Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1109: Assault and Robbery

Murder of competitors during the finals of the Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival. Kite, who was supposed to cooperate in the investigation, was supposed to rendezvous for lunch when she separated from both Musashi and Kuon for the time being and conducted a full investigation.

"That's why we're alone here."

"I see. In your case, your martial name sounded too loud."

Quon answered Kite's query as he wrapped his circle and pasta around it. What was being asked was whether there was a guy who had been selling fights. Apparently, there was someone there who had been selling fights. Just as Kite does, Quong also carries a famous tax. Naturally. And naturally, it was here too.

"The three of us are rich in riches."


Kuon pointing his mouth in dissatisfaction against Fun Musashi. He said he was here to enjoy being sold a fight, but he didn't come looking for it, and the grubby fish would sell the fight, and he hardly needed to look at it, so he stepped on it or kicked it. The only harvest she could get from coming to this city would be that she was able to make an advance on the battle with Kate.

"Amu... ha... I don't know if you'll come out soon, Tsukuba"

"It's not a slaughter."

Kite sighed at Quon's words. So far it's more of an accidental accident as a result of a fight than a Tsukuba slaughter. I can't treat you like a slayer on my own.

"Ma, but I don't know if I've left yet."


Kate shakes her head in a sigh mix. For once they are looking, but besides them, the martial artists who have heard rumors are looking for them in large numbers. So if you can't find it, how cleverly you've escaped, or you're not in this city anymore.

Even the neighboring cities are strictly checking in and out, but they can't be so strictly checked at a stage where the boulders don't know their faces. Further, when you get out to the neighboring territories, there is rarely a strong chase unless it is a felony. Because if the ruling nobility is different, the law will change slightly.

Once you ask, it will ultimately depend on the case to what extent it can be effective. You are also right that it is better to flee quickly. And you can't pursue it that hard to the point of killing one person on a boulder. It was a circumstance because it was Enefia.

"Well, if you can't find a cup of it tomorrow at the latest, you better think you're not in this city. I don't think the martial artists will find it in two days, even though they're looking for it."

"Uh, too bad."

Kuon looks really sorry for Kate's words. The fish I let go was huge, I guess that means. That said, luckily - and unfortunately, other than her - the case was not yet closed.

"" "Hmm?

Three face up at the same time. I felt something powerful, something to say.

"Did you feel that?

"Yeah... um... but it doesn't work cheap..."

Kate frowns at Musashi's inquiry. I don't know if this is the sign we're looking for. Moreover, there are police equivalents and army soldiers in the city, and if they were witnesses, they could not still move on their own. And that's what we all know, so I tell Quon as he wraps his pasta around.

"Don't worry about it, will you? Rice first. You're rude to the cook when it gets cold."

"Well, so is that"

"Uhm, that doesn't make sense."

When Kate agrees with Quon's words, she reaches for the pasta she asked for too. The pasta he asked for was carbonara. It's not very nice when it cools. It also deprives the city of the work of police officers and soldiers. If I was asked, I should have helped, and I shouldn't have stuck my neck in it without being asked.

"Oh, here comes my next pizza. No, pizza."

"Oh, could it be here?

"Mmm, cheese melts"

Kate and Quong eat the two pizzas that have been carried by the clerk in half. It's not a stupid couple or anything. It's why I want to enjoy both.

"Let's eat, lords."

"Well, it's not too fuel-efficient, but if you don't eat up a little, it's tight."

"That sort of thing. We fight three days and three nights without dinner. We need to eat when we can and use magic to store energy."

"As always, my lords, that's the only place to go crazy..."

Musashi sighed at the two replies, apparently not that far into the boulder. Eat it when you can, which is in Musashi's teachings, but I still don't do it this far.

Instead of that, how can he be sorry to keep fighting for three days and three nights? Close to the basic free man, he is often hungry and the battle is over. Of course, we save energy just in case, but that's just in case, and we don't always get that far like the kites.

"But seriously, it tastes good here."

"Mm, well. Then I'll take a slice of the noodles."

Musashi eats a slice of pizza offered by Kite. Apparently, it was delicious, and the three of them kept eating soothingly, but apparently they never left the three of them alone in the disturbance.

