Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1098: Restarting the Battle

Tomorrow, when Musashi began to move about the calendar. The only surviving kite in the Adventure Department - Al was a military junior and Rufaus a knight of the Patriarchate in the first place - was on his way to acceptance to participate in the match again.

"I've been waiting for you. It will be the same place as yesterday for the location. Head that way."

"Okay. Never mind."

When Kate hears where she should be headed at the reception, she follows suit and walks to the Blue Block match venue as well as yesterday. Apparently, the tournament will be watched in full from today on, with far more people in it than yesterday. That said, competitors in the tournament had fallen dramatically in yesterday's battle as if inversely proportional to it, and were less popular.

"Well... the only two people left in my face are Rufaus and Al for now"

Kate glimpses two proud knights. There was no off-site brawl on the boulder before the game started, and the two dared to distance themselves. Rather than, if you don't fight off-site, you're disqualified at that point.

I guess we avoided sprinkling sparks that didn't need anything by distancing ourselves from each other. They were both at both ends of the holding room, not sharpening their spirits.


Kate looks at the remaining powerful, and further observes the strength of the remaining powerful by mistake of the one she knows - that is, the blue block. They all survived this far, so naturally they're not all weak. but there are few more than Al and the others. After all, they're two people who've been scolded by geniuses. They had extraordinary abilities together.

Especially since Al had the hands of the kites added to it, it could be taken for granted. Conversely, it can be said that Rufaus' talent, which can be comparable only with training in the Patriarchate, is so amazing.


Kate further grasps who and who are in the same group from the flow of motivation emanating from each martial artist. Fighting is still close. And like Kate, few people have already moved in anticipation of the finals. Therefore, he was unconsciously releasing himself into a struggle for his next battle opponent. It was easy to see through.

"I see... but it's brilliant"

Kate sees the great armor with admiration. Again, only around this great armor can I feel any hostility. Here, too, a certain sanctuary had been created. Of course, none of us even have the courage to fight with the big armor.

Exactly, like the water. I deserve to say clear mirror water stop. I had not put a single slice of unconscious, conscious hostility or struggle directed unilaterally on my teeth.

(Damn it, man. He's definitely a sidekick. Then he's not going to win.)

More than Al's strength. Kate understands it as a real feeling. With all this fighting, it doesn't create any fighting. There is no such thing as feeling the blood rush. Good thing I turned it down when I was fairly trained.

"Lord of the sanctuary rather than a swordsman, or..."

Kate smiles lightly at the fact that her nickname and Musashi's nickname were strange. The nature of this great armor, if I say so, was quite different from that of the swordsmen and other martial artists.

If you are a swordsman or a martial artist that includes it, you feel a thirst for blood somewhere. but I can't feel any of that in this great armor. In other words, the backbone of the great armor is not a martial artist.

And this quietness. When it came to the person the kites were most familiar with in combining them, they were of the priesthood. So I guess they intuitively called this great armor thing the Lord of the Sanctuary.

(It's troublesome...)

Kate couldn't help but suppress something bitter creeping up against her imagination that came to mind. Again, it is compatible, and there were opponents who were not compatible with the all-powerful seemingly divine Yin (Shinkaru).

(Well... do you expect Al and the others to work hard somehow)

While Kate laughed at the pity of her other efforts, she decided to do so because that's the only way she can get it before the game starts. And as soon as I got his decision like that. As well as yesterday, the Executive Committee of the Games came.

"Thank you all for coming together! There are no changes to the rules of the tournament or anything else! As soon as you are ready, please follow the clerks as well as yesterday!

An executive member of the tournament speaks up and urges the kites to move. As such, Kate decided to head back to the same venue as yesterday in order to decide on a Blue Block match for now.

Now it was a moving kite, but I was supposed to fight the boulders today from the first war. There are already three remaining matches. And his number is in a relatively young place. If this is a tournament, it would be natural to be the first at the time of Game 5.

"Three left. More blue and red fights from there, the last battle."

Kite counts the number of remaining matches. In the meantime, it is necessary to control the blue block in order to obtain the seed frame, which is an absolute condition of the kite. I have no problem with this.

