Further underground of ruins sunk at the bottom of the lake. These are the kites who decided to step into the huge underground research facility that was once set up when it was a laboratory, but the debris removal work for this purpose was coming to an end.

"This is the last time!

Kate puts her strength into her fist and smashes a bigger rock there. It was a little too big to collapse with a handheld drill, so I did it with my bare hands. Thus, one door appeared before the dust cleared.

"Finally, what's wrong with you?"

Kate pays her fist and looks at the door. Apparently, he was quite stubborn.

"Confirm the door. Sounds pretty sturdy...... looks like you can handle it"

'Okay. Be careful.'

"Hey... the control panel is safe."

Kate nods to Tina's attention and puts her hand on the control panel. Apparently, the director's ID data was found during this task, and Kite used it to open the door. Because Rufaus and Alice are here, unfortunately, Legado's support can only be obtained through them. You should go with care.

"... opened. Inside...... ah"

Kate opened the door and peered inside, instantly solidifying. Because I obviously had eyes with the security golem. I'll just have to say this was unlucky. I can't help but notice that slight gap, albeit only slightly open.


Kite kicks open the door without hesitation and fleshes straight to the security golem. Fortunately, the overarching system remains frozen. Therefore, the system that oversees the security system remains inevitably frozen and cannot be controlled. If there was a separate security system in this compartment, it would inevitably not be manipulated.

Even if there is no separate security system, if there is a battle, it will only make noise. You should clean it up before it makes any noise. but that's how I came in and kite noticed too.

"... alas..."

"Huh! Not good!


Tam, and a firefly kicks the ground and jumps right in front of Kate. So, at the same time. Countless demon bullets were fired.

"Did you put out a snake with a snake on it!

Protected from explosion flames by fireflies, Kate looks reluctantly. It was not an impossible story, but many guard golems were garrisoned at the end of the door.

Apparently there's quite a bit of structure left intact from here on out. For this reason, many survived the security golems as they were.

"... Shit! Prepare for battle!"


Moments expose surprises to Kate's decision to seep through considerable bitterness. As a regular path, it would be a temporary retreat beyond what has been largely noticed so far by the enemy. but kite called it an assault.

"The hell is still a mutton fish! Retreat or not, at least as long as you stay here! There's no crusade problem with this level of miscellaneous fish, and I'm more afraid of being chased from behind! Plus I want to keep my enemies as low as I can think of the future!

Kate jumps up and passes the enemy line at once, as well as turning around and releasing a slaughter at once. At least it would be better to keep the enemies you can defeat here than to be attacked from behind. These golems will surely come after Kite and the others more than they are intruders using the director's ID. I don't even have to think about that.

"Huh! Shit!

The moment, convinced by Kite's explanation for now, cuts into enemy formation. Well, this face. In addition, it is significant that Kite was able to take the form of a pinch due to his aggressive driving. We manage to destroy our enemies without needing a minute of anything.

"... Phew"

"What are we going to do now?


Kate haunts her head just a little bit for instant inquiry. That said, that doesn't mean I get an answer on my own. Therefore, I decided to ask your opinion number for advice.

"Tina. Give me some advice"


Tina secretly interacts with Legado for some time. Rufus and the others know that the Uncrowned Troops are here this time. Therefore, the customer is supposed to consult with you on the surface. So after a while Tina gives instructions to everyone.

'... um. Well, then, that would be good. Just keep moving. With future investigations in mind, it is expected that it will be difficult to send more personnel than you. "

"Are we alone?

"No, let Sola and the others advance to near the entrance in hindsight. The Lord leaves it up to you to secure your exit, and aim to disarm the security system. I'm not sure there's a security system of its own in that compartment. And fortunately, the whole enemy thing isn't as strong as it is, and I assure you, there are rarely demons out there in this state. There are no glitches so far to proceed. Originally, the candidates took the battle into account. That said, it would be good to keep it retreatable at any time just in case. '

"... makes sense"

Kate acknowledges Tina's suggestion as good. Sure, there's some anxiety if they're going to go from here on their own, but there's less anxiety if you mean hindsight or in case the Solas can rush to rescue them.

And even more just in case, "Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)" is held back. Then it would be the right conclusion to go ahead and try to disarm the security system instead of pulling it now, even if we think about the future.

"… Understood. All right, then we're all going back. As I just heard, Sora and the others will be coming backwards soon. Let's leave it up to those guys to secure our exit. Tina, I need help with the Uncrowned Troops."

'Okay. Let's do it.'

Once firmly named "Crowned Troops (No Orders)," Kite rises up and issues a decree to everyone. Besides, everyone gets up and starts walking in response to the fact that it is possible to secure an exit route. As such, the kites move on to the back as they investigate the surrounding conditions.

"... the structure is quite safe. Probably because it was originally in the basement...?

'Let's see. I don't know if there was a ground collapse, but at least the damage would likely have become more limited than the ground floor than it was originally underground. Even if the water poured in... hmm? With that said, what's going on with the water?

