Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1095: Divine Yin Flow vs. Willow Raw New Yin Flow

He was a kite who took part in the qualifying tournament for the Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival, but for now he was dangerously walking to Game 4. His next opponent was Fujido, director of the Kendo Department at Tensakura School.

"Right, Yanagi Shin-Yin Fujido concurrently! Left, Divine Yin Flow Heavenly Sound Kite! Let's get started!"

The executive committee of the tournament announces the start of the competition. At the same time, they all bowed their heads. between those who walk in each other's martial arts, and this is a pact. If so, it begins with thanks and ends with thanks.


Kate pulls the knife out of her sheath. In the meantime, this time Kite is moving as a divine Yin Flow (Shinkaru). And the first hand is based on how it looks. If so, the double sword is still unavailable.


Fujido, on the other hand, as he pulled the knife out of his sheath, had taken the erection of his front eye and breathed deeply. I guess it's because there's still something at the root that says swordplay. Even if he fights as the Yagi Shin Yin Liu, he's building a structure with this once. I guess that's what they call a preshot routine.

When Fujido finishes Pre-Shot Routine so that he can make the best move, he immediately untangles his front eye and moves to another.

The migrated shape is a unique arrangement with the tip of the sword pointing down on the back side. Close to what I would call a side-study among the five rows. It is also the type Fujido has been using since the first war. Apparently, he prefers this type the most.

In contrast, Kate just has a knife in nature. This is Shinkakeryu, the god of Shinjitsu. You can use the type Fujido uses, but you won't. Because it is not necessary to use it as a mould for the Divine Yin Current. And this is also the style that Kate has been using since the first war.

'We don't show any movement towards each other...'

'We fall into the same category as each other's genres. After that, stay and win. That is, how to fight the counter main. It would be natural for the first hands to see each other. "

'I see... if so, it's going to be a mental battle to say which one can rush first'

The more Musashi explains the situation, the more he nods. Apparently, it's going to be a battle of Xuan preference, I thought. but Musashi laughed at this.

"Well, I don't know."


"Look, why don't you take a look"

Musashi tells the reality - and the audience listening to it - to observe both opposites. So I looked closely at both of them and noticed the reality.

"... to put it that way... Heavenly Sound players have not taken any chances."

"Azuma, I'm not taking care of the arrangement. I'm taking care of it."


Facts opened my eyes when I saw Musashi. Kite does not take any form of structure, in other words, by nature. But it's not.

"Take a look at the relative concurrency with Kite. What's happening? '

"Uh... ah..."

The situation forgot the reality, and I opened my eyes. There was a bead-like sweat flowing from the forehead of Fujido, which seemed only to be standing. It has already passed a little in the fall. Sometimes it's hot, but luckily it's not that hot and humid. It would be suspicious for Fujido, who hasn't moved much, to scratch a sweat so far. I mean, I'm scratching sweat with another factor.

"Quite fractured, Lord Shinnozu was preached as" intangible ", who lost his temperament for the ultimate of Shinkakeryu. It is also said that the extreme is an integral part of the offensive. And the basic idea of the New Yin (Shinkaru) is to say that it guides the movement of the target... so you can say that Kite's structure now stands at its extreme in a way. '

"That's, what do you say..."

'Don't you see? Shinkakari is the sword technique of winning while you are there. It is the new Yin Liu that induces the action of the opponent from this action and counters it with the appropriate moves. If you put it in a nutshell, it exists to induce the action of the opponent. If you take this position, you're inducing a movement that says, "Here's what they'll do."

"I see... if you dare to create a gap,"

'Maybe you can say that. Well, Non doesn't know if this is the right answer because of other genres. Both Sokku-kun and Shinobei only talk about drinking. It was a time when other genre swordsmen could not reveal the details of their genre. "

Musashi nodded at the analogy of reality. If you're going to induce the movement of your opponent, the best thing to do would be to dare to create a gap from here and let it hit there. The more masterful you are, the more instinctively you aim at the other person's gap. Because that's where we're closest to victory. So this analogy was probably right.

And moving your opponent to win is the basis of Shinkaru. There is no difference between Kite and Fujido about it. So the difference lies ahead. That's how Musashi asks.

'But... what if there's no mould?

"Uh...? It's full of gaps, isn't it?

'Um... I mean, enemies can punch in whatever they want. And you ever tell me you're gonna take this?

What do you mean, take it? Get off me!

"Awful. How many parrots are you giving back? Thought about it."

"Shh, excuse me..."

Explore the answers to Musashi's queries using the fact that Musashi beat him while both of them remained motionless. Neither Kite nor Fujido would move in the first place. There is no real life.

