Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1102: The Disciple of Kensei vs. The Lord of the Sanctuary

Time goes back. That was when Kate was still on Earth. So he met, by a certain edge, his current master, Uehizumi Nobunaga, and was taught more immediately than he was. This is the act.

"Lord Tsunami. One thing I'd like to ask you..."


Inaugural and Upper Springs Synopsis of the Divine Yin Current (Shinkakeryu) and the New Yin Current (Shinkakeryu). From Kite and Musashi, he is a figure who can be likened to Kensei and the Sword God, but one word about this appearance can be said of a man like an excellent famous sword.

Slurry, stretched hands and feet, long silver hair like ripples of a knife. In the eyes of a knife as long as a cut, a nose beam as neat as a knife struck by a celebrity. At a glance, he was a figure of the corner.

That said, this is the only one that seems awkward to me, but I actually surprisingly preferred liquor and buns in small pieces - even at this time I was serving liquor with Kite - and being reasonable as an anecdote that can be passed on to people. It would be good to affirm that he who stands at the same extreme as Kenshin.

Maybe his disciple, Yoo Seung Sook, advocated the Sword Zen as a sword or a living sword as a way - to slash one evil man and save many lives - has that effect there. There are things that Kate and Shinjitsu do not know, but for now he was also an excellent personality.

"No... Lord Nobunaga has given me so many techniques so far. In doing so, I have a few questions."

"... I see. I could read your question."

In the slightest words of Kite, the Synopsis understands the doubts Kite has gained. That said, this was nothing strange or anything. Because this question was in ancient times a question that many of his brothers must have gone to, both from the Yanagi clan and from the opening of the Yanagida Yin Liu. Like his brother, Kate only got the same questions and posed the same questions.

"Why doesn't my genre have a particular 'move', huh?

"Yes, sir."

Kate acknowledges the inquiry of the Synopsis and bows her head. Until now, he has acquired a number of techniques that have been applied, < > as a sword technique that runs from Shinkayashi to Shinkayashi, which is the foundation of Shinkayashi.

But if I say so, it's something different from skill. While it is true that it outweighs the skill, it is not the same as the < > of Aotearoa's leading < > or Scarlet's swords, for example. None of the attacks on Marubashi itself. Ultimately, it's just technology.

"Lord Shinnozu taught me the ultimate in" Marobashi, "and I can't help it alone."

"Oh. For the majority of the many martial arts I teach, that's not the only offensive power. That's what I do with my bare hands."

The syllabus acknowledges Kate's words and makes it even more clear that she can do it with her bare hands. Rather than that, Kate also fights with a knife, so she's attacking with a knife, and even if she doesn't have anything, she can use the Shinkakeryu. If it was Kite at the time he was in Enefia, it would have been possible to use "Rotate" even with his bare hands.

"Right... let's talk about one thing. The groom... that's what I'm talking about right now, Yanashi Ishikusai. You know the anecdote that I ordered him to devise a piece of martial arts?

"You're talking about the swordless takeover of the famous Yanagi Ishikusai."

"Oh, yeah. It was kind of a fun test to see if I deserved to inherit the mainstream of the New Yin."

The syllabus agrees with Kate's words and tells them what they mean. Knifeless, is a unique technique found in Yagi Shin-Yin Liu "Yagiu Kenkeru". To put it bluntly, this is a body technique to disable the target's knife with your bare hands.

Even though it was one end of swordsmanship, its reality was physical. but if you were listening to the conversation between you two, it wouldn't be anything strange or anything. Anyway, the founding syllabus of the Yin of God (Shinkaru) affirms that no sword is needed.

"That said, if you look at it, you'll see. Shinkaru only teaches you how to handle your body. Nature and body guide you. You don't need to work in small pieces."


That's true, and Kate agrees. That's what I understand if I punch a genuine syllabus into my opponent, my neck will certainly fly, not far away. The statement that the petty worker was unnecessary seemed no surprise to me if he told me.

"but... there are other reasons why it is unnecessary. All I'm saying, sword moves are just mistaken as the swordsmen devise what the swords know. No, what the concept of a sword knows, should I say? Swordsmen leave people and connect to the concept of swords, and they are only learning their martial arts. How do we swordsmen integrate with that sword? That's what matters most. The late Kenshin."

"Yes... is it?


The syllabus nods at Kite's inquiry. This was a story that Kate didn't understand at this time. That said, that's not impossible either. Because this was something he didn't really feel at this time. So he nodded and stood up after such a syllabus thought only a little.

"... right. If you were me, you'd make it. You have no martial arts talent, but you have far more talent than 10,000 people when it comes to connecting to nature and unity... the concept of a sword. Let me see. It won't hurt."


Kate leans her neck to the words of a syllable that stood up and distanced herself. He is proud to say that his talents as a swordsman are far below those of Ishikusai and others, but on the contrary, even Shinjitsu admits that Kate's adequacy to "Rotation" is very high.

That would be about the same as me, I admitted enough to assure you. Therefore, he was treading that he could reach certain frontiers that could not be helped by the relationship of aptitude in Ishikusai and Jingda.

