Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1089: To the Swordsmen's Games

Upon Musashi's invitation and a request for a light fire, Kate decided to enter the world's largest martial arts tournament, the Tenhao Chaos Festival, adding two more people, Al and Rufaus, to the line. So the day after the decision. The kites were starting to move quickly.


It was a departing adventure department line, but it was still just an expedition, and this time it was an expedition with no danger, and this time it was relaxing. Besides, it has been a day's journey, and the luggage is minimal. So Kate was yawning at swallowing on the carriage.

"Even though the sky is blue..."


When Musashi tells him that he will fall asleep in the same way alongside his mentor, Kite responds equally to swallowing. On the boulder. Musashi was also relaxed on the road this time, and he wasn't uptight as a swordsman. And such a musashi enquired to Kite in a swallowing manner.

"No, Lord... with which sword technique are you going this time?

"Uh... what do we do? I haven't thought about it. It was abrupt."

"Hmmm... well, I don't care if you can use anything other than the princess's sword moves than what's out there..."

"That's right... maybe even a new shady stream, but hey..."

"The shady current on the surface... or a little bit of counter-targeting might be good... that's not a genre here. Maybe it's a good show..."

Musashi responds blurredly to Kite's whining. We were both completely distracted. Besides, it's a basic safe passage on the road. Whether it's in the face of the adventure department or demons, it's only to the extent of the prep movement, I'm thinking.

"Oh, Lord on the rabbit and on the corner, because we won."


Kite raises her dissatisfaction with Musashi's order. Well, when it comes to regional competitions for classes that can't be won by kites, that's an area where Musashi may want to go out. Rather, if you do poorly, it can be an intrusion. There, he was childish to the old man's habits. So that's why Kite...

"Ha... will you use the teacher's genre for a long time?"

"Hmm... well, I don't feel bored as a performance just by Non's martial arts... but what I'm reading is a performance. I don't know if I need to reveal it."

"I don't know why, but it's a spectacle."

"Ma, well... there, do as the Lord pleases. It would be suspicious to give one instruction at a game to the disciples whose masters gave them all a message to the boulders. If it's about the shadow of a god, I'll say it appropriately in the name of Noah. Anyway, nobody knows the details except the Japanese martial arts."

"Sure... so take it easy, and if there's a fierce man, will you go in the shadow of God?"

Kate turned her hand to the sun on Musashi's words and answered swallowing. and those two, but at the same time notice something and look up.

""... m ""

"Which one?

"Hmm... let's give in. Get used to your shoulders."


The opposing kite rises to the words of Musashi, who fell asleep again to the inquiry of Kate, although he raised his face. This time, it's not a quick journey, but we can use the dragons used in the adventure department, so moving around is a dragon car. So demons rarely come close, but neither is it zero. Apparently, the demon was closing in.

"Well... how do you cook..."

Kate sees monsters like birds flying in. They're not a herd, so the number is one. But the size is huge, and the rank would be "B." Apparently, even the dragons were close to a demonic territory where they could be slaughtered. And because of that giant, he already seemed to notice it in the adventure department. The instant made a face.

"Kite! What do we do!

"What do you do, hey... just keep it running!

In an instant inquiry, Kate gives immediate instructions. And, in the meantime, an attack had already been launched, and the bird-shaped giant demon had dodged it with a speed not commensurate with its giant. I guess it also means rank B for bending. I could hit him in the blink of an eye, but I was in the middle of thinking about what to do. Seeing a light dodge unsuitable for such a giant, Musashi cheeked the dough out of nowhere laughing.

"It's like a sword."

"It's swallowing..."

"You said the Lord did something about it. If so, the teacher can only swallow."

"Yes, yes... but swordfish, hey..."

Kate sees a demon packing a distance while dodging this attack in a mild move. Although the color is slightly dull when it comes to swordfish and it is black monochrome in the first place, this lightness does resemble swordfish as well. It was a flighty glimpse of the sword trident that lay alongside it, and a sort of graceful flight.

"Then this is it."

I hear Kate was inspired by the word swordfish. Looks like I've decided how to cook. The best sword technique to cut a sword was in his hand.


For a moment, mighty pressure is released from the kite. When it shot through a monster like a giant bird, it stopped the movement for a moment.