"... uh, call it in"

"Of, I guess. I want the boulders to relax and eat about rice... but the raid at meal time is the foundation of the strategy..."

"Ugh... the next pizza... my pizza..."

Kuon, a combat freak but also a healthy family, stares sadly at Pizza, who smells good in the cauldron. I want to fight. But at the same time, they spare Pizza. Because of the smell, I was able to do it in a minute.

"I'm sorry! With that pizza takeaway! I don't know, just give me a break in the car!


"There he is! Dear Mia Moto!

Almost at the same time the store clerk tilted his neck at Kate's words. Two heavily armed soldiers rush into the store. Needless to say, the purpose was a rescue request. The kites completely forgot, but the kites' comms weren't linked to the city's police comms. I couldn't ask for it in the first place.

So they also had to look in the tunnel. That said, the kites were also eating at a store facing the main street so that it was easy to check the surroundings in case. So it looks like they spotted him instantly.

"Uh... oh, just a little more! Just give me a minute! You know what this smell is! I can do it now! Burn it! Pizza! The cheese will no longer taste good!

"No, not if you say so! The police station is under attack! The bad guy is probably the killer of yesterday's murder! Hurry, rescue!

Offer with a soldier very chopped up against the sad cry of Quon. Apparently, things are in a hurry. So Kite opened her mouth. Fortunately, I had already eaten all the pasta, to the extent that we would all ask for another piece of pizza later.

"You go ahead. Pizza will be saved and delivered by me."

"Really! Well, I'm just gonna go and finish it!

Quon kicks the chair into Kate's words and gets up. That's what I said. No, I'll leave the store immediately. The preservation of Kite is a preservation to which the powers of the Great Spirit have been added. It is freshly made and saved. Then there was no stray. I just need a fresh pizza to clean it up.

"I don't know if Noon's coming."

"Oh, please! Okay, hurry up!

The soldier, who was similarly astonished by the speed with which too many quons acted on the risen Musashi, also regained his mind and continued afterwards. In the first place, Kate is thought to be just a Musashi apprentice, so she doesn't have to be there or not. So the one remaining kite walks in the confused store to the front of the cauldron.

"It's tough, customers too..."

"Haha. No, really."

"Oh, the takeaway fee is fine. Instead, I'd like the city... this, apart. Eat when you're done."

"Hi. Oh, good change. It's just a mess."

Kate decides to thank the female clerk who was cooking the pizza for her attention and sets aside the price for the meal she ate. The colour was applied slightly because of the nuisance charge.

Well, instead, he wrapped a little treat for me as a little souvenir, so maybe it ended up being a hell of a lot. It should be noted that I may actually be a fan of Kite, which was made yesterday's battle, but I don't know that.

"Well... why don't we go worship the face of the innocent who interrupted our pleasant meal?"

Kate asks Timo not to complain to Quon later and completely saves the pizza, while scolding the rusk the clerk gave her. It was a western treat that was sold as an easy knob. That's how Kate ran through the city to the square in front of the police station.

"All the time, this is so weird..."

The square in front of the police station we got to, but it looked amazing. Apparently, the enemy unleashed a formula. It was overflowing with objects similar to God, and he was in a state of turmoil with the police and soldiers.

That said, it seems that the integrated fighting power is not so high, and it looks like it is holding hands in numbers. There was no human damage due to weakness, but at the same time a few struggles seemed inevitable.

"Hmm... doing such a small job means the enemy is a widow? Assault on the main force by a few elites... what's the purpose?

Kite will not go into Darkless Arrow Cod, but decides to judge the situation from a little further away. Musashi and Kuon are doing it for me if I'm going to push forward. If so, I should have used my head.

"Is Quon... fighting in the precinct? The teacher... is struggling to keep his enemies out in the Great Square, and... oh, is the Great Armor coming too? Hmm, lots of women... you mean, just that woman over there? You have a surprisingly good hobby... do you think Karin and I are getting along?

Kate identifies the overall situation. Apparently, as originally planned, Quon had fought the handlers and Musashi had decided to expose them. Musashi was using his knowledge as a soldier to command the soldiers to make as little sacrifice as possible. Musashi Miyamoto as a martial artist would be impressive.

