Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1101 Finals and Begins

The battle between each block winner, which oddly began with the settlement of no winner of the White Block due to the end of the confrontation between Al and Rufaus. It was due to a swordsman named Amaxa, who became the winner of the Red Block, to postpone the start time by five minutes.

Well, whatever the start time changes, it doesn't change what Kate does. Being a user of the Divine Yin (Shinkaru), he just fights from start to finish by reading the flow and using counters from nature.

"There's a battle! Winner, Heavenly Sound Kite!

All this, I suppose, is to say I have no choice. It was a fight between a man named Amaxa and Kate, but this was Kate's overwhelming victory.

This is Kite, who is known to Amaxa, a leading Aotearoa rank holder. Now if Kate was skipping martial arts training or something, then there is too little reason for Kate to lose, who climbed the corner and even higher. In addition, Kite uses Shinkakeryu, which is more in the upper realm. There's no reason to lose anywhere.

"Thank you"

Kate graces and Amaxa, who faints, is carried on a stretcher. Having said that, I guess he was just powerful enough to be allowed to train martial artists from Musashi. Again, it was not like the other martial arts artists, and there was a slight loss of touch. That is why Amaxa was unconscious.

'Oh... that's right, is that what you're saying? Doctor, oddly enough, it was a confrontation between your disciples...'

"Uhm. Well, Amaxa's guy was sent out by Noon, and it looks like he got here by accident."

Musashi opens his mouth when asked for his opinion from the reality. There is no need to be surprised as a master about this victory or loss. If you are a teacher, you can tell at a glance about the power of your disciple. It only ended appropriately or naturally.

'That said, this would have been an inevitable ending in a way. I do allow that for martial arts training, but that was only a dozen months ago in normal time... but is that good? Surely the results of the martial arts training are not visible enough. But most of all, it's a shame you're lucky. "

"Shit, is it?"

While the reality shows a slight agreement with Musashi's words, it further encourages the commentary. Besides, Musashi nodded.

"Uhm. The final of the earlier block. Needless to say, Kate ended it with an overwhelming win. In contrast, Amaxa's guy played a pretty fierce fight. Stamina and mental strength would have been greatly shredded. So I threw that away, the shame, the outside world, and took a break... but to that extent I wouldn't be fatigued to do something about it. All this should praise the spear man's arm against him in Block's final '

"I see... you do mean that Heavenly Sound players have been blessed with screw-up luck,"

'In this case, let's say so. but that's not all on the other side'

Musashi dares to conditionally agree to the words of reality. And to that opinion, the facts were also agreeable.

'That's right... Heavenly Sound players have exposed their hand tags here, whereas that big armored player remains hidden from Heavenly Sound players in the final due to a white block collision. Stamina and spiritual strength will be greatly restored. "

"Hmm. So in this case, that's not why."

Musashi agrees with the words of reality. As far as his intentions are concerned, that's why. Kate has fought more fights than the Great Armor, and has exposed herself to handbills. If you say so to Amaxa, you can say that you have been blessed with crushing luck, but against the great armor it was therefore an overwhelming disadvantage.

"Now, the terms of the tournament provide for a 10-minute interval for the final game."

Live informs the audience in the wake of the end of the kites' game. From here on out is the final, and there is too much uncertainty about how far it will go. It is unclear how long this may take. Therefore, it was decided to give the guests a break here as well. Of course, in an immediate series of fights against an athlete, the disadvantages ahead are too great. It would be a natural procedure.


And, well, that's not what Kite sounds like, but he hears more about the same content than the executive committee members of the tournament who are in the venue. So he was in spiritual unity to make the most of the 10 minute interval he was given.

(... I even said the Lord of the Sanctuary... that's troublesome...)

Kate thinks about the other person in the sub thinking circuit while leaving the main thought to the world flow. If Big Armor was what Kate expected it to be, it was a very nasty opponent.

After many battles with the mighty, I don't feel any blood rush from this great armor. It is flat. It's as quiet as I can convince myself when they say it's a machine. but it's not a machine. Reinforced Kate's ears had heard a heartbeat of great armor.