"I don't need anything."

Musashi tells him to swallow against such a kite. He understood what he was going to do. Therefore, we knew there was no need to stop the movement.

"Says < > should not be prevented"

Musashi tells. Along with that, he pulls the machete out of his sheath in such a motion that kite flows.

"You must not avoid < >"

Again, Musashi tells. Along with that, Kite moves on to the type known as side-studding for only a moment - the way in which the cutting tip is lowered backwards. Side structures are rarely used in swordwalks where bamboo knife lengths are prescribed, but are very effective in serious cases where lengths are not prescribed. Therefore, Kite uses it normally. That's how Kite, standing on the sidelines, only makes a beat, builds a hoard. He was respirating to use his secret sword.

"You can't let < > hit you."

Musashi speaks of the swordsman's demon sword, which is said to be a good enemy of his life. And at the same time. The pressure emanating from the kite swells only fiercely for a moment, but at that next moment. He pulled his strength out of his body and turned his back on the demon, leaving him with a machete to the sheath.

"Secret Sword... < >"

Honey, at the same time a clear sound sounded, the demon blew up and disappeared as if it were dust. Seeing it, Musashi tells you the last thing that matters most.

"There is only one escaped from < >. The man's name is Musashi Miyamoto."

"At the end of the day, please promote yourself. Well, it fits."


Musashi laughs heavily at Kite's scratch. And against Musashi, who laughed so loudly, Kite shrugged back.

"I mean, you can't let me hit that now. You're over the level."

"Because of what Noon broke."


Kite seeps a grudge into Musashi's words. The < > that I just used was the product that Princess Asahi developed in Japan with her current skill. But even then, the demons turned to ashes. This is not yet a finished form.

As a matter of fact, Musashi has defeated this in the battle of Tajima once. They once said they were eight hundred, but that's not true. Sure, we didn't kill each other, but they still weren't a legitimate battle.

So it was this < > - of course, the skill of the day - that Asahi released as the last sword move of her life. It was broken, but he accepted to live as a princess.

That said, it was a sword technique that deserved to be described as a stunt by someone who was probably at the extreme as a talent for swords, Kojiro Sasaki. And so Musashi also seeps a slight fear into his favorite enemy's sword moves.

"I don't think you should let him hit you anymore. If you get hit, you lose. There will be a number of conditions for hitting the complete < >... so if you get hit, it will be over."

"That's not..."

As a user, Kite agrees with the horror of < >. This is an area that can only be managed if we still use < > developed in Japan. If this reaches the realm of Scarlet Heaven, it will no longer be possible to prevent it. It was such a sword move.

As such, they decided to fall asleep and blur again, talking about a swordsman who was not here.

Well, then for a while. Kate was still sleeping alongside Musashi. It would be like this if two men couldn't even line up for a drink. And that's how Musashi opens his mouth again.

"Even so... it wasn't enough to bother with a secret sword."

"A little blood must be rolling."

"Hmm... that's no choice"

I agree that there is no choice between Musashi and Kate's response. Martial artist with him. There's no way I wouldn't be heartbroken if I could fight a swordsman I haven't seen yet. It's a metaphor. Few of them stand side by side in this world at the earliest, but it doesn't change.

Someone I've never seen from them that would be an understated opponent. It means someone who doesn't know what they're going to do. There's no way it's not fun.

"That being said, I wish you had someone who could use the Lord's secret sword."

"Well, that doesn't bother you." The world is wide. That's what I didn't see when Lord Shinjitsu and the Temple of Buddha appeared. Maybe that's what happened, right?

"Ka. That's funny. And it certainly wouldn't make sense. Uhm, let's get Noon on the field."

Musashi says that with pleasure in Kate's words. And at about the same time as the words, the two looked up. We talked about this for a reason. The city was already close.

"Stand up."

"Totally... and always this guy is a martial artist..."

"Ka. Isn't that a good thing? Strike the swordsman forward. It's swordsman sex."

At the end of their gaze there was a city the size of which was there. It is quite popular, and there are many rough ones.

"Well... I don't know how many fierce men there are. The adventurer is a traveler, sometimes a monster gets mixed up. He always sells out fights..."

"Doctor? Stop fighting and selling from the point where no one can see you on the boulder - dude. By the time you got here, you were an old bee over 60 years old on the inside..."

