Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1087: To the Battle of the Swordsmen

It was the moment when a little incident led him to take the Musashi invitation to participate in an exclusive martial arts tournament for swordsmen and spears, but for now he was taking a bath and returning to the office, just like Kate. Musashi, who gathered the Kendo Department and gave instructions for the expedition after the earlier conversation, was waiting for the two of them.

"Oh, you're here."

"Yes, thank you."

"Uhm. Now let's start this conversation again"

Musashi put the pamphlets and flyers of the tournament on his desk so that he could see them properly this time.

"Well, it's not particularly unusual to start things off. See, there's no need to talk about the Tenhao Confusion Festival in Nakatsu, is there?


Kate nodded instantly at Musashi's inquiry. This is a festival you will want to attend more than just being an active martial artist in Enefia. The festival was actually a fun festival of the same kind as the martial arts tournament in which the Moments would participate.

That said, its size is different digits. The scale of the previous matches held in the Empire is different. Its size was such that martial arts artists gathered from all over Enefia, and it was once the size of an invitation to kite as well.

"The organizer, once, is Jen Long's grandfather. Well, the reality is that the lights, the moon and the sky at that time... are probably the best martial arts tournaments in the world in the proper sense."

"Mm-hmm. In that" Heavenly Hegemony Festival. "

Musashi nodded at Kite's commentary. In the meantime, the approximate place is definitely this perception. The only reason Kite put it on is because it's a "match." It's not killing each other.

For example, magic for purposes other than strengthening physical abilities is prohibited in general, and other weapons are restricted to objects used in melee combat. Of course, it is the law to kill because of the 'match'. If you're willing to kill me, you're disqualified at that point. Before that, the bonds are stretched so that they cannot be killed in the first place. And when I hear that story, the moment comes to a surprise.

"Is there such an amazing competition?"

"You've heard of it, you haven't?

"Oh... no, like I've heard there's some kind of tournament, like there's no..."

With a slight frown on Kite's inquiry, she looks delicate as if she had never heard of it. They have something to catch on to. It's a name I hear once somewhere more than being a martial artist. No wonder he, a martial artist, has heard of it.

"It's a big festival. No wonder. That said. This is an awesome big festival, and I will probably get the honor of being this winner and I will be pulling a lot of fees around the world. All you get is the honor of being the best in the world and a slight reward. but seniors will know how big this is, right?

"Oh, I know. Is that a big fight?"

"Well. It's a big festival like a favorite nobleman pushing from all over the world. The scale is probably comparable to our Fourth Festival."

Kate tells the story of the Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival in an instant. And when I told her the story, Kate decided to get down to business. This is not the point in the first place.

"So, what's wrong with that?

"Hmm. I don't know that there's a seed frame in this... huh?

"Seed frame? I was totally through earlier, but what did you do?

"It's only if it's a peaceful time. The more seed frames there are, the more participants there are. The tournament itself is now being held in the form of a qualifying round. Of course, we can't take the seed frame, but we can build up our strengths and break through the qualifiers by then."

Musashi talks about the part where Kate didn't know much either. Again, unlike 300 years ago, the population is exploding. And the development of airships made the movement of people relatively free.

If so, it means you can easily participate from all over Enefia. As a result, the size of the tournament has also increased. It looks like I had to cut some legs in the qualifying round.

"Even so, the number of participants in this battle has not changed much to the extent that seed frames have been created. The scale of this battle has not changed much."

"Well, I'll see you at the festival"

"Uhm, good, good. Sometimes this sprouts good."

I laugh at Kate's words that Musashi is not a martial artist, but a good thing as a bearer of one martial arts. It was a pleasure for him to see the martial arts flourish in any way this way. Of course, as a martial arts artist, you'll be glad to see more enemies.

"So. That seed frame is supposed to be installed all over the world. Nakatsu alone suggested that it was interesting."

"My teacher."

"Um, no. Well, that's good. So this tournament is one of the sponsors of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival. It's a game where you bet on a seed frame to fight."