Except for that big armor on the boulder, the Rank S adventurers never competed in a qualifying tournament in a region like this, with Rank A playing at their best. If Kite wasn't Kite, if he had the strength of Rank A, he would have won enough.

This was lucky for Kite, who had to hide his true strength. This time it leaves a lot of room, so we can say we were lucky.

In the first place, if it is a rank S that shows interest in such competitions, it has already obtained a seed frame at regular competitions, and the competition side has invited it in the main game seed frame, like Musashi, Princess Asahi, and Kuon. With that in mind, no wonder Kate can win as long as she's blessed with screwed up luck.

Well, still, this time it depends on the true strength of the great armor. If you're too strong, Kite and I are going to dare defeat you. I'm not going to expose Kate's identity while I tell her to win Musashi over the boulder. You won't say anything if you lose. I'm not mistaken that Kate has to exchange it with her taste. If I decided I had to lose, I was going to lose even if I was ready to blame you.

"Okay. I can go"

Kate secretly relieves herself of seeing her win on this block for now. It's much easier to fight because you think you can than you think you can.

"Heavenly Sound Kite, Previous!

Kate hears her name being called by the executive committee of the tournament. You don't need to see who they are. I've been fighting for him ever since Kate walked into the venue. You can't possibly not know.

"Right! Divine Yin Flow! Heavenly Sound Kite! Left! Liminary stream! Anonymous Hope!"

Apparently, the opponent had signed up for anonymous hopes. The same goes for the big armor, but for some reason you have to participate anonymously. You just need to know the details, and you don't have to tell your opponent. It was possible to enter the war with anonymous hope.

"Match... start!

An executive member of the tournament waves down and tells the two of them to start the tournament. As such, because this is a match, Kate will give a good hand to the other party.

By contrast, he's the opponent who stayed so far in the boulder, and he's probably a martial artist who belongs to some genre. The other person will also quietly thank you. There was no precipitation in the act, it was a familiar move. He seemed to be addicted to martial arts for quite some time.

"Juan Liminaria, Liminaria Normal... come"


Kite raises an unexpected eyebrow at a man named Juan who tells his own name while saying he wants to be anonymous. I named him square and square. So I don't think this is an act to make a point. That said, I'm a kite and a martial artist. I understand the intent.

"I see... Divine Yin Flow... uh, apprentice? Heavenly Sound Kite. Deal with them."

You have to be named. Beyond being a martial artist, it is imperative that you respond. And it is also a place to be adapted. It should be noted that there is no ranking of disciples in the Divine Yin Current (Shinkaru). Because at the time we were able to get started in the first place, if we were normal, every genre would have the strength to be given secrets.

Therefore, at the time of the introduction, it was allowed to name the Divine Yin Current (Shinkakeryu) rather than apprenticeship, seal, etc., but it seems to me that it would be embarrassing for me to name the Divine Yin Current (Shinkakeryu) if I did not have my secret in the boulder. Kate had dared to call herself an apprentice.

"Never mind."

Juan shows a slight appreciation for Kate's name. Naturally, but I'm not obliged to respond to Kite. From Kate's narrative, it was also possible to see that there was no rank in the Divine Yin Current (Shinkaru). It was a thank you for what you said until I dared to think about it.

As such, they both slightly relaxed the air without attempting to do so, but that was it. Immediately the tight air fills the match venue.

Kate is a god. The ultimate is to stay and win. The waiting hand is the basic style. Therefore, we will not go this way to the enemy.

In contrast, the man named Juan was in some shape and ready to attack for Kite. but it seems he hasn't decided on that mould either yet. He had re-moulded it many times, thinking which was best in his head.

I watched Kite and Fujido fight with him yesterday. He would not have listened to Musashi's commentary because he was at the venue, but he would have seen and understood that Musashi, who belonged to Shinkaru's new yin stream, would take the next step. That's all I have left. I can do about that.

Juan simulates at high speed how to punch in for the kite while re-moulding over and over again. In contrast, Kate was just reading the movement in nature, the flow.

If you read the flow, you can't decide the counter. In the Divine Yin Current (Shinkaru), you have a sense of integration with the world, just pounding in the attack like it flows. The late, natural. Standings are not natural. It will inhibit the flow by itself.