(It's a quiet heart sound... you're carving a beautiful, constant rhythm by the time you're comfortable. It feels strange to say that I prefer... to feel nostalgic)

Kate sends a heartless, unworthy praise for the great armor. I'm not nervous or excited at all. It was a beautiful, heartbeat that could only be described as. And at the same time, I felt familiar with something. That said, I wasn't very uncomfortable with this.

(Is it the frontier of clear mirror water stop? Even though it's what warriors try to get...)

How much training have you gained? Kate holds a slight awe in her great armor. He and I stand on the frontier of clear mirrors. If you want to use Shinkaru, you have to stand at the border of Kamikaze. It's impossible to get started in the first place without standing up.

but he himself understood that it would never be easy to do that. Originally he had other due diligence than a swordsman, but thus he is young, but you can assure him that it is enough to count that he can reach the clear mirror stop at the same age. Without so much propriety, we would not have come to this border.

(Warriors and bloody fierceness are inseparable... even though they are supposed to have a long career to quell it. How old the hell are you? You look a lot younger...)

Think about the great armor that Kate will probably be at the brink of a clear mirror stop much earlier than she is. From a calm but powerful heart tone, it is clear that you are quite young. I'm in my 20s no matter how old I am, I'm not even in my 30s. Even teenagers are not suspiciously powerful.

(So, this sword talent. If it's just talent, if you do poorly, it could be more than Stone Boat Sai or Soku...)

From what Kate has heard from her other teacher, she guesses the upper limit of this opponent's talent. At least, it would be one of the best talents I've ever fought. It may also be a gift in history to get into the fingers of both hands. That's what Kate was looking at.

Not so much, I was appreciating this great armor. And if so, then Kite will come in full swing. The opponent and this one are still immature, but it was certain that the opponent could not be caught off guard.

"... time."

Kite opens her eyes. And at the same time, the executive members of the tournament showed up. So the game begins.

Kate and the Great Armor stand in the opposite position, focusing on the witness. That's how the witness breathed in heavily after both were ready.

"Shinka Ryu! Heavenly Sound Kite! I'm from Mysterio! I want anonymity!

Big armor is still unexplained. It only reveals where you're from. but that stuff is unnecessary information for kite right now. If you fight, you will inevitably see which genre.

It is no exaggeration to say that from his history he has seen almost all the swords of Enefia. Of course, I don't know everything because I didn't fight the pioneers and everyone told me everything, but if it's the number I've fought, I can probably say it's one of the best. It won't be impossible to see through.

"Unlimited time, one fight!... Fit, start!

The witness announces the start. but there was no immediate movement between the two. Kate has to find out what's going on in order to see through the flow, and the big armor that doesn't know about it can't come close to the detour with a first hand. Luckily, I knew Kite was the counter main, but it was a late decision. If you know what I mean, you just have to be vigilant.

Ask them how they are, as they are. but inside kite, there was a bitter taste.

(No way... you're not getting any more fighting)

Kate couldn't avoid feeling bitter. It is a "spin" that cuts through the flow that forms the basis of the divine yin currents (Shinkaru), but there is an assumption that it can be applied to martial arts because, for one thing, the opponent is a warrior whose fighting spirit swells and "breathing" is easy to clarify when fighting.

Of course, it is normal to increase your fighting spirit if you are to come to battle other than a warrior. Therefore, even with the very wide versatility that most opponents can use if limited to combat, there were still opponents who could not be applied.

(Some cleric or a warrior belonging to a temple, or...?

That's how Kate guesses the identity of the Great Armor, who doesn't feel any swell of fighting. Some of the clergy, of course, are of a warrior nature. If you say so, Al or Rufaus will lead the way. They are the knights of the church. He is a fighter, but also a priest. It only weighs in on fighting.

But apart from that, some of them turned from clerics to warriors. There are various reasons for this. For example, there are those who dare to make themselves walk the path of misery.