"Before, you showed one of the depths, < >?


"Apart from that. Let me show you another mystery. It's an area where so many swordsmen have ever aspired to this height and have never been able to be alone but me. Probably can't even tell you."

When Shinjitsu says so, he focuses his love knife on consciousness for his hands. And something happens. And at that moment. Kate understood from the bottom of her heart that what the syllabus said was right.

From that day on, far away. At Enefia's militant tournament, Kate was remembering it as she stormed. That's it for now. And this is a militant tournament. It's not about competing for power, it's about competing for moves.

He couldn't be more proud than to stand here as a martial artist. As much as I would have done that, losing was far better.

(Do you have to use...?

Kate discusses whether she should cut the biggest trump card she can hold against the armor that doesn't cut herself yet create any loose ends.

(There are only three depths of Divine Yin Flow (Shinkaru)... of which I can use two...)

As Kate storms, she thinks about how to fight. He has said it himself many times, but at the apprenticeship stage. If you dare to speak in the Divine Yin Current (Shinkaru), you have not even reached the Implication yet. It would be about inventory.

Therefore, I can use Deep Righteousness, but not perfectly. It would be nice to say that it can be used somehow, to the extent that.

Still, he could use it because he had an overwhelming aptitude for "spinning." I don't know if all this is really luck or something, I'd call it a joke.

He is regarded as talented and talented when it comes to martial arts, but somehow only the most difficult swordsmanship in the world is known as Shinkaru. So much so that it could even be said that the Divine Yin Flow (Shinkaru) was a genre that Kate really needed to learn.

(There are three depths of the Divine Yin Current. Deep of the heart. The depths of the move. Depths of the body... I can tell you that I learned depths for the first time after I could use three)

Kate recalls the teachings of the Synopsis. The syllabus regarded the depths of his divine shadow as three elements of martial arts. Within this, there are two things the Synopsis once showed Kite: the depths of 'moves' and the depths of 'bodies'. The depths of the 'heart' could be heard, but not learned.

(Completion of the body < > is 70%. The depth of the move < > is 50% complete... the former is available for 2 minutes. The latter is 1 minute)

Kate thinks of her hand as she looks at the slightly more imminent armor. Neither is far from calling it a finished shape. Therefore, it cannot be used permanently. All I can use these two is aptitude, if I say so. The body's righteousness was heavily influenced by the foundation of the Divine Yin Flow (Shinkaru), the "Rotation (Marubashi)", which had a high mastery rate and usable time. And because this foundation is greatly influenced by the depths of the moves, he could still use it today.

I just can't use it because I haven't learned anything about the depths of my heart yet. but probably this shouldn't be the same principle, so there's no way you can't use it. I just have to say it was a bad time about this.


Kate cuts into the great armor as she makes her handbill think into the sub's thought circuit. Besides, the armor chose to intercept without getting lost. It's this big armor. I don't know what this means, but it would only be true that at least the great armor would have been heavily shredded with the manoeuvrability it would have held together - and still amazing speed. That's why I chose to intercept.

(Right here!)

Against the great armored sword that has been intercepted, Kite decides not to meet, but to do it without strength. Bringing the Great Sword to the opponent's proper impasse is a fool's business. And there's also the weakness of the Great Sword Dead.


A distraction occurs in the signs of great armor. Kite stepped into the flank of the big armor. The specialty of the Great Armor is the Great Sword. The range is longer than Kite's, but at the same time the nostalgia is wider. If you go in, even if you can't read the flow, you have a chance.


It was the first time the great armor had come here that I could roar. Apparently, you admitted to being a good enemy about Kate. Thus, the speed of the Great Armor Sword accelerates at once.


Kate opens her eyes to a sword that has clearly accelerated out of step. Apparently, until now, he has been modest on how things are looking. The struggle was also hidden from the inside of the great armor to match it, and the flow was exposed as it were.

That said, it's an inevitable blow in this situation to the boulder, even if it's because I could read it. Already, Kate had a knife in place to strike a blow in. In other words, the outfit was taken after. It must have been a coincidence, but the Great Armor had captured an excellent opportunity against Kite.

That said, it was only by learning the Divine Yin Flow (Shinkakeryu) that Kate escaped that direct hit. The fact that you can see the flow means that you can also see the flow that is unfavourable to you. I see a direct hit flow, and I can't possibly think of a way to deal with it.


Kate knows she's going to be dressed up and forcefully detonates her magic powers directly beside herself to distance herself. It's a suicide bombing act at the time you tried to attack me. On the boulder. He wasn't intact on this either.

This suicide bombing was the act of choosing between a direct blow by the Great Sword and a better one. And if it was a suicide bomber, his strong barriers would also be pointless. The damage was ready.

"Tsu... somehow..."


The Great Armor sends an unworthy praise to Kite. Such a big armored sword, but there was no scratch on this one. Of course, there is no scratch on the armor. It was a good situation to say it was almost a direct hit, but apparently it is good to see it as a fairly well-known kind of sword and armor.

"Well, thank you."

Kate wipes away the blood flowing from her forehead with her fingers and throws it to the ground. Overall, this one is worn out by the recoil of a suicide bombing. But there is nothing wrong with this because it is good. And thanks to this, there was also a harvest.