Even more apparently, a group of adventurers, led by the great armor, had also come to reinforce it, and it was like they were fighting in cooperation with Musashi. If this happens, the Great Square will be fine and the enemy will not harm the city's inhabitants.

"Hmm... are you handsome in there? That's pretty... good to see as the killer you were chasing, too, this guy."

When Kate sees that the situation is okay, she immediately reads the signs to determine the status of Quon. If you see where she can't push instantly, you can think of her as a considerable opponent. That said, there were conditions for this.

"Hey, Quon. You want me to help you pull it out?

'Oh, it's okay, it's okay. Because it's pretty hands-on, but I can afford it. I've had my first cup of rice, so I need to exercise so I don't get fat.'

"It sounds dangerous the other way around when you eat it and move right away, huh? They say it works when you put in an hour or so."


"Maybe. No, I don't know... well, can you afford to say that? Don't destroy too many police stations. There's only so much money for repairs, and the city's residents get anxious when the police station runs out. Oh, don't kill me later, okay? He's not dead or alive."


Quong is still a spare place. I was battling Kate's inquiry while pinching the lady mode. Yeah, I see. She's a woman who thinks a lot. I know the art of fighting as little as possible to scare the residents of the city. Therefore, they fought to avoid causing much damage to the police station.

I guess I should say that at the time I was getting inside the precinct, I had no choice but to take some time to crusade. And here's one thing I found out.

"This is a place of peace of mind."

It also means that the enemy is not a Death Warlord, beyond what Quon can take into account. I can't cut it off with her. If they leave, throw away any consideration. As a kite, it's a place of peace of mind.

"Okay, then"

When Kate decided what to do, she stepped down to the Great Square. I don't know what the enemy is up to, but it's just a story to capture and listen to.


"Oh, kite! You didn't just take a look!

"Yes! I'll help!

"Uhm! Your Lord is due to support from a distance with a double gun! Fortunately, we don't have to push in at the moment! Looks like Pizza's behind us! Help the guy who looks like shit!


Musashi giggles at Kate's words and gives her instructions. Well, it doesn't change that you don't know what the purpose is. If so, vigilance should be exercised. And this was the right thing to do. A little while after Kate went in for support, Kuon contacted me to fight alone in the station.

"Kate! Hi raider, looks like there was another one! He took something from one of them and left! That's what people in the precinct are saying right now!

"Rikai! It's a raid for robbery!

As for Kite - on the contrary, from all of them - it was unexpected, but this raid was apparently aimed at some sort of robbery. It was unexpected, because then I couldn't grasp the intent to commit the murder.

Because of this, the kites stayed, and the raid increased the formula for failure at once. That said, that's also a good story if you hear it out later. So Kite decides to cut back on the support.

"Now, what time are you coming out...?

Kate looks for another assailant as she reads the signs of a disturbance. Probably sneaking into the precinct unnoticed, making it seem like a spy (scout) or a bandit (sheaf). If so, they should use the commotion to come out in secret.


"Why not!? Is he... why is he!? Awkward!"

When I came out of the police station, I was greatly surprised by the man who hid his face from Kate. but there was no stray in action, escaping at first sight. If there was a miscalculation in the killer here, Kite would have come later just for Pizza.

He didn't get involved in this case because he was late. He was watching but was in the middle of lunch, so he thought he would stay. Besides, he didn't seem to think Musashi was making him ready in case. He was running away from Kite at full speed without even shaking his side.

"Whoa, whoa, run, run. I'm gonna take that heavy load and do it right."

Kite laughs with fun and a fiercely dashing raider without even shaking her side. Apparently, the thing I robbed was quite a size, a bag that every person was likely to put in. He was taking it from his shoulders. Apparently, he doesn't have much arm, and from kite's point of view, all I could say was that he could afford it.

Probably the handyman is in a place called the caution stick he hired. If he does rob an object this size, if it's his arm, he'll want to hire a caution stick.

"Well, will you just catch me?"

Kate runs a little behind her with her spare face, and decides it's time to catch her or increase her speed. but the next moment. It was as if a slaughter would strike right in front of him as if to control the destination.