(Riminaria... that's a name I've heard in this tournament several times. I mean, the Normal Dynasty... but the first and last names of the genre match. Is this the home muscle? The other names were given to orphans?

While Kate leaves herself to the flow and integrates with nature in her main thought, she remembers that it was a name she heard several times during this tournament with separate thoughts.

(The teacher came to take the brothers for an arms test? You're a middle-armed man to observe from this breath... liminaria... that being said, that's a name I heard 300 years ago)

Instead of wisdom as a Japanese martial artist, Kate continues his thinking to aggregate Enefia's wisdom as a martial artist to identify his opponent's flow.

He's got two of the strongest names. Naturally, a mountain of martial artists have beaten me to the challenge. And most of them sent again with one sword, slapping back the words. Some of them were men who seemed to be the founding fathers of the Liminarian class. The only thing I couldn't give back was Cuon and the other super monsters.

(If so... is it his offspring? You said you were from the south)

By mobilizing knowledge in its totality, we gradually begin to see the flow of liminary streams in Kite's eyes. If this is Shinjitsu and other super-users who are masters and ancestors, they will see the flow at the first hand point, but unfortunately Kate is an apprentice. We have not yet reached that realm. If you're dealing with skilled people, it's best to grasp the flow by mobilizing your knowledge into everything you feel.

(This is it... I grabbed 'Breathe')

Kate multiplies her thoughts and grasps the 'breath' of a man named Juan. "Breathing" may be referred to as the intrinsic stream of consciousness that the individual has, the heartbeat of consciousness.

It seems that not only men, but all beings, such as the earth and the sword, are 'breathing' in a certain rhythm, and martial artists who have stood in the realm of what is said to be their divine domain can see through it. What Kate should have done was grasp the rhythm of this' breath '.

but if you are also skilled, this' breathing 'is very calm and will not be easy to spot. Therefore, when he was also a teacher, he seemed quite calm, and it took him a little while to grasp even Kite.

By grasping the flow, Kite also stops the sub thinking circuit and leaves herself completely in the flow. I already saw the flow. It is also possible to consciously and unconsciously remove this' breath 'if you are now a martial artist with feet on the divine realm, but this man has not yet reached that realm. Master Dynasty, because it's a reasonable strength. I hadn't gotten to the bottom yet.


It seems that fans understand that something has changed. Sweat flows slightly from his forehead. Thus, the moment it spilled to the ground, the fighting spirit released from him amplified at once.


Apparently, the first hand decided to stay away from the cheap. Juan unleashes a slaughter. but this looked like kite.

Against the slaughter that flew in, Kite pierces nature. There's only one thing to do. Soften the barrier around you and deal with enemy attacks.


Surprise comes to Juan's face. Wind on the willow. The words came to my mind. The slaughter that struck Kite broke into two parts, left and right, when it hit the barrier, as if avoiding him. It was perfectly flushed. It was one of the teachings of the Divine Yin Current.


Juan sends small praises to Kite. Apparently, he understood ranged attacks to be pointless unless they burst and collapsed into nature. He had a sword and a mould ready for melee.


Tong, and Juan kicks the ground. Speed and power were shameless to the norm, even though the behavior was said to be light. but that was it.

"... brilliant. A place called martial arts that frightens even boulders, legendary swordsmen..."

Successfully, Juan sends praise to Kite as he endures severe pain. He seemed to be aware of the loss at a time when the distance did not pass and he was brought into melee combat. Kite, who was grasping the flow completely, was hitting the empty torso of the gap he wielded with a blow from his high-speed abode.

It should be noted that Juan knew the Divine Yin Flow (Shinkakariu) because he had heard yesterday's Musashi commentary from his disciples, so let's say. There's nothing wrong with knowing this one. This is also a magnificent range than the Liminary stream is known to be.

"There's a battle! Winner, Heavenly Sound Kite!

A witness declares Kate victorious. To the boulder. Unlike Fujido this time, it's an obvious blow to whoever sees it. There was no audience, no confusion, just applauding to both - although, of course, the kites didn't sound like them.

"Thank you"

Kite greets Juan. There is no room for Juan to stand up after he has also been struck in the torso by a boulder. It was the best I could do just to give back a spicy thank you. As such, Kite was encouraged to walk to the next battle.