Kate peels off her fangs and smiles. The action of suicide bombing and his own blow until then had unleashed a fighting spirit from the great armor. Still, it was like I was trying to calm it down, and it was calming down gradually, but still distracted by the signs so much that the flow could be read.

"Go make up your mind."

Kite dares to say so. Now the great armor is shaking. There was a clash between the struggle to hold together men and women if they were martial artists who wanted to fight Kate more and the tough spirit to restrain them from doing so.

"One minute. I'll decide the battle in a minute"

Kite speaks even more so. I dared say that I was going to make a decision here and stirred up their struggle. but not the kind of big armor that comes on this provocation on a boulder.

But at the same time, he didn't seem to have enough mental power to contain his curiosity about what Kate was going to do. After all, youth was still seeping into the great armor as well.

Musashi had also spotted it, but this great armor is still ahead of us. Still, this armor is immature. Still, it's great to be standing in this realm, but it must be immature. That's how you dare to make the 'breath' of the great armor obvious, and the opposing kite calms your spirit at once.

"Shinkari... < >"


An obvious surprise comes to light in the sign of great armor. There's a kite in the eye of the armor, but I can't feel a sign. I can't help but be surprised. It felt as if it was integrated with nature.

Kite disappears as if integrated with such nature. It is not a metastasis. We traveled at super high speeds. That was not a speed that could be followed visually, and the intention was to let him easily take the back of the great armor.

Perfect. That was the only move I could say it was. There is no waste, no precipitation. It was also a partially insane move to the point where it was impossible to train more than 10,000 and more than 100 million.


Notice the signs of Kate, and the armor dodges the attack where it is. but this stream looked like Kai. Therefore, from here on out, it was a chess stuffing for him.

No great armor technique has been lost in an attempt to read the flow of great armor. Extraordinary talent remains intact. Therefore, it takes time to make the same decision as it did in Fujido.

The signs of the manifested kite disappear again. The next thing you know, it's right next to the big armor.


Big armor unleashes a slash on Kite. I haven't been able to visualize the movement, but only for a moment when Kite unleashes an attack, signs appear. Only at the moment of attack must Kite stop, too. This is something I can't help.

but that's why the big armor can handle it. He was therefore sharpening his mind and releasing the attack according to the signs of Kite, who appeared to avoid a direct blow momentarily ahead. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is an extraordinary skill in this direction. It's not the realm of comma seconds.

That said, Kite can read that the Great Armor will deal with it. So his signs disappeared again at the same time as the gladiator was prevented. The current kite is limited, but I could read the flow up to a minute away.

Therefore, no surprise can be avoided no matter how much it is prevented, and therefore does not cause stray in action. It was possible for him to predict the future. Then everything that is to be dealt with is also envisaged. Neither stray nor indulgent can arise.


Now it was the turn of the great armor to give a bitter taste. Clear upsets, strays, and starches appear in the signs of the great armor step by step. I can't read the signs of Kate, and they're totally one step ahead of me. Naturally.

but here's one for kite, there was a miscalculation. He certainly has a complete grasp of what's one minute away now. It is possible to act perfectly and completely.

The miscalculation here was that the great armor, despite this youth, had crossed an uninterrupted fierce battle. If I were you, I wouldn't be able to go back to where I was.

Even so, this great armor completely regained its clear water stop in the place of defeat in the next few seconds. Only those who wandered the border of life and death again and again, and returned from it, could do so.

before the minute that Kate told you had passed. Kite's chess stuffing will be complete in five seconds. The kite stopped working. And likewise, the big armor was stopped working.

Each other, they were sticking their sword cuttings to each other's flanks. If one of them had progressed even in the latter centimeter, both would have hit each other directly in the attack.

I also read the armor ahead of Kite's movements. No, I didn't read it consciously. Live in death. Those who crossed the dead line many times, so instinct read the blow to escape a moment's death.

Then they both targeted the timing of the special attack, and decided that if they hit each other's blades, they would get them too, and stopped just before.


"Thank You"

Kite's praise is greeted with a slight joy of armor. Why could I read it? If Kate later asked, the person in the great armor replied, Intuition. And at the same time, you wouldn't be able to tell me to do the same thing now, either. It was an unhideable delight. In a way, this great armor could have climbed another step up because of Kate.

The two stop with each other's blades poking at each other's flanks for a short time. I couldn't decide what to do. Both, take one step forward and you will win. but he understood that he would be slashed himself the moment one of them showed it.

Thus, for the first time here, Kate was able to exchange her gaze with the clear eyes that were behind the great armor. There is no evil in there. Clear eyes that only those who have reached the water stop can float. Kite was beautiful, blue eyes like a clear surface that I couldn't help but admire.

Kate and Big Armor talk with their eyes. And at the same time, we got into a struggle, and at the same time we lowered each other's gains.


"It'll be good."

Big armor responds to Kite's offer. Earliest thousand Japanese hands. We can proceed with both, and neither can proceed. Then the flow itself had to be cut off. As such, the battle was to continue even further.