In the meantime it is possible to live other schemes, but it would be suspicious not to dare to live explain it even though one of the eyeballs is a peculiar battle. After waiting for a few seconds to do so, Musashi stated his answer, fearing that the battle might proceed as it was.

"When the time runs out... no matter what you call an attack, you can return the best attack." Of course, it can be attacked. You're right, Lord. It's like you didn't take it. In a way, nature is the ultimate form of offensive unity. You can attack and defend. Would that make sense?

'Huh... and for now, I mean, you think you're pretty confident?

"Otherwise, you can take it. Whatever move you make, return it in the best possible motion. '

"Then... Fujido loses if he punches in. Even if you lose your mental strength, you lose?

"That's what I can say."

Musashi nodded at the inquiry about the reality. Now Kite says he will strike back any attack. If so, it is said that attacking will confirm Fujido's loss.

But at the same time, even if we don't keep attacking like this, Fujido loses his mental strength and becomes impossible to counter. Kite is nature. Fujido, on the other hand, took the structure to induce Kite's behavior, and concentrated his entire nerve toward it. Whatever the amount of concentration consumed, the latter is overwhelming. The battle was visible.

"So you think this battle... will end not far away with Fujido's mental skills cut off?

"Hey, it won't happen."

Musashi laughs at live inquiries. Yes, it won't. For some reason. That's because they're kites.

'Kate doesn't want that. Surely if I said this, it would mean staying and winning. but that's not slightly funny. This is a performance. It's time to entertain the guests. The impulse to not exchange this tense blade can be seen and enjoyed by a single bastard, but it's not funny to see an amateur who doesn't know what's going on. "

"Um... so Heavenly Sound thinks about the audience and dares to go throw away the battle?

'Still, it's because you tread that you can win, bye. Shinbei said that Shin Yin Liu was also a swordsmanship that went to strike itself. If so, you can't attack. "

Musashi snorted into the words of reality, laughing joyfully. If you're not far away from losing your spiritual strength, it's a fight to cut it off. There is no cowardice in the world of battle.

A baseball player's high school game would be famous. If you can't win, you don't fight. It is also the way we fight that we are not allowed to compete.

"Metaphor, no one can blame you for crushing your continuity. Then let's scold Non for being an idiot. What you're saying is this is a victory and a loss. In order to anticipate the next time and preserve health, it can be considered a tactic to win because you can't win. I don't know how to beat you, I don't know how to beat you."


Live replies back to Musashi's words. He is a martial artist, but at the same time a martial artist. Even if Kate chose not to fight, she admitted it was a way to fight. but at the same time I know that kite is a drunken man. He therefore allowed himself to move forward from here.


Until now, Kite, who was just piercing nature, grins abruptly. In this way, the pressure that only some kind of master was releasing from his body sprays away.

"Well... that's the sad part about naming each other Shinka Ryu, all this time. I really wait for the other person to act more than the essence is waiting for"

Kate tells him unilaterally with a smile against Fujido, who doesn't cut his focus. I guess there was some bitterness in that face that I couldn't help but laugh. It ends like this without ever crossing a blade.

Kite and I know that's the best win, but it still seems sad. And if Kate says so, he's ahead. This kind of victory is not good, and somehow I'm not dressed up. That's how he started talking a little about Fujido.

"Yagi Shin Yin Liu," Yagi Kenkeru, "but officially, Yagi Shin Shin Ka Liu (Shin Ka Liu) is the mainstream of the Shin Yin Liu (Shin Ka Liu). Therefore, Shinkakeryu (Shinkakeryu) is the Shinkakeryu (Shinkakeryu) of Shikkesai Temple, so there is no mistake. That said, I don't know what to say, Lord Nobunaga isn't really making a mould, is he? At that point in time, we're getting to the ultimate intangibles, naturally."

Kate laughs and talks about her mentor gained in Japan. To make no mistake, the Shinjitsu also made a mould in creating a new Yin Flow (Shinkakeryu). There is no mistake there.

But if I say so, it's not for him to use. It's for disciples who are far less talented than themselves to use. He never takes shape himself. No, you don't have to take it. It is not necessary for him to speak of structure or mould in order to achieve the ultimate level of < >.

Because it's easy to induce the other person's behavior and to decide on a counter. It was this very nature that also takes kite that was the optimal mould for him. From this state, we can move to any state. That was the realm of those called Sword Saints.

"That said... it's not like that setup doesn't make sense. That setup is defensive. So... let me show you the true ultimate end of < > to Fujido Hall, the next generation's strongest crack."


Fujido realizes that Kate's style has changed to that of a swordsman again. And at the same time, I understand that Kite steps in. That's how Kite cut in against Fujido, who decided to be ready.


Against Kite, who has stepped in to target his gap, Fujido slammed and dodged his half in a defined motion. Target Kite backwards with a knife to return.

