After Kate and the others spent the night looking at the stars. The morning after that. Kite starts training first thing in the morning on every street when it comes to every street. Even so, there were a few reasons today, almost at the same time as the morning sun climbed he was starting to move. Sometimes it's a little slower.

"... sooo..."

Kite first takes in the slightly cooler autumn wind first thing in the morning into her lungs. Whatever you do, take a deep breath. Kenshin is the same. In a disturbed mind, the tip of the blade is also disturbed. In order to learn the right sword moves, you have to start by calming your mind. As such, we shall carry out the usual type auditions.


When we finish the typology, one end unites the spirit there. This is archery. If so, it was kite's way of doing things that calmed the spirit down one by one.


Kate does an image of putting herself inside the world after her usual morning workouts. As a basic story, Kate's divine shadow (Shinkakeryu) is a sword technique used to read the world's currents. Therefore, it is not the archery of the sword, but the training of the spirit that is to be weighed down.

Instead, this divine shadow cannot be learned until the archery of the sword has reached some stage and the training of the spirit has reached some level. And that stage was an area that we were all told would be passed on in an almost mediocre school. Prerequisites were suspicious.

(... First, a big stream)

Kate sharpens her spirit in order to decipher the currents that lie within the world. That said, it's hard to read this flow. Even as a kite, it is impossible to read the flow of this world perfectly in combat, where it is still being trained.


It has become a huge stream and the world is moving without interruption. There is a huge stream there that people can't see. Even though it's a big stream, it's extremely complicated.

Naturally. The currents of this world are the composite creation of all life, all civilizations that live in this world. It shifts from moment to moment, and it's an enormous amount in proportion to the total amount of mankind. The only way to see it is to turn it around.

(This is it)

Cutting through the flow, Kate integrates herself with it. It is no exaggeration to say that the flow of the world is the will of the world. And will is the source of magic. Therefore, if you can integrate with it, you can have a mighty power in its hands.


Kate takes full possession of the magic of the world and slashes it as her own magic. That alone tore the world apart over about 5 meters.

I didn't do anything strange. I simply integrated my magic with the magic of the world and the sword-specific magic waveform to unleash a slash. This was the force of slashing with the application of "Rotation". Of course, I'm still doing my best. I'm not doing everything I can. And this is it. The swordsmanship Kate affirms to be in the highest position was so amazing by then.

"... good"

Kate nods contentedly as she restores her torn space. He is powerful in the first place - in the sense of magic. It is therefore possible to this extent.

How far can you draw in the magic of the world, it still comes down to each person. Therefore, not everyone can tear the world apart like him. Using him as the apex, you can say he's on the other side of the back.

Even Shinjitsu, who is a teacher and far exceeds Kite in skill, states that the limit is about 3 meters due to physical spec differences in normal slaughter. He's suspicious enough to tear the world apart for five meters just because he did it lightly in training.

"This is the place for now."

When Kate finishes her entire audition, she decides to leave the scene satisfactorily. You can't start working with Tina first thing this morning on a boulder. Although the Duke Army is here for once, they are going to leave as well, in case. For that reason, you can't damage your health poorly.

"Yeah. It's a good morning, too"

Kate stretches her back refreshingly as she watches the morning sun climb for the most part. I knew it, but it's still a refreshing autumn sunshine. This way you'll have a beautiful autumn sunshine to worship today.

"Mostly, are you awake?"

Kate understands that people in the city have been happening for a long time because of signs of starting to move around her. I was working out early that morning, of course, because they were there.

No matter how Kate is surrounded by children, there's no way she's going to be able to train in the morning. No, that would use enough strength, but that's not what I'm talking about.

One of the reasons I didn't do a hand set with Tina was there. Tina still needs time for Kate's morning workout. I didn't even have time to be a team player.

"Good. It's time to sweat in the shower for once"

Kate decides to go take a shower for now, watching the flow of those who start to move. The adventure department is prepared in the adventure department for boulders, so that carriages and such facilities can be used separately. So there is no problem.

So Kate starts walking swallowed, but he discovers the children before him. After all, the kids are early in the morning. Unexpectedly hiding.

"Do it..."

Not that I don't like Kite and the kids. but you'll want to avoid bowling it together with a weapon in the boulder. Weirdly intriguing, it's the source of the injury. Well, when you start saying that, you can't even say it at the Alliance Home, but that's where you say it.

"Well...... I guess this is ok for now"

Kite starts walking again, sideways as the kids go wash their faces.

"Good morning, seniors!

"Ooh, oh... hmm?

As usual, exchange greetings plainly. but kite stopped unexpectedly on that opponent. but start walking again.

"... may I?"

Kate blinks a moment in the face of the calendar with a smile toward her, but walks away waving her hand. There was still a little grin on that face.

