Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1093: Preliminary Games - Opening -

Together with the adventure club of the kites who participated in the qualifying tournament for the "Tenhao Tortoise Festival". Together, this time each individual was forced to move independently due to life from Musashi.

So Kite was moving individually again, too, but it doesn't mean that no one will see her when she enters the holding room. I was observing a little bit about a girl who had recently been evaded from extinction.

"... there's no solidity in the movement."

What Kate cared about was still the calendar. but apparently there was no stray in movement or stray in the blade. That would be the only place to feel safe.

"Seniors... manage, huh? I ran into a boulder. It looks like I'm doing it... but if I can't contain it for now, there's no future."

Next, Kate looks at the moment and smiles slightly. I guess it's still a place called the "Houfu" that lived a warring world of turmoil. The pain in the blood, or it looked like the best I could do to contain the pain in my soul.

That said, it is the purpose of this time to use it. You'll have to do something about it yourself. Of course, we can't fight properly in this situation. I also see a battle with the calendar.

but still good. Instead, you can't win. Being able to win means that the power of abundance is becoming stronger on the table. You can say it is proof that it has not been contained. This time, he had to lose somehow, I could say.


Once Kite has checked the status of the rough face for the time being, she then revisits the tournament table where the final decision was made.

"I'm number 17 in blue, and..."

The qualifying tournament for the Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival takes place in the form of a tournament, with battles broken up into four blocks. The winners of each block will be awarded a seed frame at this point, which is the prize and side prize of the tournament.

Furthermore, each winner will fight from the semifinals that determine the overall victory, but in this case, it is the winner of the Red Block that Kate will fight. If it's the white block to which the Al's belong, it's the winner of the black block. In other words, great armor.

"... if you can fight the Lord of the Sanctuary, is it just the finals"

Kate speculates on the situation in which he fights against his supposedly strongest opponent in this tournament. As a kite, I'm glad to say, you can fight your strongest opponent for the last time. As such, Kate spoke of the imperatives to beat the Great Armor.

"How far you can suppress your power and fight is key to winning..."

Kite only observes the surroundings a little and checks out the martial artists besides the great armor. Some of them were definitely fierce. And some of these opponents will surely be engraving their names on the same block as themselves. How do you fight that opponent out of hand in a good way? That's the key to winning.

Especially this time, Kite can't use a 'style change' or a weapon switch that can be described as how he fights. You have to win with one knife. Stamina and hand tags should be kept as warm as possible, more than strong enemies hold off on the last.

"It's troublesome..."

Kate couldn't stop a fierce grin on her face as she said it was troublesome with her mouth. I can't help but have fun. He, too, could not contain more than bloodshed than he was a martial artist.

and that was how Kite suppressed the bloody fierceness, but shortly thereafter the executive commissioner of the tournament appeared. He had a magic prop like a megaphone in his hand and opened his mouth to the athletes.

"Then we're going to start the tournament! Thereafter, travel to and from venues in each block will be prohibited for players other than those defeated until the end of the tournament! Of course, it is strictly forbidden to peek in magic by farsightedness, etc! We will disqualify you as soon as we discover it! If you need help with another block of players, you can do it here now! Now move from those who are ready to the match venue in each block!

An executive member of the tournament speaks up and finally urges another explanation and movement of precautions. This tournament is as powerful as possible to fight with no advance information - there are reconnaissance outside the tournament, etc. Therefore, it was forbidden for athletes to use their free time to gain a way to fight another block of athletes.

That's why Kite can't be involved in any battles other than the Blue Block, and it's impossible to watch games like the school tournament. Later, I had to believe in my individual strengths.

"Well... let's go"

Kite starts walking without exchanging words with anyone. There was already plenty of straining air everywhere, and it wasn't the kind of air someone could talk to.

And unfortunately, the person close to him on the Blue Block is about Fujido, and few others are there. And not for Fujido, not for someone to talk to on this occasion. So Kite gets to the Blue Block game venue almost silently.


Kate observes the venue of the match. The battlefield is a square area of about 50 meters on one side. Since this perimeter is covered in boundaries, there is no attack flying outside or out of the game venue and falling off. There was no escape.

That's two per block. A total of eight matches are carried out simultaneously. Number of people. It was only natural to do several at the same time.


When Kate sits back in her chair, she decides to slow down to her order for now. At the same time, two sets of martial arts artists perform the matches. Therefore, Kite is called the 5th Match. Fujido, on the other hand, was supposed to fight with Kite in Game 3 if he made it in due course.

"Now, if you are number 1 to 4 in number tag blue, please move on! Blue 1st and 2nd go to Battlefield to the right! Blue 3rd and 4th please go left!

One of the executive committee members of the tournament speaks up and calls on the applicable martial artists. With that in mind, the four martial artists who had already stood enter the match venue.

"In fact,"

That's how the sitting martial artist beside Kate shrugged. And Kate wants to agree with that view. The power of these four martial arts artists is the same. He must have taken part in an arms test.

If you dare, your strength as an adventurer would be in the place of C. It is unknown how far it would go in a mechanism that is not in action, but it was a force that any opponent could lay down if it was Fujido, who had undergone several months of training. As such, it seemed that Kite and the others were ready to begin the match at some point while they were measuring the strength of the martial artists.

"Match, start!

An executive committee member standing right on the side of the venue announces the start. He was seconded by Nakatsu in the presence of this match or in a referee-like position.

Essentially, the presence of the competition was carried out by representatives of Nakatsu, which guaranteed fairness. Thus, both kicked the ground at the same time with the signal of its initiation. Besides, Kate shook her head slightly and moaned.