In contrast, Kite intercepts with her left hand sheath without straying. I dared to hit the gap. And Willow Shin Yin Liu "Yagyu Kenkaru" is a genre that hits the counter with the best movement against the attack. Later. If it's the best move, it's also easy for Kite to learn the < > extremes.


Fujido immediately moves to the next type when he realizes that his attack has been defended. This also triggers Kite's attack. Besides, Kate struck down the desired attack on Fujido again. That, they repeat.


Fujido cuts through the kite's behavior and punches in the counter again. In contrast, Kite now dodges. Attacks and counters repeated in an instant, as well as the transition to the next type and another attack. In this repetition, the audience boiled down. It was like watching a beautiful sword dance.

'Wow... Doctor, what the hell is going on with this?

'Let's keep watching. Kite punches in, and the concurrence sets the counter. Then, if it is blocked, it will be moulded again, triggering an attack, and setting up a counter. It's not just a repeat of this... it's happening super fast.'

Musashi merely leaked an exclamation as he identified the movements of his disciples one by one.

'Ha... if this is what the superb Kensei would use... no, I dare you. If Lord Nobunaga was used, he probably would have... no, not just Kuon or even that princess would have been truncated within a hundred degrees. No, horror is a new shadow. I think my sword moves will not reach the divine realm.'

Musashi forgets his position. He sees to his disciple another master, the shadow of his aspiring opponent. This is what Kite used that hasn't even told us yet. By then, < > had been awesome. And more than anyone else, Fujido understood.

"Ha... ha... ha..."

While Musashi's admiration. Fujido said he was breathing constantly. I can't help it. Unlike Kite, who just launches an attack, he has to find the next optimal solution in an instant after identifying each and every move of Kite to hit the optimal solution for Kite's attack. The operation is a continuum of optimal solutions. If the moment he comes off the optimal solution, his body will be attacked by a blow by Kite.


Fujido doesn't even have time to wipe the sweat that flows, he just keeps searching for his best solution. My back is soaking wet with sweat and the sweat flowing from my forehead is like a waterfall.

Still, he's not finished. At one point, I think I have mastered most of the moulds of the Yanagi Shin Yin Liu (Shinkakeryu). The Sovereign of Willow Raw was taught immediately. If you can, I want you to be my son-in-law and inherit the trail. I've been asked to do it immediately. He himself has pride and pride in using Shinkakeryu.

Therefore, we believe that any attack can knock the counter in. but it's still hard to find that optimal solution at high speed. It was just that the experience, the kind of talent that still managed to lead him to the optimal solution.

"Haha. I miss you."

From such a vineyard, Kate takes only one step away. That will restore Fujido's concentration, but there is no problem. I can't win any more. I can see it. Therefore, there was a smile on his face that seemed nostalgic.

"Maybe that's what I looked like when I was in front of Lord Nobunaga."

Kate remembers a few years ago, the first time she was relative to the Synopsis. At that time, he was in the current situation of Fujido in front of the Synopsis. Always kept searching for the optimal solution. The sweat was like a waterfall, and I managed to have a meeting, so it was the best I could do. I was remembering that.

"Yeah. It's time to limit your strength, your concentration, and your magic. So, unfortunately, I can't take the next step like me. It's still early for that. If you borrow Lord Shinnozu's words at that time, you have not reached as much smell as you have reached your workout. That's what Dr. Musashi said."

To Fujido, who tries to breathe and derive an optimal solution to the next, Kite ends. Sure, Fujido is restoring strength and concentration, but that's a small amount of stuff.

It's better if you keep it for a minute later, and Kate's reckoning is that in less than 30 seconds there will be a move out of the prospect of Fujido. In that case, you will just lose like no other with those few moves ahead. So he decides to do what he was once made to believe.

"The ultimate in the divine shadow. Let me show you a true shard of < >"

Kate sets up a knife and sharpens her consciousness. And the next moment. Fujido suddenly fell and lay low.

"... this is the real < >... one of its ultimate shards"

"... Huh?

The reality is flashing. No one knows what happened. Of course, even the closest person who should have seen it is. Not even the junction has been able to react. Yet the facts, as a matter of fact, were telling the defeat of Fujido.

"What do you say in this case?

"Huh? Ah, huh? Wait a minute."

While the attendees questioned by Kite are quite puzzled, they ask to deal with the Executive Committee of the Games. Fujido is out of combat. But no one knows what happened. I didn't know how to judge. That's how they came to a conclusion after a while. A witness declares his conclusions exalted.

"Shit, there's a battle! Winner God Yin Liu Heavenly Sound Kite!

"Thank you"

Kate greets the fallen Fujido. That's how the losing Fujido fell off here and the winning kite would recommend walking to the next battle.