okay?

"Ah, ha..."

I hear Alice just had to snort for now. This is the state when you realize what's going on. Maybe I don't have a choice. but this is what happens when even adventurers start to engage with the top. You'll have to get used to it.

So with Alice's permission, we all start walking. And that's why Alice was on guard when she heard rumors about Frodo.

"Haha... well, what the heck, it's just useless to be vigilant, huh?

Frodo, who is known for her femininity. Alice, who was therefore vigilant, but therefore leans her neck to the words of Kate. After such a kite's gaze, Frodo tilted his neck.

"What's wrong?

"Uh... yeah. This guy, Strike Zone, well..."

"It's not a nasty strike zone, is it, Alice? He said he didn't have more color."

"I want to! Why!?

Frodo is slapped in the head by Alice, who seems to have come muzzled by Soleil's words. Yes, as a matter of fact, Frodo's strike zone - as he looks - is nearly 10 years older. Approximately the appearance age is 20s or older. Obviously Middleteen and Girlish Alice were not eligible.

"... something's come up."

"Why!? You're not a strike zone! Ah!"

"" Oh boy. ""

He beats me up again and Frodo squats. This will be his fault. Of course, Alice on the other hand remains muddled. Again, she's a girl too. I don't know how many interracial opponents, but I don't like being seen as a woman. As such, we will resume grasping the Alliance Home again.