"I see. That means there, you look big"

Kate drops her gaze on the flyer again. There, it did say, "Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival" sponsorship. And among the winning prizes was also written the seed frame of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival. If you make a name for yourself as an outstanding person here, you can automatically compete in the main battle of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival.

"Um, big. Well, it won't be unbeatable with the concurrent"

"Oh, right. The Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival is a militant party that determines the world of the bees. It's not Dade who triumphs over heaven."

"Ka. It's not that easy to cut and throw away."

Musashi laughs a lot at Kate's assertions. That said, he also agrees with this. Sometimes it's like a martial arts tournament where even he shows up. Beyond being such a tournament, there was a good chance that Yingjie (a monster) would be lurking in the qualifying round. And that was how Musashi laughed once, but decided to keep the grin going.

"Well, even so, yeah. Few, for example, have been given seeds as individuals in the first place, like our Yamato and Summer Moon. If it is now, make sure your lord is in the seed frame."

"Well, I must have given up a lot of preliminaries just because I came out."

"That's right. Well, the truth is. That's why a seed frame was set up. Once upon a time, Princess Noon, Kuon, you were on your side."


Kate couldn't honestly forbid sympathy for the contestants at the time when she heard the name given. These are the three. Even Kite wants to escape barefoot.

Instead of saying that, I would run away with him. If you limit yourself to sword moves, even Kite wins against these three unlimited thin eyes. Whatever else they are, they are. Thus, Musashi also went on with his bitter face again.

"At that point there will be successive abstentionists. This has got to be a match. I decided to set up a seed for the qualifying round the following year. Well, that year, thanks to the fact that they cut off their legs in that year, they became the favorite of the Gentiles."

"but on the other hand, it was supposed to prune the buds," he said.

"That's not how it works. Weakness drives things that are not nervous or spiritual yet. In this case, the basics are winning the match and seeing confidence, which is the way to go... hmm. The first time I hit a giant wall called Nana, it was polished."

Musashi sighed with great regret. If it were kite or instant here, I would have hit him with the intention of borrowing his chest. but some can, others can't. You can do it because you and Kite are always challenging powerful enemies, and not everyone is.

All this is one of the properties of the person's holding together. Nobody can say anything bad. Musashi therefore seems to have a sense of self-blame for crushing the raw stone into mischief, which would have fallen asleep among those who became weak. I guess it was also the result of the seed's suggestion in view of them.

"So I set up a seed frame," he said.

"Mm-hmm. And I don't even have to bother doing it in Nakatsu for that seed. And the Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival is known to military officials from around the world. If we can set a seed frame, we can send that samurai out as the best in the country as well. It will be a national hustle and bustle."

"I see... that's a light fire arm there,"

"Ka. You can't do that."

Musashi admits out of the blue what Kate said. By organizing competitions with seed frames around the world, participants were recruited from around the world, and attraction was also improved by sending them out as the best in the country.

This is a little heterogeneous for Musashi's idea. He thinks about fighting martial arts artists, but he doesn't really think about attracting customers and other financial aspects. If so, it was normal to think of it as someone else. When it came to that, it was possible that there could have been the most light fires partitioning the internal affairs.

"Even so, we have a seed frame on several lands in relation to the population. In the first place, the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival was a supermassive festival. A lot of places, about 10 people."

"Is that it?"

"That's a lot. Is that good enough for you?

A moment when you know a little about something called the Games reveals surprises. We know with him that 10 people in many places means even less when it comes to small countries, and that not all countries will ever sponsor them.

But it's not hard to imagine that if all the big countries sponsored 10 people per place with a lot of seed frames, they would still reach nearly 50 people. Then the frame was likely to be 100 if it included the seed that it was given to individuals. And you were right.

"Well, 100 people all the time. That's the number of people who can compete unconditionally in this battle. That said, if you think that's going to end the qualifying in advance, you know what I mean?