"I guess I don't have an answer yet... do I? I can't help it."

Kite keeps the current status of the calendar good. So, good now. Both Yuri and Yulicia said it, but I can't help it, that's all. It is inevitable that someone will only like someone. Even if someone had a lover, I couldn't help it. There's nothing I can do about it. That would be good. All he can do is accept if he's coming.

"... thank you, Lord Partner"

Kate faintly says thank you to her partner. You can say this is her handle. I wouldn't be able to give you an answer yet. The current calendar has finally found its doors. And I got the courage to put my hand on that door knob, that's all. This is a tough place to start.

But if we get this far, it won't get any worse. After that, just think about moving on or pulling. I can do enough to wait for that answer. Even for the cherry blossoms, they'll wait. You don't have to stick around, and if you think tight, someone will talk. There, you don't need kite. No, you won't even be there.

"Well, today is the day, shall we try our best!

Kate looks up at the blue sky in autumn sunshine. It's a beautiful day. If you happen to be out on the meadow without any business, it would be good to play with the sun and Ise. It is also a good idea to relax in the McDawell family with Kuzha and Aura. Sometimes I read to temperament.

After this, until after lunch, there will be an exchange with the residents of the city - the free movement of the name. Sometimes, the blades may be stretched. You can give the Kuzha and the others a chance to stretch their wings.

If the calendar is decided quickly, it may be possible to have an interaction with the cherry blossoms. That's ants again, too. but I don't have any plans for now. Free. Free. As such, Kate had a casual day that day.

One of those laid-back kites. In some distant places, a man was scrutinizing the experimental results of an experiment.

"... this time it's a failure"

The man looks at the results of the experiment and concludes for now. This is a few attempts, but this time it was apparently a failure. For once, we can say that we have succeeded before - we can say that we have succeeded, not succeeded - we have also had results, but if we still had a chance of succeeding, we would not have exceeded half of them.

"Hmm... if we are to report to the Pope, we will have to reach at least 70%"


Researchers who stood by the man's words give an ambiguous response. This view and judgment should be made by the man in charge, and all they can do is listen to it.

"Again, is it difficult"

"I hear that, well... several experiments have been carried out in the Empire of Entesia as well, but I was wondering if the chances of success are probably much lower than ours"

"Whether Aurora Floyline is here or not,

Does that make sense? The man thinks it will, in his heart. Aura's thoughts were Kate's summons in the first place. It was only with that in mind that this word seemed logical, too. The purpose in the first place is different from theirs.

"Do you need any help to move forward…"

"Stand by..."

That's for sure. The researchers also agree with the man's words beyond words. Where the experiment continues, it can only be said that the results obtained are the same. This is not a technical issue. No, not if you ask me if I have any technical problems, but otherwise, so...

"I don't really want your help..."

The man smiles slightly. The affliction is judged by those beside them to be of the late, with the help of the Popes.


"No, we'll make improvements a few more times."


The researchers look slightly at the man's words. No more hitters, that's their view of the mortals. I thought it would be a good idea if you wanted more than that. And even for a man, I knew that was about it to be taken. That's why he also understood the hand to hit here.

"I know what you guys are trying to say. But you have to bend over and offer it to the Pope. After a few failures, it seems to me that he relies too much on it if he immediately complained. Or do you guys want to make it clear that our arms are bad?

"No, it's not..."

The researchers flaunt the man's inquiry so clearly that they can see it. Sure, that's the same thing, I thought. And that's why the man told me.

"We should review whether there are any more areas where we can be bothered and improved. It is true that we are moving faster than planned in the first place. You will laugh and forgive me if I am at this level of delay. Then, instead of offering cheaply, you should declare after doing everything you can to Your Majesty. For starters, we do the best we can to perfection. On top of that, if not, it is then that we should be able to help ourselves. It's a mistake for a knight to try to help a man cheaply."

"" "Ha, Knights Chief!

Man, no, the researchers - who are also knights because they belong to the Knights, to be exact - respond with salute to the words of the Knights Commander. That's a good opinion. The researchers seem convinced if they say so. That's how the researchers leave.

"... now, how much time can you buy..."

The Knight Commander sighed deeply. I am aware that I am helping to create a catastrophe. He is the chief of the knighthood, yet he never blindly believes in the teachings, doctrines, and the Church as the researchers do. Pope Yunal also said, he is clever. I was too smart. Therefore, blind faith could not be achieved.

And as a result, I was forced into this position. All I could say was a brilliant measure. Smart, but you can understand the enemy's thoughts.

So this is the best resistance he can do. Buy time. Buy time by believing in the enemy. It was a time to buy secretly and never to be understood by anyone. Then, with that time, he would buy more time so that the tennis could get to Kate before something could happen.