Musashi blades with a fierce face that doesn't suit the old man. That said, you don't know what it is to be kite. It's a festival of boulders and martial artists. Everyone was uncompressed by powerful enemies he had yet to see, and he was relegated to a glitzy struggle to boast of his martial arts.

"Kaka! This is good fighting. Apparently, this is a very common year. What a disguise if the swordsman is so fierce with this. The flesh rejuvenates and the heart returns to what it once was. If you don't, you'll be dead."

"Oh man... you're not really going out, you grandpa... where is Grandpa?"

Kate shrugs back as she hears Musashi's fun words. Musashi out in this battle on the boulder is an act of crushing the young buds he was mourning above all else. I can't even admit it as a kite to a boulder. And Musashi doesn't either.

"Wow, I'll be fine. If I crush you here, I feel sorry for you as a martial artist, not as much as Non wants. But, uh... kite, don't you see?

"I know, so this is how you're scared, isn't it?

"Mm... kah. You mean the disciple of the Nest?"

I laugh like one musashi was taken from Kate's words. Kite's face always looks the same, but dare I say, there was a hunter-like color hidden somewhere to identify his prey. Kate also realized the same thing as Musashi.

"Doctor... won't you withdraw your winning remarks in Beech?

"Han. If this happens, yes, but not because of the victory. Instead, you can use most of the martial arts. Do it right. The end of the day will come."


Kate turns her mind upside down to Musashi's permission. Until now, I was close to some sort of performance, working together for a light fire, but from here on out, I changed my mind to being a true swordsman. Thus, Musashi told him why.

"There is a chemical... still a bud, but later it can't become a comparable chemical. Is this still about where it sprouted? This is going to be quite a fight."

"Pretty much, it's a monster... damn, I'm glad I didn't bring Quon. He's in the realm of fast fights."

As Kate responded to Musashi's words, she watched as the spirit of swirling into the city had to be questioned. The fighting spirit that was swirling in this city was obviously a rather badass realm of 'Swordhawk (Chemical)' buds mixed up.

Musashi, and Kate, can't help but get excited. If we fought badly, that was the kind of monster that could easily beat even Kite into this city. Still a bud, but I wasn't likely to be caught off guard if I dropped the specs and got into a fight with one arm.

"... so, it's kite. Lord, don't you fight and sell while you tell people?"

"I'm too young for that. Even in the current system, the teacher is less than half his age."

"Mm... I don't know what to say when they say that."

Musashi can't say anything to Kite's response. At the time of his death, Musashi, more than 60 years old - and an additional 600 years old or older - was raging. No wonder Kite was fierce thirty ways ago.

"I can't help it. I really can't help this."

"Um, I can't help it. I really can't help this."

The mentor smiles at each other with a fierce swordsman for all his fun. I really just can't help but get my blood rolling. And I can't help but think that the fighting spirit that swirls into this city is so giddy. This is the swordsman's sex. The swordsman's sex was hurting his blood in front of a mighty enemy he had yet to see.

"Well... I don't know if I'm going down"

Musashi goes along with saying that, the dragon car slowly slows down. At that stop stood the great men of the city and the executive committee of the tournament and the officers who had come from Nakatsu to oversee the tournament. They're the ones who called Musashi, so there's no reason why you shouldn't dare.

"Lord Mia Moto. I've been waiting for you."

"Mm-hmm. Apparently, we're going to have a big win this year. I'm looking forward to it."

"In that way. Everybody, he's all in the mood."

The greats of the city smile and respond to Musashi's words. They're not warriors, but I guess it's because they've still watched this tournament for a long time. He sensibly figured out that this year was different.

"So, are they your teacher's apprentices?

"Um... I can't say that much of a formal apprentice. Well, let's hear it, shall we?

"Yes, I don't know if this is a good idea, but it has been a good eyeball"

"Ka. Oh, that's good. Where's Inn?

"We're making arrangements"

The great men of the city nodded at Musashi's inquiry. The kites didn't do anything because we left those arrangements to them this time.

"Okay, everyone, come here."

The great men of the city tell the kites. As such, the kites will enter the venue of the militant tournament, which is also close to the qualifying tournament for the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival.