Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1103: Unwanted Endings

Final match of the Qualifying Games of the Tenhao Confusion Festival. Kite, who was walking on to it, was fighting the mysterious big armored figure who became the finalist.

But it was a coincidence or inevitable rearrangement due to the power of one of the depths of Kate's divine yin currents, < >.


Kate takes a deep breath once to quell her fierce feelings. Musashi also said that if the mind is wrong, it will disrupt the triangle. If we were to fight, normal minds mattered.

In contrast, those in great armor held the great sword with both hands, with their cutting tips down. Perhaps this was also an act to quell the fierce mind. Maybe it was a preshot routine, just like Fujido's main eye setup before the game started.

(I wonder what's going on...)

Kate contemplates the tactics of the great armor as she calms her spirit. So it's hard to fight a warrior who belongs to the priesthood lineage. Perhaps at that moment, only for a moment, but close to the trans state.

And it happened once. As long as it triggers, the Great Armor will be able to get there again. In other words, it became impossible to read the earliest flow, I'm glad to say.

(The battle between those who can read the flow is no longer a spiritual battle. It's impossible to attract the flow...)

Kate remembers the words of her master. Technically, the Great Armor is not reading the flow, but it is possible to ride the flow of the kite as long as the waterstop frontier is in place. From here on out, you'll care more about the watertight zone than Kate realizes you can't be alarmed. I can say that this is a situation out of hand.

(even if...)

Kate asks about the big armor situation in the wake of her uncertain hands. The big armor on the other side was probably asking for kite's movements. Thus, in a slight stagnation. Kate really remembered the slightest emotion.

"Really, it's beautiful"

Unexpectedly from the mouth from kite, words leak out. It was truly a leak out of the bottom of my mind, a word of honest admiration without any evil intentions.


For a moment, a distraction arises in the signs of great armor. As for kite, I'm not sure what it was. It was loose, but it felt like lighting for admiration and admiration, to put it another way. As such, Kate decided to express her honest feelings that she had no choice but to say what she had said.

"What. Haven't you ever told anyone? Your signs are really beautiful. Just like Kenshin said in Japan. The idea is that if you train correctly, you will have the right mind. All I can really say is that your signs are beautiful. It's like praying for something, you're fighting... it was such a beautiful fat muscle"

Kate honestly admires the great armor. Struggling, but even that's a quiet sign. It was as if he was praying for something, and Kate's idea of a conspicuous cleric warrior was stronger.

"Well, from here on out, it's my theory... that a guy with a beautiful heart gets a pretty figure himself. Aside from the ugly face. Being itself, including style and signs, rather than just appearance, gets cleaner. Come on, you must have a beautiful face."

'Um... you too. I think it's beautiful. The... including the face.'

"Hahaha! Thank you."

It looks like there was quite a bit of lighting, but the great armor returns the words of praise according to Kate's words. Apparently I'm not used to this kind of interaction. Besides, Kate laughs and shows her appreciation.

For once, he's going to be on the right path for himself, too. And if that's what Kate said according to her words, I guess that means that she thought that the Great Armor had nothing evil in Kate's sword. As swordsmen, there seemed to be something you could tell by crossing swords.

"Well... when that happens, it's my honest feeling to worship that beautiful side. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman or something like that. Just look at the face of someone with such a beautiful heart."

Once again, Kate builds up her fighting spirit. I found my feelings while I was talking. I'm going to find out who the person lurking in this armor is.

I've always had a beautiful heart. Honestly, as one person, I wanted to see who I was. I don't care anymore about requests from the light fire or winning or losing this tournament. I just want to know who this big armor is. I only felt like such a boy.

The great armor gives some signs of itching for Kate's praise, but she feels the swelling of Kate's fighting spirit and pulls her mind together. As such, the clutter disappears rapidly. I went into a mirror stop.

Nothing, Kite and I didn't want to interrupt the big armor entering the clear mirror water stop. Only words that came out of my mouth by chance had such consequences. Therefore, there is no stopping. No, I didn't want to stop it. As a martial artist, I wanted you to bump into me in full swing.

"Well, I'm not wearing the front outfit I said earlier, and furthermore, I'm not pitiful that you're telling me not to use unfinished moves in action..."

Kite tells Big Armor quite lightly. but the next increase in fighting was not the ratio earlier, but the style of brave men as brave men seeped in.

"One minute. So, let's get this over with. Now, unfortunately, I can only do this one minute for real."


The great armor is accidentally pressurized by the pressure released from the kite. I knew it wasn't a lie. And now he understood that it was time to do everything in earnest.

"... come."

The Great Armor is ready, waiting for Kite. They're saying it's over. I mean, nothing more than attacking me. And in an earlier act, I understood that if I attacked Kite, I would lose. Therefore, we cannot attack.

He understood that the flow had been grasped earlier because it was the side that Kate would attack. As such, Kite was also ready for the perfectly prepared great armor.

"... I ran through the sky and the scarlet to the divine realm."

That's what Kate puts up. That was saying my martial arts journey. Some sort of self-implication, I guess. I can understand that the word that Kate is not even in action on this yet is correct.

That's how the struggle that had been unleashed from Kite converged once and for all into his body, fully condensed into the inside of his body, folded in multiple ways through his hands and wrapped his sword around it. It was giving the Great Armor the illusion as if the knife had been fully integrated with his body.

"... Divine Yin Flow (Shinkakeryu) Deity..."

this moment. The great armor felt as if less than a second had gone by forever. There was even some sort of divinity. Perhaps this sword move is what you can call the ultimate sword move, enough to be understood by instinct.

"< >"

At the same time as Kite gives a verbal vote. I understand that something happens and the great armor cannot be won in an instant. My instinct as a swordsman was that I shouldn't have let you use this power. That's how Kite opened her mouth, combining fierceness and quiet.

"I can only use this for a minute. If you can stand a minute, you win. If I finish in the meantime, I win. Show me the beautiful inside of that armor."

Big armor doesn't expose any emotions to Kate's words. I had no room to do that. This is a feeling the audience doesn't understand. Because he is a relative, and because he did kites and musketeers to tell him that he was different in character by turning. It was such an area.

Come on, let's go.

Kite takes some sort of setup. That's how I took a step toward the great armor. Its stepping speed was different in digits than before, and on the contrary it was even overwhelming compared to the overspeed ahead. but the next moment. By a completely different force from each other, we stopped fighting.


Huh, and Kite, who was supposed to have kicked the ground, and two big armors who tried to take it with their will to die, change the signs at the same time. That's how I came up with a different kind of alertness than before, pointing in the same direction at the same time.

"... you got it?

Big armor also responds silently to Kate's words. The signs are quiet, but somewhere it seeped a different kind of seriousness than before. In so doing, they converged the struggle they had unleashed against each other at the same time. It's no longer a fightable situation.

"Shit... you got in the way. Unfortunately, that's it."

Big armor responds silently to Kate's words again. but besides, the audience is just confused. You can't hear the inside conversation outside so you can't hear the outside language.

And the audience wasn't the only ones who were confused. The executive committee members of the tournament were also baffled by the two people who suddenly stopped fighting for some reason. They don't know what kind of interaction took place either. That said, he was also a witness for it. That's how the witness came instantly.

"What's up?

"I got in the way"


The witness is puzzled. No one is in this battlefield but the two of us. Only this witness entered besides the two of us, and even for him, he stood just outside the battlefield. Never, never once did anyone touch the venue. but that's right. Because it was happening somewhere else.

"... outside. There's been some kind of battle, and someone's been killed. One is quite a user. And the other..."

Kate tells the witness who asked for an explanation of the circumstances. So, once he cut the words, he spoke the rest clearly.

"He's a super user. The other user was never weak either. This one should probably be seen as a participant in the tournament. but that was defeated by the overwhelming difference. If you can fight, then you don't. I'm gonna borrow some."

"Oh, hey!

When Kate borrows the headset-shaped magic props that the witness was wearing, she immediately contacts the outside world. Only this magic tool can be contacted outside and within this union. I had no other hand than this.

"Doctor. Do you hear me?

"Oh, um... too bad"

The Musashi, with the words of Kate, responds very carelessly. Apparently, he felt it, too.

"It's been a moment. He's a terrific fiend... wait a minute."

Apparently, Musashi explains what happened to the Games' executive committee members. but that didn't have to happen. It was gradually spreading to the audience. Maybe the Beast Man is dense, and that's why he noticed the smell of blood so dense that he just thought someone was dead. And, on the other hand, Kate throws the borrowed headset back to the attendee, saying she can't move without darkness.

"There you go."

"Ah, ha..."

"Oh, boy... it's getting in the way."

Kate is so foolish as she watches the situation evolve. Neither do they have an unusual spirit enough to be able to fight flat with a kill carried out near a boulder. It won't be possible to continue today's game after this.

At least we can't fight until we know what's going on. Kill. If this was some kind of enemy attack, it couldn't have been properly fought.

"Yes... yes... yes..."

While Kate and Big Armor waited for the situation to change, the witness was talking to an executive committee member outside. So, apparently, a conclusion has been drawn.

"I'm sorry. As you two say, there's a case outside, and... the match is suspended here, I'd like to take the form of..."

"I accept."

"... I agree with this one..."

Kite and Big Armor will all accept the Games offer. I was interrupting on my own in the first place. You can't be complaining. That's how the battle between Kite and the Great Armor ended in an undesirable way.