"Well... don't you need to see it"

Kate whispered that way. This is a deal. An immature man who has not even been able to thank him. There it is as an arm, but with no cardiac body in place. I could say martial arts not worth seeing. Therefore, Kate decides to sigh a little but close her eyes and calm her mind to exalt.

What Kate thinks is not about this game. No, it's precisely about this concoction, but I think about the Lord of the Sanctuary, who wears great armor. Without a doubt, the strongest enemy in this tournament would be that great armor. I had to find that tactic.

(That big sword... it was pretty much used up... I thought the big armor was pretty used up too...)

Kite is just a little surprised. There were signs of considerable use of the Great Sword, and it could be detected that this user was a fierce man who had crossed a considerable fierce battle.

Given the fact that it is naturally tamed as if it were on the back of a great armor, you can assure me that this great sword is not inherited from someone, but that the great armor is the one who loves this great sword. Even if inherited, it can be inferred that it has been used for a long time.

But what Kite cared about here was the big armor. If I make it clear that the great armor that the great armor wears, I don't see any signs of a fierce battle going on that far. This is uncomfortable.

(Did you tailor the big armor later? From the way that the wound was engraved, I can assure you that it was only in the last few months that I decided to equip that one. In contrast, the Great Sword has been engraved over more than a few months. Poor could have been used in hundreds of years... some sort of proverbial sword. Is that what all this is about?

Kate had read that it was very recently that this great armor wore the great armor. In other words, it is good to assume that the Great Armor decided to wear that distinctive Great Armor for some reason. Kite guesses why.

(You're not hurt. There was no precipitation in his movements. What it means to hide your face... a mask would suffice. A special force exists in the Great Armor itself... it is forbidden because it departs from the spirit of the Games...)

Kate voices her own opinion and denies it herself. There's nothing to think about. If so, I had to explore the answer with the erasure method.


Kite frowns at an invisible enemy for just a little while. Looks like an important factor. People say you should not judge by appearance, but appearance is also an important factor.

If the body is large and heavily armed, it can be presumed to be a power fighter, and if it is a body and equipment like kite's, it can be presumed to be a speed fighter. It's an important factor. Of course, that could be the bluff. Be careful there.

(... if so...)

Kite cuts and throws away several possibilities and narrows them down to several possibilities.

(For one thing, there's a reason I can't really expose myself. if you are some nobleman)

Kate first discusses the first reason. In this case, it can be said that it was the circumstances of the house that appeared wearing great armor. Or if the perimeter comes out, I can think of a condition provided that I don't get hurt.

And he is also the Lord of that sanctuary. With that degree of handicap, you would normally be able to win without any problems. Unless you're lucky enough to get your arms mixed up, the seed frame is definite. It is unlikely that the customer would accept that there is no problem.

(The other thing is, are you out of your hands, or...)

Kate discusses another reason. In this case, the large armor may be seen as a mere clueless, marginal indication that this degree can be afforded. Or think of it as something close to a shackle to dare push yourself.

(In this case...)

Only for a moment, Kate transforms the signs into fierce objects. Only in this case, Kite also complains. I'm a martial artist with him. It can't be a pleasure to be forgiven. If so, yes.

(Do you want me to identify...)

Kate is serious about winning this tournament. I don't know what the big armor is about, and I have no reason to know. No, but if it's not the circumstances of your house, I'm just going to make it serious. And that's how I opened my eyes again, and apparently the first match was over. The next match was about to begin.

"Blue number tags Nos. 5 to 8 please move on!

Following his voice, Fujido walks forward. There is no precipitation in its steps, and there is no shaking. I guess the format of the match was still good. From his point of view, this is on a familiar mound. I was feeling nostalgic somewhere, and the footsteps were even light.

"... you don't seem to lose..."

Kite seeps relief. Fujido now has everything in his mind and moves. There is no winning chance if you are too good in character, but you can still win if you look like this you would be a strong player in Rank B class. I'm glad to assure you that if you're about the same person, you have zero chance of losing.

"Right, Yagi Shin Yin Liu" Yagiu Kenkeru "Fujido and Success! Left, Xrain Stream Bain Woodner!... the match, the start!

That's what the executive committee of the tournament tells them. Along with that, Fujido gives a bow of grace with a front-eye structure as if this were a Kendo scheme. but the opponent, who viewed it as a gap, was kicking the ground in that gap.

"No, you can't."

Kate shrugged. The opponent's blow may be right as a tactic, but it was a blow that lacked the heart of the mind-mover body. The rush was slightly hidden. From what I've seen, there's no difference between Fujido and his opponent's power. So I guess that means I was in a hurry and distracted. Musashi came, which may have made me nervous. There, Kite doesn't know.

In contrast, Fujido was originally one of the best swordsmen in Japan. Just the addition of magic there hasn't changed much about talent and power. If he was a talent as a swordsman, he would outnumber Kite as well. Equal to the talent of an instant spear, or can be considered a little below.

Fujido had no surprise whatsoever for the martial artists he had stormed. Well, I was watching, so naturally. For him, who sharpened his spirit, every step of it would have seemed as if it had stopped.


"" "Ooh, ooh" "

The martial arts artists in the venue - and the audience who were watching the match - simultaneously exclaim. Fujido flashes with a knife to the horizontal giraffe so that it must flow as it does, slightly shifting the axis away from the opponent who has advanced. He had decided to win or lose with one blow.

"Have you been in a different state of mind and movement?"

That's how Kate concludes the difference between the two in a whisper. In the end, that's the answer. The opponent and Fujido were in the cardiac body, "moves" was about the same level, and "body" was a little above the opponent. but the mental aspect, or 'mind', was very different. That's what divided the battle.

"Reasonable result?"

Kate enters meditation again without ever rejoicing in Fujido's victory. That's how he decided to calm down his feelings of deviation to his own accord.