"With that said... there's no wet marks."

Kite looks around to Tina's inquiry to make sure there's no sign of wetness in the water.

"Hmm... the structure has been safe so far. Maybe there was no water intrusion."

'Hmm... well, is that a possible story? Could that door have prevented water from entering? "

Tina assumes that Kate and the others were lucky enough to prevent water intrusion from coming into this compartment because the door was safe.

Much of the water left in this ruin is due to flooding from the lake. If so, we will not flood in the current situation, which is covered by a dome, as long as that is prevented. It would be nice to see that the door was covered and the water didn't reach this far. As for the kites, that was a good story because there could be something left. and Rufaus opened his mouth to Kite, who was continuing his investigation while discussing them there.

"... Hmm... Lord Kite. You got a second?

"Hmm? What?

"The structure is oddly strong, but is there a reason?

"Hmmm... that's true..."

The question of Rufaus is also the most important as a kite. I was discussing it with Tina earlier, but if it had originally sunk underground but the damage was therefore limited, that makes sense. That said, it seemed oddly less harmful to do so. And a firefly sandwiched his mouth in that place.

"Master. Permission to speak."


"Roger... I used an exterior sensor mounted on the machine to check the area where the exterior wall was partially peeled off. Transfer the results to the device."


Kate waits for the data to be sent from the fireflies. Thus, a few seconds later, the firefly obtained information was displayed on the wearable device attached to Kite's arm. That was also a little surprising information as a kite.

"... reinforced concrete or something. Then what?

"I affirm. It's a simple test, but overall, it looks like demon metal is used in the outer periphery."


Tina opened her eyes intriguingly slightly to the firefly wrap-up. Demonic metal is called scarlet gold or magic silver. As long as the magic power is sufficient, it is stronger than normal metal, so if it is possible to secure the demonic conductor furnace and secure a huge amount of material, it is certainly an option in building.

'Hmm... the shutdown of the spare demon conductor is probably after the collapse of the laboratory. And with this, apparently, the rest of the speculation that it sank at the bottom of the lake seems right. "

"There was still strength at the time of the collapse, and this underground structure was safe as a result, you mean?

'It will... No, wait... Hmm... if it is... this kind of possibility... hmm. Right......'

Apparently, Tina noticed something. I was whining about bumps and something for a little while. Apparently, he also consults with the facades and legados of The Uncrowned Troops (No Orders). So I left it for a while, but Kate opened her mouth after waiting about 3 minutes.

"Hey, Tina. Come back! Or tell me."

'Mm... um, sorry. I'm aware of another possibility. "

"Another possibility?


Tina nodded at Kite's inquiry and started mentioning that other possibility and finally.

"First of all, you told me that this ruin was abandoned, didn't you?

"Oh, I heard"

'If so, yes. If so, it was deliberately sunk at the bottom of the lake. "

"? Wait. Why would you do that?

Rufaus pinched his mouth to Tina's guess. This conversation was, naturally, shared among all of us, and Rufaus was listening. That's why they didn't understand.

"Uh-huh. First of all, do you understand that this ruin was under attack?


"It is also good to know that a pair of brainwashing devices may have been developed here. If so, yes. I don't want the enemy to take that away from me, but presumably it wasn't just a situation to protect me through '


Rufaus also agrees with Tina's guess. Until this point, even he can understand if he looks at the state of the ruins. And if so, it was this discussion.

'If so, what do you do? First of all, you just want to avoid taking information from the brainwashing device from the enemy. Then let's get our hands on it. I don't have time to wait for reinforcements. I don't have the power to intercept independently. So I decided to protect this basement at the expense of the upper floors... can't you get through?


I open my eyes like Rufaus was surprised. Sure, that would make sense for this place to sink into the bottom of the lake. This can also be taken as a kind of seal.

Nothing has ever been discovered but the kites so far, protecting this ruin from the majority of threats. It is no longer certain why prehistoric civilization could not regain this place, but it is not difficult to imagine that sinking into the bottom of the lake would not have been easy to reach with the enemy. More importantly, it's not hard to imagine that you would have assumed you'd blown yourself up.

'That's why. If so, the spare demon furnace was not too damaged. I didn't leave the spare demon conductor running. After that, even the timer should have let the enemy think that it blew itself up by putting it in and automatically restarting it with Legado's contact or a revival of the control system. Still, it hurt a little, probably because it's been through the next few wars. This is McDawell territory, which was once a war zone. I know it's pretty shaky. "

"I see... I'm impressed"

Rufaus bows his head to Tina's commentary. Apparently, even he was convinced.

"Hmm. If so, it's likely that they were relatively safe there. Kite, it might be a little tight, but move on. Well, just so you can retreat. '

"Yes... from the side that says..."

Kate sighed at the security golems who appeared at the same time as she nodded at Tina's advice. Well, the kites are intruders. It would be natural for this to happen. As a result, the kites went further into battle for the back.