That said, wherever there is a difference in the journey that has been made, the battle for them is a sacred offering to God and to his devotional opponents, and emotions that can be described as bloody and fleshy excitement have the goal of abandoning them as an evil way. If it was superior, it would have led to a clear water stop situation, like this great armor.

Fighting is even close to divine for them if this happens at the earliest. There can be no increase in fighting, and the battle will take place in a kind of flow. I'm in a trans state, I may say. When I got into the stream, there was no way I could see through the flow.


With as much sword talent as great armor, the frontier of a clear mirror waterstop. For Kate, that's tantamount to a nightmare. For him, who has little place to beat the geniuses with talent, standing in the same realm that can be reached with training is tantamount to being at an absolute disadvantage. Furthermore, once in the trans state, the flow becomes even less visible. Therefore, there is only one win for him.


Kate throws away her 'wait', the style she is supposed to take. Now it's the watertight zone. When this gets further up and into the trans state, it gets out of hand as soon as possible.

To be able to see through the flow of his opponents entering the trans, he will need the strength of the discernment of his synagogue class, his master and the whole world - the whole world in the sense of the other worlds: Enefia and Earth - the highest sword saint.

I had to train for at least another 10 years with Kite, whom Shinjitsu made clear he was good in the field. Never let this great armor enter the trans state. Then I could see that it was completely muddy.


Big armor reveals a slight surprise. By watching Kate work earlier, I thought Kate was going to ask me how to get out. It is a form in which the tip is controlled by a preconceived view.


but there was no stray with the great armor. Surprise is for a moment. The surprise that seeped into the signs was also calming in an instant. Therefore, the Great Armor intercepts Kite's attack without hesitation.

(If you can't see the flow, it's until you create the flow!

That's how Kate decides her mind. In a way, this also resembles the idea of Yagiu Shin-Yin Liu "Yagiu Kenkeru". Besides, it is sometimes prevented from entering the trans, but most importantly, it is not difficult to put it in a clear water stop state. Hard to see the flow.

It's time to figure out what kind of attack is coming. It doesn't make sense if you take the next step. And you have to see the flow to get ahead of it.



Against Kate's sworn sword, the great armor matches the great sword. Even though it was a heavy blow with a big sword that looked heavy so far, the movement of that big sword was light and streamlined. That's how we meet a few times, and Kate takes one end distance.

(... is there any loose...)

Kite brings bitterness to her heart again. We tried to control the flow of the opponent by launching an attack from ourselves, but there was hardly any distortion.

I was born only for a moment when I was controlled. I was already back to normal when my second sword clashed. It goes hand in hand with the second ambush being ineffective.

(No pursuit either... are you on guard)

Kate sees the slightly leaking emotions of the Great Armor and gets a slight relief. This is a quiet sign. It even seems like a machine, if at all. but the slightest emotion that wobbled denied it and told me that I was dealing with a biological person, not a machine.

(That said... being alert means the counter doesn't seem possible)

Kate understands that the other person is not coming after her. The great armor was holding the great sword with both hands and cutting tips down, and he seemed to be in good spirits. It's still big armor and people. Emotions are shaky, and struggling.

I guess this is like a preshot routine for the armor to forgive it. It's a unique structure, but it's up to each person to take an attitude. Nothing. Kite isn't interested in that either.

(Even so... how could this be...)

Kate realizes that deep down in her heart is happy for some reason. That was a unique feeling, much to be likened to, and it was the kind of unmindful friend I hadn't seen in decades. Even though I can barely remember the old memories being swept away and rubbed off, it felt like there was only intimacy.

(I miss...? He's a swordsman I've never seen, but he's the one I've never seen, and I know...)

I don't know, but I feel that way. I don't know the big armor. You should never know the signs of the person inside. That being the case, Kate even felt dear to this sign for some reason.

(No, now's not the time)

Kate shakes her head and worries about what to do after this. It was attacked by an existing sense of vision, but the truth is an unknown sword move. I can't be alarmed.

but in order not to lose, I had to do something to identify the flow of great armor. If so, there is only one answer. That's how he was going to cut into the armor again.