"Preliminary... right. This is also qualifying, isn't it?

"Um, that's not what I'm talking about."

Musashi nodded at what he noticed instantly. Apart from this, there will be qualifying, but that is a far away country of Nakatsu. When this happens, it often exists in the first place if it is not possible to go at a cost, etc.

However, if a seed frame is set, it is also possible for Nakatsu to invite it at national expense. This also played a qualifying role outside the country. Sometimes sending them out will help the country of origin.

Of course, not many adventurers travel to Nakatsu just to participate in this battle. Conversely, he would be unable to participate in the qualifying outside the country due to injuries. You can also qualify in Nakatsu. There, according to each circumstance.

"And well, that's not why it would be good for you lords to leave. I don't expect this martial arts tournament to be won by the lords, but if we can only help here, we can enter the Tenhao Confusion Festival later if we plan to. Plus, moments. He told you to use a knife this time, didn't he?


"I'm going to. As much as possible, we need to tame the Thai discarding stream to the body. Especially since it's self-reinforcing. Getting used to it is important."

Moments nodded, as did Kite. This martial arts tournament is also very useful to use Thai discards. Because fighting the same swordsman will instantly create a new discovery.

"Uhm. That would be good... so, kite"

"Yes. That's a summary. I will accompany you."

"Um... no, it's not. It is not. No, there's that too..."

Musashi nods at Kite's inquiry, but instantly shakes his head. Apparently, there was something else besides this.

"The Lord is out, too."

"What? It's like having an adult in a kid's fight. The seed frame... yeah. There's nothing more than one, so there won't be a problem..."

Kite checks the brochure to make sure that the seed frame is included in the side awards other than the winner. There is no way in the empire there are several martial arts tournaments for the Tenhao Confusion Festival in Boulder.

The only competitions exclusive to swordsmen and spears - as well as other weapon species and martial arts competitions - take place in McDawell territory and in the near future in Blanchett territory to the west.

Scheduling made it possible to participate only in one or the other. Therefore, five seed frames were to be given in this martial arts tournament. And Musashi explained the situation to Kite, who was watching there.

"No, this is actually an offer from you over there."

"From a light fire?

"Uhm. As the Lord knows, many of the winners of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival are held in Nakatsu. That's why the samurai name rings the most. That said, let's not just say that, but that the good ones can be held as soldiers?

"Yeah. Moonflower is that winner, and the mint of the modern era... he didn't win when I was there, but he was held by the army because of his excellent grades, didn't he? He's the disciple of Princess Asahi in the first place..."

"If that's the case, I'll be winning about 100 years after your lords return. So, he entered the hall where he won several consecutive victories when Nong La did not leave. I didn't attack < >, which was also empty."

"Oh, I knew it"

Kate was not otherwise surprised by the words from Musashi. < > is the highest honor in Nakatsu. He has won several consecutive Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festivals, which is a worthy feat to be awarded.

And it was also a title that would not have been given if it hadn't done so. Moonflower has won several consecutive championships, just as well. He also fought Musashi before he was first class in Aotearoa and has given it up several times.

"So. When the Lord returns, it is clear that everything may be desolate."

"I didn't do it because I wanted to!?

"Ka. It would be a fact... and that's why Nakatsu wants a slightly more skilled martial artist. I don't want you to cut your leg a little. Especially in places like this. Given the current situation, a lot of people want to make a name for themselves."

"I see... if that's the case, let's take it on. I'm not a stranger. Besides, I can sell thanks to my grandfather. Then take it. It won't hurt."

Kate is convinced by Musashi's words and agrees with his life. Nakatsu and Kate are quite close. If that top wants good samurai so help me, then the help is not stingy.

Either way, Kate, as a martial artist, was interested in the Tenhao Confusion Festival. I want to be able to participate. If you have a big name like this, it's a guy named Ship on the Way.

As such, Kite decided to accompany them to participate in the martial arts competition to qualify for the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival in Nakatsu.